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Queen - Play The Game (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from The Game, and Forever, 2014. Queen - 'Play The Game' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Play The Game' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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stav israeli (19 hours ago)
I love it when the say "its your life" at 2:49 and actually it sound like "It's a hard life"
Claudia Gouveia (2 days ago)
Alin Skaper (3 days ago)
See the bigger picture of this video...its a space, microfon coming down from space(to earth) to Freddies hands as he starst singing..open up your mind and let me step inside...(with the fire backwards that represents life, essence ) they truly were the messengers of love..they knew and know there is something more than life..play the game people..game of love ❤
2:22 *Brian Harold May FUCKING DABS*
動画の背景がうるさい…笑 燃えすぎ🔥 あとギターソロのとこ最高すぎ!
Todd Hopwood (6 days ago)
Incredible tune. God, the harmonies. I always felt sad when it faded out. I wanted it to go on forever.
Liz Kozlowski (7 days ago)
Freddie had a nice looking body besides being very goodlooking 🤗
Sam Doctor (7 days ago)
2:27 The most amazing thing I've ever heard Even Freddie ruined this part
Carole R. (5 days ago)
Queen at their baby time....Deacy, John, Brian, Freddie. All beautiful, handsome, attractive.
Jayleen Holton (7 days ago)
2:10 everyone else is singing then you see him
Gachachii 2 (8 days ago)
Freddie: Play the game Brian: Play the game Roger: Play the game John: ...
Jeff Jeff (8 days ago)
Freddie and John have the same haircut
Anna Tetro (8 days ago)
This is your life, don't play hard to get, just fall in love and play the game. It is my life, opened my heart and let you in my head and played the game. Freddie Mercury Magi Code, angel or demon, inferno with Anna or the Lost Symbol of Heaven May RU Meru Red Special? Gita says, stand up and fight this war of soul over ego and engage the world as like a game but not before one with Soul and Heart in God. What would he do with this if alive in public. A bit awkward and less Blessed Sacrament or wins in the game. This began to play in me after decoding Freddie and my family. Funny. Spirits say so they don't tell you about family you have, you travel to meet family and they show up but you don't know who they are and yet they were there first the whole time, never mentioned. That's what family is about. Why I date only those I can prove are not related, too many unknowns and too many paired. I did notice in 1990 but someone like Freddie? We are not equal sorry. No way to compare even though my mom can sing and dance and play instruments and sang in pubs in UK with her Oil boss daddy. Punjab servants? IDK. Maybe Freddie met her for all anyone knows, so long ago. Just never know. In Search of Uncle Freddie... the continuation... in DC with Bro Oscar. Sounds Leo Lenin Dems and big oil mommy, Khasi. Then the big question, but why. I am the leader here and blood and yet no, no power in this, nothing. Very strange concept.
Anna Tetro (4 days ago)
They finally find the reason for Russia's interest in Africa, MJ Elon Freddie. Ideology of saints and Rasputin, not absolute Divinity. I can't work with people who are not doing the divine will asked and West says it is just a point of view after 43 yrs of proof. Looks like West is the new India Africa. Eating grass, no water on fire so not even grass. I can see it if they have to do up down, good evil vs divine. Only what God says to exist is in the Gita. Fight God but only West is degenerating while East is rising and no communism matters. Freddie is teaching us the diamond if black or white, but has to be diamond, immortal cutter of wrong be it good or evil. No more personal or sentimental or the west gets wiped away. The Queen works hard for us but our ways are not saving us but killing us. When God sends fun helpers like our ways, we kill them. It is genocide now. Mercy without correcting it is still death. Freddie did superhuman thing and we have security knowing it works so I am happy about that but the other stuff is depressing and angering me how stupid they are in their ideologies discarding ways that work. Enough. Play the game by the rules not your ways on our field. They hate God and whine the most. Others suffer worse and have peace in good love. I want that all the time.
