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Watch Me TRIM & Feather CURL My Hair!

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I've been needing a hair trim for a long time. I finally got one. My hair curled and feathered so much better without those ugly ends yal! I got My Chi curling Iron from goodwill for only $8.00 a few years ago and I absolutely love it. ✦ WATCH THESE NEXT✦ ⇣ PART 1: https://youtu.be/ezMsNn_JO9c PART 3: https://youtu.be/zc1HaVB3VRE 👆🏾HOW I WRAP & UNWRAP MY HAIR👆🏾 MY HAIR FELL OUT: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR https://youtu.be/6PMgx_o5o4k ✦CONNECT WITH ME OUTSIDE OF YOUTUBE, I POST DAILY✦ ッ I N S T A G R A M ➺ http://www.instagram.com/allofdestiny T W I T T E R ➺ http://www.twitter.com/allofdestiny ▼ COUPON CODES ▼ affiliate links are marked with a "*".ッ * SMILE BRILLIANT WHITENING KIT To get the EXACT teeth whitening kit that I used be sure to Follow the link below!" http://www.smilebrilliant.com/product/teeth-whitening-trays#yt43651 5% Discount Code: allofdestiny ✉ SEND ME SOMETHING✉ ⇣Drop It In The Mail, allofdestiny Will Tell: Destiny Chalmers P.O. Box 280233 Memphis TN 38168 ❤F A Q❤ Destiny 26 | Memphis, TN Thank you for watching my youtube channel. My name is Destiny Chalmers, often known on youtube as allofdestiny. I give hair care, beauty tips, easy makeup tutorials, lifestyle vlogs and reviews on all things hair, skincare, and lifestyle related. If you’re looking to pick up tips and tricks to care for your hair or nails, then I really hope you find this channel useful. I hope my channel will change the way you view your personal beauty style and make it a more fun & easy process. ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ allofdestiny ❤ DISCLAIMER: This video Is Not Sponsored.
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Text Comments (185)
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
👇🏽Here's the Makeup Tutorial https://youtu.be/ArtSvasWqII PART 3: WRAP, UNWRAP, LAID EDGES https://youtu.be/zc1HaVB3VRE
Felicia Syster (11 months ago)
allofdestiny what type of foundation do u use?
Jema & Marie (1 month ago)
I love her back to back comment clips
Leigh Black (3 months ago)
She giving me tony braxton vibes
Ayanna Styles (8 months ago)
I love Tierra J’s channel!!! how funny is it that i was JUST watching one of her videos before coming on ur channel..... love ur channel too, learned how to do some rocking rollers from u xoxo
Shadarah Poydras (9 months ago)
It’s time for you a hair update/natural straightening tutorial girl
Meadowsfamily6crew (9 months ago)
Yasss slay and lay love your hair do you boo tfs
Monique Marshall (10 months ago)
really nice results
brianna jackson (10 months ago)
You seem like so much fun to be around. I wanna be your friend lol 😂 and btw your hair is gorgeous!
Shanice Mcbride (11 months ago)
Now I feel confident that I can do mine
DON WIG40 (11 months ago)
You did very well
an vic (11 months ago)
Hey girl new Subie here
Dayana Briceus (11 months ago)
I love you relationship with Boon! She's always helping you so sweet
terricaaa turnerrr (11 months ago)
I feel like we would be best friends 😭❤️
Shantlottor Smith (11 months ago)
Destiny do you do anyone else's hair
Genie's Galaxy (1 year ago)
Your voice reminds me of nitraa b.
Romario Grant (1 year ago)
Hmm mm Mmm......lol......my new anthem😂
Zordiah White (1 year ago)
Is it me, or has her hair been the same length forever🤔
gabbs (1 year ago)
These recent videos remind me of when I started watching your videos years ago. I think I've been subscribed for some four years or so. GIRL!! It's awesome to see your style evolve and your channel grow. Can yall say 120K?! Destiny you the realest, no doubt!
CinnCity78 (1 year ago)
Did you go back to relaxing after the apple cider mishap? I remember you were using wigs as a protective style. How long did your protective style journey last?
Jessica Jenkins (1 year ago)
You did a good job!!
Shaye (1 year ago)
Your hair has been the same length for a while. That’s problematic considering that you get a relaxer touch up for new growth. Your hair doesn’t seem to be healthy at all.
Joy Deja King (1 year ago)
Look at that face!! Her makeup looked stunning at the end. Hair came out so pretty too.
Shamicha Ford (1 year ago)
Tashie Tyler (1 year ago)
Wow you did pretty good ! Impressed
Diane Fanor (1 year ago)
Now that you trimmed a food amount off, how much of your relaxed ends do you have left? Do you consider yourself natural? It’s hard to find a natural YouTuber with course texture that wears her hair straight
Annette Williams (1 year ago)
Looks good girl laid and slayed!
