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Hymne des fraternisés - I'm Dreaming of Home - Joyeux Noël - Vimy Ridge 90

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Music clip from the movie, Joyeux Noël (2005), lyrics by Gary LEWIS, music by Philippe ROMBI. This clip is from the 90th anniversary celebration when Queen Elizabeth II rededicated the Vimy Memorial, on Easter Monday, April 9, 2007. Featuring Inuit singer, Susan Aglukark ("Officer" of the Order of Canada) and 45 members (aged 10 to 22) of the Confederation Centre of Charlottetown Youth Chorus. Credits and copyright to the CBC. For further viewing, purchase the DVD, "Vimy Ridge 90" (180 mins) CBC Home Video, commentary by Peter MANSBRIDGE. ENGLISH LYRICS I hear the mountain birds The sound of rivers singing A song I've often heard It flows through me now So clear and so loud I stand where I am And forever I'm dreaming of home I feel so alone, I'm dreaming of home It's carried in the air The breeze of early morning I see the land so fair My heart opens wide There's sadness inside I stand where I am And forever I'm dreaming of home I feel so alone, I'm dreaming of home This is no foreign sky I see no foreign light But far away am I From some peaceful land I'm longing to stand A hand in my hand ... forever I'm dreaming of home I feel so alone, I'm dreaming of home. FRENCH LYRICS J'entends les oiseaux de montagnes, la musique de la rivière chantante. Une chanson que j'ai souvent entendu, elle me traverse maintenant, si claire et si forte. Je reste ou je suis et pour toujours je rêve de chez moi. Je me sens si seul, Je rêve de chez moi. Porté dans l'air, de la brise matinale, Je vois la terre si juste Mon coeur s'ouvre en grand Il y a de la tristesse à l'interieur. Je reste ou je suis et pour toujours je rêve de chez moi. Je me sens si seul Je rêve de chez moi. Je ne vois aucun ciel étranger. Je ne vois aucune lumière étrangère. Mais je suis loin.
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Text Comments (88)
Guillermo Garraton (4 days ago)
Just beautiful and very moving. The Christmas truce of 1914 proved humans are a gregarious and convivial race notwithstanding the political and military forces that guide them to destroy themselves in war and conflagration.
CattailGamer (1 month ago)
It can be said that this comment section is full of broken English but every comment I see speaks crystal clear
Julien Goumaz (1 month ago)
Respect éternel à tous les soldats des deux camps morts au front.
At china right now and im dreamin of home
Whenderson Lacerda (3 months ago)
Linda canção
Paul Wisken (4 months ago)
Such a pity that the soloist could not carry a tune in a bucket, and that, with such meaningful lyrics, the letter R eludes her. Otherwise very moving.
DerPhiljan (5 months ago)
I miss the german translation from this Wonderful song. Greetings from Germany and Merry Christmas. Ich träume von Zuhause Ich höre die Bergvögel, Das Geräusch der singenden Flüsse Ein Lied, das ich oft gehört habe Jezt fließt es durch mich So klar und so laut Ich stehe, wo ich bin Und ewig träume ich von Zuhause Ich fühle mich so allein, ich träume von Zuhause Sie wird in die Luft getragen Die Frühmorgensbrise Ich sehe das Land so schön Mein Herz öffnet sich weit Darin ist Trauer Ich stehe, wo ich bin Und ewig träume ich von Zuhause Ich fühle mich so allein, ich träume von Zuhause Das ist kein fremder Himmel Ich sehe kein fremdes Licht Doch weit entfernt bin ich Von einem ruhigen Land Ich sehne mich danach, darauf zu stehen Eine Hand in meiner Hand ...ewig träume ich von Zuhause Ich fühle mich so allein, ich träume von Zuhause
Travis Walsh (5 months ago)
Never again
Andrew Mckimm (6 months ago)
That woman can’t sing
Paladin Colt (6 months ago)
100 years later... the war is over
Max Imal (9 months ago)
Respekt aus Deutschland ✌🏻
Greta Wegmann (10 months ago)
my grandma came over to swizerland during the war and the stories she tells me... war is so unnessecery
repoman (1 year ago)
Respect from Denver CO, United States
Pipo pipo (1 year ago)
incredible song, remember me of my german grandfather, real man and warrior, rip.
Christian Jacq (1 year ago)
Qui ne peux apprécier un tel hommage ? Merci, Vincent Spicer.
knuddel 81 (1 year ago)
Ich mag dieses Lied......😔
San Lee (1 year ago)
Look at idiotic comments just expanding the coverage nationalism. It only causes other wars. The way you think about muslims today is the way they thought about each other. War only can be over when the idea of provoking it is dead. Just transforming British/French/German nationalism into European nationalism doesn't help. Plus, WWI was one of the obvious examples of capitalist war which started by upper classes' greeds, bourgeoisies became richer by war supply production, upper classes of victorious countries benefitted, and the young boys were slaughtered when those who started and get benefits are sitting back in concrete bunker shouting 'attack!' on a phone.
overtwelvepercent (1 year ago)
San Lee Truth
ScorpioN (1 year ago)
God bless our men,my great-grandfather was fighting in world war 1 and he was a Serbian,still if we serbs dont have anything in touch with the christmass ally between Germans and British still this is a very heart melting song,i always cry when i hear it because i always think of every men who fought in war for their country and their king,who sacrificed their lives so we could walk on this cruel world,bless every men who fought in it and lets never fight again we are all brothers,next time if war starts we will fight side by side.Love to all you brothers and peace!
