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Queen - My Melancholy Blues (Official Lyric Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - My Melancholy Blues (Official Lyric Video) Taken from News Of The World, 1977. Sing along to 'My Melancholy Blues' with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video. Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (810)
Elie Meouchi (20 hours ago)
1970. Freddie joined the band. 1970. Queen was formed. 1971. John deacon joined the band. 1973. Debut album 1975. The greatest song. 1977. Two of the greatest rock anthem ever. 1978. The happiest song ever. 1980. The greatest bassline 1981. The most iconic bassline 1985. The greatest performance. 1991. The greatest frontman in rock history. Died 😞. 1992. The greatest tribute concert for Freddie. 1995. The most emotion album was released. And it was made in heaven 😔. 2018. A great movie. Bohemian rhapsody. R.I.P freddie mercury. Queen forever 🤩.
paul gibson (2 days ago)
My favourite track of NOTW. Highlights what a great talent Mercury was. Great song writer and singer. Queen would have been nothing without him.....he was Queen and it saddens me that that May and Taylor continue to perform with other singers under the same name...
김연준 (3 days ago)
이건 레알 진심 레전드임
Hitaarth Mehta (3 days ago)
0:58 is heavenly
mers H (3 days ago)
sounds like lullaby darling😍😍😍
why does this give me jessica rabbit vibes. why do i think freddie would've made a great jessica rabbit?
Ainayah Afifah (6 days ago)
ada yang dengerin lagu ini di 2019?
GCM DG (6 days ago)
Zehra Işık (7 days ago)
I miss u freddie but i've never seen you before
Just. Me (1 day ago)
Who ISN'T here from the movie cause most of the people here are
Just. Me (1 day ago)
+Jan Slowhand Yup. That's correct. Thanks for that
Jan Slowhand (1 day ago)
most of I agree but not everyone
Siddhant Khakse (11 days ago)
Sounds like one from 1930s or something. What a genius to have graced our planet. Freddie, we love you.
0:31 that part sounds like "meu coracao vagabundo" Sorry for my english
Annette Boudreau (12 days ago)
Voice A+ Piano A+ Lyrics A+
Angelina Nguyen (14 days ago)
I love the jazz feels that this song gives :)
Aarcilarius 08 (12 days ago)
Freddie Mercury tells the truth
7w7 (15 days ago)
:V vte alv krnal :v
pariosd3 (15 days ago)
What a lovely song...what a beautiful voice...lovely little gem by dear Freddie
74Diamondgirl (16 days ago)
Flawless, in every way.
purification NoMa (18 days ago)
퀸 노래는 모든 노래가 다 좋다...♥ I Love Queen ♥♥
carol burns (20 days ago)
Just beautiful! One of the most beautiful songs Freddie has ever sung! He was the best!!!
Usha Kankaria (21 days ago)
This song is so UNDERRATED!!
Natalia Soledad Zara (21 days ago)
Sencillamente maravilloso!
Orion3741 (22 days ago)
Freddie was inspired by Elvis and Aretha's music. This is so old-style music. I love it. Another facet in Queen's repertoire.
NutellaTheDonut ! (22 days ago)
Such a sad meaningful song, and then *WHABAM; HERE COMES JOHN DEACON WITH GOOFY*
* sad piano * john deacon with goofy in black and white
Syefee (22 days ago)
A wonderful song and superb performance. There is something timeless about this classic.
Ana Dominguez (22 days ago)
I like this album
Brian Choi (23 days ago)
why have i never heard this before
natalia lyara (23 days ago)
I love this song 💕😭
Prilia Kintan Pratiwi (25 days ago)
Check out my cover guys❤dont forget to give a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe please 👨☺❤
Miriam vanessa Ramirez (25 days ago)
J (26 days ago)
XoXo Zo (26 days ago)
I just posted a cover of this incredible song if anyone wants to help me out and listen. Of course Freddie is the best, but I wanted to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time
Leonardo Filippini (26 days ago)
who says queen were a rock band is soo wrong. they were capable of spanning from blues to disco music to hard rock.
An. S. (25 days ago)
Yes.. they were a rock band.
