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Queen - The Miracle (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from The Miracle, 1989 and Forever, 2014. Queen - 'The Miracle' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'The Miracle' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
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Text Comments (7854)
Nothing is Real (7 hours ago)
This kid sounds exactly like Freddie Mercury .
Mr.DumDum 101 (10 hours ago)
All of queen are kids at heart
Gianfranco Acuña Cuenca (13 hours ago)
los niños son: Ross Mccall : FREDDY MERCURY James Currie: JHON DEACON Paul Howard: BRIAN MAY Adam Gladdish : ROGER TAYLOR POR SI SE LO PREGUNTABAN :) :V
Mark Brydon-Taylor (14 hours ago)
Could u imagine if this had been a Michael Jackson video.they would end up being on leaving Neverland documentary.They were lucky. These kids Freddie was a lovely guy and not evil like wacko jacko.
Best part of the song 0:00 -5:22
francesco cecco TM (16 hours ago)
The Miracle
Betti Angyal (17 hours ago)
The little Freddie is too cute and the boys are very talented.
Lily Jo (19 hours ago)
I’m cackling omg it’s so accurate
Internet Bleach (20 hours ago)
Nobody gonna say accurate little Roger is?
Graham Henning (23 hours ago)
Lucky sons of bitches
Татьяна (1 day ago)
Кто ставит дизлайк-уничтожить суку
Kazuto1901 (1 day ago)
hmm i see a jojo!!!! and lots of little queens lel
trono 2358u (1 day ago)
Halie Boardman (1 day ago)
this is it. this is the cutest video
Internet Troll (1 day ago)
Do this at 1.5 speed
Dark Vinnie (1 day ago)
Sofia K (1 day ago)
I can’t get over how accurate the little Roger is..
"It's a miracle we need" Yes true a miracle where freddie Mercury is alive again
Banner (2 days ago)
Kidz bop be like
Patricia Bilinkas (3 days ago)
Young Freddie was great.
porzia bernardini (3 days ago)
Is better the child Who make freddie than ramy malek.. 3.23..it's fantastic!!!!
Natalie Baison (3 days ago)
Suzane Oliveira (3 days ago)
Wonderful song!
Rubi Salas (3 days ago)
QUEEN 2019
little Nicola (3 days ago)
The best bit when Freddie starts singing behind little Freddie
Sophia Escobedo (3 days ago)
Sophia Escobedo (3 days ago)
its so cute
Sophia Escobedo (3 days ago)
Shawn Graves (3 days ago)
The music video for the song features four young boys performing as Queen on stage: Paul Howard as Brian May, James Currie as John Deacon, Adam Gladdish as Roger Taylor, and a then-unknown Ross McCall as Freddie.
Irmak Akkuş (4 days ago)
Lucky boy 😕
Lily Grant (4 days ago)
4:40 is literally my dream
Spark295 (4 days ago)
5:00 beautiful shot.
Darth Memeious (5 days ago)
just 3000 more subs and you guys are on 10 million
Darth Memeious (5 days ago)
is that young Rami Malek and the boys before Bohemian Rhapsody?
zibimark (5 days ago)
Shelley Carlton (5 days ago)
@2:18 Is that milk on mini-Roger’s drum? LOL 😂
Shelley Carlton (4 days ago)
I had heard that Roger used beer, so I laughed out loud thinking that they used milk for the kiddie version.
They should have used apple juice
Bardoto (5 days ago)
I wonder how many tries it took to get this right
AnaeLuisa Costa (5 days ago)
Sergio Grimaldo (5 days ago)
Those kids should reunite and form the new Queen
Little Savage (5 days ago)
What the i was expecting Freddie not little kids who spend there time play fortnite
the love witch (5 days ago)
Isn't anyone going to talk about how cute is this?
Chloe Dassler (6 days ago)
AWWWW, little Freddie is so cute and did an awesome job
jonyclark1 (6 days ago)
am I on the wrong channel
Tony Sanchez (6 days ago)
1:11 4 year old sister: walks in room want to play toys 7 year old me : no (turns around) pulls up blanket then continues playing toys
andhra peña vignolo (6 days ago)
1:11 i'm literaly dying bri..
Even little kids can nail deaky's dance moves wow
James Smith (6 days ago)
That time will come. One day you'll see when we can all be friends. Perfect!
Jackie Rosas (6 days ago)
I like how little John Deacon’s outfit still looks like something any kid would wear.
goods kids
ooooo wooow i love it its good
Darth Memeious (6 days ago)
rami malek and the boys, before bohemian rhapsody
Void Warp (7 days ago)
When Brian May came on at about 1:00 it took me a few seconds to realize it was actually him and not the kid playing him XD
JaskierGR (7 days ago)
Mini disco deacy i'm dying 😍😍😍😂
Madison Kelly (7 days ago)
Looks like they found the snapchat baby filter
Casper Xbox lol (7 days ago)
Why Can’t Earth Be As Perfect As The Way This Song Sounds 😥 I wish the earth didn’t have polluted air the sea’s with plastic, bees getting extinct we really do need a miracle If all God’s people could be free, to live in perfect harmony ITS A MIRACLE!
