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Queen - Mother Love

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From album Made in Heaven Deluxe edition http://www.queenforever.it/
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Tarana Valiyeva (2 hours ago)
Nickynamey 2 (5 hours ago)
What was the song sample from the very very last part of the song, just before the baby sounds
Dilyana Kovacheva (13 hours ago)
Тhe last song of Queen with the voice of Freddy Mercury How much sadness sounds in this song....
bobogoal23 (1 day ago)
georgia marsh (2 days ago)
the last verse is sung by Brian may because Freddie said he couldn't do the last verse and yeah
Hannah Ziebell (3 days ago)
he kept working on music until literally his death
ACW 2973 (3 days ago)
If i could go back in time i would give scientests vaccines for aids just to prolong all the lives lost
Lyna Y Le (3 days ago)
i hope his soul found a mother's womb to be reborn.
J CW (3 days ago)
fuck god we got freddie mercury
Dom Wood (3 days ago)
best. comment. ever.
Luis Feliciano (4 days ago)
His voice, so powerful, so full of energy, but yet he was reaching the end!. I miss him and John Deacon as well. A reunion would be such a relief.
m. Даша (4 days ago)
Прощай Фредди. Ты был гений... Goodbye Freddy. You were a genius...
Yenny Giron (5 days ago)
I hate all the people that disliked this video
Liam Stone (5 days ago)
And what fucks me of is his and every suffer of hiv...it is a natural virus within the system...it does not cause aids.!!! The drug atz does rich is given to hiv suffers ...which destroys the immune system...hence aids!
Upperclass Gamer (5 days ago)
Dear Freddie to think you were terminally I'll but still hit the notes,unbelievable. What a brave talented man.
mers H (5 days ago)
now im crying :( loveu freddie
mers H (5 days ago)
HE Didn't even finish this song thats why they divert the song into eohhh....bryan finish the last part of the song very sad :( , me imaging freddie singing this while in pain :(
Lera Kudryavtseva (5 days ago)
Эта нотка, с каждым разом сводит с разума, люблю нескончаемо мой Фредди ❤️
hermione2611 K (6 days ago)
I feel that this is one of their darkest songs... Like a prelude for what would happen.
Naoufal Hitmi (6 days ago)
so strong so sad
HERMIONE RANKIN (6 days ago)
Damn Fred back then he was sick and dying but gosh that high note sends shivers down ur spine
Monika Jakubeková (6 days ago)
Once he said something like "My personal life is my business, but my life is in songs. Focus on songs, there is the answer." And there it is. He wasn't a pretender actually. Just listen to his songs and you will find out what he was like. This one is incredibly touching and revealing his inner desires and emotions. You have to feel like his close friend listening to it..
Psycho Dad (7 days ago)
The beautiful voice of a dying man ...
mary ellwood (6 days ago)
....this is so beautiful and haunting with such thoughtful and poignant wording straight from the heart...honestly they are beautiful story tellers in their songs ...this was the song that Brian said Freddie left that day and said I'll finish it tomorrow and never returned... that's why Brian finished it...God... it brings tears to my eyes the affect is stunning...Queen as a whole were and are just masters at what they do. I hope this standard starts rubbing off on young talent getting into this business....their music is timeless and has enriched all our lives...people like ed Sheeran have this same wonderful talent
marc conner (7 days ago)
I have listened to queen because of my dad all my life...but this song and innuendo has to be the best ever🕺
Rasslin Madness (7 days ago)
1:49 to 2:06 is Spine Chilling
One Nand (8 days ago)
“My hope is gone” 😞 that is deep right there. Many of us can relate
Erving Camacho (8 days ago)
Freddie's last song. Thank you Freddie
Ezio Auditore (9 days ago)
Requiescat in pace
Jons Huib (9 days ago)
its just so sad to think about that freddie didnt finish the vocals and brain had to sing and some previous recordings
Mees Alberts (9 days ago)
this is the last song freddie mercury has sung the last complet is not even sung by him because he was too weak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Mercury)
NORBERT LACZKO (9 days ago)
191 dislike U will get your karma idiots !!!
Vic Marrotti (10 days ago)
He can never be replaced
Wow. That’s all I can say.
alex Syndrome (10 days ago)
Do Freddie Mercury know how much he is loved ?  Who will be powerful enough to make a Freddie Mercury Day as a public holiday? One day that the whole world will celebrate all together apart from New Years Day?
mik privat (11 days ago)
For me it's Freddie's Requiem
ironic (11 days ago)
Brian really sounds like his body's aching...
mecongberlin (12 days ago)
Beautiful that in the end Freddie is reborn...there is still hope in even the darkest moments.
