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Here's how I straighten my Relaxed hair for silky bouncy results using a Blow dryer and Flat iron! I follow this routine about once a month. enjoy the tutorial. PRODUCTS & TOOLS USED ====================== Smooth n Shine Silk n Sleek Serum African Pride Oil Red by Kiss Detangler blow Dryer (high heat) Nume Fashionista Flat Iron (pink) ~300 degrees (guessing) HELPFUL VIDEOS TO WATCH NEXT ============================ Hairstyles for Relaxed Hair https://youtu.be/kBpd-eblWys HOW TO LAY EDGES https://youtu.be/c0eZ76Jvy9k Me with Longer Hair: How I wrap & Unwrap My Hair https://youtu.be/gVMBmub4pvM Wrap & Unwrap My Hair https://youtu.be/xQaJxY4NUPw I'm about one month (4 weeks) post relaxer. I don't allow my relaxers to set to long after smoothing. this technique helps me to keep texture in my hair. ALWAYS DO WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR HAIR CARE NEEDS. IT'S ALL PREFERENCE & CHOICE! FIND ME! INSTAGRAM & TWITTER @allofdestiny DIRECT LINKS: http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny MUSIC ====== http://www.youtube.com/getrichfamily Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat @LILGREG901 SEND ME SOMETHING: Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 Thanks For Watching, allofdestiny
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Text Comments (128)
Sandalover11 (8 months ago)
can u fry an egg on the iron?
allofdestiny (8 months ago)
kyle n (1 year ago)
How old are you in this video 😍😍😍😍😍
d_iron_temple (1 year ago)
Just stopping by to say thanks for posting. I am new at doing my own hair and I must say I tried your techniques and my hair turn out really nice! ❤️
Jessica Jenkins (1 year ago)
Heard that was a good flat iron you have.
Nylah Jourdan (2 years ago)
This video was funny💀💀
Zen (2 years ago)
Hey Destiny, just wanna know whats the name of the edge control you use. Thanks
Manda_ Equann (2 years ago)
do a grwm with your sis plzzzzzz
Victoria Lawson (2 years ago)
what do you recommend for heavy dandruff? I relax probably twice a year and my dandruff wastes no time to make itself known.
Jenee Washington (2 years ago)
What's the brand of your blow dryer? I've been trying to find a good one.
OfficialMare (2 years ago)
I found your channel and I love it ! When I flat iron my hair i don't blow dry , I let it air dry and put coconut oil and go straight to flatironinng , the prob is when I do blow dry my hair gets really dry even with moisturizer in it and also when I flat iron my hair it's has to no movement it's really stiff
ieeshamack (2 years ago)
Hey Destiny I'm new to your channel.
Tiara Smith (2 years ago)
Sis braids are cute
Hwalloween (2 years ago)
your hair us gorgeous!
Khyselita Hamburg (2 years ago)
my roots are not getting the relaxer and my roots are so tick some tips ? anyone
Nakia Samuels (2 years ago)
+Khyselita Hamburg Do you scratch or roughly comb/brush your hair in the days before relaxing? Or maybe you have too much oil on your hair? I know putting oil or protective cream protects the scalp from relaxers,but maybe you use too much or it gets on your hair and blocks the penetration?
Khyselita Hamburg (2 years ago)
+Nakia Samuels the best i can is 15 minutes , and i cant do super because i'm having issues with dandruff , but i will try to like sit down longer thanks for the til
Nakia Samuels (2 years ago)
Maybe you need a stronger one (I'm terrified of extra strength relaxers, but it may work for you). Or maybe you don't leave it on long enough or don't smooth it out well? I don't do my own hair, but I hope I said something useful
Angie Dawkins (3 years ago)
What do you use for your scalp to keep your moisturized??
just aly (3 years ago)
your nails are so amazing ♡
Sav george (3 years ago)
Do you have a video on how to wrap hair? new to the wrapping just cut it into a Bob and hairdresser telling me if I want it to grow back healthy I have to wrap it .....
Tamya Clark (3 years ago)
I do the same thing but its like my hair do sent flow its just stiff lol
UniQue plus3 (3 years ago)
so very beautiful
Shamonica Carr (3 years ago)
first of all ive never left a comment before on here but i had to, after watching your videos. i am actually in the process of cutting back on heat, and trying to take better care of my hair. im encouraged to actually try and spend more time doing my hair. im a mother who works and goes to school, so thanks to you im going to try these styles.
