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Freddie Mercury Interview Musical Prostitute part 1

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Perhaps the most famous interview of Fred. Filmed in Munich as the band were about to release the works album in 1984. Freddie was interviwed by Rudi Dolezal at Musicland Studios By the way the stupid comments about "Arnold Schwarzenegger" are old and dated and NOT funny, I'm guessing that to those who say that they seem to cant differentiate between German accents. Rudi is a great guy who contributed towards making some of the best Queen/Freddie videos and documentaries amongst some of the greatest artists in the world. I dont own this video, I have never received any form of monetary income. Under fair use policy this is kosher. This interview belongs to Queen Productions/Studios
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Text Comments (8298)
Raising Rambo (2 hours ago)
After watching bohemian Rhapsody movie
Mike (3 hours ago)
He always wore those wife beater tee shirts.
valz zg (10 hours ago)
Queen cool .Blaze it
valz zg (10 hours ago)
Crazy cool person .he's kinda hot his attitude too bad he gay.😯still think he's hot
drewski67 (17 hours ago)
In defense of those saying ‘Arnold’.. Dolezal is Viennese. He’s not German.
King Kenny (20 hours ago)
Absolute Legend ❤️
I wonder if Boy George appreciated the hell out of what Freddie said about him.
ThisIsMetv (1 day ago)
Can we trade Kanye for Freddy?
BlankCanvas88 (2 days ago)
Does it seem to anyone else that he was high on something here? Either that or he had a lot of nervous energy.
Nina (1 day ago)
He was always like that. Very nervous and keyed up in interviews and then he started avoiding them completely
Alexia Is On Fire (2 days ago)
I know the vast majority loved it but I hated the film, I thought Rami Malek was fucking terrible and the script was 100% Hollyweird. Insulting to true fans of the genius
Patricia B. (1 day ago)
Alexia Is On Fire I agree completely!!!
Citadel Balan (2 days ago)
After 13 years old four ladies still Rockin away!
Zuzana Gabco (2 days ago)
No one says, "darling" quite like Freddie...
Gary Coulson (2 days ago)
Always love you Freddy 💕🙌🏼
Alonso PUBG (3 days ago)
Patrick Grimes (3 days ago)
BeckyKendall (3 days ago)
Where does his smoke go after he inhaled, just swollows it hmm
livechild212 (3 days ago)
He’s so wired during this interview.🤦🏻‍♂️ Still one of the most amazing musician we’ve ever had . Miss his sort of talent.
Reno Algamar (3 days ago)
He's the most mannered, classic, royal rockstar ever been. It's like he's a real king but really love his people, then he spread his love by singing. Such a noble king, he is
alexdoesstuff (3 days ago)
*I had a cold last week if anyone cares.*
click here (3 days ago)
I don't get it magic Johnson aquired hiv 25 years ago and he's still alive and well, freddie succumbed to this virus for less than five years.
Nina (1 day ago)
There is a difference; Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV and Freddie was diagnosed with full blown AIDS in 1987. Freddie was probably HIV positive for about 10 years before his death. A few more years and the drug cocktail would have worked.
Saspurs211 (3 days ago)
I’m not to sure about the timeline of things or how hiv/aids works, but I think soon after Freddie died a new drug came out that Magic Johnson was able to afford and take. That’s why he still has hiv, not aids.
maxS (3 days ago)
German interviewer maybe??
Naoufal Hitmi (3 days ago)
Rraven'sCat (3 days ago)
When he said what will you wear in 10 years my heart couldn't take it...
Richard Petty (3 days ago)
Who’s here after the movie?
Jeff Brown (3 days ago)
Weird how they keep mentioning “come and go” with Boy George.
joe coquerre (4 days ago)
This great Man,should still be Alive,how come he was not medically, helped.....!!!,too late..??....Lots of HIV Positive people are"fine",I don't get it...Maybe,Freddie did not want to live anymore and fight the virus...??......SAD...SO SAD.When he died,"QUEEN"died with him........WHO COULD REPLACE SUCH AN ICON.......what a waste of life....
Lusaga Mtc (4 days ago)
No disrespect but did already have aids here?
Nina (1 day ago)
HIV positive for sure
imputanium (4 days ago)
Hard to say....but most probably. He probably caught it between 80-83. It can lie in your system for years before you have any symptoms. Which he noticed late 86 early 87
Isabel Cabrales (4 days ago)
‘Four old ladies are still rockin away’ ah I love you freddie😂😂
Fatah Banan (5 days ago)
Situation when Freddy out of Queen. Who else know it from the movie?
