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Volbeat ft. Johan Olsen(Magtens Korridorer) For Evigt - Live @ Forum Copenhagen Denmark 20161027

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mchlbk (1 year ago)
Pounding Tuna (1 year ago)
I saw them at the House of Blues in Boston. Fucking awesome concert and great crowd. People need to put their phones away and enjoy the show! They wont hear shit anyway from the recording! lol
Jabu David (2 years ago)
could somebody pleease translate what he's saying in the beginning? got the part with turning on the light and stuff but my danish isn't too good
Jabu David (2 years ago)
Robert Engelbrecht ahh thanks, didn't get that part... for obvious reasons :D tusen takk!
Robert Engelbrecht (2 years ago)
Jabu David "alright listen up, we're gonna play a Kandis song. Just kidding, we're not doing that. Well i do like them though, they're pretty good" kandis is also a danish band, just in a whole different category than volbeat, so he was just joking around with that. then he asks People to tur on Their phones
ytsim33 (2 years ago)
En gammel kone er blevet forliebt i Johan;-)
Jan Østergaard (2 years ago)
Jeg skriver helst ikke men i er så gode at jeg ikke kan sige fantastisk så gode er i..Mkh Øster
Achim Heidrich (2 years ago)
That was fuckin awesome.. can't wait til next week for the show in Cologne (y) (y)

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