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Dance With The Dead - Live at The Moroccan Lounge 11/16/2017

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November 16, 2017 - Dance With The Dead performs live at The Moroccan Lounge, downtown Los Angeles, California. https://dancewiththedead.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/dancewiththedead https://www.facebook.com/dancewiththedeadmusic/ https://twitter.com/DWTDmusic Members: Justin Pointer, Tony Kim Hometown: Orange County, CA
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Text Comments (38)
John Murphy (8 months ago)
Ok, this is epic.
Retro Zwyr (9 months ago)
they were out of bubble gum. So they kicked ass. epic!
ematthews0483 (9 months ago)
Cannot wait to see them tonight, and with Daniel Deluxe nonetheless
rah1090 (8 months ago)
How was it? Seeing them in Portland soon. Was it all stuff from Loved to Death?
Frederik Likesgames (10 months ago)
Heard them, bought their albums, love of my life, and any time they start off, i still to hope to hear welcome to Turrican for an opening synthi, and they need a drummer, just for the stage experiance
lunchbox997 (10 months ago)
this is fucking great, god damn
droptozro (11 months ago)
I just now realized they're just two members. Yeah they do great, love the music but man with a drummer they could really bring some energy to this stage.
Caeleb Candon (5 months ago)
Couldn't agree more.
Saeed Qanei (11 months ago)
I call this a metal-trance music. I love it!
Mojave (7 months ago)
synthcore... it's metalcore fused with synthwave
Saeed Qanei (9 months ago)
much better name
TNF (9 months ago)
Briar Foley (10 months ago)
The Limbo more like metal/synthwave
luis gustavo Brito (11 months ago)
Mto bom....
David Scully (11 months ago)
Cool, would love to see them live
Agent Bill Wilson (11 months ago)
Robeast is just perfect
Jay_Nova (1 year ago)
Man theyd be so much better live with a drummer and synth dude. Great stuff though!
Mike az (1 year ago)
So much ❤️ - dance with the dead is so sicccckkk, love their music , cannot wait for their new album this year !!
Milton (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah! thanks for uploading this dude. I was there and that shit was dope!
The Worst Pro (1 year ago)
What guitar is the left guitarist using?
Hannibal L. (1 year ago)
Left: ESP LTD Viper olympic white Right: Epiphone Explorer 1984 Both with emg active pickups. Thanks dude
arcade15 (1 year ago)
This is fucking incredible. Will be buying tix and flying to wherever their next show is!
Norther Child (1 year ago)
34:00 What is the song?
Blood0cean (10 months ago)
yes its Watching You It changes at 34:22 idk which song, Then it plays the Waves chorus.
The Mexican Bear (10 months ago)
It kinda sounds like Watching You
Blood0cean (11 months ago)
Oscar Jimenez ye I recognise the chorus melody. But the verses sound much better on here.
Oscar Jimenez (11 months ago)
Blood0cean it does, it sound different but it's Waves :)
Blood0cean (11 months ago)
ndestrukt25 it sounds different though the verses.... remix?
1995leva (1 year ago)
XMetalMatter Rammstein (1 month ago)
Katamori (1 year ago)
Get Out
Jarek Sitek (1 year ago)
Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E9-rDplPrM
tripwiredUK (1 year ago)
wtf, why aren't there more comments, this is awesome
David Colas (1 year ago)
Fucking awesome dude ! I need to see them in France...
HappyTheQT (1 year ago)
I'm surprised there wasn't a team documenting their performances, I got to see them in Austin!
Tom Mosforth-Hunt (1 year ago)
Awesome! Thanks for recording and uploading this.

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