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We Have a Forum! (and on the Future!)

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Forum (BRAND NEW): https://forum.lukesmith.xyz Support the channel!: https://Patreon.com/LukeSmith Send money: https://PayPal.me/LukeMSmith Ask a question: [email protected] Get my configs: https://github.com/LukeSmithxyz See my website: http://lukesmith.xyz
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Text Comments (86)
Martin Aziz (4 months ago)
Sooo is it still up? Has it moved? Has it been abandoned?
omasenkelproductions (10 months ago)
where did it go? :(
Dolphin Hates Hats (1 year ago)
Hi Luke, got a little tech/video/language challenge for you.... I'm introducing my 12yo to Linux, and he likes the LARBS setup I use, but I'm having to pre-screen your videos for anything with /g/ mentions or extra spicy memes I wouldn't want him to Google.... Have you ever thought about cleaning up a few of the videos and tuning the language and humour into stuff aimed at a younger audience? There are a lot of kids out there desperate to learn something more than their windows-only school IT classes can provide, but most Linux tutorials are so dull.... You're the first one my son has actually liked! Maybe make a 2nd educational channel, that's practically a mirror apart from a few changes, and you never know if a few school districts, or even countries take it up it could clock up a lot of views!
Nolifeorname (1 year ago)
What about the arch forum?
Salvatore Shiggerino (1 year ago)
I went to the inane comments section and clicked on an image and it wouldn't show me the full picture without being logged in. Why do forums do this?
Salvatore Shiggerino (1 year ago)
Thanks. I sort of get it back in the day when bandwidth was more scarce, but it seems odd that this is still the default.
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
Wait that's the default? I changed it. Should be usable now.
yung cum (1 year ago)
forum/forum would visit forum again
Ultra (1 year ago)
0:55 ah, freudian slip. We know what you want now :) heh
Pat S (1 year ago)
Don't really see the issue with ads
dotdotdotdotdotdotdot (1 year ago)
Can I post desktop threads on the forum?
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
There's one already.https://forum.lukesmith.xyz/thread-80.html
i would get an ad pop in my face rather the paying for support, and many are like me.
Peter Brynildsen (1 year ago)
Niiiice.. Is it /comfy ?
Juan Pablo Capurro (1 year ago)
Do you accept BTC?
OCmyBrain (1 year ago)
If you start making T-shirts with the thumbnails of your videos, I'll be one of the first to buy, subscribed to forum.
stealinhorses (1 year ago)
Can you please stream yourself writing your dissertation for that vim p0rn plz
Cedey (1 year ago)
oy mate, do you know about steemit? an aditional way to get some money for your content and a good way to bring this kind of community we have here into that place.
Ahmed Khaled (1 year ago)
What about put some of adv in fourm
Kush Lord (1 year ago)
Are you the hacker 4chan?
fellas you're gay (1 year ago)
I was about to sign up until I saw there was no GNU/Anime board.
Mike Donaghy (1 year ago)
You should definitely enable monetization, we understand.
Jake Goykia (1 year ago)
>not even /g/
Salty Man (1 year ago)
Vi akhn zoll ikh geyn? Translate from Yiddish: "Where shall I go?" Endtschan?
Douwe Huysmans (1 year ago)
Jake Goykia /g/ is cancer, /tech/ has become cancer because of /g/ refugees
Ryan (1 year ago)
also, can you add more html tags like marquee or blinking text so we can make threads really autistic
Ryan (1 year ago)
you should add a refresh button like on 4chan so we dont have to refresh the page every time we want to see the replies
Harshal Lele (1 year ago)
You should just enable monetisation. People will whine for a bit, but if someone finds your content interesting, they are probably willing to press the skip ad button.
Harshal Lele (1 year ago)
lights sure, but at least some don't. But even then, I think with the content that he produces, a significant percent of his views are "drive by traffic", and those people probably don't use adblock as much as subscribers (of course, I can't see his analytics, so this is all speculation)
lights (1 year ago)
You do realize that most of his viewers use an adblocker anyways, right?
Install Gentoo (1 year ago)
Stop. If Luke enable monetisation he will start whine about no income. You can only earn money from making Elsa/Spiderman fetish porn, showing dead people of color (like Logan Paul) or eating tide pods.
Asbjørn Olling (1 year ago)
It's disgusting that you can't view images on the forum if you aren't logged in.
Finn Driver (1 year ago)
Can we discuss our favourite types of security screws?
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
Sure, but they're word filtered.
Pa Dam Tuts (1 year ago)
Just a thought. If you will post more frequently in the future, you might as well be accepted into a YouTube partners program to earn money on Ads. If that doesn't interfere with your ads principles (some people just avoid it so that their viewers don't bother) or security principles (AdSense data submission) you might consider that. I have an AdUnlocker script that will whitelist ads on the channels I support. And I got you there, but it doesn't seem like you have ads on your channel.
Nacho (1 year ago)
Kind of unrelated to this video, but you should make videos about linguistics and that kind of stuff too, maybe on another secondary channel if that makes you more comfortable(somehow I've noticed there's a weird correlation with people involved in tech and linguistics) Also you should enable ads, im a college student and that's the only way I could support you right now. Besides, no one really cares about ads. IMAGINE ALL THE THINKPADS YOU COULD BUY WITH THAT MONEY
Filippo Guarda (1 year ago)
ALL THE THINKPADS, like, maybe one if he's lucky hahahaha
Jerome Gay (1 year ago)
ellescer (1 year ago)
Is cp allowed?
