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Beach Waves Hair Tutorial

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I already recorded this tutorial but the audio was disabled so this is a re-record! :) Lips: Bombshell by MAC Curling Iron: 1 inch Conair Infiniti Pro *Swivel cords on your hot tools will change your life, choose the ones with swivel cords. Music: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_For_Free
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Text Comments (79)
M MNZ (1 year ago)
Wow fantastic
sanjay chandaliya (1 year ago)
Bianca Marko (1 year ago)
You're so beautiful
Ashley Gwynn (2 years ago)
Gorgeous girl, gorgeous look! Thanks for sharing :D
just Yana (2 years ago)
what foundation and concealer? pls share. wavy hair queen
Pati Castelán (3 years ago)
You are sooooo stunning
vanessa mirabal (3 years ago)
Can you plz plz plz plz do a hair care routine and I really want to see how ur natural hair looks
Daisy B (3 years ago)
can you do some heatless curls
cdb1144 (3 years ago)
YOURE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryam Kh (3 years ago)
very nice hair style tutorial
Rissa_7 (3 years ago)
I can't believe I've only just found your channel! I love your hair tutorials.. Keep them coming! Love from London! X
Sarah Jones (4 years ago)
nice, more hair tutorials pls
Jessica Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Lovee The way You Curl Your Hair❤❤❤💕💕💎💎💎
Vanessa Garcia (4 years ago)
Oh my goodness I absolutely love your hair! I will definitely have to look up that hair care video 😊.
Tina Bambina (4 years ago)
I've just recently subscribed to your channel and I just love your hair tutorials!!!  I finally grew out a very short pixie cut and my hair has grown to be quite long.  Through force of habit I've have just always put my hair up because I was in the transition of "growing it out."  I decided to crack out my curling irons and tried this look, and I LOVED IT!  I save my hair ties for the gym only now lol.  Thanks for this video!!!
zuo miaomiao (4 years ago)
she looks like asian and american is she?
Harry Rawlings (2 years ago)
zuo miaomiao yeah I think she's Filipino Chinese and British
패리지. (4 years ago)
Your hair is perfect omg really really really perfect
アンドレアDrea (4 years ago)
I just went thru most of your tutorials this past week, thank you so much for what you're doing, it's really helpful and amazing. I live in Tokyo and have some trouble finding the products you use hahah... I think you're amazing and I'm totally girl crushing on you hahaha Andrea
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Drea T That's so amazing that you watch me all the way from Tokyo! Thank you so much for the support! xo
hey nicky (4 years ago)
Sorry I can't get over how beautiful u are
milktea (4 years ago)
If I do this my hair crimps
Rose Bayati (4 years ago)
Can you please do a hair care routine? YOU'RE SO GORGEOUSSSSSS
Brittany Jensen (4 years ago)
I just found you channel! You're gorgeous! I really would like to know what color your hair is!
Yara Mendes (4 years ago)
They are amazing
Tabby .S (4 years ago)
This video wasn't probably the best video to watch, when I feel like shit today ... lol 
Tabby .S (4 years ago)
@Stellou slk @jjchick95 Just kidding, you two aren't ugly haha, we just feel it after this video 😅 
Tabby .S (4 years ago)
@jjchick95 @Stellou slk Ugly people unit  👊 
Estelle S. (4 years ago)
hahahahaha, I was just thinkin the same thing
jjchick95 (4 years ago)
Haha no kidding! She looks like a Victoria secret model, its not fair! I just love beautiful people lol but yes its not a good video when u feel ugly and like shit, I agree haha
Charsdiy (4 years ago)
Your hair turned out amazing!
TooFacedGirl (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful. I feel so insecure now :(
Stephanie Ota (5 years ago)
absolutely gorgeous! xoxo
Madyson Lorch (5 years ago)
Your hair is so gorgeous 😍. I wish my hair was like that.
