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Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams (Live Performance)

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Nicki Minaj performs "Barbie Dreams" live in Philly, from the Made In America ("Dreams") festival. Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/queenYD Subscribe to Nicki Minaj on YouTube: http://bit.ly/NickiMinajYTSub Connect with Nicki https://www.mypinkfriday.com https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj https://twitter.com/nickiminaj https://facebook.com/nickiminaj
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Text Comments (3624)
Justin V (11 hours ago)
Nicki is fat not thick
Ra E (18 hours ago)
meek is blocked o;
R J (1 day ago)
weak ass audience
Rasheda Roberts (1 day ago)
for somebody who does not like lil kim you stay riding her wave. dont get me wrong i love nick to cause you are super talented but this is confusing to me but it is what it is
Sophie Brown (3 days ago)
Not only is Nicki the queen of rap, but also I think she looks the best she's ever looked. She's thiccc af and despite the fact she's had surgery she looks naturally voluptuous and I'm living for it😍😍😍
Louise Koonark (5 days ago)
Nicki Minaj I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Trenaman (9 days ago)
Love how she’s barefoot
natalie Koertje (10 days ago)
she's all plastic and won't stop saying shit,pussy,and fuck
Ricky Myers (11 days ago)
Not bad
Reginaldo Zika (11 days ago)
sou muito sua fa muito te amo vou fazer uma tatoo ingual a sua por homenagem bjs de camile 😍maior sonho da vida é te conhecer minha dusa minaj
Reginaldo Zika (11 days ago)
amo muito demais demais ñ vou morrer enquanto ñ ver você nem que seja de longe em um show
Roger Moter (12 days ago)
Is it just me or someone else saw “QUEEN” like (Freddie Mercury/ Queen) I think she copy them 🤔
FAL G (13 days ago)
Her music was so much better, now is just a repetitive, boring beat with bearly any melody. "Starships" was an example of a fantastic rap/song.
Mikey Saucedo (13 days ago)
If I was their I be singing the whole song lmao
MrNorbotron (13 days ago)
Why is she so unhealthy fat?
Joseph Kaminski (17 days ago)
Cardi B's better than Nicki Minaj
Joseph Kaminski (17 days ago)
Fuckyou Nicki Minaj cardi B rules
Bronx one zero 466 (17 days ago)
The fat queen.
maya.54321 (18 days ago)
It doesn’t even sound like her, such a difference from the music video
cutii Life (18 days ago)
Hay un nuevo meme https:// eno no es para burla espero que os guste el meme
زومـ ღ ــا (19 days ago)
ღ ღ ღ
Mateo Loppo Trôhé (20 days ago)
I don't like when her lyrics are that much explicit. However, this is a great performance.
Erric Pao (20 days ago)
nicki now N I C K I
ben Fenerliyim (22 days ago)
2018 !!?💟✅
Charls Greber (24 days ago)
As usual u did a greatest job
Lavetta Lewis (24 days ago)
Thinking big, and is not liking it.
MKNLSN xx (24 days ago)
Our girl got thick 😅 Still love her tho 💕
King Hernandez (25 days ago)
Hope the beat was more faster
kingdom master21 (26 days ago)
How she can't curse in the first bars then she curses the hole time 😂
Tamara Alisha (26 days ago)
ItsArlene (28 days ago)
Nesiyah GotThatFire (28 days ago)
I just had a moment of silence for sis
Kringe Kid (28 days ago)
She sounds like Iggy
MASTEROF23 (1 month ago)
Nice thank you world for Nicki Minaj
Pedro Luis (1 month ago)
Que gorda está! Arriba Cardi B!
Luis Mario Unicorn (25 days ago)
¿Y eso le quita ser la rapera más pagada del 2018? y eso que la manca de Changardi decía que cobraba más por show por su embarazo JAJAJAA así quedé. o ¿deja de ser la rapera más premiada? ¿o la más vendida? ¿o la más talentosa al ESCRIBIR ELLA MISMA SUS RAPS?. No digas locuras 😎
Lexy Nexen (1 month ago)
ALL these people commenting on her weight like they're Victoria's Secret Models 😂 😂😂😂😂
B Nation (1 month ago)
Lol she comfy with no shoes while doing her job 😂
Gherie G. (1 month ago)
People keep calling her queen. A whore is your queen ?!! People have lost their minds. The devil has done a huge number on you guys. "GET OUT OF BABYLON, MY PEOPLE !!! " Don't sell your souls for a little thrill. Because ALL the thrills in the world ain't worth losing paradise. CHRISTIANS BEWARE !!!! 666 !
Y_fan9000 (1 month ago)
that was on point !
이해천 (1 month ago)
브리트니 스피어스는 살쪘을때, 살찐 여가수 공연을 왜 봐야하나, 대대적으로 기사 쏟아내더니..
Riazul Islam Rahil (1 month ago)
Margeaux (1 month ago)
She look like pebbles flintstone
TaZiya Sanders (1 month ago)
Kwën Oya (1 month ago)
I really hate the way she shaped it’s not sexy I’m sorry she cute from the stomach on up her hips too wide like what’s going on but this song hitting
Ryan (1 month ago)
You're such a great artist, Nicki!
