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The Year of the Snake - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

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These audio recordings are part of the HowtorockSpirit Astrology section. Wu xing, year of the snake, chinese zodiac snake, snake chinese zodiac, snake zodiac, This is an audio recording describing the year sign of the -SNAKE- in Chinese or Taoist Astrology, the Astrology of the East. Chinese Astrology is also called "Wu Xing" and is based upon the lunar seasons and year-cycles of the moon's calendar. The Celestial signs and elements of the Chinese Zodiac are a key aspect of every individual's total cosmic persona. These audio recordings have been recorded by Dustin Cormier. I do not own any of the material contained herein except where noted. For Educational purposes only.
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Text Comments (50)
Life Is A Perception (1 month ago)
Earth snake just learning my power! Watch out ;)
Scribblebytes (1 month ago)
It's time for you to shine!
phyllis moore (1 month ago)
VERY well done. Regards: Wood Snake.
Woa, so many fellow Fire Snakes here. That's nice! We are all Generation 1977. I have compiled 3 Chinese Zodiac playlists (Snake, Dragon, Rooster) where you can compare your own personality with celebrities with those signs and have a first impression how much you like them and their art, music, dance, etc.
HowtorockSpirit (1 month ago)
Awesome DA2K Emilian, thanks for contributing to the commjnity and spreading awareness about Ba zi (Chinese astrology) :) I'll check your channel out!
MrPoe22 (2 months ago)
Fire snake here. I can attest to the accuracy of this information. This is, in fact, an extremely accurate depiction of my personality.
Teresa Dudman (5 months ago)
I am sure that I am due infamy at some point of my life X x
Faewaterspirit (5 months ago)
You misspelled NüWa. Even if the character looks like it's pronounced "gua", it's not.
Paul H. Kircher III (9 months ago)
Why don't you ask them?
Juan Betancourt (1 year ago)
The Snake I Know Is A Lunatic Train Wreck Pathological Compulsive Gambler And Addict Of Various Substances
Scribblebytes (1 month ago)
Maybe that's your perception??? I mean we do love to gamble.
pink snapper (5 months ago)
Born in May?
geneiuspower (1 year ago)
leo-leo earth snake in the house wassappp
Dustin Cormier (1 year ago)
By the way, it is said that the daymaster sign is equal to, or even more important than, the year sign. The daymaster is closer to your taoist inner heart, your reactive personality, than is the Year sign. The year shows up more of your uprbringing - "The stalk, the parents and grandparents." The daymaster represents you. Check out this site and put in your birth info, if you want to see your daymaster sign. Then if you like, you can look up my video on that sign, and try to recognize its nature in yourself! Peace and Love. https://mingpan.pythonanywhere.com/
karatari azari (1 year ago)
Just like Scorpio in western cart
Vvrroommm (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yfGTmgS4QA Heres a good chart on chinese animals
destinicoach (1 year ago)
The corresponding month for the Snake is May, not August.
HowtorockSpirit (1 year ago)
You are correct, I must've made a mistake there. Thanks for letting me know.
Aaron Rainge (1 year ago)
Famous Snake that comes to mind would be Shawn Michaels and Jeff Hardy, yea I'm bringing up wrestlers.
Dhanjit Rabha (1 month ago)
Taylor Swift , Billie Eilish
Aaron Rainge (1 year ago)
Aries, April 1989 so I'm and Earth Snake. All these traits describe me well but I've gotten over insecurities and jealousy so they haven't gotten the best of me anymore. :) My older sister is a Boar and we fought a lot as kids but we learned to get along over time. :)
Helen Phan (1 year ago)
Fire snake and Libra. Feeling old but better bc I have relaxed more and move at a much slower pace.
00BeesKnees00 (5 months ago)
Greetings! Libra Fire Snake here too!
I.km_.b (2 years ago)
Ok but... This doesn't link with me uuuuhhhh... i feel like im a fallen snake who is the opposite of what this person said
Vlad (2 years ago)
hail to all you snakes here !!
Julian Herrera (3 years ago)
I'm a fire snake born in the hours of the snake!
Seph Angelo (3 years ago)
My friend Holly and I are almost the same age, but she was born on January 1989, meaning she's a dragon while I was born in August 1989. Don't forget that dragons are good romantic partners for snakes too. Other than that, I agree that I'm social
I.km_.b (2 years ago)
Seph Angelo isnt 1989 snake? 1988 is dragon tho
Tico Dubon (3 years ago)
2/24/89 is my birthday.
Jack Lee (1 year ago)
Tico Dubon Snake
Petru Stoian (3 years ago)
damn this is so true we are a family of snakes and made a child and its exaclty as he say....she's wow exactly like he say ! Thank you !
hey man my DOB is 122189 I'm I a earth snake or fire snake thanks for your time
bizbite2 (2 years ago)
Mastiff Myths, Legends and Lore - earth snake, just like me.... shhhhhh shhhhhh shhhhhh.......
Ero (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for what you do. I appreciate your audio books. such a valuable contribution to the community!
Howtorockacampfire (3 years ago)
+ Ero Sweeet i'm stoked that you enjoy them Ero, thanks for taking the time to comment :D
Ero (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for what you do. I appreciate your audio books. such a valuable contribution to the community!
Dutchik (3 years ago)
I'm a cancer and a snake. a water and a fire sign.
Scribblebytes (1 month ago)
@Ken Sosa Become a trained actor. Problem solved. #TheLateFlightShow
Ken Sosa (3 months ago)
Dutchik i’m a cancer and snake born in 2001.question for you all, how do you even deal with being you?this social media age really throws everything off.
Johnny C (6 months ago)
Ditto July 14 1989
I.km_.b (2 years ago)
Dutchik hey bro wtf same here im a cancer and a snek july16 :)
koottsta koopr (2 years ago)
snake with horse ascendant
Ronalyn Carpio (3 years ago)
exactly. ..snakes are creative and attractive
Scribblebytes (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Even though I am actually a pig. I have enjoyed your channel especially learning about my moon sign with my sun sign. I have a good friend who is a snake. No wonder we are always at odds. Great channel. Thanks
Howtorockacampfire (3 years ago)
:D very happy to help 'mam, i'm stoked that you've enjoyed the channel, thanks for the message!

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