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ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/tlCQJZ The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Link to the 11hr River Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmar4gh5nIw Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: http://www.alexanderwild.com If you're new to the channel, catch up on your "AntsCanada Lore" with this playlist of the complete history of the ants of this channel: https://goo.gl/hVFxc2 Visit us at http://www.antscanada.com CLOSE CAPTIONING "CC" available for this video. Please feel free to contribute to translating/CCing this video into another language: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCONd1SNf3_QqjzjCVsURNuA A brand new video is uploaded on this channel every Saturday at 8AM EST (with frequent bonus videos) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel to catch every ant video we release! Thank you for the support. Get our new AC Hybrid Nest 2.0 ant farm or 'All You Need' Hybrid 2.0 Gear Pack (complete kit): https://www.antscanada.com/product-category/hybrid-nest-series/ ▶▶▶We've got new Ant T-shirts! Check them out here: https://goo.gl/PjnB7t ▶▶▶Got a question about ants or AntsCanada? Visit our website FAQ: https://goo.gl/mJPEqn ▶▶▶Want an ant farm? Check out our ant shop. We ship worldwide: http://goo.gl/I4l7Ho ▶▶▶Need to buy an ant colony for your ant farm, or do you have ant colonies to sell/give away? Find out more about our GAN Project: http://goo.gl/jzo9Lc Join us at the new AntsCanada Ant Forum: http://forum.antscanada.com ▶AntsCanada Official Website http://www.antscanada.com ▶Like us on http://facebook.com/antscanada ▶Follow us on http://twitter.com/antscanada ▶Follow us on http://www.instagram.com/antscanada Email us at [email protected] for any questions or inquiries. About AntsCanada.com: We believe ants are the most amazing creatures on the planet, and every new discovery about their micro world gives us some profound insights into the world around us and ourselves. Bringing the ant farm and love of ant keeping to a whole new level, we are dedicated to show the world the joys of keeping big and healthy pet ant colonies. Shipping worldwide since 2009, we are innovators of ant keeping products for ant lovers and museums alike.
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AntsCanada (4 months ago)
AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!
alieo (11 days ago)
You know it's funny hades in mythology is the oldest God but taking the longest to grow as a beetle
SuperEdo07 (29 days ago)
I cant shake the feeling you didn't like making it for the same reason I didn't like watching it. You pump it up and nothing happens. At all. This entire video could be stricken from your series and this channel would lose nothing.
Mark Condrey (1 month ago)
The whole premise of this video was to kill all survivors ... least the mites spread. If you are using observation and quantitative techniques...how would this EVER be possible? I am not buying any of this and I bet this never gets posted.
ToxicNova (2 months ago)
Ada Sierek (2 months ago)
@random izer Messor barbarus aka harvester ants are good begginer ants! They feed on seeds and ocasional meat. here is a link to something I reccomend: https://www.antcenter.com.pl/en_US/p/Present-set-Green-house-with-decor-and-Messor-barbarus-queen-and-10-20-workers-1/235
Dr. Cheesecake (1 hour ago)
I gotta go with hades #TeamHades🔥😈
Miles Hogue (5 hours ago)
You badly need to shorten your videos.
Miles Hogue (5 hours ago)
I had to skip half the video
TheRightJelly (6 hours ago)
I love Satan. #TeamHades
Craig Fulco (7 hours ago)
Oh my god. Get on with it already
Novarow (8 hours ago)
This is a dead rising (ant edition) plot line
Ruben Cardenas (10 hours ago)
Jackson Davis (11 hours ago)
ONE PUNCH MAN (13 hours ago)
Hi' ANTS CANADA ?. did you Know Mikey Bustos ?
Genie whynot (15 hours ago)
Damn this intro is insane lol
*Yes! thanos’ed*
HarlesCIIAAL (21 hours ago)
Is anyone going to mention that singing. Oh my god, please sing more
Purple Potoo (22 hours ago)
AC: *puts bowl in tank* "This landscape has been completely transformed."
Lucas Stubblefield (22 hours ago)
Salad Snack1 (23 hours ago)
That singing was lowkey cringe
Gamer Abbs (23 hours ago)
Trikisha Sarden (1 day ago)
OMG I love 💘 your voice
Zango (1 day ago)
He should’ve just put the environment in the oven like omg.
Zango (1 day ago)
Use the skip button to skip to the parts you wanted to see!
Zango (1 day ago)
I hate it when they give a very lengthy vague description about what’s *going* to happen and not just tell you what has happened
Alex Alestareon (1 day ago)
I would’ve asked my local zoo if I could borrow their ant eater for a day or so.
Walter Savage (1 day ago)
Jason North (1 day ago)
I love how at the end he's like, YES, THANOSED!
Kameron Walling (1 day ago)
Getting rid of the home gets ride of the survivors left
Kameron Walling (1 day ago)
Throw it out
uwu overload (1 day ago)
The frogs should be called frogs
uwu overload (1 day ago)
Anti Vax ants
Jose Cañas (1 day ago)
Carmen Rojas (1 day ago)
A drid!
Kam (2 days ago)
*Damn, I was hoping for a mini nuke.*
Kam (2 days ago)
I haven’t watched in a while, so I hadn’t seen this video yet.