Loveherlife L (3 years ago)
Beautiful... Ur Sister is funny 😅
IamStepfany (3 years ago)
Love this! 👍👍 #beautiful
Sandra Powell (3 years ago)
I just found your channel and girl you are too funny! And so beautiful! New subscriber here 😊
Lisa (3 years ago)
you wash your hair once month what you use on your hair daily like oil or oil sheen
Destini Mcginty (3 years ago)
👋destiny my name destini with an (I) but I luv your hair tutorials and I think u should start making pranks and challenges with your sister to give some more views and subs to your channel 👌
JuliusMommy (3 years ago)
AllOfDestiny what's the name of the edge control your using
Joy Bryant (3 years ago)
you are to cute....i love your sister and yall relationship. ...I watch all your videos. .....gurl
BABY DOLL.L (3 years ago)
too pretty 😍😍😍
Lynette (3 years ago)
Destiny great video...Did you cut your layers yourself if so please refer me to that video.
cow.4 (3 years ago)
Do the flat irons work for natural hair too?
Desi Poo (3 years ago)
i love your videos so much! you dont need to be explaining every little thing to some of these people(haters) on youtube. you straighten your hair when you WANT to. you grow it out when you WANT to lol its your hair! keep up the awesome videos👍👍💖
Kay L (3 years ago)
I'm so glad Dominique showed that braid sheen spray because I did not know that existed
Bradley Lashay (2 years ago)
Cakeface Lindsey (3 years ago)
great video please sub back
sydni chester (3 years ago)
Destiny you are so pretty!! Your hair is just like mine but just a little longer.But i've been watching your hair tutorials for a few months now and i've been getting more compliments on my hair! Thank you girl!!
Naturally Shy (3 years ago)
I've always loved your videos your personality is so silly and out going
LaWaughn Miller (3 years ago)
Did you use the Queen Helene Deep Conditioner?
Mellonee Edgeston (3 years ago)
Hair looks great
Derek Garret (3 years ago)
love your videos and your personality,with that being said you should go natural
Payton Smith (2 years ago)
She should do whatever she wants to do with her hair 🙄
Mica Lapri (3 years ago)
I'm not relaxed but I still watch your videos cuz I think they're so cute and funny lol you have a really nice personality for these type of videos!
riz1738 (3 years ago)
Girllll i been watching your videos for awhile now and i love your hair you are so pretty and just so real i wish you and your family lived in harlem because i would love to party with you and your sisters lol you have a wonderful family stay true to who you are girl and keep the videos flowing good job girly
Itstoyaworld (3 years ago)
Love your videos so helpful
NapturaleeMe _ (3 years ago)
Kayla Smith (3 years ago)
do you perm the ends of your hair @allofdestiny
aizayah brown (3 years ago)
you are soo pretty!! also can you do an everyday makeup routine
osimeon00 (3 years ago)
This is not to be rude but why is her hair STILL shoulder length after 3 years of growing and supposedly "taking care" of her hair? It should have been down her back by now. I love Destiny but I just don't understand.
hafsa mariah (2 years ago)
maybe she cuts it. Maybe she likes short hair.
Veronica Geer (2 years ago)
Rukzbliss mohz she cuts it
Sydney Davison (2 years ago)
osimeon00 I hope you know that hair length is determined by genetics, and not everybody is gonna have hair like rapunzel.
Truth be told relax hair doesn't work for everyone, some people literally think relaxing ur hair means u don't need to do much, so many girls stay shoulder length or even shorter.
Nakia Samuels (2 years ago)
+Nakia Samuels too*
Tamar King (3 years ago)
Dominique was my favorite part of the video too. Lol!!!!
AbsoluteMdot (3 years ago)
Yes!! Thank you destiny for this video
Style Domination (3 years ago)
I love your look. I love the texture as opposed to the "pin straight look". I've started having my stylist rinse out the relaxer quickly too and noticed my hair getting stronger as a result. Great video - thanks for sharing!!
Kimali Powell (3 years ago)
Dominique was so funny in the back ground. lol she cracked me up when she did the thumb up. .
Lia Walker (3 years ago)
Capri Reese (3 years ago)
what kinda edge control do you use? I havw natural hair and I use smooth'n shine polishing and it doesn't lay my edges down
Meili.Rosé (3 years ago)
I love your videos , your soo pretty remind me of Kyla Pratt 😩😻😻
Mildred Griffin (3 years ago)
Beautiful you are and your hair is awesome.
Jasmine PrettyFlawless (3 years ago)
Destiny I love your personality boo... Yessssssss
Lashauna attaud (3 years ago)
What do you use on your edges
Scorpio40 (3 years ago)
Haven't seen your videos in a while!!! Did you cut your hair?
Scorpio40 (3 years ago)
+allofdestiny thanks!! I just watched your relaxer day video😊 tfs!!!
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Scorpio40 be sure to check the references mentioned within the video as well as in my relaxer day video. i answer questions there
Brittany Galbreath (3 years ago)
Which Africans did Dominique go to?
Liluho2004 (3 years ago)
I love your videos girl u off the chain
Akelia Ryan (3 years ago)
Pin curls video please
Shavyae Farr (3 years ago)
Tayler & Kennedy (3 years ago)
Your hair is so pretty
Alyese Hill (3 years ago)
Lol her mom said tell them to turn it up high and burn there hair off😂😂😂😂
ChooseWisely (1 year ago)
Alyese Hill That's not her mum or at least I don't think she is
Stacy Love1981 (3 years ago)
Your hair is beautiful and you are such a pretty young lady.
