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Wash Day Routine 2017 | Relaxed Hair | How I Shampoo/Condition My Hair

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How I Shampoo & Condition My Short Relaxed Hair on my wash day routine. I've been following this routine since I uploaded the "MY hair Fell Out video" (link below if you have not seen it) to stay updated on my hair care journey. Even if I do not use these products with each wash, my 'routine' is consistent. shampoo 2x, condition, and some form of deep conditioning (HEAT). The only step excluded from this video is the DIY egg protein treatment that I have been following for my past 3 washes. I excluded the egg protein in exchange for the thermal wrap this time as protein is not always needed but helped my hair recover from breaking off. do what is best for you. I have relaxed hair (4 weeks post). I usually wash my hair anywhere from 1.5-2 weeks. I've never gone 4 weeks without washing but my hair was just fine as I had a fresh relaxer so I did not feel the need to wash. (proper moisturizing/oil maintenance) Keep in mind that while this routine may work for me, always do what is best for you and your hair care needs. in my next two videos I will share my roller setting routine for getting straight hair without direct & my hair/relaxer update since my hair set back with apple cider vinegar. Relaxed hair is a choice. Do What You Prefer for your Hair=) https://www.octoly.com/c/hat0o/r/haqkl HAIR PRODUCTS USED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Pura'dor Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo *TIGI Reconstructing Conditioner *Eva NYC Thermal Hair Wrap "I received this product complimentary from Eva NYC. The opinions are 100% my own. *Infusium 23 Leave in Treatment MORE ABOUT THE EVA NYC THERMAL HAIR WRAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Skip the Spa Thermal Hair Wrap is an innovative, self-heating hair treatment, infused with 38 plant oils and extracts, including Argan Oil, for unparalleled moisture, nutrition and repair. Hair is left moisturized, shiny, and renewed. (purchase your eva nyc thermsl wrap from ultabeauty.com) CLINICAL TRIALS CONFIRM Immediate improvement in damaged hair 7 days of shiny, glowing hair 9 days of hydrated hair MORE VIDEOS TO WATCH NEXT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MY HAIR FELL OUT | REPAIRING DAMAGED HAIR https://youtu.be/6PMgx_o5o4k WASH DAY FT. PURA'DOR PRODUCTS https://youtu.be/v2JiOON_9TY HALF UP HALF DOWN HAIR TUTORIAL https://youtu.be/47qTe03ceO4 BIG BUN WITH CLIP INS https://youtu.be/gwoTBlqOf0E BIG BUN WITHOUT CLIP INS https://youtu.be/8a7OQloSWKk WASH DAY ROLLER SET (MONTH AGO) https://youtu.be/LffxTOkC8ic YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME HERE: Instagram: @allofdestiny Twitter: @allofdestiny SEND ME SOMETHING: Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 Thanks For Watching, allofdestiny FTC. Not Sponsored. some products were sent to review but I do not share products that I do not truly believe in.
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cat136 (8 months ago)
Destiny, you are a master at roller setting your hair! Just a quick question, do ou ever wear a hairnet when you go under the dryer?
Rochelle Smith (10 months ago)
U make me want to healthy hair ..I love ur videos
Kimaureen Lue (1 year ago)
Hey! Do you air dry with the rollers in ?
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Kimmie Dun no, I sit under a hair dryer.
Isxakera (1 year ago)
I haven’t wash my hair in a month and I’m about to wash it but I just needed to watch a hair routine because I’m lazy
¥oshi Xo (1 year ago)
She needs a trim
twinkle maraam (1 year ago)
Hello,is treatment similar to conditioner?thanks a lot enjoyed the lesson
twinkle maraam (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the lesson thanks alot
stacy serwaa (1 year ago)
you should try the cantu acv line it has a root rinse for dry itchy dandruff scalp. It tingles since it has peppermint and tea tree. They also have the scalp relief for when your scalp is itchy. I hope this is helpful❤❤
Akeila Faithful (2 years ago)
hi destiny am from the caribbean an u wont believe how often i watch u lol
Trina Smith (2 years ago)
your videos are so informative great video.... 😚😚😚
No Shade To Black (2 years ago)
I love your roller set videos. I have watched them all and I still can't get the pin to hold the roller firmly.
Latrice (2 years ago)
Destiny please don't get another relaxer I swear you'll love your curls
Deborah Keeton (2 years ago)
Latrice Hart she can do what she wants with her hair.
