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Stronghand Tools 3 Axis Clamp and other Metal Fabrication Tools

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http://www.weldingtipsandtricks.com/metal-fabrication-tools.html stronghand tools 3 axis clamp and other metal fabrication tools and welding techniques, metal fabricating
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Collin Smith (8 days ago)
I love to see practical projects like this!!! I’d like to build this however I’m not exactly sure of the best way to mount the saw to the frame. My bandsaw wasn’t made to be attached to a frame so I’ll have to make a few mods to the saw to be able to mount it. Any chance you could do a super quick video showing how you went about mounting your saw? Newbie welder here and I absolutely love your channel and have been binge watching your videos learning a ton! Thanks Jody! 🤙
Larry Wallace (5 months ago)
Thanks for the tip on a respirator. GM 6300 07026. Good info to know. Inexpensive too. Worth the cost.
Sagar Gee (1 year ago)
Brother nice job
Andy de min (1 year ago)
just wished stronghand had a dealer here ( not a 300% crook )
Matthew Honey (1 year ago)
you should check out fireball tool. he has some awesome squares
TheGainward (2 years ago)
Jody where I can buy these clamps? over here in Croatia these strong hand tools is to much expensive.. i would like to have them
Richard Bennett (2 years ago)
what was the 3 axis clamp you feature in this video please Jody..? WAC35-SW or the bigger WAC45-SW keep up the good work and great videos
markorjack (2 years ago)
Where did you get that stool? My surname is Eaton and one of those would look great in my workshop.
JOHN DENINGER (3 years ago)
was wongering if you can put a 3x3in table leg thru that fixture so the cross supports could be welded approx 4 in from bottom of table legs.
Kasey Coble (3 years ago)
was wondering bout down hill welding ive done it b4 at home on projects to save time and fill gaps like you said i work at an asme shop that makes pressure vessels and all sorts of structual was wondering if you could make a vid on the peo n cons of down hill welding i was not allowed to weld at work downhill under no circumstances
AMITH ANAND (4 years ago)
we have a lot of welding work where can we source these tools
unclefrankonap1953 (4 years ago)
thanks so much fot your professional andcaring ways of demo things.
крутая студия всё прям чистенько аккуратненько.
Eric Price (4 years ago)
I have that 3 angle clamp. I'm welding aluminum and I cant seem to get a 90 degree right angle on the riser. I checked the faces and they seem square but I almost always have to shim the risers. 
Douglas Alan (4 years ago)
Jody. Look up Resp-O-Rator.
matt moon (4 years ago)
Quad boy I have a 3d demmeler table at work same thing as a strong arm but more expencive I spray it down with wd40 keeps it from rusting and helps with spatter if BBS do stick use a chisel and a wet stone to remove them and flatten the bb
axol polly (5 years ago)
Strong hand Tools 3 Axis Clamp very good nice @ square result.can i have the plan if there is no trouble,thank for sharing,
Zip Zit (5 years ago)
Jody, as always thanks for posting. I really like your stuff. I'm considering purchasing the Strong Hand Tools 3 Axis Clamp after watching your video. I realize that clamp comes in two different sizes, a smaller one, PN: WAC35-SW (miter up to 3.75", through clearance to 2.45") and a larger one PN: WAC45-SW (Miter up to 4.75", through clearance to 3.92") Through clearance matters if you are welding on a leg in the middle of a run. Any idea of which model you are displaying in your video?
RanarScreenPrinting (6 years ago)
nice tool to help out when no one around
SegaCD (6 years ago)
Nice video, NICE TOOL!
moutonla (6 years ago)
Great Video Jody! Lots of information for someone like me just starting out!!
OMGWUNSIU (6 years ago)
As always this was a video that i learned something from. Good camera work, thanks for posting this.
Tecnobingo (6 years ago)
A 3 axis tool.just what I have been missing for a very long time. I never found it here, where I am living...
