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From curly NATURAL HAIR to silky straight with tension rollers!

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Tension rollers and SILKED out with No heat damage!! @hairstylebyeden make your appointment on stylesbyeden.com
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Bee Silva (13 days ago)
I just bought these rollers but cant seem to get the pin the secure the roller
M501Beauty (2 months ago)
This is beautiful!! What pins do u use to secure the hair in the roller?
Earth Angel111 (2 months ago)
Did you put her under the dryer after you set the rollers?
thelittlept 1 (4 months ago)
I love your video. Great work
superlegend2011 (4 months ago)
Can i use any kind of roller or there's special type?
Hope Floyd (4 months ago)
This video defeats the purpose of getting a roller set, so why turn it into a straight look?? Makes no sense 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lashawna Brady (6 months ago)
@hairstylesbyeden. Water is what gives the hair that tremendous shine
Makeup BY Thayane (7 months ago)
How many minutes do you wait with Bob?
Karen Mendez (7 months ago)
I would've left it at the roller set 😍😍
Boutheina Alouache (7 months ago)
Very healthy hair.
Tabitha Brown (7 months ago)
I haven't even watched the whole video ...u got me on that washed!!!!
Louise Janice (7 months ago)
Should of stopped at the rollers beautiful hair
zaria ragsdale (7 months ago)
I swear I thought my phone was broke until I figured out that it just doesnt have sound
SCLM B. (7 months ago)
Did she sit under the dryer after the roller set? Or was her hair air-dryed?
4Fab Kids (7 months ago)
Cute wonder if I can do this on my 9 and 7 year old? They have a lot of hair too!
hairstyles by Eden (7 months ago)
You definitely can I have clients there age group. 😍
Stina T (8 months ago)
Eden we all love your work! I really want to ask questions lol but it’s a lot from what was asked already 😩 can u please write in your description box of everything so we can have a taste of your fabulous work? I really would just come to your salon every week but the way the way the distance is set up lol ny is so far 🤧 but yeah I can’t wait for more videos ! Keep blessing us with your talent 👏🏽🙌🏽💪🏾
Ebony Crandle (8 months ago)
Didn't understand the point of the curlers then the heat but I love it I don't much about hair lol but I love the outcome
Nera Natural (8 months ago)
Where can I find that brown brush
louise davis (8 months ago)
why the roller set, if you are going to flat iron it bone straight? why not blow dry and flat iron
Raelinda Shoates (4 months ago)
Less heat
Leila Oliveira (8 months ago)
Hey, u put roller in the place of hair dryer?
peekaboots01 (8 months ago)
Danielle Edwards (8 months ago)
What type of heat protection do you use before you press the hair?
Deborah R (8 months ago)
No setting lotion?
Bella King (8 months ago)
Beautiful!!😍😍 What did she spray on the hair before putting the rollers? Thank you.
Andrea Crawford-Casillas (8 months ago)
Y LG (8 months ago)
What size are these rollers?
I'm hooked on this.
Alicia Moore (9 months ago)
Rollerset was enough...why ruin with a flat iron?
margine louis (4 months ago)
It's up to the client
Deer Heart (8 months ago)
It was perfect
Aria M. (10 months ago)
whats the dryer name they sit on ??????
1Ataya (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this
Cyphrinfinity (11 months ago)
Looks nice, the thing is, the title makes one believe the hair can get straight using ONLY rollers and not the addition of the straightener afterward.
Dira501 (7 months ago)
But she didn't use the word only so it really wasn't implied.
TheNenaBrown (8 months ago)
Her hair actually was straight after the roller set.. It's not possible to get "bone straight" though without heat though.
Rosie Brown (11 months ago)
JEEESUS. That is GORG😩❤❤❤ Especially the curls from the rollerset! It's so cool you're able to do so many different styles with those lovely locks - curly, wavy, straight, everything looks just like a princesses hair😍❤
Qylon (1 year ago)
Beautiful. I wonder what products are being used to prep the hair? I would love to master this technique.
Kemi Agbonlahor (1 year ago)
Georgeous. I fear if she keeps using heat she would get heat damage over time. The rollers already straightened her hair.
It looked better fresh out of the rollers. Heat unnecessary. If she wanted it straight, just wrap it!
JD (8 months ago)
So true.... especially at Dominican salons
Melinated_Hippie (1 year ago)
Can someone please tell me where I can get these rollers from???
1ycj (1 year ago)
Are those roller pins u r using extra long or the standard length pins? Also where can I purchase the pins u r using plzzzz
meoun1 (1 year ago)
i would love to know where you got the pins and rollers too! i love the video by the way and hope to see more from you
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
1ycj @hairstylesbyeden
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
1ycj yes they are and DM me on my IG I will send u a msg where.
lorettalynn Davis (1 year ago)
Why is it that I could watch this all day?...
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
lorettalynn Davis thank you ❤️
Elba Baerga (1 year ago)
Shea Kay (1 year ago)
THIS is how it's done...but why flat iron it?
