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Queen - Play The Game (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from The Game, and Forever, 2014. Queen - 'Play The Game' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Play The Game' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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Text Comments (3110)
aleksandar ivanoski (1 hour ago)
Użytkownik Google (3 hours ago)
Waht years ..........1980 ?
glenda flores (4 hours ago)
A.R Jain (5 hours ago)
what a beautiful song
Fitz Son (1 day ago)
946 pepole diddent play the game
Cameron Prior (1 day ago)
Love the opening of this song
Hair goals 😄😅😆😂
cynthia edwards (1 day ago)
Oh how I loved this song back in the day!!! Love Queen, Freddy Mercury
Those tenis are not the Red Adidas Samba?
Spider- Man (2 days ago)
Ann Jela (2 days ago)
why u'r so handsome💋💕
EMMA TAASHI (2 days ago)
Manika Vian (2 days ago)
0:56 when your teacher call your name in your bad day
hey bro!!! (2 days ago)
13 January 2019
Melina (2 days ago)
This video has so much chaotic energy but I love it
Kayleigh Natasha (2 days ago)
Barbara Worgacz (3 days ago)
Most bands are so good only when studios recording, but not Queen. Live performances are same good, if not better. This is the better one.
Aman Sharma (3 days ago)
I always feel at some point in the song they will start singh it's a hard life...
Johnathan Thompson (3 days ago)
is it "play the game of life" or "love"???
Drazz XD (4 days ago)
15 M? WTF Play the game is so good
no one is gonna see this comment but OH MY GOD brian is so hot especially during his solo at 2:24 after his magical dab
Taylor Costello (4 days ago)
2:23 I love Freddie but my heart stopped when he threw the Red Special back to Brian...
Miguel21 lol (4 days ago)
Me siento tan mal que no hay ningúna canción de Queen ayude love Queen
Joyce Concubierta (4 days ago)
I get so sentimental with this song😢😢😢
Erik Killmonger 2099 (4 days ago)
Roberto Hernandez (4 days ago)
2019 ?
Queen forever (4 days ago)
Nani Suryani (5 days ago)
Play fortnite everybody play fortnite
Freddie Mercury (5 days ago)
Person: What's your favorite Queen song Me: yes
clang theo (5 days ago)
All the boys in the vid serving looks, but especially Deacy ❤️.
Gerardo Ovando Cruz (5 days ago)
Mi canción favorita de queen, tiene algo que me hace sentir feliz, amo esa canción.
Michelle Williams (5 days ago)
Brian May is the ultimate man! Perfect hair, brilliant mind and guitar genius!!!
Michelle Williams (5 days ago)
Love love this song, had forgotten about it until I saw bohemian Rhapsody and have been watching everything queen related!
Will Dwyer (6 days ago)
This must be remastered. I had the original release on vinyl and I remember Freddie's "ooh yeah" at the end of the second verse was more clearly audible.
清水渉 (7 days ago)
清水渉 (7 days ago)
Freddie: Pla Brian: Play the ga Roger: Play the gam John:
DINKLEBERG ! (7 days ago)
1:50 THIS is undoubtedly the most sexiest thing I've ever seen, my eyes are BLESSED
Oh how I love the green screen
Tellatubbies59 (7 days ago)
I'm trying to watch this masterpiece and do math homework, it's not working so I chose to watch the video and flunk high school.
Hedda Haugnes (8 days ago)
1:50 this part of the video has me in a chokehold
I just love disco deaky's face at 2:10!
Tate Mcilwain (8 days ago)
The cinematography in this video is sh*t. Great song though
p. s. (8 days ago)
came here for my daily dose of brian dabbing
flickchick8262 (9 days ago)
Love how Brian used a stunt guitar for the video! OMG. Ain't NOBODY throwing the Red Special around!
chavez imelda (9 days ago)
I am hopelessly smitten with queen and freddie mercury❤❤❤
burpie (10 days ago)
Luis N. (10 days ago)
Freddie: Play the game! Brian: play the game. Roger: play the game??? John:.....no......