Axhlzy. (1 month ago)
cardi b tried to steal nicki Minaj’s personality. so yeah that’s why I don’t like cardi b.
Big Fella (1 month ago)
Esperanza lol (1 month ago)
Where are ur shoes girl..... What did mama tell you, never go outside without ur shoes on
Duvil Edge (1 month ago)
i love nicki
guneljale Ehmedli (1 month ago)
The Queen Minaj
OSCAR STUNNER (1 month ago)
Ya'll yaping bur u know Queen Nikki is the best lyricist just like his boss Wizzy November 2018 am here
Nia 87 (1 month ago)
Barefoot just like what Joss Stone loves to do it
MagicHDYT (1 month ago)
Nicki's next album should be songs that are similar to her 2012 songs
Justin V (1 month ago)
Fat just fat is all I see
Ntando Sinaye (1 month ago)
Jaelyn Jones (1 month ago)
Don’t say the queen better when she don’t even have shoes on for a Peformance
Dang everybody about to kill each in the comments.
Johnathan Baugh (1 month ago)
She looks bottom heavy
Gugulethu Mkhize (1 month ago)
Iconic...feels good...established.
Paul Lockley (1 month ago)
Unlucky em just playing man love ya bro
Paul Lockley (1 month ago)
Lick I meant babe x x
Paul Lockley (1 month ago)
Would to kick ya ass and fuck ya such a good bad bitch but ya my queen real music beyond genius babe x x 😇😍😉😜😜😜😂x x
Kiran Nadeer (1 month ago)
She’s a queen sometime and sometimes the lyrics are too much
calkakrzywoliniowa (1 month ago)
Alex Alex (1 month ago)
*is she shoeless??? 😶 I have just figured it out* 😂😂😂
ariel sherman (1 month ago)
Just dreams
Seren Nefes (1 month ago)
Tam tosun olmuşsun
Amy Ernst (1 month ago)
She so fucked up her body Looks so much better around Anaconda video
Ryan Muita (1 month ago)
Nicki minaj is the only female queen rapper. Fuck cardi with that big nise of hers. Nicki rules this female rap game. Cardi should go back and shake her little ass on that pole and leave the game for the people who can win it. Cardi aint nothing but a slut,hoe,pussy,bitch and a motherfucking gold digger. #nickifan4lyfe😝😝😝
LO VE (1 month ago)
Omg this is amazing NICKI QUEEN
Prabhjot Gill (1 month ago)
Ummmmmm the crowd is dead asf
Prabhjot Gill (1 month ago)
0:59 ooooo that a high note
Kelsey J22 (1 month ago)
Horrible wig
Princess Glow (1 month ago)
She saying she remember A lot.... And I remember when her music was LIT. Now it's Like .....uhh...... She need to do some collabs ...stop talking about her hatter's...and these niggas...how can you have all this money...and give anybody a thought...if she just foucs on her self...the music would be better....now I'm just saying..Barbie dreams lol .
Tru Colures (1 month ago)
i love the added background track
Nicki Minaj I Love you 😘
I know why we all love this song so much. The Offbeat
gangstaguy 2000 (1 month ago)
That's why they call queen of rap
Shanelle Skipper (1 month ago)
Nicki got super Thick!!!!!!
Tough Shit (1 month ago)
This is taking me back to the 90s....with a lil kim vibe to it....
Dawn Mcneil (1 month ago)
Nicki pls stop getting butt, hips and thigh shots. It’s getting out of hand and u didn’t need it anyway
JT Slimz (1 month ago)
Holy F*** did she ever balloon 😲
Tania Alcantara (1 month ago)
OMG su voz se escucha igual🏵️
Marlene Munoz (1 month ago)
damn u look fat live performing lol get a tummy tuck, n some fat took out of ur legs ... once nicki gets pregnant she's gonna get double her size she's already huge.
Ilie Strugariu (1 month ago)
Is her fat or..?
Casaouia5300 (1 month ago)
faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss lol nicki is dope :)
Achilleas Mattheou (1 month ago)
Nice nip slip
Chinsue Lee (1 month ago)
Real artistic star top rapper baddest bitch in the game queen
Princess Cardi (1 month ago)
Kofi Cent (1 month ago)
i loovvvveeeee nicki the queen of rap
Miss Okechukwu (1 month ago)
How many of y’all favs can perform live like this
go go Asian dancersss
Tee Morg (1 month ago)
Queen on this 1..
a23_ 06 (1 month ago)
I love Cardi B
Starzy Stella (1 month ago)
is this cardi b page uu coward
Esmeralda portillo (1 month ago)
Love you Nicki
RKR 10 (1 month ago)
Cardi who?
Honey Barbie (1 month ago)
she need to lose weight
Honey Barbie (1 month ago)
where her shoes at
Crystal Light (1 month ago)
Nikki needs to grow up and act her age I can’t stand it when I hear her say she’s a queen like wtf your nothing to look up too your just as fake as you look girl there’s nothing real that comes in or out this women Shes only famous due to lil Wayne 😡 Queen Elizabeth❤️❤️💛💜 it’s the real queen here 😭😭

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