Anna Tetro (4 days ago)
On our journey to dissolve good and bad manifestations, dreams, for divine, we see going to magi Freddie home town for Princes bdays. How to explain this one. When the Queen was crowned, bday, she was in Africa, Freddie is nearby. Family is. 7hrs to the border. In tree tops being like a flamingo above the wildbeest and Mars and boys Obama and Oscar and my uncle Peter, Dutch etc. Higher Owl or God if you will. 7 is Indra Heaven, so Mt Meru. 8 hrs Life, Liberation, Time, Death, and her dad passed, and like Brian's or bf of Freddie and Phyllis Wayne's mom, P and W boys and 17 mins so Romanovs royals end but also new life through her. So celebrating the Queen Crowning in Feb to her bday then the other bday and then Trooping of Colors official bday. IDK but I like bdays. Romanovs saints bdays. Then the boys are like magi Freddie born to witness her. Princes not kings who praise her kingdom. Ok, good one so while she is the highest, the boys are given equality to Freddie Queen Magi of Christ and Queen UK, all they are into you, your end, or bday is the same as the beginning, I am sure the dimensions and space/time make sense. Brian had to go be born with them for their bdays but in Freddie to get the riches sort of. Brian says we tend to show the crowned ones so for Anna and Queen's bday we go to Freddie's begin, to quantum pair us showing them. For future generations to observe and decode. Must be Royals, go here and give equality to Freddie from them. Highest honors that you cannot touch but can be taken with you forever. While fans weep and bring rain. Reparation and good memories. How fun to work with Queen, so much they can produce for their kingdom all over the world. What a subject has to be to have true status and wealth. Exemplary service to the Queen. It is from the heart not the cold factory but from what human hands have made. A bit of bread to you. Souls are one, hearts are one and the life you share becomes one. Yet unique. Most humbling to feel within. True love and charity. Makes us want to go do something inspiring.
Anna Tetro (4 days ago)
Haha, you are in Stone Town. Talk about polaris north star spinning us to find Magi Jesus baby King. I asked how it was done and now we see a bit, Holy Spirit is guiding their thoughts, why look it up, why study suddenly, why go there so following God, Jesus lands here and then the Spirit makes us follow God there and they chose a star and I chose rain. Ok, thank you. Demigod Brian answering prayers. Education. Spies sort of think and I am stuck in this flow and yet we bring a good outcome. Angels are the same, if we can take it higher to unseen spies of God. Humbling, pilgrimage only to find such fruit from your work while common poverty Canada shows the flip to be Africa past. Inspire us to grow through simple things and joys and fun yet with humble respect. God love you.
Anna Tetro (4 days ago)
Wayne's kid means Lena Gold and he and Mario say well you forced us to have kids, do not do right and then sanction Wayne as Canada and lose the gold. Why is Canada working to only destroy its own fruit just to bug Russia? I shame them, they shame the world. Freddie shows up and shames us all with Africa and India. Ok then. Play the game, dead or beyond he still is the Champion. What kind of kid makes his dad lose in public? Dad goes broke, he don't care. USSR children dying, he don't care. Only his own names sake. Who is golden in hockey tonight? Not mom and dad or him so what is the purpose of this child? To only cause loss. When you have a family, you need to build for a good purpose, a loving platform of growth and salvation but they show, nope, just to kill us all. Some game the selfish kids won't leave. No Anna or God. This is how society dies, woman, then family, then society, then the world. Gita. Freddie Tanzania India show how to grow with right ways, your inner right woman, then good to youth, then to society, inspiration to work, to do good, to thrive and then the world. One child, one woman, can destroy the whole, why they do this work and Freddie saw and did it all as himself and Queen and corrected it. Both teams are US so many go for TO and so it is not us vs them. it is all American. Anyway, boring maladaptive Canada and Russia made me sleep and when we sleep we lose it all, stay awake with me but you turn away and fall asleep and are awarded accordingly. No win bugging me or this God's side. Let it all go and go sing a happy Queen song and do some work. What I do when at work.
