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Changing the Face of the Bridal Business

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Sisters Yukia and Yuneisia are the owners of Curvaceous Couture - the first full figured bridal salon in the USA. This small, mom & pop boutique is setting the standard on how the fashion industry caters to plus size women. But with big goals come big responsibilities. Yukia and Yuneisia must oversee their inventory, work alongside their seamstresses and designers, manage their vendors, and establish a calm, comfortable environment for their customers. How do they make it all happen? Watch and learn. What do YOU think Yukia and Yuneisia will need to do to take their plus size bridal salon to the next level? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 2014 Fashion Week leaving you wanting more videos? Click here to watch more episodes of Breaking Out in Fashion: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTkzAGkOKIh3bCNzUyq0XmXn-uO5Js3GH Get ideas for YOUR business by visiting American Express OPEN Forum: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/small-business/openforum/programhub/getting-to-the-next-level/?pillar=breaking-out-in-business
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Text Comments (27)
M. T (3 months ago)
love w them
Yazmine Burton (6 months ago)
Put yourself in there shoes and see how they feel. CURVY women you betta go ahead and feel alllll the way GORGEOUS on your wedding day dress shopping.
Yazmine Burton (6 months ago)
Whoever thumbs down this video... you better not comment nothing nasty. I will find you a shove my foot up your boney @**. Its already bad enough curvy people get talked down just going clothes shopping, but the fact you disgracing them finding a wedding dress is straight up wrong. I want to see how you feel being curvy trying to be a curvy girl that first didn't think they would get married, and second wedding dress shopping trying to find the right size.
AGB Consulting & Design (9 months ago)
Love this. <3
Patty Velazquez (11 months ago)
A what price range from?
kayedean87 (1 year ago)
Sometimes I feel so sad living in the UK.. as a bride to be myself the dresses so far have been very limited in quantity and style! Wish you could open a store in the UK before July 2019 so I can get my dress!!
rare paw (1 year ago)
Real women come in all sizes. Slim women are also real.
T Chinnzy (1 year ago)
Rita (9 months ago)
They are located in Columbia, MD: the last time I checked. Plan to go there. LOVED their show. 👏👏💞💞🙌🙌🙏🏽🙏🏽
brenda jackson (1 year ago)
Please Ladies You are Very Much Needed In Orlando Florida. please plan a store for Orlando thank you.
Joanne Derevjanik (1 year ago)
It was so hard for me when I got married so many years ago, it was not easy and I think you two are doing a wonderful service to us curvy gals. Good luck and best wishes for you both.
jezzebell (1 year ago)
I think my country could have more bridal boutiques like yours. I'm considered a plus size in my country and my wedding gown shopping had been horrifying. Most shops would take a look at me at the door and say they have nothing for me and at one shop, the consultant told me to go on a diet and come back in 6 months. Others will put me voluminous gowns with tight bodice and tell me the gown fits cos it s a corset back. Being short I would drown in all layers at the bottom and top would be too small. Being a plus size is hard enough and when people do that, it can really break your spirit.
Omg this is the Kind of Dress Shop i need i cant wait to open a Plus size Bridal shop
Yessenia Covarrubias (1 year ago)
What does real women body mean? Isnt every body real?
rituparna ballav (1 year ago)
I love your dresses.....M from India....I love to visit your boutique....love you yukia...
fluffy sox hedgehog (1 year ago)
Wow come to London
Dorien Kok (2 years ago)
I am getting married next year and because of my struggles finding a dress I want to open a bridal shop for more curvy woman. where does one start or find the vendors and seamstresses
Rakesh Kumar (2 years ago)
itsmimi09 (2 years ago)
LOVE this place!!
sandy sanasith (2 years ago)
i am a seamstress, is there any way you could tell me where to get the wedding dresses ? thank you..:)
Charleen Hsieh (3 months ago)
Check www.PremiumBridalFactory.com
21jmhustler (4 years ago)
This is what you call business acumen.  These sisters are smart as they are beautiful!!  
TheResearcher03 (4 years ago)
to me it is so sad to see thin models in full-figured clothing magazines.i pray that full-figured women can see for themselves how pretty they are modeling their own clothing.
TheResearcher03 (4 years ago)
it is really nice to see someone placing full figure women in positive light. to me they are the most beautifull women in the world i should know i'm happily to one she's a nice size  16-18 .
Roger Hawkins (4 years ago)
+ size only !!!
Terry Coclough-Baker (4 years ago)
lbufford4 (4 years ago)
This is Awesome :)

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