Sophie Pham (2 days ago)
I think its a poisonous frog
Dave James (2 days ago)
The frogs should be called the golden killers
Beacon Blaster (2 days ago)
Maisen Goley (2 days ago)
If she lays eggs can I have some so I can raise them then send them to u when they're that size or bigger
Dhani James Dubois (2 days ago)
Did u find out how the mites got in in the first place?
MC EITH davis (2 days ago)
Arrow Hutchow (2 days ago)
That’s a pretty smart acrostic poem No way would I thought of that Seriously I would’ve thought of that.
Arrow Hutchow (2 days ago)
Lol 😆 It’s a raccoon 🦝 Totally could eat them or have a purpose to eat them.
Ricky Neo VHAL (2 days ago)
Hades go go.
Kenna Kue (3 days ago)
Felix Infante (3 days ago)
“Though they are a bit harder to sex at this age” aye yooo
Brandon Gordon (3 days ago)
nano300 (3 days ago)
You know I don’t understand why the ants don’t eat the mites off each other. They seem big enough to grab and crush with their mandibles.
N O S T A L G I A M E (3 days ago)
19:10 Toad A.KA (The angel of death): Am i a joke to you? 24:23 lmaooooo i died so hard in this part.
Yoshihiro Gomez (3 days ago)
I'm not funny. (3 days ago)
Is it possible to just, take the parasitic mites off the ants? I mean they look like a tick. I was asking myself this last episode.
Dog Girl (3 days ago)
Team possiden
Jeremy B (3 days ago)
I swear to god, I'm becoming far too emotionally invested in all these colonies lol
Bird Life (3 days ago)
Just bye hypoaspec mites
Donnie Holt (3 days ago)
Donnie Holt (3 days ago)
Donnie Holt (3 days ago)
June Hu (3 days ago)
Painter of death
Wyatt games , (3 days ago)
WierdoGamer Hunter (3 days ago)
You could voice an anime character
Firewolf (3 days ago)
Bug spray 🤣
Punkerdoodle Snook (3 days ago)
wait....did he just say....THANOSED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
TDArulesclub4 (3 days ago)
18:08 "I don't remember there being a river here." xD
Lenie _X_X_X_ (3 days ago)
Sputnik Junior (3 days ago)
#team Apollo
YEET (3 days ago)
"Our angel of death peaked it's bumpy head out." *intense ringing* WAKE UP TO MCDONALD'S BREAKFAST DUOS
Rod Gee Rs (4 days ago)
Megan Durand (4 days ago)
Jia-wen Lee (4 days ago)
#team zeus
PLGK Lee-Laous (4 days ago)
The best Horror movie i have ever watched 😂😂
ZAGANATON 800 (4 days ago)
29:18 Be Gone Thoth XD Ant: I don't feel so good.......
come on #teamhefesto congratulations of Argentina
Awesome camerawork.
Jassy Plays (4 days ago)
a very rice guy (4 days ago)
Trist. deg. (4 days ago)
My god ! Litteraly five minutes of you reapeating yourself ! Anyway, awesome video, like always !
Gavinci Bankston (4 days ago)
Team Poseidon
Marvelous Valentino (4 days ago)
Crazy Horse (4 days ago)
Hello Hi (4 days ago)
Was that him actually singing?
KC Infinity (4 days ago)
ᄋᄋᄋ (4 days ago)
했던말을 또하고 또하고 또하고 이 ㅅㅂ
Kyoji Delong (5 days ago)
ive been here before the golden empire was made. i know the whole history. it mustn't lose
gloria umadhay (5 days ago)
Meet me iloilo
Dovine Drake (5 days ago)
Go Zeus
Crocks Socks (5 days ago)
Idk, looks like Chuck Norris to me
Crocks Socks (5 days ago)
8:18 "they're a bit harder to sex at this age" xD
Crocks Socks (5 days ago)
I would much rather have geckos instead of spiders up here
optimus prime (5 days ago)
The Illuminati
Nightmare Foxy (5 days ago)
HURAKA Game (5 days ago)
*parasitizing* _is now my new favorite word_ #vocabulary
Retarted Animals (5 days ago)
Cheryl Carpinello (5 days ago)
you should name them the killer Toads
a very rice guy (4 days ago)
Cheryl Carpinello grim leapers
Big Al Blunt (5 days ago)
My guy your content is great but your mystery box cliff hangers and suspense are worse than JJ Abram's
Dark-Defector (5 days ago)
I think The Grim Leapers would be a fantastic name for the new frogs/toads. (Credit: Benjamin Touchet)
Jacob Nemyer (6 days ago)
Ra Senché (6 days ago)
22:37 what's that tiny white creature moving around at the centre of the screen? if you say you couldn't see mites?
The Angry Scout (6 days ago)
comeseen69 (6 days ago)
#team ares
Costa Stamanis (6 days ago)
Seven Teen (6 days ago)
I tought it would be scary and not
Jack Darling (6 days ago)
It had eggs
Jennifer (6 days ago)
Oml this isn't related to the video at all but I just realized the person talking is Mikey Bustos XD I knew the voice sounded familiar lol
mahazzak mahazzak (6 days ago)
If you live in the Philippians why is your channel called Ant Canada Why not say Any Philippians ?
Karnage (6 days ago)
Because he is a Canadian citizen. He was born there.

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