Rosalie (5 years ago)
Wauww, so gorgerous, exactly what I was searching for! Thankss! Oh, and you're so pretty
Flashini Music (5 years ago)
Wow amazing! For a blonde and more professional looking beachy wave check out my newest video- andi avala3
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Eeeeehhhh I woooould but I feel like I would get a lot of shit because I'm not a hairdresser :(
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Never got that one before!
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
I have one! Search "eyebrows" in my video search bar and it should pop up
Michaela Lenae (5 years ago)
You remind me of Selena Gomez.
gen.var777 (5 years ago)
Can you do a video on your eyebrow routine? You have amazing eyebrows (:
Kat Laura Ann (5 years ago)
god your pretty like overly pretty lol
Rivet (5 years ago)
You remind me so much of Rachel Weisz!
Rivet (5 years ago)
I love the way the layers in your hair fall naturally! :)
EMMI (5 years ago)
You look like demi lavato its like unreal
Emily Set (5 years ago)
Could we see a tutorial on how you cut your own layers? That would be so helpful! :)
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
You are so sweet!
allison bitanga (5 years ago)
you are so perfect!!
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Hahah well thank you! You're too nice!!!!!
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
AWWW thank you my love! xx
Imran Wali (5 years ago)
and your not annoying like most other youtube beauty gurus! seriously your BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!!!
Imran Wali (5 years ago)
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Andrea is stunning! THANK YOU ;) I think the VS compliment is my favorite one, I'm obsessed with the angels haha
Cafeconlatte (5 years ago)
You´re pretty like Andrea´s Choice. You should be a VS model.
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for the sweet words
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thank you for watching me! If you choose an ash toned blonde, you can put it over your black hair and it will lighten it to an ash-y brown at least a level or maybe even three. That's what has always worked for me! Or use a bleach, I use Kaleidocolors in the beige tone.
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Hi, thank you! I cut my own hair, I get trims from the salon. But I cut in my own face framing layers!
Cafeconlatte (5 years ago)
Woow you are crazy beautiful
anonamemiss (5 years ago)
Love your videos!! Is there a way you can show a video of how you dye your hair? and what products you use? I have naturally soft black hair and want to get it to dark brown.
Kristen Marin (5 years ago)
Kristen Marin (5 years ago)
I'm in love with your!! What do you ask for when you get it cut?
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Haha thank you dear. I will be a style channel soon, once I'm with my cousin! She's going to be my camera woman ;)
Imen B (5 years ago)
I could SO see you work in hollister :D Haha, you're so gorgeous pleaseee do some fashion videos and hair tips. I loveee your hair :D
BengaliPrincess (5 years ago)
You are amazing! And definitely deserve much more subscribers, can't wait to see all your videos :)
Maya Panchal (5 years ago)
can you do a skin care routine please because your skin is perfect xxxxx
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thanks! Just deep conditioner and some argan oil before I curl!
Carolina Swanson (5 years ago)
Super pretty! Do you use any product before your curl to help your waves look soft and shiny?
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Oh wow, thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment then! Makes me feel special ;) Haha thank you so much love
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Yayaya! Tell me if you end up liking it!
Emilee Wickham (5 years ago)
I never comment on videos but I just have to say - you are probably the most gorgeous girl on youtube! Oh my gosh. I am insanely jealous xx
Stephie Mills (5 years ago)
Gorgeous! I am definitely going to try your method out, your hair looks fab!
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thank you so much! Yes, I am half Asian and half white :)
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
OH MY GOSH!!! That is the best compliment ever, I'm seriously fangirling over you saying that, I love the VS models! Thank you so much for taking the time to sub Daniela!
Daniela Uy (5 years ago)
OMGGG just subbed!:3 You're amazing! Please keep up the videos!:) By the way, you look like a Victoria's secret model!!:p
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching :) I am 19, about to turn 20
alex andra (5 years ago)
loved this tutorial :) how old are you? :)
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thank you, that's so nice of you to say!
Rand Ghz (5 years ago)
you're so good! you deserve more subscribers!
Dacey Cash (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching and loving :)

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