The Invisible Man (4 days ago)
*freddie. And just a pointer, bohrap was extremely inaccurate, and the timings are all different, so don’t use the film as a source for facts :)
Milkyybo (5 days ago)
This was posted in 2007, and people of 2019 are still watching this. Freddie Mercury's memory will never die. ♡
harikrishnan vijayan (5 days ago)
He was so manly than rami malek, more masculine,much bigger....So cool
Jennifer Barksdale (5 days ago)
Freddie is so mesmorizing i don't know if i spelled that right you get the idea
Why Me (5 days ago)
He was very wrong about Boy George wasn’t he? 😂
Maelui Yumiko (5 days ago)
I used to be fluent in German as a child, but I’ve forgotten much of the language. Accents however, I have not forgotten. The interviewer who I know is from Austria sounds like a cross between German, and French to me. The Vienna dialect has a nasal tone like French, at least to me. So, I think Schwarzenegger probably grew up in a village outside of Vienna, because he sounds nothing like Rudi, the interviewer. You have to be familiar with dialects though, to be able to hear a difference in the accents, or at least familiar with multiple European languages. I mean, people is Europe can detect where someone is from based off their accent. An Italian would be able to hear a difference in accent in someone from Croatia, and most people from any European country pretty much know the accents of surrounding countries. An Italian, or Frenchman might not know the accent of a Ukrainian, or Romanian specifically, but they’d know they are Eastern European. Here in America, we’ve completely lost touch with our European culture. You can ask any American though where a southern man is from, and we’d know they are from the south based off their accent. Interestingly though, much of Louisiana has folks that sound like they are from the North East, akin to an accent from New York, or New Jersey. It’s interesting has accents can sound depending on the influence. I suspect the reason many Louisianan’s sound akin to North East accents is because of the French roots they have. Much of the North East has French and Italian roots, so that might explain the reason why they sound similar.
Paris Jackson (5 days ago)
This is ASMR for me
The Gargantuan Apple (5 days ago)
It’s amazing how polite Freddie is in the interviews that are on YouTube. It’s quite easy to get swept up in the big, flamboyant side of Freddie which is of course amazing, but he really does come across as a very polite, genuine man.
Beef Cake (6 days ago)
It sounds like arnold Schwarzenegger is interviewing Freddie.
Connect Contune (6 days ago)
Vlyisk (6 days ago)
Who ever interviewed him that day is sooo lucky :(
G-Series (6 days ago)
Michelle Ayala (6 days ago)
Does anyone else like when he says ‘darling’ lol I do☺️
Huda A (7 days ago)
People fight over whether he's Indian or Persian and he spent his whole life unlabeling himself, creating a new identity through his music that unites all races, colors, and cultures. If you still don't get the message behind his art, HONOUR this beautiful creature and relisten to their songs, use your heart instead of your ears this time.
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
He was Iranian, clear as day.
Kenneth Khiangte (7 days ago)
I just want to be happy and make a lot of money and buy a lot of things.
Art Burley (7 days ago)
The part when he wanted to say cunt lmao, can't use them words in the interview haha
Mag (7 days ago)
I wonder what is he smoking ? Dunhill ?
Naoufal Hitmi (6 days ago)
Darrell Burnett (8 days ago)
I can't take credit for this because I found it on another video, but it SO made my day so I just thought I'd share the BEST YouTube Comment EVER!😀 ! “I absolutely HATE it when people compare Freddie Mercury to God. I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s great an’ all, but he’s no Freddie Mercury”.
jgradefilms (8 days ago)
Freddie's like: "I'm just here so I don't get fined."
leo solomon (8 days ago)
I didn't know he was Welsh
WhatWAsThatClip ! (8 days ago)
Is it just me but is he the most polite rockstar to ever live🤔
Amelia Airheart (4 days ago)
You are absolutely right 😁😀
Ry Guy (8 days ago)
damn those teeth, what the fuck
Stephen Payne (8 days ago)
"I just want to be happy, make a lot of money, and buy a lot of things..." Well, there goes another pop culture hero, telling us what it's REALLY all about.
loopy Ruane (8 days ago)
Remember kids, it's against God to be like freddy?
imputanium (8 days ago)
Freddy Krueger ?
