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How to Crimp your Hair. Hair Tutorial - Crimp Light

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TEXTURE : Crimp Light Hair Tutorial. Still images Technical, detailed, step-by-step with animated infographics and voice over instructions. Duration 7.33 HOW TO use a crimping iron for a spectacular hair texture A manipulation that creates a far thicker yet gossamer fine look without altogether losing the hair’s natural texture and style. In a word volume. In two words—long-lasting volume. More tutorials at http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tuto... 0:26 Tools needed for this tutorial 0:45 Prepare your base 1:07 Dampen the Hair Work your way up the hair section towards the crown and brush downwards as you go to release all tangles and knots. 1:34 Add Mousse to achieve longer lasting texture and style 2:22 Blow Dry the Hair 3:02 Clip & Crimp. Using Hot Hair Tools. How to Use the Crimping Iron, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. 6:35 Finishing the look. Opening the texture to reveal the volume and shape Leave the texture loose or style it up into a top-knot, a loose braid, a pony tail or combination, check out some ideas for styling up a crimp texture http://hairblog.nicolasjurnjack.com/us-elle-giedre-dukausaite-crimped-hair/
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