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How to use Hot Rollers - Get gorgeous hair within minutes! Hair Rollers Tutorial | PEACHY

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Hey cuties! Today I want to show how you can achieve a gorgeous hair style by using hot rollers. Kisses, Peachy :-) EXAMPLE FOR HOT ROLLERS THAT I LIKE: Remington Jumbo Curls H5670 https://amzn.to/2UOUocE PS: Please note that I m not getting paid by Remington or any other brand for this video, they don't know I exist;-) FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @realdamnpeachy ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ▷SUBSCRIBE to my channel for a new video every week! www.youtube.com/peachylovesyou ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ▷OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE ⋆ Victoria's Secret bombshell hairstyle tutorial https://youtu.be/MXLmqeh4efI ⋆ Liquid lipstick hacks - 5 mistakes you' re probably making https://youtu.be/xl9v08Lcb04 ⋆ Kylie lip kits Matte vs Velvet vs Metal - Which nudes work best? https://youtu.be/x5124bwo1gg ⋆ Top 10 beauty hacks every girl should know https://youtu.be/Ucvb8MaafMg ⋆ Best ever drugstore mascara https://youtu.be/uc6AnlwR8J8 ⋆ Lazy people hair hacks https://youtu.be/XJCvaMzYuFE ⋆ Valentines Day Hacks 2018: https://youtu.be/0MiCZEJC62k ▷ SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter ‣ www.twitter.com/realdamnpeachy Instagram ‣ www.instagram.com/realdamnpeachy Facebook ‣ www.facebook.com/peachyofficial MUSIC Hoved - No Love EQUIPMENT USED ⋆ Camera: Canon 70d http://a.co/e23HMTQ ⋆ Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X ignore this part: How to get healthy shiny hair how to get healthy hair how to get shiny hair 10 hair care tips the secret behind GLOSSY STRAIGHT hair hair care tips for dry hair top 10 hair care tips top 10 tips for healthy hair How to protect hair from heat Styling with heat do's & dont's Ultimate guide for heated styling tools How to use Hot Rollers Get gorgeous hair within minutes Hot Rollers Hair Tutorial hair rollers hair tutorial heated rollers tutorial
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Text Comments (31)
Gewrgia Μ. (1 month ago)
You should have more subscribers
Babina Hajarimayum (2 months ago)
Can y please tell me what your hair colour is?
PEACHY (1 month ago)
Its natural:)
Snow Dove (3 months ago)
Thank you very much sweetheart for uploading such a great video for our sake
Nafi Cool (3 months ago)
peachy pls tell me what is your lipstick color will u reply
princess patel (4 months ago)
Hii sweetheart how r u ?? Looking soo pretty my lovely sis Superb video
daydreamer (4 months ago)
I hope more and more brands know you exist soon ☺🍑
Sushil Kumar (4 months ago)
I love the style of pinch your hand.at 0.55.😍 My name is shri
Tanmin Khatun (4 months ago)
I was waited for so long time....thnk u bt ur so beautiful😘😘
Bettina Tănăsoaia (4 months ago)
Ich möchte, dass du ein Video in deutscher Sprache machen. Ich versuche Deutsch zu lernen und das wäre hilfreich. Sonst ich liebe dich 😘❤️
zala Family (4 months ago)
Hey love This is amazing Sorry I'm late again 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 love you
BeckyBirder (4 months ago)
Great video. Your hair is so shiny ! I assume you don’t color treat your hair ?
Mia Clément (4 months ago)
It looks like you're alternating the direction of the curls or am I totally wrong? Love the finished look 😉
Rebecca Ude (4 months ago)
Hot rollers are my go to when I don’t have the time to do flat iron curls, which last much longer for me than hot rollers. However; I love the fact that I can put hot rollers in & continue doing other things while they are cooling! They are absolutely the best for multitasking which I appreciate. I also like to use sets with multiple size rollers & put them in opposite directions. This gives me extra volume on top, & depending on how long you let them cool, you can end up w/beachy waves or tighter curls which add more dimension to an updo! 100% agree that they need to be velvet, you cannot beat the shine you get from them! I wish my hair was as thick as yours!! It’s long, but not as thick by far! You look beautiful as always, hope you are doing fantastic & enjoying being back in Germany. Much Love 🤗💜😘!
Paula Te (4 months ago)
"And I wanna be sure because I'm german"😂😂😂 I'm german too and I can relate😊
ميس الشمري (4 months ago)
I'll tell all my friends to subscribe to your chaneel
Sukh Kohli (4 months ago)
Sheetal bathla (4 months ago)
You are getting skinny in Berlin! I don't know why but seriously I feel like And this is the best video BTW! Love you girl😘
Raisa's Hairstyle (4 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dewnika Dehemi (4 months ago)
Love this style..
der Floschi (4 months ago)
Like your hair colour, it‘s so so beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️
Punam Gour (4 months ago)
What's ur name dii
Sheetal bathla (4 months ago)
Her name is Ina
elysa 88 (4 months ago)
You are German? How come? :) cool video by the way
Anamika Malik (4 months ago)
You are looking lil different but so beautiful... Lot of love
Sheetal bathla (4 months ago)
Isn't she looking a bit skinny?
Reem Darwish (4 months ago)
I love your videos you are so pretty 😍
Usha Pawar (4 months ago)
U look super beautiful with curly hair........!!!! ❤😘
Manisha Rai (4 months ago)
3rd like n 3rd comment n why is showing that no views.. Bye tge the way before watching it like it❤❤😊😊 U r my lovely💕😍💕😍
Lo k (4 months ago)
Your so beautiful!!!
F Mohammed Ibrahim (4 months ago)
1st view 1st like 1st comment So plz peachy pinned my comment! Hi friend plz do subscribe to my channel if you love cute baby like my son! Thank you:)

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