Anna Tetro (4 days ago)
I forgot to add, they use the name Freddie in the Tanzania bamboo drone article. How honored he is. I love that. They do not see gay or aids but a civi who rules the world and take pride in that, all he is, not just cock pee pee play and illness due to bad ways, no, not true if you have eyes and ears to know. When we fail, somewhere sane will be making up for it. Just Africa and India showing things now, what we are suffering, doing and the wisdom and that is the best gift he could give to them. He was once in exile on the run but through true love he is back and seated on his throne atop Mt. Meru so this is what Wayne needs to study. I feel like we should pay Queen for this. They deserve riches of a kingdom for real. Lands and animals and human subjects showing their greatness through them, not just jewels but food, water, useful tools and needs met and so this is a reminder, be humble, see how rich you are and use resources given, love and protect all around you to thrive. Most people born with less do not know it and do not suffer a loss and have no access to know who has so they then work what they have and that is enough. Learning how to bring rain, orderly floods, food, help animals and use the elements and land, this is a true meaning of a queendom for Freddie. To sustain and thrive anyway, no matter what, because of you, the queen, queens. No pretending to be highest richest empire but down to earth realistic, true love and passion plays to do work and grow and thrive and then the pretenders fall while the small and meek do the work to rise and gain and that is how Africa nations should be, rising to rich and India and hopefully Israel. We cannot play the game if not on the playing field but in a fake dream. More delightful to help poor lands because they are real and willing to learn and do good. You all thought your women were leading and trying to steal it but got the source wrong. Learn and adapt and rise to life and wins. Freddie does not deny, the saints do so we need him to get to the higher realms. I choose Queen, encompass their music with love and you too can have fruit. Tanzania and India lead the example. Yay! I am happy for them.
John: fuck this shit I'm too cool Brian: *creates the dab* Freddie: MY FUCKING HAIR Roger: *sits in corner playing the drums*
Bookin and Ruby (9 days ago)
Brian's dab was lit
Emy Wars (10 days ago)
Ok I’ll play the game which one Freddy:the legend of Zelda breath of the wild Me:it’s 60$
Major Killjoy (10 days ago)
2:20 How did Freddie take the guitar from Brian if he has it wear a strap to hold it up the whole time 🤔
Major Killjoy (9 days ago)
Rory Zagu Oh you mean like Velcro? Like how in the movies when the dude rips off their pants and it’s just velcroed on and it comes off easily
Rory Zagu (9 days ago)
There are some holes in the strap to attache the guitar to, maybe he just could pull it out very easy with that one. (Im not sure )
Lee GoJJo (10 days ago)
*Wonderful song!*
Helen Richards (10 days ago)
I love the part between 0:00 and 3:39 this is the age when freddie had a mix of 80s freddie and 70s freddie 2:22 Brian May invented the dab in 1980
Camilady Quinn (11 days ago)
1:58 bloody hell 🔥🔥🔥🤤🤤🤤
Ruan Barreto (12 days ago)
Play The Game of ps2
RoyBrown777 (12 days ago)
Man those effects must have been amazing back in the day. It's like they took Windows Media Player Visualizer and put it on a green screen.
Droosy1 1 (11 days ago)
yes, especially for a music video in a pre-MTV era (MTV started in 1982, this is from 1980 when music videos were basically just mimed live performances
Egor Tuhachevsky (12 days ago)
Queen is having 9,8 mil subscribes (June , 2019)
Nhan Billy (13 days ago)
At the beginning Freddie’s hair looked like Spock’s from Star Trek 🖖XD
kronofighter1086 (14 days ago)
Doc Strange : play the endgame
maTIgiusz 323 (14 days ago)
Retinis Pigmentosa (14 days ago)
Okay so there was green flames behind john (slytherin) and blue flames behind brian(ravenclaw) and red flames behind freddie(gryffindor)
The beanie boo Days (14 days ago)
That T-shirt tho loving it
Rita Lo Piccolo (14 days ago)
Tomasz Mróz (15 days ago)
Piękna piosenka.
simona caradonia (15 days ago)
I adore this song too much
Jamie Landi (15 days ago)
1.50 My made up game has just begun!
Tibitus Heth (15 days ago)
2:22 Brian May invented the dab in 1980 When I hear Freddie's voice it's like I'm transported to a whole different universe. 2:20 I was terrified at this part when I was a kid, I thought they were real mad at each other..
