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How To Wax Your Eyebrows!

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Text Comments (190)
H&A S&V (1 month ago)
how do you make your eyebrows the same because if i try it, it will look the complete opposite
Fab u Nista (1 month ago)
Looks painful
Kellie Costello (2 months ago)
Your so brave
Kanaikid619 (2 months ago)
can you use this for your nose too?
Legna ruiz (2 months ago)
I got my TUTORIAL eyebrow cut girls go see it ❤
Jacinto Gomez (4 months ago)
Shaheen Elahi (5 months ago)
Great 👍🏼
Deborah Adele (6 months ago)
Your eyebrows are so close together.
Bebecca Estrada (6 months ago)
Can I get that kind of wax at a store?
Mary Rush (6 months ago)
“If you’re INNERESTED” lmao
seb such (7 months ago)
you are so cute
Ashlyn Potter (7 months ago)
The skin should be held tightly when ripping the wax off. It helps it hurt less and also will be more effective
Natalie Portman (7 months ago)
Where to get this wax
Olivia Lu-Alba (7 months ago)
Can you reheat this wax? If you don't use it all (obviously)
Manpreet Brar (8 months ago)
Hit a like here if anyone think this youtuber looks alot like Meghan Markle🤔😇😇
Manpreet Brar (8 months ago)
Awesome nice n simple🤗🤗
Paula Woodford (8 months ago)
Mine isn’t picking the hairs up it’s driving me nuts it’s goes stringy PLEASE HELP ME
taehyungii.12 (8 months ago)
Your eyes are so beautiful
Dashynae Day (9 months ago)
You are really pretty
Sarai Sanchez (9 months ago)
Your so pretty 🙃😍
Mirel Aklum (9 months ago)
Thank to you I nailed my eyebrows
Kay Smalls (10 months ago)
My brows are blonde rip
Hayley Costello (11 months ago)
“Hot” wax should be applied against the hair that is why there is leftovers and be removed against the hair also . Cool wax is applied with the growth of hair. Great tutorial otherwise.
valerie hughey (11 months ago)
waxing does hurt a little bit
A J (11 months ago)
hello, i usually used soft wax, i am about to try the hard wax beads... how long to i leave it after application ?
Five Nine (11 months ago)
Awesome 👏 I like to try this trick :)
xx._.qxeen _x (1 year ago)
One question I always wanted an answer but if you can't find the waxing can you use honey to wax your eyebrows?
Claire Nicole (1 year ago)
I love this! &I just made this video! If anyone wants to go watch, feel free to and leave any feedback! ✨
Cerulean Skies (1 year ago)
Seems like you missed some spots
AlyssaChanel (1 year ago)
Omg! I am going to have to buy this stuff. Please do a video on shaping your own brows too
Zain Mohd (1 year ago)
RAQUEL VLOGZZ (1 year ago)
Does that wax smell strong?
gomathy s (1 year ago)
Can you tell me the name of the wax
Saba Khan (1 year ago)
What's the name of the wax
Tyra Iman (1 year ago)
finally someone actually waxed the hairs off their eyebrows with the peel off wax 🙌🏽
Antbeast23 (1 year ago)
Thanks for this my eyebrows grow so fast lol and It doesn't really hurt when u do it. I use a different type of wax but do the same exact method.
Jackie G (1 year ago)
I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time last year April 2017 and ever since I had them a waxed a couple more times but since the first time , the middle of my brows been itching like crazy and it’s almost about to be a year and I can’t find a way to stop the itching. Any help?
anonymous m (1 year ago)
This wax isn't good..
Beaute Niche (1 year ago)
you need to hold your skin tight when you pull the wax, otherwise, your skin will become loose
noor fatima (1 year ago)
Beaute Niche OMG REALLY OK I'M NOT DOING WAXING ANYMORE HELOOOOOO THREADING *thinks Ohhh thats even more painful *confused 4 life
Angela Sue (1 year ago)
This worked great! Thank you for showing people how to do this! You've just saved me a lot of money!
Nada Daneshmand (1 year ago)
Hi . Thanks for video , please tell me whats brand you used ?
Tyara Flores (1 year ago)
I feel like this didn't really do much because I still seen all the hairs after the wax came off..
Leesa Stewart (1 year ago)
the wax didnt seem to remove the hair .
