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Woodward Fab Compact Bead Roller for Metal Fabrication (WFBR6)

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Woodward Fab is known for introducing innovative metal working equipment that are used to manufacture various parts. These equipment are of the highest industry standards, and thus you can rely on them for all your metal working requirements. One such revolutionary equipment from Woodward Fab for its customers is the compact bead roller WFBR6 https://www.woodwardfab.com/product/wfbr6-2/. This equipment is mainly used for metal fabrication. The main objective of the machine is to strengthen parts. The machine is a manual bead roller with 6 sets of dies, which include 3 bending dies, and 3 step dies. It is easy to operate, which makes this popular. The overall weight of this machine is 57 pounds. This equipment is designed in a way to clamp into the bench vise. The machine features an 18 inches deep throat, and has the capability to easily handle 18-gauge sheet metal. The compact bead roller WFBR6 is mostly used to strengthen the sheet metal, and this is done by adding bead or step profiles. The strength and overall appearance of firewalls, floor pans, race cars, trunks, and sheet metal work are enhanced with the help of this equipment. You can easily convert flimsy pieces, into rigid metal parts by using this bead roller machine from Woodward Fab.
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fek kef (9 months ago)
minskmade (11 months ago)
its the harbor freight spokesman :P
Larry Sullivan (1 year ago)
Brilliant love it I want one larrysullivan London
pablo gil (1 year ago)
Rajan vaghela (1 year ago)
I want this machin How many prise in indian rupees
granadojl (1 year ago)
19563.32 Rupees
a Boswell Inniss (2 years ago)
Do you have dies yielding: a FLANGE? Thanks!
Troy Blass (2 years ago)
is there a guide and is there any way to offset the upper and lower dies?
Rajnish Vaghela (2 years ago)
give me prise for india
Rajnish Vaghela (2 years ago)
I want this machine how many prise

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