Destiny Kuek (2 years ago)
I love your videos and my name is also destiny ❤️
I Am Lauren (2 years ago)
Every time I look at your channel .. I tell myself to subscribe then I get to into the video ...😂😂 I subscribed first this time 😘❤️
Olegier Potans (2 years ago)
Argan rain, this has saved my hair!! My whole life, my hair has been verry frizzy, curly and coarse. This shampoo has made my hair almost normal! I love love love this and will buy this for the rest of my life!
Lauri K. (2 years ago)
How often do you relax? I've been spacing mine out 2-3 months but I can tell you relax yours more frequently. Should I do it sooner? Your hair is so pretty btw
debrak04 (2 years ago)
I am probably out of line/ out of place & i know ppl are gonna come for me for this but it's ok but my comment is when are you gonna realize yr hair isnt flourishing in it's relaxed state(uneven, thin, no life) & go natural. My comment is in no way to offend i like to point things out when i see them...ok now ya'll can come for me 😅😅
grace burlson (2 years ago)
debrak04 her hair is breaking. Somewere she is doing something wrong. I also relax bone straight and I do not flatiron my hair and is was not growing. I switched products and now it's longer. So she must be doing something wrong.
Alexis Short (2 years ago)
Great video! Your hair is looking good ❤️
Jasmin R (2 years ago)
love your videos and you have a beautiful accent 😊
Diona Boo (2 years ago)
Hey, Have you tried vanity planet rejuvenating Scalp Massager? It should help with your scalp. Mine has been like that all my life and when I started using the Massager it stopped. It has other benefits too.
missyrayne19 (2 years ago)
Would you ever try doing a ponytail roller set? Or have you done one before?
Deborah Keeton (2 years ago)
what is a ponytail rollerset?
Char Turned-Up (2 years ago)
that roller set is nice. your curls are bouncy and your hair looks shiny and healthy.
Tamekia Shumpert (2 years ago)
Destiny can you please post the egg recipe for the hair? Thanks!
Findlay & Co (2 years ago)
Always love your videos ❤️ in every hair journey , there are setbacks and comebacks. You regimen it obviously working as I can definitely see an improvement in your hair 🙌🏾
allofdestiny (2 years ago)
Findlay & Co Awww Thanks Girl. I always love your videos as well. 💖🌟 . setbacks for major comeback indeed. thank you.
blackbutterfly233ify (2 years ago)
I love your roller set videos. They give me life
sweetfm2008 (2 years ago)
I just love your videos!!!! I too was SO BUSY in the month of January, that I went 5 weeks without washing my hair... Thank GOD I didn't have product build up and my hair was mostly tucked away in hats because of the cold. I just love your Rollerset at the end!!! Beautiful results!!!
FurrMommyAndWife ! (2 years ago)
+allofDestiny, where did you get your hair rollers out?
Angel Goffney (2 years ago)
New subbie here🤗 Would love if you subbed back❤
mxxsade (2 years ago)
Those curls came out silky and poppin!
Unwash | The new clean (2 years ago)
We learned so much from this video! If you're having scalp probs, our Bio-Cleansing Conditioner could help!
Natasha Moore (2 years ago)
I am glad your hair is getting back on track.It look much better now. Keep up with the routine. I can tell the difference. You have a great attitude.
Aliyah W. (2 years ago)
have you decided to go natural yet
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
Aliyah W. she's 4 weeks here
Deidrre Ann (2 years ago)
use t-shirts instead of towels, they're rough on your hair. T-shirts have softer material!
Noelle Rucker (2 years ago)
Your hair looks a lot healthier than it does in your old videos! I love it
AbsoluteMdot (2 years ago)
Love your videos!!!! They are so helpful!
Aerial Hurley (2 years ago)
AndreaOnNeptune (2 years ago)
You should start getting your hair professionally relaxed. Boxed perms do not give the best results.
R R (2 years ago)
have you ever thought about going natural? love the results 💙
Nataa (2 years ago)
Destiny are u transitioning from relaxed to natural?..
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
+Just That girl she is 4 weeks post relaxer here lol
Nataa (2 years ago)
Veronica oh it looks like it tho right
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
Just That girl no she's not.
Melanie R (2 years ago)
Wow! If I went four weeks without washing my hair, it would fall out. Your hair looked good before and after.