Jaelyn Bloom (1 year ago)
Love your nose! Seriously...lol
Purple Muffin alt (1 year ago)
Thanks i had a unibrow that wasn't really noticable but i still wanted to get rid of it so thanks!
N Zia (1 year ago)
U'r wax is not good
kanika nayan (1 year ago)
should the skin be stretched so much? it can cause wrinkles.
TheRcanmeananything (2 years ago)
You're using hard wax there are two easy things you can do to improve your technique. 1. You need to create a lip on the end of the wax in which you will be pulling. Part of the reason the wax didn't catch all the hairs is because your layer was too thin at the end, laying down wax you need to push hard against your skin so it can grab on. When you create a lip, that is a little bit of extra wax at the end, it allows for a sturdier hold when you remove. 2. The main difference between hard and soft wax is that you are able to use hard wax of the same area repeatedly. If the wax you're using is irritating your skin maybe you need to try a different wax. Tl;dr: Push hard when applying, create a lip on the end that you are intending to pull from, and if you mess up you can actually go over the same area. - An esthetician
Deeanna Hooper (1 year ago)
TheRcanmeananything.. Watch her she's great in her knowledge of skincare 😆🐾
Nakeia Mccoy (1 year ago)
So is it true that powder keeps it from grabbing your skin so much.. I needed those tips and this video gave me the courage to try the hard wax on my eyebrows.. Im go try it tomorrow
Hillary Leonard (2 years ago)
Hillary Leonard (2 years ago)
Your so prey
Valerie Ayala (2 years ago)
doesn't waxing your eyebrows hurt
chanelly (1 year ago)
Valerie Ayala only for a slip second, then the area goes numb
Arsh Bhucho Mandi (2 years ago)
you are very beautiful
Diana zambrana (2 years ago)
Ur wax doesn't work Bc their are still hair left
Judie Welch (2 years ago)
Darcy, what kind of tweezers do you use? I can never find good ones. even tweezerman doesn't work well for me.
Tara!! (2 years ago)
I just use body wax strips cut up that I took from my mum's room to wax my eyebrows 😂
Vicky Chen (2 years ago)
Is waxing hurt??? Will I have any redness after ??? I never do my eyebrows and I really really want to do it!!!
Nikola xo (6 months ago)
i personally like to use veet face wax strips. Honestly it’s so much better than plucking. It hurts but it’s like a small pinch. plucking hurts way more from personal experience this is because with wax you pull it off all at once. it hurts just a tiny little bit
Litzi Sanchez (6 months ago)
I wax my own brows on a daily so I don’t really feel any pain, but in my opinion, waxing is much better for shaping your brows.
Jaime Drescher (1 year ago)
Vicky Chen it’s really just a little pinch. The first time I got mine done it wasn’t really any pain. 3/10 for me. I get my brows done all the time now.
Christena Dhamala (1 year ago)
Vicky Chen j
Vicky Chen it really hurts and your eyebrows turn red af
Krislyn Askew (2 years ago)
Hi love so I'm an esthetician and if you are using hard wax like you are here in the video you are suppose to apply it in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair not with it. That's why some of the hairs did not come up! Just wanted to give some tips❤️
Ruby sharma (2 years ago)
you looking so cute👍
mansi trivedi (2 years ago)
is it painful?
brit8778 (2 years ago)
I don't take from the top of the brow, as you age you will lose the arch and you end up looking old and angry.
bhep errotal (2 years ago)
love ur look here!
Alyssa Bowman (2 years ago)
your teeth are so white
joy jovial (2 years ago)
your wax didnt even remove any hair.
WeddingPlanner00 (2 years ago)
I just bought this today. Hopefully its NOT a waste!!!!!
Sidra Anayait (2 years ago)
On dark skin there will be a lump of lighter skin which is kinda annoying
Top Cat (2 years ago)
I ordered wax today and it should arrive tomorrow😀 until now I've had my eyebrows threaded but I decided to change😄
Wasan 223 (2 years ago)
you're so beautiful
OP PAI (2 years ago)
yo sis that ain't a good wax, how much did you pay?