Kévin LIEVIN (1 year ago)
Magnifique cette reprise :) Quelle belle chanson, quel bel hommage !
wl03bu (2 years ago)
I prefer this beautiful arrangement and general style of ceremony over the 100th anniversary ceremony which I felt was too much like a concert.
Cedric Louis (2 years ago)
100 ans aujourdhui
ThatManitobaGuy (2 years ago)
I was there for the re-dedication. It was a humbling experience to see the grounds and the names of the men that fought and died there.
SuperCornfield (2 years ago)
love the Back pipe
Dawid Kocyba (2 years ago)
Polskie dosłowne tłumaczenie:Słyszę ptaki górskie Szum rzeki śpiewa Piosenka Często słyszałem Przepływa przez mnie teraz Tak jasne i tak głośno Stoję gdzie jestem I zawsze marzę o domu Czuję się tak samo, marzę o domuJest prowadzone w powietrzu Powiew poranka Widzę ziemia tak sprawiedliwe Moje serce otwiera się szeroko Jest smutek wewnątrz Stoję gdzie jestem I zawsze marzę o domu Czuję się tak samo, marzę o domuTo nie jest obcego nieba Nie widzę żadnego obcego światła Ale daleko jestem Od jakiegoś spokojnego ziemi Jestem tęsknotę stanąć Ręka w rękę ... Na zawsze marzę o domu Czuję się tak samo, marzę o domu.
titanium_82 (2 years ago)
elle gache tout les pauvres vétéran qui doivent la supporter
Christophe D (2 years ago)
Elle chante comme une casserole la pauvre ...
Frenchify (1 year ago)
Si, peut etre. Mais penses-tu que les mecs dans les tranches chantaient bien? Bien sure que non. C'est pas la voix qui compte, c'est l'esprit, les emotions. Les paroles t'affectes meme si la bonne femme chante comme un pied.
maprovidence (2 years ago)
Les pauvres vétérans qui doivent supporter cette voix...mais elle y met tout son coeur la pauvre ...
herr komisch (2 years ago)
Nero Wolfe (2 years ago)
I remember when Paul McCartney made his video "Pipes of Peace" which depicted the WWI truce. When I first saw this video in 1982, I had no idea that such a thing had ever occurred. I asked my mum about it since she was born and raised in Northern Ireland if this were true and she told me that her grandfather (who fought in the war) had mentioned something about a truce on many fronts during the first year of the war but the school she attended never mentioned anything about it. Thus I knew that such things occurred during that war but could not independently verify it until this film came out, more than 20 years after the McCartney video.
Rob Fraser (11 months ago)
Aye, the Christmas day truce had folks from all nations playing football and swapping gifts of tobacco and coffee, until the leaders found out and ordered all men to return to their trenches. It just goes to show that it's the elites that always want war, not the everyday folk.
mike styles (2 years ago)
Mig (2 years ago)
where are the former german sodiers?!
mauro gaschino (2 years ago)
W les Frères!
mauro gaschino (2 years ago)
TheSource85 (3 years ago)
Like the song, not the solo performance though.. It was often off-key..
Prussian Eagle (3 years ago)
No more wars between us my European brothers! Germany, France and Great Britain share a history full of alliances and wars with and against each other. Our (European) history is the best history on our world. We had so much bloody and useless wars in the past on European ground. Now we have to stay strong together like brothers and fight those who want to destroy our peace and our Europe!!! Love from Germany ♥
Raymond Bourcicault (5 months ago)
hey Germany
kingshanethe1st (10 months ago)
they (Germany) were the good guys last time. look how everything has gone on since ww2. most people know if they really looked at it we (allies) fought the wrong enemy.
Rob Fraser (11 months ago)
Good luck with that, I fear a large element in the UK would love nothing more than to go to war with Europe, it's like a cancer growing over here. At least in the next war you folks will be the good guys, so there's that.
Rodolph Calonnec (11 months ago)
You ve right the real ennemy is behind Europe
pcressma (3 years ago)
Such a poignant and emotional video.
muller maryse (3 years ago)
respect for the heroes
Philiphe Waegemacker (3 years ago)
tout simplement magnifique ....a en pleurer ...
wojbla01 (3 years ago)
And even though I might see Pvt/Cstlb Joshi standing undearneth that Canadian War Monument just ask Steve ..this still remains the most important War Monument to me
wojbla01 (3 years ago)
What do they know a Canadian Soldier just dreaming of of Home?
wojbla01 (3 years ago)
To my grand uncle Flt/Lt Stanislaus Wojcik 304 Bomber Command Sqn navigator KIA Apr 1942 on the way back from Rostock
wojbla01 (3 years ago)
Why is it that only on the outskirts of Canada like PEI or Alta or BC the kids do display so much of the respect for the Canadian history? And why is it that it was PC government that decided to honour fallen Canadians after years of negligence by the Liberals?
wojbla01 (3 years ago)
With the Canadian gen Crerar's Army Polish Armoured Division did proceed with Honour
Brightji (3 years ago)
hi siri'm french i wanto end you all mycngrats tthis antastcs songabout fratrnit between mensthe movie "joyeyx nel" n french touch the soul of lot of frenhies whosrealize thatevendurng aa men can b friendshurrrrrrrrrrrraaafr yousirbrigit
Fabiano Marques (3 years ago)
Respect from Brazil .
