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Eastwood Metal Cutting Tools - How to Cut Sheet Metal to Thick Plate!

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Randy goes over the variety of metal cutting tools that Eastwood has to offer. From cutting thin gauge sheet metal to cutting all the way up to 7/8 plate, Eastwood has the solution. Buy Versa Cut 60 Here: http://www.eastwood.com/welders/plasma-cutter.html?utm_source=youtubeLIVE&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=plasma%20cutters&utm_campaign=2016-10-05 Buy Metal Cutting Tools Here: http://www.eastwood.com/metal-fabrication/metal-shears.html?utm_source=youtubeLIVE&utm_medium=annotation&utm_campaign=2015-10-05&utm_content=metal%20cutting%20tools Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter easily slices through materials up to 7/8" thick. 220v AC input 20' torch cable; 10' ground cable with clamp Rated 60-amp output Backed by Eastwood's no-hassle 3-year warranty Our Eastwood-designed portable plasma cutter is your smartest choice for making clean, fast cuts through steel, stainless or aluminum as thin as 24-gauge, or as thick as 7/8". Compared to mechanical cutting, our Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter works significantly faster, and makes curved and intricate cuts more easily and precisely. A built-in pilot arc system allows for instant arc striking and ease of use when cutting rusty material and expanded metal. The internal moisture separator helps to ensure clean dry air gets to the torch to give you consistent results. The Versa-Cut 60 requires a 50 amp breaker. Shears, Snips, Saws, Nibblers, Dimple Dies and metal cutting accessories For more information on Eastwood products visit www.eastwood.com or stay connected with the team via: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/eastwoodcompany Instagram - http://instagram.com/eastwoodco Blog - http://www.eastwood.com/blog Since 1978 Eastwood has been supplying products to the people who want to do the job right. Eastwood offers a complete line of hand tools, welders, plasma cutters & accessories, metal working tools, powder coating supplies, paint and paint guns, specialty paints and hard to find products, all for the DIY-er. Eastwood has all the tools and supplies you need to restore your car, truck or motorcycle. There are many options for cutting metal - electric shears, plasma cutters, throatless shears, band saws, beverly shears and more. randy shows you how to use these tools in this video.
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Sergio Avalos (2 months ago)
Excelente vídeo Saludos desde ciudad de Salta Argentina
Ekuri Desmond (4 months ago)
is good
runcycleskixc (5 months ago)
thanks! Turns out I had the right tool, just didn't know how to use it properly. Doh!
Manish Chaudhari (5 months ago)
Akash Sharma (6 months ago)
Can we cut 14 gauge iron sheet with electric shears??
Larry Sullivan (1 year ago)
Brilliant love it
Rajinder Singh (1 year ago)
Sailendra Yadav (1 year ago)
so nice plz provide me all cutting tools quotation
yeetus doritos (1 month ago)
Why would they give you tools for free? r/choosingbeggers
cabdi raxmaan (1 year ago)
can you tell me its praia
maria Lakeram36 (1 year ago)
ну-ка охотник поболтать)
Nguyen Dai (1 year ago)
bán ở đâu vậy
harpmason1 (1 year ago)
HUCK stir (1 year ago)
so slow down lol
HUCK stir (1 year ago)
i love watching you cut metal and using your tools . dont worry about being boring
John Centore (2 years ago)
What would you recommend for cutting titanium sheets that are 0.050" thick?
Jesus Borrego (11 months ago)
where so you get titanium sheets?
Don Nesbitt (2 years ago)
You guys got cool tools. Think I need to buy those electric snips.
Samuel Taylor (2 years ago)
When you demo air tools give the minimum psi and cfm required for the tool. Really enjoy and learn from the videos.
Derek Henson (2 years ago)
Pretty neat good lernup tips also.I like the versital citing vereations you can do with the bench cuter also.Will keep to also.
Adrian Petty (2 years ago)
Adrian Petty (2 years ago)
do you guys make stands for the shears?
Gerd Wohlgehagen (1 year ago)
Adrian Petty

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