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Welding Table / Workbench Build - How To

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Building a Welding Table / Multifunctional workbench for the shipping container shop. I plan on using this welding table/workbench for more than just welding. It will likely be a multipurpose workbench for many of my projects and will help out a lot for the next few shipping container shop additions! Please let me know if you have any questions:) Big thanks to my local Industrial Metal Supply for partnering with me on this project and supplying some of the steel for this build! Here is a link if you want to see if they have a store near you! https://www.industrialmetalsupply.com/ Music in this video sourced from the youtube audio library. credits are as follows: Plastic or Paper - by Wes Hutchinson Subscribe to homesteadonomics: http://bit.ly/2trs1Iz Follow homesteadonomics: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homesteadonomics Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homesteadonomics/ If you guys like the videos I make and would like to help support the channel at no additional cost to you. Please consider doing some of you Amazon shopping through this link. I may receive a small commission for any items you purchase. It’s greatly appreciated ☺ http://amzn.to/2rGhp7i Business Inquiries: [email protected] ----------- DIY, Gardening, Outdoors, Home Economics, Preparedness, Permaculture, etc,. If you have any questions or business inquires feel free to email below or if you prefer, you can send old fashioned mail to this address:) Homesteadonomics HC 70 Box 4770 Sahuarita AZ 85629 ----------- Tags: homesteadonomics, homesteading, diy build, building projects, diy crafts, crafting ideas
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homesteadonomics (9 months ago)
Here is the UPDATE and UPGRADES video for this table https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eix0nr2vI1M Also, For those interested in the Forney multiprocess welder I use, here is a link. Forney sells welders, plasma cutters and just about any other metal working tool you can imagine! http://bit.ly/2LjRRqH
Jeff Chartier (6 months ago)
Does IMS sell the caster base plates or did you DIY those? I live close to their San Diego location and I'm in there often but have never seen them. Really nice table, it's a good design. I'm building one soon along with a welding cart. Also, I may have missed it, what size / thickness did you use for your top plate?
the size of the table top? can you give the drawings? [email protected]
Hrsingh Preetsingh (11 months ago)
sir,you can use angles on the periphery of the table top as on one side of angle will flush with side of table , however the flange will cater you to clamp with welding clamps and C- clamps, rather than going deep underneath the table top and open wide the clamps
Excellent work man....
Sidnei Marinho (2 hours ago)
*Top notch 😉*
Jonathan Bolding (4 days ago)
As a longtime woodworker, I was inspired—well done!
Wet Irrigação (5 days ago)
Cara, parabéns, muito bem acabada, boa ideia e simples... vale o like e seguir!
Travis Travis (7 days ago)
Was this all gasless welding? fluxcore
JIM Husky (13 days ago)
damon fawcett (13 days ago)
galvanized = zine chills fun times jk
damon fawcett (13 days ago)
integrate a adjustable material cut length stop on the other side of your cold cut blade to make fast repetitive accurate cuts . you could just clamp a meter long piece of angle with a 1 inch stick up piece as the stop. need some hss saw horses
Wow looks very convenient
CesarTheCheeser (13 days ago)
anyone else notice the spider at 2:38 ?
Bori4ik (16 days ago)
Лайк из России 😉все попросту верно👌подписка в надежде на Ваши новые проекты в будующем😉
Piosan Salvare (17 days ago)
The ones who disliked this are just jealous
Juan Rubio (19 days ago)
todo un artista... parece escritorio... bien...
Frank Napolitano (22 days ago)
Outstanding , build very functional table. Need to have rubber feet on your , leveling table great build
Muy buena mesa
help for u (25 days ago)
How much price of this table 9155427232
Mohammad (26 days ago)
that was some great work.
mauricio cabrera (28 days ago)
Hello.. What kind and thickness of plate do you recommend for the worktable cover ?? Greetings from Chile
Ruffian By Nature (16 days ago)
Looks like 16g to me
How do I get plans and material list for this table?
Hawaii (1 month ago)
COOL Table! Could you give me the specs on the perforated tubing and sliding tubing please. Thank you kindly!
Daniel Trevino (1 month ago)
Big spider come out behind you min 2:32 on the bottom the base of container
Little Pup (1 month ago)
That is a huge spider 2:36
Julio Ortega (1 month ago)
Brilliant *
Elex Paz (1 month ago)
excelente trabalho meu amigo parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho like
Yaseeq (1 month ago)
Hi, what is the thickness and dimensions of steel rectangle tubes you use? I found just 3x2"... Thank you
Paul Bull (1 month ago)
Fantastic build mate. Looking forward to taking some of your ideas and making something similar.
Хорошо мужчина гласит, однако неясно. Без бутылки не разберешь. А стол превосходный. Буду повторять.
Chip Level (1 month ago)
ozyrob1 (1 month ago)
Some great ideas there
Raf Benedicto (1 month ago)
Un buen trabajo muchacho. Gracias.
круто !!!
Colar Green (1 month ago)
and the grade of steel u used?
Colar Green (1 month ago)
what type of steel did u used?
Colar Green (1 month ago)
sir, i will like to ask the load that table can support?
Colar Green (1 month ago)
good job sir
Krzysztof Skibicki (1 month ago)
Nice table!
EDOUARD (1 month ago)
Top ! bon boulot !
I congratulate you on your excellent projects and their high quality
Alex dos Santos Rosa (1 month ago)
Great job man, it's a beautiful table!
Great work
ThePandaBeat (1 month ago)
Who else saw that spider at 2:38 ???
Paul G (1 month ago)
notice he was careful to not let warping destroy his work. there are like 4 or 5 very neat ideas in here !