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
Your hair isn't any longer than it was months ago. Your hair should grow 1/2 inch a month. Smh your hair is limp lifeless and you got all kinds of flakes in your hair smh. Stop relaxing it's pathetic
Nic Cheyenne its her own decision to relax HER OWN HAIR. If you don't like that decision move on to natural hair video
KrazyKoolKeasiia (2 years ago)
Love watching your hair videos even tho I'm natural lol. 💜
aarrone99 (2 years ago)
i really appreciate the way u massage your scalp and let it sit
Tanae Hitchye (2 years ago)
are you going natural?
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
Tanae Hitchye no she's 4 weeks in this video which means she recently relaxed her hair.
Mellonee Edgeston (2 years ago)
Cute hairstyle
toria love (2 years ago)
where yo subscribers
GlamNP (2 years ago)
toria love Yet she's here tho on HER channel, giving her views. She's a real Stan!!! Lol!!
toria love (2 years ago)
Nic Cheyenne actually sweet heart I've been watching her vids for about two yrs now. my hair and hers where the same length before hers fell out, so talk about some u know.
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
toria love watching natural hair videos because they aren't interested in having hair that won't grow past their shoulders like Destiny's
Sidney Gibson (2 years ago)
Hey Girly!! ❤❤❤ I'm always loving to see your name pop up on my notification screen! Can you do "week in my life" Or night / morning routines ! Keep up the great work
lala4real _ (2 years ago)
does your hair grow?
PiccoloVegeta97 (1 year ago)
All hair grows
Tyiece (2 years ago)
yes start a youtube, Need to see more relaxed hair vloggers
Shamyia Townsend-Brown (2 years ago)
read my comment sis
Shamyia Townsend-Brown (2 years ago)
Exuse meee! Now i really want to start a youtube to show yall my hair! Its Strong,Shiny,Amd mid back! These so called "natrual"girls at my school talking bout they curls poppin bish please!Half of them beggin there mom for relaxers!And pleasee show ur naturla hair that cant grown past ur ears.
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
Lala Ranger lol nope. So frustrating. Girls who relax need to stop being lazy and take care of their hair in it's natural state. It's really not that hard. Why keep your hair from growing by relaxing and then put a bunch of someone else's hair of your head 🙄
Dedra Jeffries (2 years ago)
Love the results!
Lanesha moneys (2 years ago)
Look nice beautiful good hair amazing 👍
Shadonae (2 years ago)
@allofdestiny you can try castor oil nixed with coconut oil and the olive oil hair moisturizer.
Glendale Shivers (2 years ago)
I ❤ It.... Your hair is getting long #ExcellentComeback
Devs Momo (2 years ago)
Just a tip that i finally realized aftet two years of my hair journey... i use to religiously wash my hair every week (deep conditioning with heat and all that) but ive realized its actually better for you to wash your hair less i wash mine once a month now for the last 3 months and i can see a clear difference they say dirty hair grows faster and also ur manipulating ur hair less. worked for me
PiccoloVegeta97 (1 year ago)
Devs Momo dirty hair doesn't grow faster. It's just nastier lmao
Ella Amy (2 years ago)
nice video sweet,are u still using ur skin care regimen,the one in ur video
pinktulip (2 years ago)
Your hair looks great
T W (2 years ago)
Pretty wash and set!
Angela Phiri (2 years ago)
That roller set was fire!!!
Carter's mom (2 years ago)
I see a huge difference. You're doing a great job getting your hair back from being damaged. I knew if you took great care of it that it would come back.
PeaceLove&Wisdom (2 years ago)
nice! i am so lazy lol i would like to have a set done. but i don't think i want to do it.. lol does anyone have itchy scalp 3,4 days after washing? have you found a solution?
4evertashie (2 years ago)
super cute hairstyle at the end omg
DeJauna Jackson (2 years ago)
TiGi pro conditioner is BOMB!!
Plush Furr (2 years ago)
ur hair is growing DESTINY!!! i wana relaxer low-key😔. im tied uv not bein able 2 keep my mane tamed.