The Joker (12 days ago)
1:50 My heart stopped❤😭
samantha rossiter (12 days ago)
He was sent from the angels, even as a child he had talents beyond his years and visions of what he wanted to be, nobody just has talent like that you have to be born with it, a very precious gift given only to a few, the doc the Freddie Mercury story highlights this, even his teachers knew he had a special talent, and he wasn’t Just a singer he was multi talented in design and art, piano playing etc, he wasn’t afraid to go outside the boundaries of his time.......incredibly brave as well, to keep singing until he couldn’t physically do it any more and I think that Is when he finally gave in to the illness, rest in peace freddie, ❤️❤️❤️
One Office (12 days ago)
I don't want to sleep with you I don't need the passion too I don't want a stormy affair To make me feel my life is heading somewhere All I want is the comfort and care Just to know that my woman gives me sweet Mother love ah ha I've walked too long in this lonely lane I've had enough of this same old game I'm a man of the world and they say that I'm strong But my heart is heavy, and my hope is gone Out in the city, in the cold world outside I don't want pity, just a safe place to hide Mama please, let me back inside I don't want to make no waves But you can give me all the love that I crave I can't take it if you see me cry I long for peace before I die All I want is to know that you're there You're gonna
zdeněk s. (12 days ago)
Posledni skladba ...
Катрин Осма (13 days ago)
Величайшая музыка и слова!Хочу от духовной боли орать...Но негромко плачу...
Swirlwind Shirl (2 days ago)
I keep holding myself back from listening to Freddie's last song as I know I'll be floored. His unmistakable crystalline voice still echos and pierce through my heart.  My vision blurred...when Freddie's voice disappeared... replaced by Brain's towards the end. Freddie's gone. The end hinting Freddie was ascending like a fairy to the sky, insinuated Reincarnation.
Ronda Brace (14 days ago)
Absolute legend love this song. Xx
Patricia Bilinkas (14 days ago)
I believe Freddie is with his mom now. At least I hope.❤️
Fede M&M (14 days ago)
Freddie's death is the biggest lost ever for music history and for the hole humanity and musical culture. His voice, his vision of the world, all his way will never be replaced. Even today, new generations know Queen's music because his legacy was so profound that it has passed down generations. In all the history of the world and of music in particular, only the greatest have achieved this. It is the only band in history that has made each and every one of its hits successful. I still love you Freddie wherever you are.
Alexander Schestag (14 days ago)
I almost have the feeling, that Brian May is holding back his voice, for he doesn't want to compete with the power and greatness of Freddie's singing ...
Dorota Konieczka (14 days ago)
The mothers of the 188 people who disliked this video didn't give them any mother love.
Diruida (15 days ago)
i can't stop crying... that so sad but beautful... i'm speechless... rest in peace
Fof (15 days ago)
Инна Хапова (15 days ago)
Космос...,нереально внимать полный абсурд ,какой "поют"на нашей эстраде.Только Фредди❤
Jacqueline L Graves (15 days ago)
I wasn't a fan of Queen when he was on the music scene way back when but now that I have time to devote time to listening and appreciating good music, I am now!
The Joker (15 days ago)
Even 🇸🇾 syria Miss you ❤ You're such a legend RIP ⚰
Marie Matijuk (2 days ago)
This touches the depths of my soul, and in places I didn't know I could feel
Michael Corvin (17 days ago)
4:30 anyone knows the name of this song?
Michael Corvin (3 days ago)
+Jan Slowhand Thank youu
Jan Slowhand (15 days ago)
It's Larry Lurex - Goin' Back
The Joker (17 days ago)
Is this the last song of Freddy? 😭
The Joker (14 days ago)
Thank you for this information But I' really miss him😭
Özge Yılmaz (14 days ago)
the last recorded song in the studio :( May 1991.
Andrea Sims (17 days ago)
Brian's broken voice singing the last line... he was broken because he HAD to record it, before recording the last line Freddy had said, 'I don't feel very well, I'll record the last line next time." And there was no next time, he had to record it after Freddy was gone :'(
Anonyomus (17 days ago)
It somehow is part of the art of this song that Freddie never finished it. It wasn't meant to happen, of course, but that makes the song what it is. A transitioning of something that is and then when it is not. And when that something isn't anymore, someone must carry that role till the end again and again. How the show still must go on.
Marco Aurelio Freire (18 days ago)
This song makes me cry every time I hear it. Freddie's voice sounds splendid, but his mortality can be noticed in every single word. "I don't want pity, just a safe place to hide". So sad... :'-(
munkhbayar uyanga (18 days ago)
All I want -....- sweet mother love...