PewDlePle (7 days ago)
1:11 1:10
Eagle Boi (8 days ago)
What if that was Rami Malek?
Genral Director Jarl (8 days ago)
They Should Play This OVer African War Points
Jennifer Banks (8 days ago)
Those kids are sooooooooooooooooooo lucky I love Freddy Mercury and also rip freedy you were a LEGEND!
Chloe Dassler (6 days ago)
Me gusta mucho la música del queen
CONEJI 123 UwU (8 days ago)
Nadie será como Freddy Mercury Freddy Mercury : no quiero ser una estrella seré una leyenda Todos : Así fue
Flo F (9 days ago)
I Always love this video ♥️♥️
Ashli Rojas (9 days ago)
the name Richenda (9 days ago)
Фреди forever
Marvin the Maniac (9 days ago)
The kid playing Freddie Mercury was obviously lip-synching, but what about the rest of them? Were they actually playing those instruments??
resireg (7 days ago)
@Marvin the Maniac exactly.
Marvin the Maniac (7 days ago)
@resireg so your friend is the expert, not you.
resireg (7 days ago)
@Marvin the Maniac no, it is just that my friend Steve was telling me how is it the behind the scenes. I just know it because he told me, but I have never been in a movie/commercial/TV series set before
Marvin the Maniac (7 days ago)
@resireg you sound like an expert
resireg (7 days ago)
@Marvin the Maniac normally, they play the record really loud, so they listen to the music, and can jump, smile to the camera, do some dance moves that if done live, probably would interfere in the sound quality, and they will play anwrong note for example.
Jacob Riis (9 days ago)
Only disco Deacy can pull off short shorts perfectly
gilad ramon (10 days ago)
These kids are 40 now
Samuel Barber (10 days ago)
Why are they all kids?
resireg (7 days ago)
because they have a lot energy and excitement
Carl Casper (9 days ago)
Just decided to get kids to do the video.
Chikendinner123 Rblx (10 days ago)
That kid is lucky
The Mangle (10 days ago)
4:39 aww this is so cute!☺☺
Emilio jose 360 pro (10 days ago)
Que guapy
Keston Decker (10 days ago)
This might be the best music video ever made
Brain may to the band : Freddie is alive Me :
Jeannette Bello (10 days ago)
Queen in the 70s were AMAZING :)
Arki Benu (10 days ago)
Hai aku laos tukang jga bensin eceran,salam kenal fredie mercuri.. dri amarasi fans mu..
For some reason I can’t stop replaying the shot at 2:07 it’s just perfect
Ewelina Kleszczynska (10 days ago)
The kids dont know how lucky they are
Lei Chowdhury (11 days ago)
Little disco deaky dances like the real deacon 😁👌
Thiago Reategui (11 days ago)
freddie is the best singer of rock in the story
Joseph Lowry (11 days ago)
Oh my gosh this song was a miracle.
Joseph Lowry (11 days ago)
Awesome I love the idea of how they use kids to portray the band themselves.
Queen jackson (11 days ago)
Le swag de deaky et sa petite version 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Camille 246 (11 days ago)
Do you know how old are the children who made Roger, Brian and John?
Camille 246 (7 days ago)
Ok thank you
resireg (7 days ago)
I think the were born around 1973-1974
hi u like me hair (12 days ago)
This music video is so cute 😄😄😄😄
Anonymous A. (12 days ago)
1:10 is Brian when he sees clogs
Evan Huber (12 days ago)
I cannot describe how uncomfortable that made me!
Barbara Stanley (12 days ago)
What's that ment to mean if u don't like it get lost
GNT-alex081004 (12 days ago)
When I first watched this I was so confused.
pokemon2469 3465 (12 days ago)
This music video is cute I miss you fredie mercury💗💗💗💗☺
Yoly Tistoj (12 days ago)
It is a kied It looks like a girl
11311210 (13 days ago)
Alin Skaper (13 days ago)
Couldnt be better video, and kids :D
roszela1 (13 days ago)
I read that at one point during the filming all four Queen members gave the young ones a standing ovation. Couldn't get much better for the boys.
Krissie (13 days ago)
This must have been such a fun music video to make.
knife 18 (13 days ago)
My favorite Song ever!
Jaja los quiero
Adelia Khairunnisa (13 days ago)
Опять смотрю и будто в первый раз... Ну дудки у этого шедевра времени.. Супер. Так мальчишку по отечески придавил...
Juan Perez (14 days ago)

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