Toni B (10 days ago)
30k415 (10 days ago)
The dislike are only to balance the algorithm.
30k415 (10 days ago)
Beautiful song. The intro used to scare the shit outta me when I was a little. Too eerie.
Małgorzata Prusaczyk (10 days ago)
OMG how beautiful Roger was...
hs a (11 days ago)
my most favorite song in the world from 2018
Jenny Piontek (11 days ago)
Brian dabs lol 2:20
Droosy1 1 (12 days ago)
Brian May dabs like a boss!!!
Romina Goldberg (12 days ago)
My first album at five years old ❤
_ MetadrakoXx _ (13 days ago)
Si ves esto me encantas mucho 7w7r ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abbey Bevans (13 days ago)
2:22 hit that dab
Reina de corazones (14 days ago)
All you have to do is fall in love... play the game... Te amo por siempre Freddie! Sos eterno! desde Buenos Aires
Sage Keasey (14 days ago)
He wrote this about Tony Bastin
Cassandra Trombley (15 days ago)
My favorite part 1:50
Jennifer Glydon (15 days ago)
You might be cool but you’ll never be Freddie Mercury jumping backwards on to the top of a drum kit cool.
Fastbreak 383 (15 days ago)
0:56 can we just talk about deacys awesome nose?
KJRiyad76craft !!! (16 days ago)
The apparition of the mustache, Freddie
τακης ! (16 days ago)
I love you Freddie
Dawn Loritz (16 days ago)
Well hello, Mr. Mercury 1:50 - 2:07 😍
video central (16 days ago)
Roger looks like paul McCartney
michael Castle (17 days ago)
What an amazing falsetto! wow
Daniela Valeria Llanos (17 days ago)
Queen debería ser conocido por TODO el mudo, no solo rockeros o incluso metaleros Fue tan famoso que debería ser cultura general😢
TJ Mc Fly (18 days ago)
Freddie looks like Spock when he wears his short hair this kind of way
Eugene Lee (18 days ago)
Am I the only one wondering how the mic got a mic stand after "Play the game of love" ?
ArcanePath360 (18 days ago)
I'm sure if I were gay this video would really do it for me. In the mean time, gonna just enjoy legendary music.
Афигеть 10 лет вспять видео
Love me some green screen made in "design is my passion" style
Nik Revesz (18 days ago)
Pumping through my veins...driving me insane....
Cryzel Jane Bobiles (18 days ago)
Deacon you never failed me.
Rick Hamilton (18 days ago)
Sharon Haya ALee - V (19 days ago)
Here in the clip when Freddy comes wet he reminds me exactly, Sidon.
Arlene Perez Salas (19 days ago)
ILoveCheeseOnToast (19 days ago)
2:10 Fuck off.
RockolGames YT (20 days ago)
2:22 Brian do a dab
FOXY BOIISCRIS (20 days ago)
*Bts left the chat*
renata rosa (21 days ago)
It's increadible how Freddie is amazing in this video. He always makes cry with his performances
ItsAzizanTime (22 days ago)
MARÍA HERRERA (22 days ago)
Cant´t believe this song didn´t appear at the movie
Brandon Callaway (22 days ago)
0:18 2:11 2:18 2:24 Synthesizer!
Cynthia Budiyanto (22 days ago)
2:52 - 2:58 Look at Deacy
헤부기 (23 days ago)
2:06 ~ 2:28
jimin is beautiful (23 days ago)
annechikm (22 days ago)
+jimin is beautiful maybe but I think it looks kinda cool on him ajsksk
jimin is beautiful (22 days ago)
+annechikm probably his worst since 1976
annechikm (22 days ago)
lol I wanted to talk about it 2
Alex Hamilton (23 days ago)
This song sends shivers down my spine
XanderCat (24 days ago)
this song somehow reminds me It's a Hard Life
CrazyChemistPL (24 days ago)
2:12 - Another one bites the dust cover
Adriano Saracino (24 days ago)
Play the gay
Lisa Fury (24 days ago)
Your life..don’t play hard to get

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