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Nicki Minaj - Barbie Dreams (Live Performance)

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Nicki Minaj performs "Barbie Dreams" live in Philly, from the Made In America ("Dreams") festival. Stream / Download Album “Queen” Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/queenYD Subscribe to Nicki Minaj on YouTube: http://bit.ly/NickiMinajYTSub Connect with Nicki https://www.mypinkfriday.com https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj https://twitter.com/nickiminaj https://facebook.com/nickiminaj
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Text Comments (3704)
Alex YOUTUBE (14 hours ago)
Where are her shoes
primos Resendez (19 hours ago)
I Love Nicki the queen of rap for ever 😍
Zeus (20 hours ago)
esmailin paulino (2 days ago)
You shit
esmailin paulino (2 days ago)
Cardi b
esmailin paulino (2 days ago)
I get very mad when you miss with my number one fan
paablomariin (3 days ago)
I liked the rap of the end but she never performs it
Davi Bittencourt (5 days ago)
Maravilhosa ❤️😍🔊🇧🇷
Kema Johnson (6 days ago)
I love this bitch❤💋😚💯😚👑😂 with her shoes off and errrrthang.... #QueenNicholas❤
HD POP (7 days ago)
🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
Keles Lewis (12 days ago)
Love this song
Chui ガム (12 days ago)
I was hoping to see the ending part where she raps really fast
Marcos Fenzel (16 days ago)
gorda y fea deja de comer
Edith pat (16 days ago)
G C (19 days ago)
FULL LIVE HERE https://youtu.be/0Ids2eOfu6Q
angeline afrikaner (19 days ago)
Nicki is the reason im listening to rap music ❤
Garik Nuryagdyew (21 days ago)
Lajos Banka (21 days ago)
barefoot ha? what a yokel
Ramon verucci (23 days ago)
Queen ❤
Mert Esdeath (30 days ago)
I love this song 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keyshia Floyd (1 month ago)
Roberto Zarate (1 month ago)
Where is the full performance?
G C (19 days ago)
Full live https://youtu.be/0Ids2eOfu6Q
eric lyrics video (1 month ago)
Mohammed Al-mansour (1 month ago)
Her thighs😍 omg I'm having a heart attack
She's 5'2 that means We're the same height 😥 but she always looks confident when she performs. She's such a role model to me.😍
The Genuine Filipina (1 month ago)
Iconic 😊
CoOkie Doi xD (1 month ago)
she had no shoes xD
Rodrigo (1 month ago)
Bria Bonner (1 month ago)
The most beautiful woman in the world james brown of female rap 👑👑👑
King Wwort (1 month ago)
her shoes are where?
Chidera Loveth (1 month ago)
My queen is killing it keep it up cos I will always love and support you
Carole Carole (1 month ago)
Cardi B got you girl yes I like it like that Cardi B!
blxrryfxce 234 (1 month ago)
nkkk cbibo (1 month ago)
Alisa Ronk (1 month ago)
wow nicki your really getting thick
Gedosu (1 month ago)
Zhanon Morales (1 month ago)
Fake ass lil kim... That's why cardi threw a show at this dumb ass bitch head!!!🙀😂😂😂
Loveandlight (1 month ago)
is she padded also who else can see those leggings and bunching at the ankles
Chloe Hill (1 month ago)
Love this song.
Roman Zolanski (1 month ago)
2:00 I think she's late
lana rey (1 month ago)
Classic shit😎
Fart Remix (1 month ago)
She can't even move with her fake ass lmfao That's why Cardi is slaying with her quality performances
R J (2 months ago)
idk where she performed but that audience was weak af she kept trying to bring the fire and they weren’t responding
milo de escorpio (2 months ago)
Jordan helms (2 months ago)
Wait I’m confused. When performers are performing on tv do they censor the audio or do the performers just skip explicit words?
sour cherry (2 months ago)
her feet look tiny compared to the rest of her body
Aziz (2 months ago)
Justin V (2 months ago)
Nicki is fat not thick
Ra E (2 months ago)
meek is blocked o;
R J (2 months ago)
weak ass audience
Rasheda Roberts (2 months ago)
for somebody who does not like lil kim you stay riding her wave. dont get me wrong i love nick to cause you are super talented but this is confusing to me but it is what it is
Sophie Brown (2 months ago)
Not only is Nicki the queen of rap, but also I think she looks the best she's ever looked. She's thiccc af and despite the fact she's had surgery she looks naturally voluptuous and I'm living for it😍😍😍
Louise Koonark (2 months ago)
Nicki Minaj I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ethan Trenaman (2 months ago)
Love how she’s barefoot
natalie Koertje (2 months ago)
she's all plastic and won't stop saying shit,pussy,and fuck
Ricky Myers (2 months ago)
Not bad
Reginaldo Zika (2 months ago)
sou muito sua fa muito te amo vou fazer uma tatoo ingual a sua por homenagem bjs de camile 😍maior sonho da vida é te conhecer minha dusa minaj
Reginaldo Zika (2 months ago)
amo muito demais demais ñ vou morrer enquanto ñ ver você nem que seja de longe em um show
Roger Moter (2 months ago)
Is it just me or someone else saw “QUEEN” like (Freddie Mercury/ Queen) I think she copy them 🤔
barbiezdreamz (1 month ago)
HIV mercury has nothing to do with this
FAL G (2 months ago)
Her music was so much better, now is just a repetitive, boring beat with bearly any melody. "Starships" was an example of a fantastic rap/song.
