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Dewy Skin Tutorial

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Product List // Skindinavia http://bit.ly/1QMn9D5 *They gave me a coupon code for you guys // SUMMER6 for (valid for 10% Off + 2 free travel size sprays + free US shipping) Shu Uemura The Lightbulb http://goo.gl/Acrn7l Koh Gen Do Illuminator http://goo.gl/HhQrxl Anastasia Concealer http://goo.gl/p9DNjU Bare Minerals Original http://goo.gl/J1Qt1d NARS Casino http://goo.gl/m1aja0 MAC Lovething http://goo.gl/rBJc10 NARS Albatross http://goo.gl/8qZodI MAC Fix+ http://goo.gl/xAWxPT Twitter @daceyhapa Instagram @daceecash In this video Lips http://goo.gl/AykCuK Nails http://goo.gl/MhbqLF FTC // This video is not sponsored. All Amazon links are affiliate links. All other links are not.
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Text Comments (390)
Samantha Davis (8 months ago)
I love your nose😍
Putri Arina (8 months ago)
dacey what app u use for edit your video?? thank you
lush life (9 months ago)
You look a bit similar to Meghan Markle.though nice tutorial 😘😘
What camera and lens are you using? Video looks amazing! Thank you!
Lizbeth1184 (1 year ago)
Yay! Finally found a beauty youtuber who’s makeup tutorials look natural. This is what I’ve been looking for because I don’t use a lot of makeup and when I do I want it to look natural and have a dewy finish.
Erin Ellyna (1 year ago)
been watching you since long time ago but rewatching back some of your old videos...you have definitely glo upppppp gurl. your skin looks prettier (not that its not pretty in your old vids) you smile so much more and so much more vibrant but love how your old videos are sweet :))
Rea Ednalino (1 year ago)
Hi Dacey, what camera did you use to film this video? I’ve been a fan since day one and been watching since first or second video you ever posted! Hope you can help 😊
Abby Dixon (1 year ago)
I would love to see some life style type videos if you wanted to do some!!
KATJ (1 year ago)
Hi Dacey what shade do you use in Shu Uemera Lightbulb?? Med Beige? Love your videos!! XO
Gena McGlone (1 year ago)
Thanks for the coupon code! I'm ordering!!! :-)
sarah Sarah (2 years ago)
You are so beautiful 😍😍 love it your all videos ❤ what is your shade are you using For the Shu uemura foundation please ?! Love from Paris 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
Sky0350 (2 years ago)
Thanks for not modelling at the start of your video. Quick and to the point. Brilliant!
Chevy Brown (2 years ago)
Nice and natural! Love it!
Madi Almond (2 years ago)
You are stunning
Bettina Castillon (2 years ago)
What lashes did you use? Just subbed! 💓💓
kimi kim (2 years ago)
How do you do your eye makeup?
Lulu Baniqued (2 years ago)
Love this tutorial so muc. Hope you will include all the products in the list with their shades or colors. I would really like to know what is the brand and color of the lipstick that you used with the "whirl" MAC lip pencil in this video. Thanks!
Jennifer Lam (2 years ago)
You have such beautiful, glowy skin you don't need any concealer or foundation at all!
Catherine Grimm (2 years ago)
I love your eyeshadow. What color and product was it?
Jez Tam (2 years ago)
you guys can use my code to get 10% OFF Code: SKIN050114 ❤
shaparrita77 (2 years ago)
Hello!! I was wondering, what shade are you in a mac concealer? Love your videos! Greetings from Mexico.
dp.asks (2 years ago)
How did you do your eye makeup?
小麦.思 (2 years ago)
You don't need foundation, got really beautiful skin!
Dest Guev (2 years ago)
How do you get your teeth so white? I love it!
embreezyy (2 years ago)
How do you feel about the ABH concealer under the eyes? This came out beautiful. <3
R_A (2 years ago)
كثير مكياج تستخدم .. لدرجة انه شكلها الحقيقي غير عن شكلها بالميك اب المفروض الميك اب نستخدمه بشكل بسيط بحيث اني لو غسلت وجهي مايتغير شكلي عن الطبيعي بهالفرق الواضح
Kee Love (2 years ago)
you are gorgeous! great video! thank you.
Janina Lou Tan (2 years ago)
Wow. You are gorgeous.
Asher-Lee Orr (2 years ago)
Just a question: Why do you prefer no silicone primers?