Marleyan Babe (1 year ago)
OP PAI ok love you and your profile hahahhahaha
Love Dove (2 years ago)
I loved your tutorial! Very informative and the visual were very helpful. Your teeth are so perfect. Did you wear braces and have them bleached? Im just curious as to know what method you used for those beautiful white and shiny teeth, so I can work on mine.
iam addicted2u (2 years ago)
what wax do u used?
Harshini MH (2 years ago)
wer do y get the wax that u applied
Neté Johns (2 years ago)
I didn't know they had this one in stores. I'm going to have to find it.
Naiby Da Silva (2 years ago)
from a 1-10 how much does waxing hurt?
Madison Russell (2 years ago)
Naiby Da Silva for me like a 2 or 3 but its only in the moment afterwards it doesnt hurt at all
genevive supnet (2 years ago)
can i ask you some quick fire questions? 1. How will you get your eyebrows thicker than that? 2. What will you do to Pro'long your make up in the whole day? 3. will you do some videos for fitness working out?
Maria Emília (2 years ago)
hi there, love the video and tips. what brand of tweezer you were using? which one you indicate suggest? keep up the great work.
Chelsea K (2 years ago)
Wtf you left so many stray hairs. What a waste
Hannah Wommack (1 year ago)
I always have stray hairs, even when I go to a professional. Some people just have hair that is hard to get out! No biggie 😁
BigBoo Ari (2 years ago)
Chelsea K fr
laLeqit (2 years ago)
Is this more painful than normal shaping?
Jayline Naranjo (2 years ago)
Is it hot when applied?
Crisy Miss (2 years ago)
Omg .. you are soo beautiful 😍😍
pinkliquor (2 years ago)
where did you buy your wax?
Makenzie Morace (2 years ago)
That how I wax my eyebrows to
Blue Sky (2 years ago)
Great tutorial
Lateefah Akbar (2 years ago)
Girl! I went and bought the same wax and did my eyebrows and they look amazing!!!
The Improviser (2 years ago)
Your hair is out of place.
Janyra Caro (2 years ago)
Dacey thank you for this video I usually thread my eyebrows and upper lip but I go to school so I need to save some money! Your video really helped me out and I'll be Saving 30 bucks a month! I ordered the wax you linked but can I use it on my upper lip area as well?
Riimaj (2 years ago)
when i wax my brows after a couple days i get flaky skin how do i stop that from happening?!
grace rhodes (2 years ago)
Riimaj exofoliate and moisturize
Zizu Asel (2 years ago)
does it hurt?
Isabelle Chappel (2 years ago)
Do you buy the wax online or do they sell it in stores as well?
Emma Cameron (2 years ago)
Isabelle Chappel you can buy wax online and in store but I think im kinda late to reply 😂
Huma Aamir khan (2 years ago)
can i use wax to remove facial hair like this?
Joyce Hsu (2 years ago)
Oh girl! Do you ever still have the need to go to a salon? Hair, Make-up, Nails, Skin. You've got it all. 😊👍🏻
fudhailah al-ameerah (2 years ago)
I love your makeup here Dacey! Pls do a tutorial for this look pls pls pls. Love from Malaysia 🌸🌸
Lisa T (2 years ago)
Your skin looks amazing! Please do an updated skincare routine!! :)
Norma Camarillo (2 years ago)
does it burn? im so scared of trying wax, ive done threading before but sometimes i dont have the money or any time at all to go to the shop. where did you buy this brand?
Keira Dark (2 years ago)
In my personal experience, threading hurt me a lot more than waxing ever has; Expect the first time to be the worst time, but from that point on it will hurt less & less. It's a quick pain and doesn't last long at all. :)
Yohanna Henriquez (2 years ago)
Ah this look is so beautiful!!! You should do a video on this exact makeup look :)
Maksuda Akhter (2 years ago)
God! brow goals girl! lol ... gosh i wish it was as easy as this. I get super nervous to use wax on my eyebrow area unless someone does it for me because I'm scared to put the wax too close to my brow hairs.
t.chout Choudhury (2 years ago)
Hi Dacey I know this is not related to the video but can you do a makeup collection video, I would love to see how u organize your makeup.
lora lora (2 years ago)
you look so beautiful ilove you 😍💜
Zoeie Painter Finley (2 years ago)
Your so perfect😍😍
Michelle Alegria (2 years ago)
Great tip. You are so naturally pretty btw!
Sonrisa (2 years ago)
What foundation are you wearing? 😍

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