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How I Whiten My Teeth! & Keep Them White

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Check out Crest and click the link in my description to get a coupon today! → http://bit.ly/28LwqrX I worked with Crest to bring you guys this video, but like I said I’ve used them for years and years, so this was really exciting! x Twitter ‣ @daceyhapa Instagram ‣ @daceecash Snapchat ‣ daceycash In This Video I’m wearing ‣ Foundation ‘cashew beige’ https://goo.gl/rQWmox ‣ Concealer ‘medium’ https://goo.gl/yt1Myo ‣ Blush ‘apples’ https://goo.gl/EUoxu5 ‣ Bronzer https://goo.gl/iOJ32w ‣ Eyeshadows NARS Long Hot Summer palette ‣ Mascara https://goo.gl/8YZ3vA ‣ Lip Pencil https://goo.gl/GsuKgp ‣ Lip Stick https://goo.gl/8xZh2T ‣ Gloss ‘fortune cookie’ https://goo.gl/L7dDS8 ‣ My nail Color 'pernnial chic' https://goo.gl/UHff3q
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