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Faze Pamaaj and me, Helping small channels!

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Me facing faze pamaaj and my response to video spams. I am only trying to help other channels out with the feedback that I give to them. By no means do I believe that I am better than them, I am only trying to help them by telling them what needs to be fixed Here is a link to their site! http://www.kontrolfreek.com/ Twitter- www.twitter.com/jstark2533 Here is a link to check out my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrDeathsparky
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Text Comments (9)
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
Hey, what kind of computer do you have? you should definatly think about getting a capture card!
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
I have shortened my intro a lot, its completely different in newer videos!
jose turcios (5 years ago)
Need shorter intro
EdsReborn (5 years ago)
Can you check out my channel i just got my capture card so most of my videos are poor quality but can you tell me if i should continue with youtube or just give up cause iv been told i suck at it by way to many people
polleke (5 years ago)
I do the same man ;)
Blazen messiah2211 (6 years ago)
i Think your ass..lol im just kidding you can't tell some people the true cause they spaz out on you and yea it happen to me lol
Baby Tuna (6 years ago)
Epic game brother :) and i feel the same way man :)
mistermariolord (6 years ago)
agreed. i ask for likes on my vids if ppl enjoy it, and i noe i just say pls like my vid on the promogroup chat, but what i mean is like it if they enjoy it :) u shud get a ps3 or ps4, we could game cod together xD
JZthekid (6 years ago)
Shoutout I need one

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