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Crime Scene Cleanup: Turning A Negative Into A Positive by OPEN Forum

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For more info, please visit: http://www.openforum.com/yourbusinesstv Each week, MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. If your business deals with issues that are hard to discuss, spreading the word is a challenge. For example, how can you put a positive spin on a company that does things like cleaning up crime scenes? The founder of one small business says the solution is to focus on her marketing.
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Text Comments (85)
diCkFLavOrEd ToothpasTe (5 months ago)
Would they clean up a crazy bukake party gone awry? There was lots of alcohol and even more semen. My friend didnt see a brochure for that.
jerry baker (5 months ago)
More Gore Please!!😂
Bailey Joan (5 months ago)
Tampa area truly is the best area to do this..
FacelessFoxMask (6 months ago)
Body at 0:23
esechucote52 (6 months ago)
tomorrow has been promised to nobody
Chelsie Dudley (6 months ago)
She seems like a great person!
Lucky Lex (6 months ago)
The hoarders bathrooms are what get me the most. Clothing, fine. Toiletries, fine. But to wipe your ass or cooch and throw it directly on the floor and let it pile up, WHY!!! Put it in one of the hundreds of plastic bags and throw that shit out. Literally.
Connie Jackson (6 months ago)
Dawn Lynch (6 months ago)
Why don't I ever update these programs
Holly888Gan (7 months ago)
Insurance company pay for cleaning ,I never know that
gate keeper (9 months ago)
I heard they killed themselves over American express fees.
Raegan Moyer (11 months ago)
Makes you think that families use to have to man up if their families died, committed suicide, or murdered. Now you can hire someone.
Someone's always looking to make some $$$
Brandy H.2426 (11 months ago)
I don’t know why i thought police had someone to clean up
The Miles (6 months ago)
I usta think the same thing. I mean it just makes since. You would think that comes along with them showing up and fixing things. But sadly they don't cover that.
Lilliz91 (6 months ago)
I thought that too.
Cristina Garcia (11 months ago)
Brandy H.2426 A lot of people believe that. It would make sense.
esechucote52 (11 months ago)
cheap labor !
John J. Sanchez (1 year ago)
It's always ironic that firefighters paramedics police officers and detectives don't wear PPE but Coroner's office workers and these people are paranoid about coming into contact with human body fluids.
Tim Jon (5 months ago)
John J. Sanchez they do when it’s feasible but the nature of a police officer or firefighter doesn’t always allow time to gear up.
smitty54017 (11 months ago)
John J. Sanchez yes they do wear PPE.
jason9022 (1 year ago)
wonder how often this is paid for on an AMEX card.. seeing that they posted this
Meow (1 year ago)
Buy 1 get 1 free lmao
Clayton George (1 year ago)
Her son died on my birthday
Lily Jones (1 year ago)
I follow these guys on Instagram they’re pretty cool !
brennon mitchell (1 year ago)
I started watching m&m manufacturing and got here.
Trent Williams (1 year ago)
This was a great video about the profession. I know a channel that is run by actual crime scene cleaners who post daily videos and hold a livestream once a week. If you’re interested check out youtube.com/c/crimescenecleanersroundtable.
Herdís Rún (1 year ago)
January 4th is my birthday 😥
Fatso mcfatass (1 year ago)
Hey I like your vids
Salt Wizard (1 year ago)
Herdís Rún January 4th is my dads birthday who died last year 22nd November
Pleasant Grove (1 year ago)
Awesome.! But with those hoarding cases she said shes all about the customers feeling and not making them feel bad but she forgot about that going ther with that bigass truck with hazard signs all over just might embaress them! Lol
Garrett V (1 year ago)
Not to mention the blood splatter all over the truck.
Amanda Somma (1 year ago)
Pleasant Grove omg be quiet. She is allowed to have her name on the trucks. If the hoarder is embarrassed to fucking bad they shouldn’t have a disgusting house.
Kayla Noller (1 year ago)
Having to pay to clean up the remains of your sons murder scene is sooooooo fucked up
Griffin Mackenzie (1 year ago)
Kayla Noller its a business ffs Either you do it or you pay someone to do it
Jack O'Neill (1 year ago)
Imma puke
Aaron Aaron (1 year ago)
you are a positive female for the community thanks for helping people
Amdecon (2 years ago)
Nice piece Laura!
Emma Skylet (2 years ago)
In the country where I live if your whole family get killed you have to get on your knees and scrape it off and clean it up families clean up their own beloved ones blood and things true story ...
Brenda Liebenberg (7 months ago)
I'm in RSA....same thing here
Natalie Luders (1 year ago)
Emma Skylet what country is that?
Kassidy Gonzales (1 year ago)
Emma Skylet yeha that's what happens in the US most of the time cause no one knows about these businesses.
Knives and Things (2 years ago)
how do you get into this type of work?
PanicAtTheForehead (5 months ago)
@Rillwill I'll come too. I'm just a weirdo who actually wants a job like cold case investigator or a 911 opreator so yeahhhh
Joan Martin (6 months ago)
Internet,i was going to do it after i retired but i became disabled........better have a lot of guts, and it's very sad.
Joan Martin (6 months ago)
What the hell is to lol abou these situations?! What if it were a relation of yours???
Sebastian Chambers (11 months ago)
Kristal CreepyFog seems fun cleaning up giblets, how about you?
Seth Miller (1 year ago)
Same as any other job, browse the internet for some great businesses like "Aftermath" check for the position you'd like and send an app
finn bell (2 years ago)
0:43 bunch of sick fucks, there
Yung Blossom (1 year ago)
finn bell are you taking the piss?
Griffin Mackenzie (1 year ago)
Katherine Song (2 years ago)
This lady is very smart and compassionate
Katherine Song (2 years ago)
Bless this lady
Donna Mason Brown (2 years ago)
if not what do I need to get to safely clean her home I appreciate any help my number is 806 4745542 Donna Mason Brown
Supreme Taco Queen (1 year ago)
Donna Mason Brown maybe instant message the channel instead. It’s not safe to put your phone number on a public YouTube video comment section. I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m trying to look out for your safety. I hope you get the help you need, god bless.
Donna Mason Brown (2 years ago)
do you go to Texas my daughter was found Dead in her home and I really need help
I am so sorry for you loss Donna. I hope you found the help that was needed.
Walter White (11 months ago)
God bless .. RIP
Haley Nobles (1 year ago)
Donna Mason Brown Bless your heart cause I live in texas too
Jess Plays MSP (1 year ago)
Donna Mason Brown I'm sorry. They work global
Никол (1 year ago)
Donna Mason Brown I'm so terribly sorry about your daughter 😢 God Bless her; you and your family
Lana D R (2 years ago)
well done. imm proud of you xx
qthoshi (2 years ago)
Bless her for helping people!
Jenna Larson (1 month ago)
She’s helping families with the most difficult times
John J. Sanchez (1 year ago)
qthoshi who is she helping?
geoff (2 years ago)
couple bags I know its a time to be sensitive but I have a hoarder that lives a couple blocks away its a problem that should be addressed by law

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