Sorin Ichim (9 days ago)
It is sad that a great person like Freddie is gone ! Imagine what the music industry would be like ! ? Freddie is a legend!
Burger Terminator (9 days ago)
Fuck, after watching the movie, I feel so strange to feel so absurdly sad from an artist's passing I never got to watch live or experience him while he was still alive and yet, I feel such a profound sadness that someone so talented, so poetic, so artistic and from a heterosexual Male, so beautiful in just his very being that it staggers me. So long as your music lives, you'll live for ever Freddy.
CHKDG8 (9 days ago)
Freddy was a master troll. He's basically toying with the interviewer. Imagine if one of your favorite musical memories was attending a Queen concert only to find out years later that Freddie actually hated that specific tour that you saw and that he didn't even bother to give it his all when you were there. Troll level 9000 posthumously.
Jon Bakken (9 days ago)
You can tell he was self conscious about his horse teeth
loopy Ruane (8 days ago)
his victims didn't complain?
Alyssa Blanche (9 days ago)
June Pearl (9 days ago)
The interviewer lacked skill. Imagine if a really good interviewer had the chance to talk to him. Freddie was really kind and patient with this waste of his time.
aussie_drunk beer (9 days ago)
He was the best 😢😢😢😢😢
TboneNYC10 (10 days ago)
His signing voice is unmatched to this day imo. No one sounds like this man. Truly unique and amazing. I listen to him live in concert more than recorded.
Red falcon gaming (7 days ago)
Lightbringer Not at all, he has the energy but his voice is not as close as Marc Martels voice is to Freddie Mercury. Second Marc is not a impersonator, he in know way true to impersonate Freddie, Marc brings his own perspective with it. Lee is impersonating him, yet on a scale of one to ten Marc has a 8 and lee has a 7, his voice is close to Freddie’s but not close enough, so far Marc has the closest voice. If anything people also saw lee and they were disappointed.
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
+Red falcon gaming fail, martel sounds like ass, a bad impersonator, the closest voice to freddie is joseph lee jackson.
Red falcon gaming (9 days ago)
TboneNYC10 Search up Marc Martel and tell me what you think!
Adam N (10 days ago)
seemed like a cool guy to drink a beer with, interesting perspectives from him. nice interview!
Billo1281 (10 days ago)
Rami Malek talked way too slow compared to the real deal here. Freddie is quick witted and talks very fast.
Billo1281 (7 days ago)
I still enjoyed the movie.
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
malek sucks, what a b actor
Heidi Warburton (10 days ago)
I love this man
Its seems like if I'll talk to him he'll truly understand me
Naoufal Hitmi (9 days ago)
fucking jew of shit
Maya Inoxia (10 days ago)
would have never known he was aisan :|
Maya Inoxia (7 days ago)
+Lightbringer well wherever hes from, i thought he was just british so uts a nice surprise:)
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
He wasnt asian, he was middle eastern, iranian
loopy Ruane (8 days ago)
would have never known he was of satan..............
Stanislav Gonchar (10 days ago)
Am I the only one here find Freddie very attractive and sexy even tho I’m straight. And look at him - smokes cigi’s and drinks beer. What a man!
Triple H (10 days ago)
Bruh I thought the guy in the beginning slapped his mf thigh lol
Naoufal Hitmi (10 days ago)
I have the same mustache
loopy Ruane (8 days ago)
shave it immediately cuz a tache on a gay is not very polite.
Noor •• (11 days ago)
How freeing is it to be able to say EXACTLY what you mean!
Beebe Joslin (10 days ago)
and exactly what you want too x
NicoDifeo (11 days ago)
Das sind deutsche!! O.O
chaos 6010 (10 days ago)
nisha manoj (11 days ago)
A film maker doing a movie on a legends life would definitely searched for all the details ,would have contacted his friend s n families to know about his life. So pls stop Fighting for his orgin. His music rules...
Pratik Bhusal (11 days ago)
I just want to give him a tight hug
Chrizél V (11 days ago)
Its so sad really. He died 9 years and 6 days before I was born😫😫😭😭😭
Wayne Marshall (11 days ago)
It's so weird to miss an artist that died 10 years before you was born... Freddie I miss and love you so much 😔 😢
Johnny Dreday (11 days ago)
the man takes the smallest sips of beers
Sushmita Goswami (11 days ago)
This is an interview, he might be faking it here. His band mates knew the real Freddie. Not any one of us. So based on interviews we cannot make judgements... Otherwise, his postures, dancing, gestures etc during his concerts are portrayed brilliantly by Malek.