Plush Furr (2 years ago)
+Nic Cheyenne yes my hair is growing. It's also suffering n my crown area. I jus cut my hair Wich looks better. Thnk u for ur encouragement. However I do not agree that relaxers break all ppl hair off. I no alot uv ppl wit relaxed hair including family members n their hair is beautiful n still growing. Check out utuber "prettywitty77". She is relaxed n her hair is flourishing beautifully. I've went bak 2 the basic products 2 c how my hair will respond n a cupl months. If I do dsided 2 relax my hair it will b twice a year.
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
plush furr don't do it. Your hair is growing, your gonna have long ass hair soon. If you relax it's gonna break off. Point blank period
Tyiece (2 years ago)
I love wash days, always so exciting. I want to try roller setting this year, hopefully I master it
ladynefertitibk (2 years ago)
Gorgeous results.
Liluho2004 (2 years ago)
Definitely see a different .You doing a great job
Shay Mendez (2 years ago)
Hey Des what would u recommend to me for relaxed hair that sheds??...and no my hair is not breaking
Denysha Taylor (2 years ago)
Shay Mendez Nic is only half right. It is normal shed about 50-100 hairs a day, but anything more is called EXCESSIVE shedding, not breakage...Andrea is also right, if it's pieces of a hair strand then it's breakage. If it's an entire hair strand, then it's shedding. There's a difference. However natural hair is not impervious to shedding or breakage. Do what's best for you 😉
Shay Mendez (2 years ago)
+Nic Cheyenne ohk I didn't know that...can't manage my natural hair so I relax nd wear sewins in between
AndreaOnNeptune (2 years ago)
Nic Cheyenne shedding is when a full hair is released from the scalp, breakage is when pieces of the hair strand breaks off.
Denysha Taylor (2 years ago)
Shay Mendez You're welcome 😊 happy hair journey!
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
Shay Mendez everyone sheds at least 100 strands a day. Anymore than that IS BREAKAGE. Don't want your hair to break off? Stop relaxing
Meagan W (2 years ago)
Yass baby come threw with the growth !love the videos,keep doing what you doing
amya anderson (2 years ago)
❤❤️Love you destiny there will always be someone that hates and I want to say that u r awesome I'm 13 years old and my name is Amya ❤❤️
Deborah Keeton (2 years ago)
Amya Anderson you talk more sense than some of these adults on here. Smh
Latainia Webb (2 years ago)
destinyyyyyyyy I love you
__jmmonique love (2 years ago)
about time! 👏👏👏
It's Hillman Time (2 years ago)
That roller set was LIFEEEEEEEE!! xoxoxo Kay
curvyvirgo83 (2 years ago)
I love your roller sets!!! They turn out Gorgeous!!! Love your channel
Samara's Life (2 years ago)
i love u soooo much is ur hair like naturally curly but since u permed ur hair then its straight lol im saying this because this happened to me but i dont know how to get it back curly without using heat like ik how to get it back curly like flat iron and stuff like that but i want to get it back NATURALLY CURLY
Tyiece (2 years ago)
look up transitioning hair videos
Samara's Life (2 years ago)
LifeofQueen Cee lol thank u sooo much love u girly
LifeofQueen Cee (2 years ago)
Samara's Life and I love coconut oil too lol and argan ugh my besties
LifeofQueen Cee (2 years ago)
Samara's Life lol like it just depends on how moisturized your hair is, how much water you drink, how much you touch your hair, and how much you sweat. transition is just something you do before going completely natural. keeping the relaxed or damaged ends until you're ready to go to the next level (my opinion). everyone is different though. just listen to your hair and it will tell you what it needs lmbo trust me.
Samara's Life (2 years ago)
LifeofQueen Cee ok thanks lol and about transition my sister said that its really hard and stuff so u really have to treat ur hair good and stuff and like eat good and drink alot of water and stuff like that but i dont really know myself what a transition is or when or how ik that my hair is transitioned and i really love coconut oil lol
Lina S (2 years ago)
Great job, your hair is flourishing!
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
I'm transitioning but I will always enjoy watching her videos ! 🌸🌷🌹🌺🌼💐
Pamela Kemp (2 years ago)
Veronica hows your transitioning going? did you do the big chop?
Julia Deshields (2 years ago)
More videos!!! 😍😍😍
Linda Lynn (2 years ago)
Your videos are always so satisfying to watch honey! Yessss!
LIFE WITH HAZEL (2 years ago)
Nic Cheyenne melt ? Just because she's not natural doesn't mean she doesn't take care of her hair
keny chan (2 years ago)
Nic Cheyenne she is good at styling her hair. She always makes it work. She is cute and I'm rooting for her hair to bounce back.