EverythingAtOnce (2 years ago)
Chevy Brown (2 years ago)
EverythingAtOnce I think silicone products make my makeup look "casket ready"
Cameron (2 years ago)
EverythingAtOnce a lot if silicone primers can actually FILL your pores, rather than sitting on top of them, which can clog them and cause even bigger pores, breakouts, and worsen oil production, etc. it may also be that she is sensitive to it, but I dont know why she does. I just know that some other people dont prefer those type of primers for that reason above
EverythingAtOnce (2 years ago)
same question! :)
kkbublicious (3 years ago)
your skin is flawless with and without foundation!! envious :') xx
Gena McGlone (3 years ago)
Perfect description of what to do so you don't come out just looking oily :-)
Darko Slim (3 years ago)
you are so beautiful without makeup. how can someone be so perfect without makeup
JP (3 years ago)
I love how you're using concealer with absolutely nothing to conceal. You are flawlessly beautiful man.
Charlotte P (3 years ago)
You're so cute!! So beautiful with and without makeup! So different from other makeup artists who change their entire face, you just enhance the beauty! Subscribed! :)
su gibi (3 years ago)
your make up in this video,;great flawless
Emma Højland (3 years ago)
If I had your skin I would never wear foundation! You are beautiful 😍
ASMR Ladybug (3 years ago)
you are beautiful! I noticed you used the koh gen do illuminator, I noticed that koh gen do also has a liquid foundation though. is there a reason you haven't used it with the illuminator? have you tried it? did you not like it? I found your video hoping to find a review on it but now you convinced me to get the illuminator also
Guadalupe Robles (3 years ago)
Guadalupe Robles (3 years ago)
Guadalupe Robles (3 years ago)
Lily Pate (3 years ago)
please can you do a tutorial on the eye makeup you did, thank you! i love this look!!
Lily Pate (3 years ago)
Can you do a make up tutorial on this look? I love it, i have watched most of your videos and i can't figure out if you've already done one on this one! Please and Thank you:)
erika dayetown (3 years ago)
dg9 (3 years ago)
What was the clear lip balm or gloss you were wearing before you put your lip products on? I really like it!
Katherine Nolasco (3 years ago)
added me to one of your fans...love your tutorials....salamat po ^_^
Sharon Rakotovao (3 years ago)
This is such a gorgeous look! I tend to stay away from dewy looks for fear of looking like a disco ball, but lately I've been intrigued and loving how my skin looks whenever I do highlight and mist my face whenever I don't want it too matte. I'm so glad that I came across your videos! I've been so inspired to try a couple out in time for Valentine's Day, then my birthday and for everyday. Thanks so much! You're so sweet and beautiful! Btw, thank you for finally teaching me how to curl my hair correctly with a curling iron! I can finally put it to use and put down my flat iron for awhile. Take care Hun! :) <3
Angel Scarlett (3 years ago)
What lip color are you wearing? So flattering.
P W (3 years ago)
I love your eye shadow. What product do you use?
Marianne Lola (3 years ago)
What products are you wearing on your eyes? It's so gorgeous
Jaimie Berry (3 years ago)
You're so pretty omg
Nikki (3 years ago)
With make-up: 29 years old. Without : 16 year old , innocent look
Maddison Cann (3 years ago)
Hey guys, Why do some people not like silicone and some do? I'm not really sure the difference and stuff :)
Stephanie Ibold (3 years ago)
+Maddison Cann I BELIEVE (based on others' skin types and preferences) that the more silicone-based products tend to be thicker and mattifying, so people who tend to be more oily or have problems with their pores prefer silicone primers as a way to create a blank canvas, and others who don't tend to have those problems with their skin (Dacey has stated multiple times that she's more on the dry side of combo skin) prefer not to have silicone primers just so it doesn't feel like a full face of make-up already on before they actually start their make-up.
Michelle McInnis (3 years ago)
If you have a chance would you please tell me what shadow you have on your eyelid? It is so pretty. I have learned so much from your tutorials. I have purchased several products you use and have been so pleased with them. Thank you!
girl38rockify (3 years ago)
great tutorial nice dew
Jordana Doyle (3 years ago)
I absolutely loved your looks!!! so natural and beautiful!! keep up on this style! u are on my fav list of makeup videos now together with monika blunter and wayne goss!! xxxx
Yulie Budiono (3 years ago)
thx for ur tutorials beb
daisy torres (3 years ago)
love the way you do makeup!!! ah i'm a new subscriber and you are definitely one of my favorite youtube beauty gurus!
Purnama Putri (3 years ago)
you are so beautiful😢
Purnama Putri (3 years ago)
you are so beautiful😢
Laura B (3 years ago)
I would love to see the tutorial on the eye makeup too! I can't get over how bright and fresh it makes your face look!
Sarah M. (3 years ago)
You had me subscribed when you mentioned your dislike for products containing silicone. Finally! Someone who has knowledge about skincare and what you shouldn't be putting on your skin!!
katie (3 years ago)
You are so beautiful without makeup too omg 😭
Cynthia 15 (3 years ago)
beautiful look😍Just subbed 🙌
Tracy Sirls (3 years ago)
Thank you for doing awesome videos and not rambling about pointless annoying nonsense! You rock :)
Ahtziri Lagarde (3 years ago)
Although you're super young, you always seem so expert (and authentic!). I enjoy seeing you and following your tips. Thanks!
xBaybeeStompahx (3 years ago)
sooo gorgeous!!