Andy Abdul (6 years ago)
good job and vid
Mitchell Dillman (6 years ago)
that's one handy clamp and a heck of a nice stand...I gotta get me one of both of those! ...and wow, you get some right, tight camera shots for sure. Nice work!
yakdung (7 years ago)
Thanks Jody. I have learned a lot from your videos. One of the best welding websites on the Internet.
HOZ CHOPPERS (7 years ago)
good job...
ColtDeltaElite10mm (7 years ago)
@josefTG...... I don't think the 2097's are worth a crap for welding stainless steel. With stainless, a byproduct of welding is hexavalent chromium (aka: Hex VI). (Same stuff Erin Brokovich made her movie about). For stainless, I use an air system that has an air hose intake about 25' away from the plume itself. (usually upwind from my work station).
Sign in Here (7 years ago)
Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to post your videos. I learn something new every time I watch. Very much appreciated. Thanks!
Buddy Martin (7 years ago)
@JosefTG It used to be easy, Pink was for dust, that changed when it was easy to combine typically used filters. What and how much you breath is based on a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL). For what you do, even if the boss doesn't, spend the extra few bucks and get the dust filter that also filters organics. In your case, the filter is a 2097.
twinstaged (7 years ago)
how do all these tools that allow you to work faster effect how you bill people? They get the savings and you service more customers in a day? Or does the cost of the tools raise your hourly in order to afford them? Something I'm always thinking about when I try to quote for jobs while knowing how much faster I could of done it with the right tool. I guess if the job pays by the inch of weld these tools really pay for themselves.
Buddy Martin (7 years ago)
@googacct I just wanted to toss in my 2c, I teach respiratory protection. The 3M Respirator that Jody referred to is one of the best! For Zinc just make sure you have the Pink 2097 filters, they are particulate filters that also filters organics. There is a Pink 2091 filter that looks like it but it only a dust filter. Get the 2097 filter and you will be fine. Hope you and Jody don't mind me butting in...
wyattoneable (7 years ago)
Geat tools and great tetorials.
The House of RB26 (7 years ago)
these are awesome I could watch these videos all day
googacct (7 years ago)
Is the filter you mentioned effective if I want to plasma cut zinc coated sheet metal? If not, can you recommend one.
Craig Arndt (7 years ago)
Impressive, looks well built.
kristian bottos (7 years ago)
Do you use a auto darkening lens or a passive lens? Which do you think is better?
Ari2k8 (7 years ago)
Hey jody ordered my 2 pack of tig fingers and a 3 pack of sticker but is it free shipping to the uk for stickers as it did charge me for the tig fingers but not the stickers hmmm.. But anyway very instructive video as I all ways get that problem when aligning feet (stop it wobbleing ) but i love the strong hand stuff although hard to find suppliers of it in the uk thanks anyway when my stickers come I'll be flying the flag for weldingtipsandtricks on the side of my speedglas :)
ColtDeltaElite10mm (7 years ago)
Love Jody's videos. The cost that 3-axis vise is outrageous for the garage hobbiest in the current economy. I looked on Northern tool and saw the 3 axis clamp at over $200!!! A 2-axis clamp is $179!!! Most of us can barely afford a 120v mig welder, one angle grinder and MAYBE a chop saw. Those Strong Hand tools break the bank for the rest of us peasants don't are not paid professionals. No wonder Harbor FRIGHT gets a ton of business. :(
Brandon S (5 months ago)
You're in the wrong hobby I think.
Toby's (7 years ago)
I need that portaband and stand. Good stuff there.
weldingtipsandtricks (7 years ago)
@metalmorphist I use Pam...the cooking spray. then I wipe off the excess.
jwright650 (7 years ago)
@metalmorphist Good question....!
weldingtipsandtricks (7 years ago)
@themeaningoflife38 I usually back step the weld...so I am always welding toward the beginning of the previous weld.
metalmorphist (7 years ago)
Good stuff. Do you wipe your table down with any spatter spray to keep it nice?
PrisonEarth (7 years ago)
how do you keep the legs from pulling to one side when you weld them without being clamped?
Jason Slater (7 years ago)
First! great job wish I could be as good as you are!

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