Brenna Bunch (18 days ago)
I have just learned about this song being their last recording. It truly is a haunting, deep, emotional song, but an amazing accomplishment for Queen. I loved it, and I will listen to it again, Freddie Mercury is truly missed in the music world, so talented and amazing. I have learned so much about him and his life, and I am going to see Queen perform in Dallas this summer, and I am very excited, despite the fact that it wont be quite the same without Freddie, and i am hoping that John Deacon will decide to join them. There is no band like Queen....
jo zeef (18 days ago)
Stephanie Kersting (19 days ago)
Sebastian Villarroel (19 days ago)
This is one of the only songs the make me cry. The story behind what was going on with queen was so sad. And the fact that Brian sang the last verse because Freddie died.... it's just too much
amine aminos (19 days ago)
the legend living forever
Anna Konda (19 days ago)
How could his voice be so strong in this song when he was basically dead? He must have the most, I can´t find any word, "lifeglow"
highjim (19 days ago)
the final part just before the baby crying was freddie singing an old smile song which was the first time he was recorded = Brian states this in an interview.
Oh yeah yeah (19 days ago)
1:28 makes me cry
Diana Wheatley (20 days ago)
Freddie wanted to keep recording music until he couldn't sing no more, so now he is in Heaven having his own little concerts for those that STILL LOVE HIM!! We STILL LOVE YOU FREDDIE MERCURY~~~ down here on Earth!!
Rico Tubbs (20 days ago)
A masterpiece
ALNAJJJAR 4EVER (20 days ago)
slaxxxer Aznarder (20 days ago)
Dominique Dupouy (20 days ago)
Tellement émouvant!
Paul DAVIES (20 days ago)
Freddie. I hope you are RIP. You always did such an amazing job, right to the very end. Brian had to finish this song (3:40 to 4:05). He did it so well. It must have been extremely tough to do.
Sena Artunay (20 days ago)
4:15 ay-oh part is from live aid... oh god ı can't stop crying
Fox Hound (18 days ago)
It's Wembley 1986
Angus Rehbein (20 days ago)
March 2019 anyone
Angus Rehbein (20 days ago)
Is is so sad
Julie Burgoni (20 days ago)
I can barely hold it together listening to this one.
Puppy Wuppy (20 days ago)
Rip Freddie
ACW 2973 (20 days ago)
I saw this comment on another video but i had to share it 1975: "Mama Didn't mean to make you cry" 1991: "Mama please let me back inside"
Natasha Chiotelis (20 days ago)
This song is heart breaking. It's a beautiful song. Just knowing it was his last song and he sang so beautifully.
Mariusz Skowroński (21 days ago)
Walter Corteselli (21 days ago)
A farewell masterpiece
Jefs Jefs (21 days ago)
The thumbnail of the video is very interesting for me. I'm just a new fan of Queen and don't know much about the band, but the way Freddie's pose is, tries to show me that he's getting ready to 'leave'. That's because of the hand and because he looks up to the sky. He's also standing in the shadow. The three other members are not standing in the shadow, but they're looking in a different direction and they're not near Freddie. Thus I conclude out if it, that they know that Freddie will be gone and that they'll remain. Also the last two word Freddie sings are: "Mother love"
Gio Gionist (21 days ago)
4:30 min what's that song?
1337fox (20 days ago)
Freddie Mercury - Goin' Back /watch?v=3epki8NAbWg
Darth Gamer 121 (21 days ago)
oh damn the last song of freddie
Ron Swanson (22 days ago)
When Brian sings you know Freddie's gone😢. This is the only song that makes hair stand up on the back of my neck.
kamal gujral (22 days ago)
So sad......I think he only just missed out on drugs that could have saved his life......
SHAMES ELDEEN (22 days ago)
"Love" 😢💔
Try not to cry is impossible
Tania Chini (22 days ago)
Единственный, предание, миф,!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
moneff (23 days ago)
What is the song name at 4:26 ?
Обожаю Фредди, навечно...
Wafa Abed (23 days ago)
"mama please, let me back inside"
Aller Foki (24 days ago)
Почему конкретно на земле,кто нам отдал такое творение?мы рождаемся потом трудимся до последних сил,и ещё миры кушать,которые ещё больше мозгов,они мне для чего?
Aller Foki (24 days ago)
Чья идя организовывать,если мне руку помощи не протягивают,за каким хреном ядолжнакому то? Я буду упрашивать потом погибели анигил ровать мое генезис.
Андрей (25 days ago)
Marija Ivanišević * (25 days ago)
Guys let's be kind and give Freddie the smallest guest that we can here ...you just have to leave Rip. Freddie Mercury (Melina, Legend whatever u want ) in comment section ...
RJ FrontSight (25 days ago)
Seriously underrated song by Queen. Freddy so close to death , yet still had grit and power in his voice. Amazing.

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