Geovanna Martins (15 days ago)
Just love!!!
Satsuma Salanewt (15 days ago)
The grand debut of Freddie's iconic moustache in May 1980.
A Raposa de Cartola (15 days ago)
keep calm and play de game
Harley Mama (9 days ago)
2:03 Freddie’s sexy head move so hot, he is driving me insane.
Nayara Soto (15 days ago)
39 years... 30-05-1980 30-05-2019
TammyOful (15 days ago)
Fun fact: Whenever Roger blinks, his lashes perform their own drum solo.
giusy autiero (16 days ago)
Il top🔥🔥🔥🌡️
Jake Britt (16 days ago)
All you have to do is fall in love...
Osnat Grabarsky (16 days ago)
Sarahe98 (16 days ago)
Freddie: yeah, just stuff me in an oven for a minute.
Stephanie Lamont (16 days ago)
Brian, how many times have I told you to stop cheating on your guitar!? I'm surprised she's forgiven you this many times...
1infinity8 1i8 (17 days ago)
Wth he took Brian’s guitar and threw it back at him and Brian started playing as if nothing happened.
la chica de ayer (17 days ago)
*Best songwriters IMO* Mercury May Deacon Taylor
Gabriel Barbosa (17 days ago)
Já perdi a conta do número de mulheres q já consegui usando a frase : " Abra a sua mente e me deixe entrar " - Obrigado Freddie te Amo
Simona Gurínová (17 days ago)
2:21... Brian: NO! NO! IT'S MY BABY!💓😂
Massachusetts Mapping (17 days ago)
Thankfully he used a replica of it
소율ღ (17 days ago)
으어ㅓㅓㅓ 브리 잘생겼다!!!!!!! ☁️☁️☁️
Leolaus :D (20 days ago)
Producer: What special effects do you want? Queen: Yes
カゲロウデイズ (20 days ago)
Han Solo (20 days ago)
LYRICS: Open up your mind and let me step inside Rest your weary head and let your heart decide It's so easy when you know the rules It's so easy, all you have to do is fall in love Play the game, everybody play the game of love. When you're feellin' down and your resistance is low Light another cigarette and let yourself go This is your life, don't play hard to get It's a free world All you have to do is fall in love Play the game, everybody play the game of love My game of love has just begun. Love runs from my head down to my toes, My love is pumpin through my veins (play a game) Driving me insane Come, come, come, come  Play the game (4 times) Play the game, play the game of love. This is your life - don't play hard to get It's a free world all you have to do is fall in love. Play the game Play the game of love
Nuj 21 (20 days ago)
It’s really too bad I only discovered 90% of queen after I saw the movie:(
Nuj 21 (20 days ago)
Bro Freddie can not only write lyrics, but make the best vocal harmonies I’ve ever heard
JohnDoa1980 (10 days ago)
This is true man. I'm honestly not even a big rock fan but I continue to hear more songs from them and I'm amazed by their collective talent.
Leo Mitchell (21 days ago)
Why do people dislike queen?
Freddie Mercury (21 days ago)
Canzone stupenda ❤️
potatoluver63 (22 days ago)
Just bought the 3 CD Platinum Collection Greatest Hits I II & III. Wow-- I never really thought about how similar Queen and ELO sounded until this one, and a little bit on Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. It's all so good!!
This song was written by Freddy Mercury after he got married to a gay boyfriend.