W GUNAWAN (3 years ago)
hi, i have been watching your videos… totally love it and i love all of your lip colour u use, can you state again whats the lipstick brand again as you talk so fast…. love ya dear!
B.M.F 21 (3 years ago)
Thank you for this great demo. You are such a pleasure to watch. You are to the point without any silliness.love it. I am subscribing.look forward to seeing your other videos. Big thumbs up for you👍👍👍
Laura - (3 years ago)
I love your eye make all the time!!😍 too bad that they don't Sell the Anastasia products etc in Holland.. 😖😔 just Mac, Chanel, etc such high brand's..
denise schklowsky (3 years ago)
You are soo beautiful! This is the first time I come across your channel and I just thought I would tell you how stunning you are.
Gina Wersits (3 years ago)
You're so incredibly gorgeous without makeup!!!! Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful with it on, but even truly stunning without it. 💕🎀 do you, boo 😊
Elliphant (3 years ago)
You are so beautiful !! And i love your hair ! :)
THE SNOOZE BUTTON (3 years ago)
hi i know this was a long time ago, but do you know what lashes you are wearing in this video? thanks
Natalia Sebakijje (3 years ago)
You are so stunning, I'm obsessed!!
Emma-kate Mclellan (3 years ago)
I love dewl
Genna Hardy (3 years ago)
So glad I found this channel! All the videos I've been looking for you have! Yay(:
Ashley Alvarez (3 years ago)
were did u get ur beauty blender ive never tried it i was hoping to get the same as urs there are so many dupes that i ask u bc i might get the wrong one
alexis Llamas (3 years ago)
I just found this and your so pretty for one and look like Kendall Jenner, your also super helpful and im in love
Samantha Willoughby (3 years ago)
please do a makeup look on your eye makeup!! I think I just found a new favorite youtuber❤️❤️
Nicole C (3 years ago)
OMG your are beautiful girl!! Love your vids!! Skin goals!!
Elaina marks (3 years ago)
lol kiss of dew
Marybell Amor (3 years ago)
Which is the color that you got in your hair?
jnetlife (3 years ago)
you're so beautiful even without any make up!!
Ally Rose (3 years ago)
Your skin is flawlesssss😍 you don't need any foundation!
Maria Tapia (3 years ago)
First time watching one of your videos! You're gorgeous! Beautiful makeup application!
lcleilani (3 years ago)
love this look, you are so cute! i just wanted to let you know i work for bareminerals and the original powder is a foundation, if you wanted to use a setting powder but still look luminous, try using our luminous mineral veil. its a beautiful setting powder with a sheen <3
congratulations¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡, at last a natural girl
allthepolitix (3 years ago)
I like that she's racially ambiguous. it makes me wonder.... :-)
Carlee Henderson (3 years ago)
Beautiful tutorial, and really helpful! Thank you!! xo
Arabella Ashton (3 years ago)
I remember when you had a small amount of subscribers! I can't believe how much your channel has grown, congrats! 💕
Marianne Lola (3 years ago)
+daceyhapa please please can you make a tutorial on your eye makeup in this video?
Dacey Cash (3 years ago)
+Arabella Ashton Thank you so much for all of your support! It truly means a lot to me, x
Blanca Cruz (3 years ago)
New Subbie!! 🙋 You're a beauty!
Chelsea's Life (3 years ago)
Ur sooo pretty girl!!! Ur like sisters with megan fox... :)
Lolly O (3 years ago)
Wow, every time I see your videos I'm reminded that you are the absolute most beautiful woman I've ever seen!
Jennifer Garcia (3 years ago)
Adriana Najor (3 years ago)
What did you use to color your hair in this video ?! I love it !
Arlett Hennessy (3 years ago)
You are beautiful! I subscribe to you, please sub me back, so we can stay in touch! Thank you :D
Aylle (3 years ago)
very pretty you <3 @daceyhapa
Taylor Bailey (3 years ago)
What eyelashes are you wearing?
JaTuCiNTaA (3 years ago)
you look beautiful naturally without makeup 😙
Dianna Devost (3 years ago)
you look like you're 15 years old before you put on the makeup and 25 years old after,,,,, you are beautiful!
CJoyceMartinez (3 years ago)
You are absolutely gorgeous & I love your videos! Keep doing you girl!!!
breanne collins (3 years ago)
Can you do a skin care routine?
Rosalia Perez (3 years ago)
Very fresh and nice looking! I saw a video on you before but when I went to see more my app refreshed and I lost you. Glad I found you and now I am able to subscribe and watch more videos =0) YAY!!! Besos doll!

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