Brian Woodard (2 months ago)
Looks like it came straight from the factory!!!! Sweet!!!!
ngoc phu (2 months ago)
I like the desk
David QA (2 months ago)
Me gusta, voy a hacerla.
A.G. A. (2 months ago)
the skill is great im also a welding enthusiast love this kind of stuff
misael mendivil yañez (2 months ago)
the material is stainless steal ?
Alan Johnson (2 months ago)
Жиримон (2 months ago)
Супер! Стол попросту класс! Столько всяких нужных опций в одном столе!
Yan Galich (2 months ago)
Отличный и уникальный сварочный стол!! Огромное Спасибо за видео из России !!
Juan Ramón S (2 months ago)
Marcin K (2 months ago)
THANK YOU for the idea with shelves. Link to my movie from the construction of the welding table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyy7iD3b7_Y&t=11s Pozdrawiam z Polski
Sma 556 (2 months ago)
Great job. Did you have this planned or just on the fly out of your imagination?
Tim Newman (2 months ago)
Excellent job
Orion x (2 months ago)
minuto 2:36 no tiene nada que ver con el video, pero sale una araña del tamaño de godzilla
Keran Ali (2 months ago)
Do you have plans for this
Cyril Soavi (2 months ago)
Good job 👍😎🇫🇷👏
Hey. You're a real man with good hands . I'm just finishing my workbench . It will also be multifunctional .
Fabio Santana (2 months ago)
Oi Eu gosteo muito dessa mesa Gostaria de poder fazer uma para mim Teria como passar uma lista de material e medidas rsrs
Carlos San Juan (2 months ago)
Very ...very ....nice!!!👍
daniel rodriguez (3 months ago)
By far the BEST welding table i have seen!! And I've been looking at a lot of youtube vids to get ideas.
Хорошо вышло. Молодец !
Varnak (3 months ago)
Очень круто. Буду для себя мастерить что-то схожее. Удачи.
Fernando Austria (3 months ago)
Great job..
STohme (3 months ago)
Remarkable work very well designed. There is a significant know how behind. Congratulations and many thanks.
Размер укжи изволь. За ран благодарю...
John Mav (3 months ago)
Super! Very good made.
Benhur Santos (3 months ago)
Muito bom gostei do seu video ganhou mais um escrito
David Zaccaro (3 months ago)
WTF!!! spider hahahahaha
Juan Melendez (3 months ago)
A spider at 2:36
김반장 (3 months ago)
우와 실력 좋타. 잘생긴놈이 실력이 좋네.
e g (3 months ago)
Awesome job.... how did you go about bending the flat metal for your hangers and such?
Ana Denny (3 months ago)
I need to make one of these! I just started school for SMAW
Sandro Nunes (3 months ago)
Please, I would like to insert caption in the video, I'm from Brazil. I do not speak English !!
Irving Cobian (3 months ago)
big ass spider i would have welded that spider to the wall
100% Confiable OK (4 months ago)
Hi, Congratulations on the video, could you tell me which disk you use to cut the metal tubes? Are 10 inches? they do not spark when it cuts?
Alfredo Duque (4 months ago)
Esta bien chingon.....saludos desde morelos mexico
Phil R (4 months ago)
Nice work, man. I dig the swing out drawers! I'm currently building a 35" x 72" table, and I think I'm going to borrow that idea with some of my leftover scrap.
Taylor Phillips (4 months ago)
I have a metal work project that I would like an estimate for. [email protected]
Antonio Sánchez (4 months ago)
what is the brand name of the chop saw blade that you use in minute 1:19 greetings from Mexico
Marcus George (4 months ago)
I would really like to get the specs and a diagram break down of this table so I can build one.
wcompto (4 months ago)
Great job, nice and simple, clean and strong. Way to go!
TecHDong (4 months ago)
Thanks bro!
Stuart Habeger (4 months ago)
How much does that weigh?
Mario Gabriel Wagner (4 months ago)
Muy buena la mesa de trabajo que hizo, práctico y cómodo. Yo me dedico también a la Herrería. Todos los trabajos que realizo en soldadura con electrodos 6013 lo hago con soldadora trifásica y recientemente me compré una soldadora inverter de 150 Amp. Feliz Año 2019. Saludos
Ben Pena (4 months ago)
Is that 1/8 wall thickness on the tubing or 14 gauge?
ivelisse vargas (1 month ago)
Ben Pena it’s 1/4” thick , I see on the upgrades video.
Золотые у тебя руки. Интересно на южноамериканском это понятно?
Россия тебя глядит.
Супер! Ахуннно. Заебись. Молодец.
Супер! Ахуннно. Заебись. Молодец.
Candido Garcia (4 months ago)
Todo esta bien nomas que no entiendo lo que dise
Brad Thurkle (4 months ago)
That’s awesome 👏. Great thinking ahead for what you need. What I love to see. Weld love ❤️ lol 😂
patrick mcglone (4 months ago)
Great job.. I built something similar for a friend about 7 years ago and I put rubber from a tire on to a piece of 2x2x1/8 flat bar and welded it to the bottom of the leveling legs. Again Great job. 2 THUMBS UP.
jawad abuued (4 months ago)
amazing work 🤓from iraq.school teacher(jawad abuued)
quoc viet Dang (4 months ago)
quoc viet Dang (4 months ago)
USNERDOC (4 months ago)
Watched this a couple of times this morning with a nice cup of coffee. Very inspirational Joe. This welding table has been brewing on my back burner ever since watching after you posted this cool vid. Many great design ideas to inspire a similar project on our ranch. Big fan of your channel and as I have said before, I really appreciate your thought process and approach to projects. Thank you! 👍
Erick Gomez (4 months ago)
Very nice!!!!!
akira sao (4 months ago)
Man that is really good video. Just wondering what size of galvanized steel was use for sliding accessory.

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