Mari D (27 days ago)
This is a fantastic jazzy blues song. Wish he had done a whole album like this.
Guakamole LoL (27 days ago)
Is there any other human band that can do this? Is It? No, right.😊👍🏼
Gabe pRoDuCtIoNs (27 days ago)
A perfect way to conclude this perfect album
Enzo 1978 (1 month ago)
I miss you, man
Reptar (1 month ago)
Hey you, yes you. You are the love of my life.
Lojane Bacalso (1 month ago)
Judah Salazar (1 month ago)
Freddie just MAGNIFICOOOoooooooooooooo!
Romina Goldberg (1 month ago)
It's like "Dreamer's Ball" ❤❤
Lawrence Larman (1 month ago)
Freddie is like a lullaby singer.
Ane Dijitak (1 month ago)
Sleeping on the Sidewalk = Blues song. My Melancholy Blues = Jazz song. I love Queen.
Espectacular cancion
Melody Patterson (1 month ago)
One of their most underrated songs ❤️❤️
Marvak (1 month ago)
So complicate song for non-english language boys 'n' girls )))))))))))
Marvak (1 month ago)
Another Party Is Over..
Marcko MAM (1 month ago)
Helios (1 month ago)
OMG This is definitely one of my favorite songs of Queen... Everyone should listen&enjoy this song!
Vladimir Rafael (1 month ago)
Another party is over And I'm left cold sober Baby left me for somebody new I don't wanna talk about it Want to forget about it Wanna be intoxicated with that special brew So come and get me Let me Get in that sinking feeling That says my heart is on an all time low, so Don't expect me To behave perfectly And wear that sunny smile My guess is I'm in for a cloudy and overcast Don't try and stop me 'Cause I'm heading for that stormy weather soon I'm causing a mild sensation With this new occupation I'm permanently glued To this extraordinary mood, so now move over And let me take over With my melancholy blues I'm causing a mild sensation With this new occupation I'm in the news I'm just getting used to my new exposure Come into my enclosure And meet my melancholy blues
Interesting Things (1 month ago)
His expression on piano, sense of rythm , phrasing, it is all mindblowing, simply unbelievable, I just can’t understand how musically rich his seemingly simple playing was.
Archer Corporation. (1 month ago)
Beautiful SOng
Nancy Contreras (1 month ago)
This is imposible... just imposible... out this wold... the rithm of the universe...
j a n n e t ! (1 month ago)
Ahhhhh this song is so smoouuuthhhhhhhh ouuuuuuuwoahhh!!!!!!
Patrick Taylor (1 month ago)
I have loved this band since I was small. Saw them with Adam Lambert a few years ago, looking forward to seeing them again in Tacoma in the summer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atMBWyL_j6E I also recorded my own vocal cover of this song. I'm going to be continuing a series of Queen covers on my channel on a consistent basis. Feel free to like and subscribe!
Mac Daddy (1 month ago)
They should have had a scene in Bohemian Rhapsody of him singing this song alone in his house
Naji Musa (1 month ago)
I’m binge listening to this song. Terrific!
Gene Lou (1 month ago)
I heard some melody the same with Toy Story haha anyone
Jazzy Rosier (1 month ago)
Who else's gay ass wants to dress up and lay on a piano with a spotlight and just sing this?
Roberto Zadik (1 month ago)
Beautiful and underrated Freddie's song..
Edgardo Penman (1 month ago)
Queen + jazz blues = perfection🙊😍
oscar herrera (1 month ago)
Grandiosa voz
mia faith (1 month ago)
this song makes me another level of emo
HoneyLemon Furz (1 month ago)
Ven betta (1 month ago)
Freddie, man... who hurt you?
STONE OUTDOORS (1 month ago)
Nolan Peraza (1 month ago)
This has to be the most underrated Queen song. Who agrees?