Crishawn Rivers (1 year ago)
Pretty ❤😊
Vershona Hughley (1 year ago)
Yes i see those ends but this BEAT!! So pretty!! ❤️
Bridgette Queen (1 year ago)
I wonder why you’re stuck at this length. I’ve seen your video for years and it doesn’t seem to grow faster than it breaks. So much more needed to go. Maybe that’s why. Hanging on to strangely ends for the sake of “length” Good luck.
P Will (1 year ago)
Oh that’s right, I forgot about the acv wash 😩... your hair is looking great from then.
P Will (1 year ago)
Your trim is everything!
Pansy Pitts (1 year ago)
crystle sandridge (1 year ago)
i need a good trim too. thanks for this video. I will be trying this method next. im getting ready to curl my hair with rods to try some of your curly styles!
Sasa (1 year ago)
Yall did that!
Michael Johnson (1 year ago)
"Use What We Got, To Get What We Want" Heard The Players Club Antics, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Michael Johnson lol somebody caught it😂
Debbie Bloodworth (1 year ago)
You and your sister did a great job on cutting your hair 👍
Raheema Fray (1 year ago)
great vid. I'm can u do some more videos on how u style your hair while being 11 months post relaxer.
Dessy Young (1 year ago)
So cool
Shawn No Last Name (1 year ago)
Great progress! Your hair looks fantastic...the feather is byke! :)
Shaaanelle (1 year ago)
It looks really good!!!! That trim was done well girl!
monica hardwick (1 year ago)
Your hair looks good you go girl...lol hey I'm a lefty but I use my right hand to cut, sew and curl my hair but I would like to see tutorials on your real hair styles...💯💯💯
GenesJewel (1 year ago)
U look like a younger version of Ateeyah
Reyneshia Jefferson (1 year ago)
Yasss keep trimming those relaxed ends!!!
Naturally Mi (1 year ago)
Your hair looks so healthy! That feather was bombbbb!
Tamar King (1 year ago)
Boon did good and your hair looks nice😍
Dntworry Boutit (1 year ago)
Amazing!!!...hair looks healthy and awesome !!!❤️❤️❤️
Amirah Daniels (1 year ago)
But sis are we getting a video for that makeup look tho👀👀
Erykahhh (1 year ago)
You might as well stop relaxing and be a straight hair natural.
Soulflwr1 (1 year ago)
Good Job! T inspired me too. I cut mine as well. 👍🏾
indiechic09 (1 year ago)
You did such a great job!!!!
Colette Cole (1 year ago)
Destiny, I see your ends and your beat face..gurl!!
Plush Furr (1 year ago)
I do alot wit my rite hand too. I'm left handed as well.
Dee Dee (1 year ago)
Shut up Destiny about what you talking bout, look at that feather. Look at those ends! 😂😂
AbsoluteMdot (1 year ago)
Destiny your hair is looking beautiful! Keep up the good wok!!!
Lina S (1 year ago)
I love you Destiny , and your hair looks amazing! Great job😉
joe bobbitt (1 year ago)
You did a great job lady!!
Loves of JBNeet (1 year ago)
I love it!!! Great job tfs
Katrina Edwin (1 year ago)
Omg u are something else girl ur videos are so entertaining. Stay blessed girly
LILY BABY (1 year ago)
Please do the lemonaid braids. I think it'll suit you well
Simone Monique (1 year ago)
Love your hair Destiny! Miss these hair videos
Breanna (1 year ago)
I understand that you wear and create wigs for money but it's taking a toll on your natural hair. Try to stay away from braids for a while and just work with your natural hair (frequent deep conditioning, hot oil treatments etc). Take it back to the old routines. I say this because your hair is breaking at the same rate that it is growing. Wig styles are not as protective as most people think. The low maintenance ideology can be more of a set back in your healthy hair journey.
Millennial Diva (1 year ago)
you're definitely me whenever I slay my hair 😂 i be calling everybody like LOOK AT MY HAIR BRUH! DO you see this?!! DO YOU!?😂😂😂
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Millennial Diva girl yeesss. Like somebody look at this😁😂
Minniepooh38 Casey (1 year ago)
Will you ever have an meeting and greet?
•Queen Ky• (1 year ago)
GIRRrRLL your ends looking flawless!! ❤️💁🏻‍♀️ I’m over due for a trim!, but I get so nervous to go get a professional trim. Some beauticians be getting scissor happy! 💇🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
•Queen Ky• (1 year ago)
allofdestiny Your welcome!🤗❤️
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
*Queen Ky* yeap i def understand that part. And thanks a lot.
renee collins (1 year ago)
Beautiful! I love how silky and shiny it is. Great job. Boon did great with that trim. Y'all should open up a hair salon. 🤗
tabitha1275 (1 year ago)
Good job! Getting ready to trim my ends.