Gemala Auruma (23 days ago)
its a real deal when I start listen to Queen
p4radox (25 days ago)
julia deacon (25 days ago)
freddie: *play the game* brian: *PLAY THE GAME* roger: *_play the game_* deaky: 🤨
Henry Bates (27 days ago)
I love queen,
Disco Emma (28 days ago)
0:56 cute+hot
ani (28 days ago)
Dr. Brian Harold May: the inventor of the dab
Rhonda McKay (29 days ago)
Play the game...how totally spoilt are we? Queen were fucking fantastic. Amazing. 🖤
César Rabbit (30 days ago)
What a voice.
JUULIEJAN (1 month ago)
2:19 this is too funny XD
Sharon Haya ALee - V (1 month ago)
אז רחל תירם, תגידי לעורכת דין מיכל שתתאם עם אמא שלי לפגישה אצלה אחר הצהריים בזמן שהבת שלי נמצאת, כמו שמצאתם לנכון לעשות פעם שעברה ללא ידיעתי, וזה לא מעניין אותי שאין לך פייסבוק ואת לא מודעת לנוכחות הציבורית שיש כאן כבר שנים. 6הגיעו מים עד נפש. You know. So call her . Ill be ther. For my Frida Only. G-od bless her❤
This song is so soft Just imagine if they sing it before sleeping time)
ani (1 month ago)
ani (1 month ago)
0:59 these eyes 😍
Instrument Player (1 month ago)
People from 1980: I hate this look The people 5 years later: never mind
área de locura (1 month ago)
Alguien de México🇲🇽😎
Dave Andrew (1 month ago)
are they playing in hell?😹 (i know it's not funny, i apologize)
Valentina Bonatti (1 month ago)
Wait...did Roger actually comb his hair for this video!!!???
Soppy (1 month ago)
TPK Alex (1 month ago)
3:13 Roger wtf
_jakub 556_ (1 month ago)
I love How they changed brians guitar he would never let freddie throw the red special like that lol
_jakub 556_ (1 month ago)
The start is like the end of im in love with my car
George Idk (1 month ago)
No mames taylor se ve bien joven alv
Cover Band (1 month ago)
ყველას რა კაი ხმა აქ.❤💚💜💙💛🎤🎤🎤
Cover Band (30 days ago)
თან ფრედის მაღალი ხმა უხდება.
은정신 (1 month ago)
이때 스타일 넘 멋있엉.. 뭐 항상 멋있었지만...남성다움의 도입기
tamagorou2138 (1 month ago)
MVはともかくとして、良い歌。 歌詞がせわしない現代に対して歌っているようだ。
Mark Huddleston (1 month ago)
MsSECT (1 month ago)
Cute Deacon 2:51
Eli E (1 month ago)
Brian May playing a strat and John Deacon playing a fretless bass in the video: kewl 😎
SYrox (1 month ago)
Way to underrated ...
Majo Macias molina (1 month ago)
i love their songs❤❤🎵
Majo Macias molina (1 month ago)
simply perfect
Hush Child (1 month ago)
when you’re feeling down and your resistance is low light another cigarette and let yourself go~ goddamn... freddie and his poetic soul 👏
Jett the Musical Gay (1 month ago)
oh no they're in hell
andrea arellano (1 month ago)
Elle Echt (1 month ago)
2:10 John Deacon's face tho lma
Yeti Tubbie (1 month ago)
Moustache has joined the chat.
Jesse Heard wrestling (1 month ago)
It's so weird seeing Freddie with his mustache, but he is using the light voice he had when he rocked the long hair.
mrsmop (1 month ago)
God Freddie is beautiful xx
Matthew Bishop (1 month ago)
Love this song, Mercury at his best
Peyton pbr (1 month ago)
“I wasn’t going to throw my guitar.” -Brian May 😂😂
Zonuni Fanai (1 month ago)
Absolutely stunning 😂😂😂 And of course, such a "queen" queen song 👌

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