Mikey Saucedo (2 months ago)
If I was their I be singing the whole song lmao
MrNorbotron (2 months ago)
Why is she so unhealthy fat?
Joseph Kaminski (2 months ago)
Cardi B's better than Nicki Minaj
Joseph Kaminski (2 months ago)
Fuckyou Nicki Minaj cardi B rules
Bronx one zero 466 (2 months ago)
The fat queen.
maya.54321 (2 months ago)
It doesn’t even sound like her, such a difference from the music video
cutii Life (2 months ago)
Hay un nuevo meme https:// eno no es para burla espero que os guste el meme
زومـ ღ ــا (2 months ago)
ღ ღ ღ
Mateo Loppo Trôhé (2 months ago)
I don't like when her lyrics are that much explicit. However, this is a great performance.
Erric Pao (2 months ago)
nicki now N I C K I
VİDEO İNTRO KANALI (2 months ago)
2018 !!?💟✅
Charls Greber (2 months ago)
As usual u did a greatest job
Lavetta Lewis (2 months ago)
Thinking big, and is not liking it.
MKNLSN xx (2 months ago)
Our girl got thick 😅 Still love her tho 💕
King Hernandez (3 months ago)
Hope the beat was more faster
Tamara Alisha (3 months ago)
ItsArlene (3 months ago)
Nesiyah GotThatFire (3 months ago)
I just had a moment of silence for sis
King Franco (3 months ago)
She sounds like Iggy
MASTEROF23 (3 months ago)
Nice thank you world for Nicki Minaj
Pedro Luis (3 months ago)
Que gorda está! Arriba Cardi B!
Luis Mario Unicorn (2 months ago)
¿Y eso le quita ser la rapera más pagada del 2018? y eso que la manca de Changardi decía que cobraba más por show por su embarazo JAJAJAA así quedé. o ¿deja de ser la rapera más premiada? ¿o la más vendida? ¿o la más talentosa al ESCRIBIR ELLA MISMA SUS RAPS?. No digas locuras 😎
B Nation (3 months ago)
Lol she comfy with no shoes while doing her job 😂
Gherie G. (3 months ago)
People keep calling her queen. A whore is your queen ?!! People have lost their minds. The devil has done a huge number on you guys. "GET OUT OF BABYLON, MY PEOPLE !!! " Don't sell your souls for a little thrill. Because ALL the thrills in the world ain't worth losing paradise. CHRISTIANS BEWARE !!!! 666 !
Y_fan9000 (3 months ago)
that was on point !
이해천 (3 months ago)
브리트니 스피어스는 살쪘을때, 살찐 여가수 공연을 왜 봐야하나, 대대적으로 기사 쏟아내더니..
Riazul Islam Rahil (3 months ago)
Margeaux (3 months ago)
She look like pebbles flintstone
TaZiya Sanders (3 months ago)
Kwën Oya (3 months ago)
I really hate the way she shaped it’s not sexy I’m sorry she cute from the stomach on up her hips too wide like what’s going on but this song hitting
Ryan (3 months ago)
You're such a great artist, Nicki!
•Mooni• (3 months ago)
cardi b tried to steal nicki Minaj’s personality. so yeah that’s why I don’t like cardi b.
Charity Hope (1 month ago)
•Mooni• Cardi and Nicki are totally two different personalities omg 😂😭😭
Big Fella (3 months ago)
Esperanza lol (3 months ago)
Where are ur shoes girl..... What did mama tell you, never go outside without ur shoes on
Duvil Edge (3 months ago)
i love nicki
guneljale Ehmedli (3 months ago)
The Queen Minaj
OSCAR STUNNER (3 months ago)
Ya'll yaping bur u know Queen Nikki is the best lyricist just like his boss Wizzy November 2018 am here
Nia 87 (3 months ago)
Barefoot just like what Joss Stone loves to do it

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