That's what I'm saying. It looked better right out of the rollers. She was sizzling at the end...I was like STOP WITH THE HEAT DAMAGE!
Ascension 2000 (1 year ago)
You know you did that!
Low Waste Oasis (1 year ago)
Only water!
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
chicchick13 yes
Dallas Mari (1 year ago)
What is a moisture treatment? Is that a deep condition?
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Dallas Mari hi yes it is, nothing with protein in it just moisture.
Polly 4Life (1 year ago)
This was amazing! She has gorgeous beautiful hair in the natural, roller set, and flat iron states! Also love how you only used water! Yes the roller set looked very nice. Just amazing :)
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Polly 4Life thank you so much. ❤️
Natasha Alexander (1 year ago)
Hi, what Rollers are you using and where can I purchase them? Thanks
Judge MaHal (1 year ago)
Do you know when they will be back in stock? Thanks.
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Natasha Alexander hi it’s called tension rollers and you will find it on my sisters website studioTechilo.com
tom b (1 year ago)
Amanda (1 year ago)
Her texture before the finished look was very pretty
THE VOICE (1 year ago)
V V (1 year ago)
Girl. Wear are you. I am shocked great job
L Reignt (10 months ago)
jacqueliney32 and im calling her rigjt NOW!! Lucky me 😂😂😂😂 im so happy
jacqueliney32 (1 year ago)
All the good ones are...-_-
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
V V thank you ❤️ I’m in Atlanta GA.
Kitcat_007 (1 year ago)
No audio, til 5:27?
Kitcat_007 (1 year ago)
hairstylesbyeden /Stylesbyeden , I'm sure your voice is just fine, otherwise you'd be famous , like Ripley's Believe it Or Not. R&B singer Michel'le Actress Butterfly McQueen, old racist movie : "Gone With the Wind" Actress, Fran Drescher, tv show "The Nanny" All of them stood out from the crowd, and smiled all the way to the bank ! Remember that you are you! Not a "copy," of anyone else!
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Sorry I don’t like my voice still working on audio
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
MrsTee Barber sorry I don’t like my voice
MrsTee Barber (1 year ago)
Right...that's ridiculous
Khahlilya Mckant (1 year ago)
aww adorable.
Alex Morg (1 year ago)
what temperature do u put the straightener on
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Alex Reimneitz it depends for her hair it was 360/370
Mae (1 year ago)
I love seeing all these videos of black women with natural hair proving all these haters out here that we can and are growing long natural hair
Al Wa (5 months ago)
The thing I learned about my hair is when ita fully moisturized and hydrated it can withstand lots of damaged. My hair has grown 6 inches in like 7 months which is pure insane. and my hair routine so simple.
GetReal 4Real (7 months ago)
Hello Mae. This is my name as well. You are so right
ayuana bradford (10 months ago)
Mae basically we all our mixed
Lizzie Beth (1 year ago)
Most of the people who don't think our hair can grow are Black people themselves though.
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Maame Addo yes our natural is beautiful!
miraclesR4Eva (1 year ago)
I have general question do you just sit and wait for the hair to dry?
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Go in the dryer until it your hair is completely dry.
Ok I'm lost,what she didn't like the first style?
kani delly (8 months ago)
Your Fav RN Student Kim Yes, It’s extra heat. Plus the curlers help to stretch the hair a bit without heat.
Ok so the blow dryer is worse on hair strands?
Great tip
Owe ok...it was cute tho
Marie M (1 year ago)
Monielove B just videos the roller set was part of the process. Omid blow dryer cause its bad for the hair follicle. Then continue to flat iron
Mya Harris (1 year ago)
How long was she under the dryer?
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Mya Harris 45min to 1hr and half it depends with the hair.
Mackenzie Irick Milks (1 year ago)
Do you use heat protection before silking? In between the roller set and the pressing step? I read that you use only water in the roller set, so I'm assuming it came afterward if you used it?
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
Mackenzie Irick Milks yes I do use the heat protection after the rollers.
Kourt kardashian (1 year ago)
ladynefertitibk (1 year ago)
Gorgeous results. I would have stopped right after the roller set also, but I do love the final results.
Mia Porche (1 year ago)
Beautiful all though I prefer the hair after the rollers were taken out, I love my hair that way!
MrsTee Barber (1 year ago)
So do I! The purpose of getting a roller set is to add beautiful curls with lots of body to the hair!!
Josie's Tea Social (1 year ago)
mia alexander (1 year ago)
I love your results and technique, can you make a video on why you take each step, how are you able to use just water? Curious 😙😙😙lol
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
A Stewart no I use water on ever client unless they are not getting heat and if so I will use a little bit of setting lotion. I use water because if you put any other product that will weigh it down and heavy and put heat on the hair that’s how the how u get heat damage in the long run.
Ashanti Stewart (1 year ago)
It looks like the client s hair is in really good condition... maybe that’s how only water was used... very impressive tho❤️❤️
hairstyles by Eden (1 year ago)
mia alexander thank you so much. Yes I definitely will. Just give me a little time 🙏🏽.

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