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The year of the Rabbit - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

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year of the rabbit, chinese zodiac rabbit, rabbit chinese zodiac, the year of the rabbit, chinese astrology rabbit, chinese zodiac, howtorockspirit, These audio recordings are part of the HowtorockSpirit Astrology section. This is an audio recording describing the year sign of the -RABBIT, HARE, or CAT- in Chinese or Taoist Astrology, the Astrology of the East. Chinese Astrology is also called "Wu Xing" and is based upon the lunar seasons and year-cycles of the moon's calendar. The Celestial signs and elements of the Chinese Zodiac are a key aspect of every individual's total cosmic persona. These audio recordings have been recorded by Dustin Cormier. I do not own any of the material contained herein except where noted. For Educational purposes only.
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Uncle Remus (8 months ago)
Any Scorpio rabbit women?
Cadaveria (1 year ago)
This is the hour I was born. Year of the Dragon, hour of the rabbit!!!
Dustin Cormier (1 year ago)
By the way, it is said that the daymaster sign is equal to, or even more important than, the year sign. The daymaster is closer to your taoist inner heart, your reactive personality, than is the Year sign. The year shows up more of your uprbringing - "The stalk, the parents and grandparents." The daymaster represents you. Check out this site and put in your birth info, if you want to see your daymaster sign. Then if you like, you can look up my video on that sign, and try to recognize its nature in yourself! Peace and Love. https://mingpan.pythonanywhere.com/
Minh Nguyen (1 year ago)
Stubs 87 (1 year ago)
I feel like the essence of each animal including the rabbit/ hare has changed in the 20th century. Year of the Rabbit coincides with Jupiter's transit through Aries. I am a Rabbit (1987) and I have Jupiter in Aries.
Elizabeth Chaudhry (1 year ago)
I'm a rabbit as well. Last year was really bad for me, but this year the tables have turned tremendously! I got a job that pays twice the amount! Good vibes all over 😎😎😎
finback2005 (1 year ago)
your luck might be amplified in the year of the dog
Ville John (1 year ago)
I'm also a rabbit. though it's still january I can already feel the presence of luck. I got recommended for a higher position in our company. hopefully I could get more luckier.
General General (2 years ago)
Chinese-Year of the Rabbit vs Vietnamese-Year of the Cat.   Chinese Jade Emperor Legend There is no sign for the cat in the Chinese Zodiac. This is because according to the legend, the rat pushed the cat off the ox while the ox was carrying both of them across the river. Since then, cats have sought revenge by going after rats.   A Vietnamese Legend The cat is a superior hunter, while the rat is not a good hunter at all. To make up for his weakness, the rat uses his mind to steal the cat’s food. Since that time, cats have always gone after rats.   Here are famous people under rabbit or cat’s sign   Jessie Ventura was born in 1951- Rabbit or Cat. He is a strong fighter and loves to hunt down his prey.   Michael Jordan was born in 1963-Rabbit or Cat. He can jump, defend, and steal the ball. He used his forearm to keep his opponent at bay in order to make a jump shot. That’s why they call him a black cat.   Rafael Nadal was born in 1986-Tiger vs Novak Djokovic was born in 1987-Rabbit or Cat. Tigers and Cats are both great on defense, but the cat is more skilled at defense. Because of this, the cat wears down his opponents.   Lionel Messi was born in 1987-Rabbit or Cat. He always weasels his way in to score a goal.   In order to stop a cat, bring in the cat’s natural enemy-a dog. Because of this fact, whoever was born in the year of the dog can stop a cat. To the European Football League: if you want to stop Lionel Messi. Put a defense player who was born in the year of the dog (1982 or 1994).   If you know someone born in the year of the Rabbit or Cat(1951, 1963, 1975 or 1987). Observe their character and ask this question: do they behave more like a Rabbit or a Cat? You make the call. Remember: not every legend came from China.
Mitch Irwin (1 year ago)
They are the same, just different beings
1p6t1gms (3 years ago)
I really like the Cat Stevens upload on your other channel. What a fine lesson my young friend. It’s telescope night here where I live.

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