Cat (3 years ago)
You're so pretty! xx
T W (3 years ago)
Super pretty
starlyn ragland (3 years ago)
So cutie
ComeAtMeBro (3 years ago)
Johari3 (3 years ago)
I love this videos. Having sisters is so fun. Me and my sisters be in the bathroom getting ready and never pay each other any mind..lol
gigglyfitzgirl (3 years ago)
This is probably the only time I've seen someone's hair look as good as the woman's on the perm box. 😂 Idk why I'm even subbed cuz I'm natural but I enjoy watching her videos anyway.
LaDiamond Shaw (3 years ago)
lol same I'm natural as well but her personality caught my attention.
tiptop331 (3 years ago)
She has the sweetest personality.
Jasmine (3 years ago)
Akua Ghana (3 years ago)
me too I'm natural too but I'm subscribed because I like her personality
A. Alexis (3 years ago)
Lol great video! Your sister had me laughing!
Naturally Mi (3 years ago)
Girl your straightened hair is bomb! Let me walk outside with straightened hair. My hair be like "*Poof* You thought" 😂
Kadeja Mccutchin (2 months ago)
Naturally Mi your natural she’s not
Cayla S (3 years ago)
What edge control do you use?
Shyeann Miles (3 years ago)
you make it look so easy!! when ever I flat iron my hair, it always have a burn smell and my ends fry.
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+Shyeann Miles clean your flat irons before each use. too much oil or damp hair will fry on the iron
Olissa La-Shaun (3 years ago)
I barely flat iron my hair but I loved the video. Dominique's cameo was funny. Are you the eldest sister out of the three?
allofdestiny (3 years ago)
+ThingswithLissa yes i am
DeterminedKez (3 years ago)
Dominique had me rolling lool she was conducting a whole tutorial on the side lol :)
Taylor Jones (3 years ago)
Pretty as always
adoredre TV (3 years ago)
I was too happy to get this notification lol
Aaliyah M (3 years ago)
I love destiny!!
cecilia maben (3 years ago)
great video :)
TheBettyDiaries (3 years ago)
can you do an updated makeup routine?
chrissy (3 years ago)
notification on fleek lol
_.Tiraaa Tiraaa (3 years ago)
can u do a video in how to take of a relaxer I won't one but mom say NO! bc I don't no how how to take care of it properly
_.Tiraaa Tiraaa (3 years ago)
+SenYa Mae thanks ND while a relaxer does your hair grow
Mae (3 years ago)
I've been getting relaxers since I was probably like 6-7 years old. I'm 15 now, I went natural for awhile and then went back to relaxed lol. Basically just condition your hair twice a week, use a leave in conditioner (I love the Suave tropical coconut conditioner) Use a heat protection spray (I just started back using it) Keep your scalp greased. (I love TCB and pine tar, both of them help with hair growth) If you're gonna detangle your hair after washing it, make sure to blow dry your hair on low or medium (I always use low) and use a WIDE TOOTH COMB or detangling brush because you could pull your hair out with a small tooth comb so be very carful. And that's about it, as for shampoos I shampoo my hair every 2-3 weeks, I condition my hair twice a week (If I use coconut oil on my hair I'll condition in the beginning of the week and at the middle or end use coconut oil on my hair). I hope I helped and I hope this wasn't too much 😂😊
_.Tiraaa Tiraaa (3 years ago)
Essence Sisco (3 years ago)
awesome vids .like every vlog is lil greg playing is he paying you ??? LOL he should stay plugging his music you put me on to him :-)
rfarris38 (3 years ago)
its her brother
Tiffany T (3 years ago)
Your hair came out soo pretty. DOMINIQUE IS SO FUNNY! You're growing your hair out now? Congrats!! I loved the cut, but the longer hair flatters you too! Use amazon student and order the natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg Maximum Strength Tablets. Girl my hair has major inches since I've started taking them. Gl on your new journey!!!
Mileania Diggs (3 years ago)
Yaaaas you better slay ❤💪🙌💁😍
StonedByBeauty x (3 years ago)
You soo purty! 💕 I have natural hair. I wish when I straighten it that it would stay, but this sucka likes to puff up 😂😂
Mae (3 years ago)
I know the feeling 😭 I was natural but I just permed my hair again recently. Have you tried washing your hair, let it dry a little but while it still damp put some coconut oil on it and blow dry then flat iron (I always blow dry on low and then flat iron on high)
Offblac Productions (3 years ago)
notification squad!!!
Lakiya Nobles (3 years ago)
What is ur. Number and snapchat
Quamisha Stander (3 years ago)
😍 love the video you always keep your hair on fleek

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