Jas Craft (1 year ago)
Laid like slayed!!!! Sending you positive vibes child cuz the whole look is like yass!!!!
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Jasmine Johnson positive vibes Only 💯you hear meeee!!!😆💖 Thanks so much
Candace M (1 year ago)
This is my mood when I clipped my ends Monday.... I be feeling myself when I clip my ends
African Queen (1 year ago)
I like how when trying to get beautified u can do everything you need to yourself lolz. Your nails ,natural hair ,weave and etc ,you don't have to go and pay someone else !
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
African Queen awww thanks. I'm so blessed to be able to do it on my own. 💲 so much Money saved✔
Ms. Brown (1 year ago)
I'm so confused 😕 I started my hair journey because of u... I think since Aug. of last year n my hair has grow so much 😱. However, I do not use any heat besides for deep conditioning, but urs is not; r u keeping it that lenght. If so I truly understand because I keep my hair at that length for years because I hate doing my hair but u inspired me to grow it out. Also I cut my hair every 3 months when I get my relaxer.
Juniorkoungue (1 year ago)
Cool hair. I want mine like that too😍😍😍😍
Keria/keke Fobbs (1 year ago)
Yess allofdestiny i watch tierra j beauty and her vlog channel too yess...
TRC Glam (1 year ago)
Beautiful hair Destiny
Britany D (1 year ago)
This is beautiful! Your hair looks great!!!
DeeQAwakened (1 year ago)
I love Tierra J Beauty. I just watched her hair cutting video too and almost cut my ends AGAIN (just cut them a month ago)! lol
Life Tv (1 year ago)
U did good
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
MommyisMarvelous likesuhateu Thanks a lot
Babygirl Meka (1 year ago)
Your makeup is Beautiful sweetie...your hair is Beautiful as well,keep up the great work!!!!
How long are you post relaxed? Good job in the trimming saved you time & money for to go get it down
Mek Wright-Durrett (1 year ago)
Adore Jeania (1 year ago)
Yaaaaaasss that feature look tho ! Slayed I be trying to do that I need more practice but ima get it , and gots to get up with you on instagram
Inga Ragland (1 year ago)
Cute!! ❤❤❤ you did great!!
Quintessence (1 year ago)
Omg when your hair looks healthy and beautiful loves when you flipped your bang the opposite way!
Quintessence (1 year ago)
allofdestiny Yesssssss girl...I loved it too cute! BTW Love your channel!
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Quintessence thanks. I really like moving the part to that side. Just something about that lift it gives me lifeee💖
Eboni Tyler (1 year ago)
Alright Destiny slay like ok 👌😍😍🔥
Daleea Sky (1 year ago)
Tierra J Beauty I watch her tooooo
pussycatal (1 year ago)
Good job, Allofdestiny! :)
Emma Zo (1 year ago)
I went to super cute today and girl I got my hair snatched and ironed😂
TerrorSkwad (1 year ago)
Your sister scared the sh*t out of me when she look like she was about to cut 2 inches off
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
TerrorSkwad 🤣🤣 lol thumbnail options. Shout out to Boon!
Girl u did that!!! Beautiful!!
Cierra_LaQuin (1 year ago)
You did a great job. I could never do it, I’m scared I’ll cut too much off
China Cooper (1 year ago)
I feel like you should have cut more than you did. Your ends looked very see through and thin.
China Cooper (1 year ago)
Faith F PLEASE inform me on what is there to be jealous of? 🤦🏽‍♀️ I voiced my opinion, which I’m entitled to.
Godiou (1 year ago)
allofdestiny Destiny idk why you even respond to this garbage! Smhhhhhhh jealously! Your hair looks good! You and your sis did a great job with the trim!!!❤️
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
China Cooper it's a trim. Not a hair cut. I trimmed what I chose to despite what my ends look like. Thanks for watching.
Ebony C (1 year ago)
Love it ❤️
Your hair is looking good girl!!!
Bianca Dempster (1 year ago)
❤❤❤Just ❤❤
GiGi Marie (1 year ago)
You did an excellent job!!!
Sooo Cali (1 year ago)
Looking good!!!
Reneisha Brooks (1 year ago)
Your hair looking like the bomb girl! Lol
AnimalLover2400 (1 year ago)
Ends look a lot better but you could have cut at least 1-2 inches more
riz1738 (1 year ago)
you can do no wrong I love a good trim doing mines tomorrow I always do my own when i take my time it came out really pretty 💜 boon got skills 😊
Queline Renée (1 year ago)
Right 😂😂😂
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
riz1738 Boon got them hands. I was def loving my trim right away. Thanks a bunch
Mrs. Herbin (1 year ago)
Can you post a link for the curling iron that you use?
allofdestiny (1 year ago)
Mrs. Herbin if I can find one.
Sonja Covington (1 year ago)
You did a good job on the trim. Makes me miss having straight hair😍

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