Salty Man (1 year ago)
Steamboat Bill Jr (1 year ago)
captain planet,club penguin, cheese pizza what to mean by cp
afukcinbox lol2 (1 year ago)
Of course. Our worldwide web community finds "CP" very cool. Post your best, fellow citizen! :O) t. John Smith
sharktamer (1 year ago)
can we share deepfakes on this forum?
CandySlut (1 year ago)
I don´t want any Jews posting it makes me very uncomfortable
Kermit The Wog (1 year ago)
I'm the same with weebs
INSTALL GENTOO (1 year ago)
hehe, them Jewish Bolshevik be coming for ya bud.
Rex Evan (1 year ago)
2 l8, m8
ellescer (1 year ago)
Recolation (1 year ago)
too late buddy im signing up right now
Guano (1 year ago)
Is this the new 4chan
xpaganda (1 year ago)
Andreja Grujic (1 year ago)
great job, finaly place for linux tinkerer guy type. Keep it up.
Nacho (1 year ago)
zerg vivaldi is much better
zerg (1 year ago)
install chrome
Andreja Grujic (1 year ago)
I have deleted all spam that i have made, i gess firefox bugged
Nacho (1 year ago)
The fourth time is the charm
sharktamer (1 year ago)
you can say that again!
Andreja Grujic (1 year ago)
great job, finaly place for linux tinkerer guy type. Keep it up.
Kevin Moses (1 year ago)
I have a question, I just made the move to linux from windows because I wanted (needed) to use the Jekyll pre-processor. I went with MX-17. The thing is that MX-17 has programs that I don't need or use. So I have been deleting (purging them) from my build. My question is that does deleting these files, as opposed to not having them in the first place (arch) cause scattered files. Will it corrupt the kernel in any way? I tried libreoffice but I found it to be annoying so I am about to blast that off my system. The thing I don't like about arch is that it is too bleeding edge, and I kinda want to stick with debian because it is light. What say you?
Shorty06 (1 year ago)
If you are removing programs the proper way (through the package manager) then you'll be absolutely fine. I understand your concern if you are coming from windows, where there are certain "core" programs (e.g. windows explorer, control panel) that are part of the OS iteself. This is not the case on linux. The kernel is the only "core" part of the operating system, everything else is modular packages built on top. Even things like system settings applications that you might consider to be part of the operating system are just modular programs that edit configuration files. You can basically purge all of your packages until you're left with just a terminal window and the kernel will be completely fine. So purge packages to your hearts content. You might end up breaking other programs if you start removing stuff they rely on (which would instantly be fixed by reinstalling the package) but you can never mess up the kernel by doing so. Also there is no registry on linux, worrying about registry issues and programs not uninstalling cleanly is entirely a windows problem :)
Kevin Moses (1 year ago)
Yeah I have been using sudo apt purge, then sudo apt autoremove to remove the packages. Everything seems fine and still speedy and speedier once I removed libreoffice.
Ben Boyle (1 year ago)
I am unfamiliar with MX-17 but a quick search indicated that it uses a similar (if not the same) package managing system as debian and ubuntu. Uninstalling packages through your package manager (GUI or CLI) would probably be the safest way to uninstall programs and ensure there are no scattered files. Your kernel is safe and away, unless you randomly start rm -rf'ing some directories trying to free up space; that will fuck up your system.
Kevin Moses (1 year ago)
If it was really technical, I would have. Coming from windows, I understand the registry issues it has. But not with linux. Anyway.
Elon Burgers (1 year ago)
if its unregulated can I post futa loli furry fetish see pee?
Xenon (1 year ago)
pointing out that it can't be "cee pee" if there are no children involved
klblaz (1 year ago)
That's what I was thinking.
João Pedro de Amorim (1 year ago)
Come to Brazil.
brak brak (1 year ago)
ellescer (1 year ago)
hi, i've been trying to get my activation email and it does not send it
yup it was under spam, thanks luke!
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
Have you checked your spam folder? You may want to ensure it wasn't blocked.
Apl Nk (1 year ago)
Hey Luke! Have you considered using some forum engines like Flarum (.org) or Discourse (.org)? They are both in the top and both are free. Flarum is still in beta, but to me it looks better than Discourse. Cheers!
Cluttermonkeys (1 year ago)
Lord Luke finally has his own fief. Now he only lacks the humble meme farmers to populate his e-fields.
Samuel Oliveira (1 year ago)
~~phpBB gosh that very very ancient trash technology but got's senpai's name on, it could've been better but good enough.~~ Never mind, forgot about all that FSF no javascript bullshit, makes sense
Human Bean (1 year ago)
true if big
Maple Flavor (1 year ago)
sent ;)
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
forum.lukesmith.xyz Please enjoy our unique smilies and board eastereggs, mostly unregulated content and mid 2000s /comfy/-ness. Site is also accessible on w3m and other terminal browsers, and also in archive mode for economical browsing.
Benrob0329 (1 year ago)
>Doesn't have Mastodon or GNU Social
this tbh
Josqu (1 year ago)
Iam the second one!
Josqu (1 year ago)
Video is Nice
rens (1 year ago)
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as your forum, is in fact, GNU/forum, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus forum. forum is not a message board unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full image board as defined by POSIX.
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
If you go to the forum and type :interject: it should auto-produce the entire copypasta. Please use in moderation.

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