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SMK St. George Drummers Beat 24-Seasons Chinese Drums at Taiping Sentral Mall

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Local students also took part in an hour-long preview performance of the Royal Belum World Drums Festival 2012, held at the Taiping Sentral Mall on 21 February 2012. Culminating the mini-concert is the final performance by nine boys and girls of S.M.K. St George, Taiping. They played the 24-season rhythm on nine Chinese drums instead of the traditional 24 drums set and captivated the appreciative crowd with their enthusiastic beating of the drums. The number twenty four represents agricultural seasons from the Chinese calendar and the name of each season is carefully painted in calligraphy on each drum. Instead of just four primary seasons of Summer, fall/autumn, winter and spring, the Chinese farmers further divided the four main seasons into six secondary seasons each. For example, in Spring the six sub-seasons are: First of spring; Rain water; Awakening; Spring equinox; Clear water; and Rains suitable for grain. Even though each drum troupe has its own individual style, the original styles of performance were meant to depict movements of farmers and activities on a farm. First performed in the opening ceremony of the National Dance Competition in Johor Bharu, Malaysia in 1988, this classical art form has evolved into a truly unique Malaysian 24-Seasons drumming style. The Royal Belum Forest in Perak, Malaysia, contains the largest contiguous expanse of unprotected forest in Peninsular Malaysia. It's one of the world's most biologically diverse regions and one of Asia's highest priority areas for biodiversity conservation.
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