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
Leeny Lynn no her videos are frustrating. I don't know why I watch this girl melt all her hair off. Your hair however is stunning! 😍 good for you
Brittany Stephney (2 years ago)
Destiny I thought you were going natural
miss breezy (2 years ago)
Brittany Stephney she never said that
Jazxs (2 years ago)
Your hair came out so good i just love curls 😁
skyla's choice (2 years ago)
hi destiny can you please check ur dm on instagram . my name is issa.baddie_ on instagram please check it ily so much thanks😙😙
Issa Baddie (2 years ago)
hey i love your hair tutorials like for real tho every hair tutorial u do they always turn out good
Kay L (2 years ago)
Hi Destiny girl,I just wanted to give a light suggestion. After you wash your hair, don't use a towel to dry it, start using a t-shirt so that way your hair strands won't snag on the towel and pull on your hair. Love the videos!
I enjoy your videos! great job!
Sharita Richardson (2 years ago)
Yes it's growing back nicely.
Khoza (2 years ago)
you're so pretty. I've been watching u since the beginning. keep being awesome! love your hair!
Kennedi Morgan (2 years ago)
why u don't have a curl pattern?
EyesOn Maria (2 years ago)
She is relaxed.
flamingo parrish (2 years ago)
i love all yo videos...u da bomb and yo hair looking great gurlllll...get it des.🖒🖒🖒
Payton Smith (2 years ago)
Notification Gang 😍😍😍😍 I love destiny 😩 she's so pretty
Shania Smith (2 years ago)
Yasss i love your videos And you are so pretty plz comment back and say " hay shania" plzzz love you
Ayesha Sohan (2 years ago)
Yaaaaah just saw your new. Video😆😆
Bre Mo (2 years ago)
When you thumbs up before you even watch it because of the thumbnail pics! Yasssss love your channel! ❤
yana212 (2 years ago)
Girl got over 80k subscribers. go girl!!
shanda brown (2 years ago)
Yes boo u came back from that sat back keep the videos coming we miss them girl
Dollface 17 (2 years ago)
I love all your hair tutorial and your family.
Has your hair improved since you have been doing this since "my hair is falling" video?
Celeste peters (2 years ago)
I love your videos 🤙
Nails By Shuna (2 years ago)
I was just watching one of your vlogs and telling my brother that we are so much alike and think alike on almost everything lol I'm from Memphis and I live here,My birthday is July 16th,we're the same skin tone,etc and I taught myself how to do my own hair,makeup, and acrylic nails 👍🏽
sunday queen (1 year ago)
Brownskin Barbie My birthday is July 24
R R (2 years ago)
BeingMary yay another twin! Twin love 💖
Mary Aishaa (2 years ago)
Brownskin Barbie. we have the same birthday lol July 16th
Nails By Shuna (2 years ago)
Weirdorea X YAYYYYYY! I can never find anyone with my birthday 😩🙌🏽#twins
R R (2 years ago)
Brownskin Barbie mine is July 16th too! First person I've met with the same birthday 💃🏽
Tralynn Kinchen (2 years ago)
I Love Your Videos Im Glad Im Subscribed To Your Channel!,Been Subscribed For A While!,Keep Being You And Keep Up The Good Work 😍
allofdestiny (2 years ago)
Tralynn Kinchen I'll always be me. thanks for watching and supporting💖 I will keep it up
Seyoni Smith (2 years ago)
what is your natural hair texture ?
Kaelyn Buchanan (2 years ago)
Seyoni Smith she never mentioned that
Seyoni Smith (2 years ago)
i know. im asking for her natural hair texture before relaxing it.
Kaelyn Buchanan (2 years ago)
Seyoni Smith she's relaxed
tweety (2 years ago)
okay, okay, hair bouncing back. 👀 I see you
Shamyia Townsend-Brown (2 years ago)
OH MY GODD lmaoo why are u such a hater?In this whole comment section u talking about how her hair dont look good.Girl Byee!
tweety (2 years ago)
Nic Cheyenne you don't think so? I see some progress since her earlier videos
Lola Marie (2 years ago)
Shaunkaily it really isn't though
allofdestiny (2 years ago)
Shaunkaily yessss🤗💖 happy growing. thanks for noticing and watching

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