Alex Mel (11 days ago)
He looks mexican to me lol
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
He was iranian
Naoufal Hitmi (10 days ago)
cause u are retard who know nothing about this world
Allen M. (11 days ago)
👊 the silent jab, i had long hair painted nail years ago the stuff Boy George is doing now..... 👊 👊 👊
Zee (8 days ago)
I don’t see any cigarette smoke 💨 coming out of his mouth 🤔
bob B (11 days ago)
he is high as fuck here!
bob B (11 days ago)
on cocaine !
Alex Phantom (11 days ago)
he said he would be a stripper if he quit now what would that look like....
Miaadore (9 days ago)
Alex Phantom flamboyant I'm imagining. But he was hung supposedly... so the illusion wouldn't bother most women I guess as most male strippers are poofs anyway
Anonymous Flower (9 days ago)
8:08 “I don’t look too bad for 37, I’ll tell you.”
subab irfan (12 days ago)
My ultimate divo of all time.
Naukamaźou 021 (12 days ago)
By looking this interview i can say that freddie is not afraid on speaking truth. Very genuine person 😍😍😍
Syahir Nizam (12 days ago)
Guy look like bollywood actor john abram
Mike D. (12 days ago)
Yo fix ur teeth man
Bryan Halstead (11 days ago)
Mike D. He’s dead
Joebags ! (12 days ago)
The interviewer sounds like Werner Herzog! Just a bit
Jake Blaze (12 days ago)
He doesn’t know how to smoke
Nina (12 days ago)
I think someone called Dolezal directed a few of the Queen videos in the 80s. Is this the same guy?
Dove Soap (12 days ago)
A lot of people romanticize the terrible personalities of celebs after they die, but Freddie was actually likeable. Sharp wit, blunt yet eloquent observations, great ability to relax and act naturally during a conversation, opinions on other celebs that are actually make sense and aren't just profanity being thrown around, etc. Some of the media darlings today need a fistful of Xans and a liter of straight vodka to slow their narcissism down in order to actually answer interviewer questions. Ugh. Freddie was a great talent AND personality. It's an understatement, really.
musicfromhenjo (9 days ago)
thank you!!!
Jobu Jobu (11 days ago)
Yea because he wasnt a white asshole lol
Jacob bjerregaard (12 days ago)
This guy died 20 days before I was born.
i thought u said years lol sorry
Jacob bjerregaard (11 days ago)
+Аnastasia Лизавета 2011? huh?
U were born 2011
Greg Ni (12 days ago)
Tobbepro16 (12 days ago)
2019? RIP Freddie Mercury
doumkatek Z (13 days ago)
Rami Malek did a good job some ways, but he came off way more flakey and flamey than Freddie did. I had never heard Freddie just talk, and he sounds quite intelligent and very classy
imputanium (7 days ago)
+Lightbringer we must have watched different films then ..and seen a different person accept a Bafta, Academy Award and a golden globe for the movie 🤔
imputanium (7 days ago)
+Lightbringer he wasn't trying too...god does no one actually listen to interviews from the band and Rami on the film.
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
+imputanium rami sucks, didnt look or act like freddie one bit
imputanium (13 days ago)
You need to watch more videos on Freddie. He can be very flaky, bitchy and silly. Watch more interviews. Or behind the scenes stuff
Samreen Khan (13 days ago)
Iam here after watching his biographical movie "Bohemian Rhapsody"!
Wyatt (13 days ago)
"I just want to be happy, make a lot of money and buy a lot of things" -freddy mercury
Annoying Me (2 days ago)
He does have more to him. Just because he’s not going deep here doesn’t mean he wasn’t deep in his personal life. Many people who knew him said he was very kind and sensitive
Stephen Payne (8 days ago)
I thought he had a bit more to him. Never mistake the theatrical illusion for the man himself.
Nuhaa Fuentes (13 days ago)
'happiness is the most important thing'
Bolek Lolek (14 days ago)
Holy shit those rabbit choppers!
Akagami shanks (14 days ago)
The real Prince of Persia, or I should say Queen of Persia ;)
Jan S (14 days ago)
Freddie is actually an OK guy WHEN HE'S NOT SINGING and being a clown.
Lightbringer (7 days ago)
fuck off he is the best
leni -zlr (14 days ago)
you can hear the german accent(?) of the journalist haha

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