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Home Depot LED Shop Light unboxing and 6 month review

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Unboxing and 6 month review of Home Depot Commercial Electric LED Shop Lights. I purchased 3 of these LED Shop Lights from Home Depot approximately 6 months ago and liked them so well that I decided to purchase 2 more. Watch as I compare regular incandescent bulbs to this LED lighting. CHECK OUT THE TOOLS & GEAR I USE 🔴 https://www.amazon.com/shop/brandonlund FOLLOW ME ON ⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunddiybuilds ⇨ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LundDIYBuilds Buy 4 foot LED shop light here: http://m.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-4-ft-White-LED-Linkable-Shop-Light-54103161/205331022?cm_sp=BazVoice-_-PRRDR-_-205331022-_-x
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Russell Penn (2 months ago)
Left mine over the weekend. Came back home, it was out and it wont come back on
Brandon Lund (2 months ago)
If you haven't had it for long take it back. They have a good warranty. I use mine several hours a day. Not 1 problem so far.
Wroger Wroger (3 months ago)
You know... I use LED lights with diffusers and then figured that the diffusers were soaking up far too much light, so I started popping off the diffusers and running the LED's bare. Sure the direction of the beam is around 160 - 170*. The floor and walls are well lit, and the ceiling is a little dark but I am not looking at the ceiling now am I.... ALSO the higher power COB lamps with NO diffuser are good for lighting up an area..... AND you can always buy a few basic desk lamps, get the LED bulbs, without the diffusers, and then put them up in the corners near the ceiling.....
Brandon Lund (3 months ago)
What a great idea! I might have to try removing a few of the diffusers and see how it looks. Thanks for the suggestion!
Kim Pham (6 months ago)
How much is one box ?
Brandon Lund (6 months ago)
@ Kim Pham you might want to check this video out first! Since this video came out I found lights that are just as good if not better and they cost less! Here is a link to that video https://youtu.be/njpEVAF-cDQ
channelofstuff (1 year ago)
the app dont work for the bluetooth version, but they are nice lights.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
channelofstuff I was not aware they made them with a Bluetooth feature. These are just basic leds and they work perfectly.
HITMAN AGENT-X (1 year ago)
The best lights i found are sold at sam's club , 60$ for a pack of 2 shop lights . It has a powerful 4500 lumens and best part they are LED using only 40w and last up to 50,000 hrs https://www.samsclub.com/sams/2pk-led-shoplight-4-ft-led-shoplight/prod20051839.ip?&source=ifpla&CAWELAID=730010300000682532&pid=_CSE_Google_PLA_1013571808&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=239331910305&wl4=pla-296759971883&wl5=9031593&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=1247713&wl11=online&wl12=27102&wl13=&wl15=55335260848&wl17=1o4&veh=sem&source=ifpla
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
Thanks! It looks like a good deal! I'll have to pick one up and try it out.
code name H A V V O K (1 year ago)
The topic my wife and I are having about changing the garage lamps and thinking about putting LED lights for the patio and back yard. Thank you.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
My wife and I went through this same conversation not too long ago. We leave the outside garage lights on all night and we also have a post light. We changed over to LED and saw a considerable cost savings on our electric bill.
Tony C (1 year ago)
Buying two of these exact lights tomorrow!
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
+Tony C congratulations! Your going to love them!
QuM3 (1 year ago)
LED suffer power supply problems at a rate that’s ridiculous. Sure the LEDs last for 20 years but that’s no good when every year you have to remove them and replace the DC power supply.
Brandon Lund (1 year ago)
+QuM3 interesting....i have had zero issues so far and it's been almost a year. What your saying makes sense though. I'm hoping the power supply lasts.
Kyle Smith (2 years ago)
How long are the extensions?
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
+Kyle Smith The ones that come with the lights are about a foot long, but they also make ones that are much longer (Maybe 5 feet or so) but you have to order them separately.
kenny ray (2 years ago)
Got 3. I like the way you can plug em in to each other. Great review. U sold these.
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
Thanks man! I'm glad I could help. It really doesnt get much simplier than these does it! I have no complaints what-so-ever and they are just as bright today as when I first put them up. You wont be dissapointed! Thanks for watching!
Gus Aleman (2 years ago)
I really like the info on the video. Thanks for taking time to do this for all us.
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
Thank you Gus! Sorry for the delay in response...for some reason I'm just seeing it now? Thanks again for watching and I'm glad I could help!
Jesse Harper (2 years ago)
Comment. JK Awesome vid. I just bought my first house and the garage lighting is sad. I'll be picking some of these up.
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
+Jesse Harper You won't be disappointed! Thanks for watching!
McDoak (2 years ago)
Hey Brandon~ I have 12 of these lights and love them. But I do have one issue with them. Try this... In complete darkness... Plug in the light (in a live outlet) with the pull chain off.... The lights all have a slight glow to them. Using a current meter with the light in the off position they pull 11 mico-amps. Not much but this is 24/7/365 if they are connected to a live outlet. I can't believe I'm the only one who has noticed this. Home Depot and the help phone number on the box have not been any help. Please try this and let me know if you see this. THANKS!
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
+McDoak I tried what you mentioned and I didn't experience the slight glow. I'm puzzled now. Let me know what you find out.
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
+McDoak That's odd. My setup has them plugged in so that when the switch is off, power is completely cut. I will try plugging them in to constant power with the pull cord off and report back. What your describing sounds like current is running through the neutral wire and bleeding off through the LED'S? Very odd.
Natalie Murren (2 years ago)
how did you use the plus when your extension didn't have the 3rd grounding prong?
Brandon Lund (2 years ago)
Great question! I had pick up some 3 prong adaptors. http://m.ebay.com/itm/121309623464
Part-Time Fabrication (3 years ago)
Very cool man. I just got some of the Home Depot LEDs up in my shop. I will be putting that video out soon. Thanks for sharing!
Brandon Lund (3 years ago)
Thank you, your going to love how bright everything looks. I'm completely satisfied!

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