Josh Whitley (3 years ago)
love this song but Susan really cant sing or carry a tune
anlacombe (2 years ago)
if it sounds sour to your ear.. it could be intentional ofc.. but more likely its just a misstep
A55tech (2 years ago)
For us non-music experts, how do you tell "off-key"?
crockacsht (3 years ago)
+Vincent SPICER Well put Vincent, Most Artists can recall performances that contain Key errors or even forgotten lines. Any live performance carries the risk of mistakes , not only by the artist but by equipment, back-up singers, choirs, microphones , crowd noise, wind, over enthusiastic Brass section, the list goes on . In the end it was a very emotional and moving performance. Respect from New Zealand
anlacombe (3 years ago)
+Vincent SPICER the emotional impact of the music wasnt lost in any event
Vincent SPICER (3 years ago)
+Josh Whitley Josh, Susan actually can carry a tune very well. You are correct she does sing off-key here but this is likely because she is unable to hear the rest of the choir and band correctly. This happens in outdoor performance mainly due to changing wind speed & direction. Change of wind speed actually changes pitch! Direction change puts mute spots in the music. She is trying to match the choir here as well as sing soloist. She might also have been quite emotional during this performance.
Marcos Bustillo (4 years ago)
Respect from Spain.
zr1blackedition (4 years ago)
One of the most beautiful song ever.
FanFictionneer (4 years ago)
I'm Belgian, and the war is very important here, especially in Ypres. A great-granduncle of mine got killed in action during the First World War. The pocketwatch he had on him when he died is now a family heirloom and the one who has it now is my dad, so I might get it next and I'm definitely going to treasure it. I thank all the brave people who fought in this war, wether they died (honourably) or not. :)
Patriciagalletas (4 years ago)
Gauche heureux de cette chanson est belle, je ai vu le film est excellent. Beaucoup de respect à tous les soldats qui sont morts dans les guerres. Salutations de Chili à destination de votre beau pays.
matthieu weiss (4 years ago)
la chanson qui m'a le plus marqué, magnifique
N Van Pevenage (4 years ago)
So many died from all corners of the Earth, not only the military but so many non-military had their lives ruined or were killed.  Not only the French, British, Belgium, US, Canada, Germans, but other countries as well, four years of hell,
Lodovico1967 (4 years ago)
I've been visiting Vimy last september. All my respect. Hat down.
Matt Kiegelmann (4 years ago)
Piper - Ian Ferguson - awesome job!
Andre Lacombe (4 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this clip, i saw it on the CBC years ago, its just as powerfully  emotional  today :)
Fle um (5 years ago)
I love this piece!  From FIlm Merry Christmas, war is shit! we are all people, with families, children, grandchildren, and parents!  I am proud German. I love my country, Germany! and Switzerland, I live since a long time.  My great-grandfather died at the time of the First World War him his letters, he described the event!  I believe in the power of love!  German, british, french, italian! care! let's never fight again against each other! "It must never again be war! Nie WIEDER Krieg! Jamais plus la guerre!"
VinceG (2 years ago)
Weapon inudstry to name one of the many countles industrys who make money from war.
Nero Wolfe (2 years ago)
Someone once said that if there were no profit in it, there would be no wars. Someone must be making money from it for wars to keep happening.
Mrs.T Class (2 years ago)
Fle um
Mig (2 years ago)
I was born in Paris, France... My parents are Portugese... I'm proud to be French, Portugese, and would love being German, English, Indian, Chinese, Russian, or Congolese. I'm proud to be an Earthian! War is Scum. If those who cause war were obliged to fight, we would never have war with each other again. I love you my SwissGerman brother!
gelan057 (2 years ago)
Pax in mundo ... plus jamais la guerre , danke Fie Um ;)
muller maryse (5 years ago)
a wonderful song for heroes
yanninoz (5 years ago)
Respect from France
JT gaming (7 months ago)
MrMANU2010 (5 years ago)
respect from India
Vincent Wolvenspergens (5 years ago)
RESPECT... No more comment...
jean morel (5 years ago)
Marina Pizarro (5 years ago)
I love this Himme, it's so sad, but it's so beautiful!  I remember my Dad!
James Holobetz (5 years ago)
The lyricist for the I'm Dreaming of Home is by Lori Barth http://www.loribarth.com/
James Holobetz (5 years ago)
Vincent SPICER (5 years ago)
Thank you!

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