Lennon McCartney (1 month ago)
This song is GOOD
Fish Kwan (1 month ago)
Freddie's voice melt your heart....
mynotsocrazylife (1 month ago)
This is so absolutely purple and I love it
Elissa Schornstein (1 month ago)
Maraschino Baby (1 month ago)
Remind me to listen to this right before the world ends 👍
Paul Lahotski (1 month ago)
btw Brian May...we share a birthday..7/19
Paul Lahotski (1 month ago)
Queen could play anything, 4 English guys, and they come off with this spectacular piece of jazz music..incredible if you ask me
Leonel Fusco (1 month ago)
I really wonder... Who end up here because of the movie? As 99% of the songs, this is another undervalue song and I really appreciate most of you join us to enjoy this masterpiece :D
Iona Randall (11 days ago)
+Marie Grimes saame like, literally EXACTLY THE SAME
Marie Grimes (1 month ago)
I will admit that i am here because of the movie but i was a Queen fan growing up but not a "groupie" - knew their big hits and Don't Stop Me Now was and still is my favorite song although there are so many close seconds. but since the movie i have been scouring YouTube for interview, music videos, and concerts and cannot get enough of Queen! I am making my way through their album catalog and in utter and complete AWE at this versatile, brilliant group of men whose groundbreaking music has lasted 40+ years. I am thankful for the movie because it has allowed millions of people to discover or (re)discover this band and keep their legacy going! :)
Eda Ari (1 month ago)
Tara Raynal (2 months ago)
Beautiful artwork
Filip (2 months ago)
Freddie : Don't try and stop me Me : Don't stop me now i'm having such a good time
Lili Anna (2 months ago)
My favorite queen song at the moment!
T Series is gay :3 (2 months ago)
Gotta break the666 comments 😖
Dehaven Welxh (2 months ago)
Hey commenting account, it's me the kid from last year or whatever texting on my phone, do you have Instagram or Snapchat?
Klára Dufková (2 months ago)
We are my superhero thanks ❤ With got Freddie Mercury🌎😭❤❤
blanca gtz (2 months ago)
Lawrence Larman (2 months ago)
Whatever's the reason, listening to this makes me fall sleep. No coffee is effective
cleftheart (2 months ago)
Peter "Phoebe" Freestone's favourite Queen song.
Omg... Wonderul song 🤩😍
David Ledford (2 months ago)
beautiful bluesy an cool piano,an his voice..i like about 15 of queens songs very much,along with deep purple,zz top skynyrd and others..spirit,an nazareth
Zein Ma (2 months ago)
every time I listen to this man I feel like I'm listening for the first time! what a voice what a man what a legend!
Antonio Junior Alves (2 months ago)
Não acredito que não tenha um br curtindo esse som ❤
Delaney Spencer (2 months ago)
0:09 I thought freddie was about to bless the rains down in africa for a second
Oishika Datta (2 months ago)
Just got an incredible Ella Fitzgerald vibe. Freddie won't ever stop surprising, I guess
Skylar Timmermans (2 months ago)
freddie's piano is amazing in this, but john's bass just makes the song
Michelle Banal (2 months ago)
Oh god, what a voice! I'm in heaven
Fatma Ata (2 months ago)
En beğendiğim ve herkesin fazla bilmediği bir şarkı...
recostrudo punx (2 months ago)
I listened this for first time when I was six years old, nowadays I still listen queen music, I'm 24 years now , I would like that in my funeral someone plays this song
Erin Torres (2 months ago)
This is one of my favorite songs. All of my life I have used Queen to help me through rough spots, but this song is special. I obtained this record 3 years ago and it filled my nights with bliss. Last year, I entered my very first relationship. After a few months of being chipper young adults he started distancing himself from me piece by piece. Finally he had told me that he was going through some personal issues and wasnt ready for a relationship. A few weeks later he was with another girl. To put it abruptly, I was heartbroken and would listen to this song every night and used it to express my emotions. Thank God for the band Queen!
chillsjive music (2 months ago)
freddie mercury a versitile singer a creative with big soul and heart with his music no words beyond you are legendary !QUEEN YOU ARE FOREVER IN THIS WORLD
Kelly_SP (2 months ago)
Lovely voice of Freddie. Perfect Jazz music
Mustafa Taslim (2 months ago)
Mr. Mercury's piano.
Kristin Clarke (2 months ago)
Just broke up with someone...now i can't stop listening to this.

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