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2019 Year of the Earth Pig: Predictions for All Signs

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Here are predictions for each sign for 2019. Every year I write a best-selling book on Chinese Astrology with predictions and Feng Shui cures. Here are my predictions for you for 2019. Check below for the time stamps for each sign. To get my book, Chinese Astrology 2019 Year of the Earth Pig: https://amzn.to/2EXyDof Time Stamps: Rat 1:10 Ox 4:10 Tiger 6:07 Rabbit: 8:14 Dragon: 9:48 Snake: 12:34 Horse: 15:31 Sheep (or Goat or Ram): 18:14 Monkey: 20:39 Rooster: 24:50 Dog: 28:07 Pig: 32:23 To see the guest appearance of my new cat, LaRue: 16:09 If you want to schedule a reading. Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Psychic Readings are available. Here's the link to my schedule. http://meetme.so/DonnaStellhorn Schedule your time and I'll send you an email with price information and what details I need from you to prepare your reading. Or if you prefer, send me an email and I'll send you details. [email protected] If you want to write to me. Donna Stellhorn PO Box 6294 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-6294 I wish you all joy and prosperity. Let me know what you think of these videos in the comments below. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up. And, if you haven't already, please subscribe. Donna Stellhorn
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Text Comments (169)
R Law (18 hours ago)
Water pig here! Jupiter in Sag natally in the 11th house! 💁🏽‍♀️💓
Christopher Richard (1 day ago)
2000subs eh
Christopher Richard (1 day ago)
I'll believe this when a Chinese tells me this
Divacandii (1 day ago)
I loved this so much. I am a pig in the year of the pig. 2019 has already started off with major transformation and changes. It's been a little hard so far but I'm so determined to rise to the challenges and have an amazing year.
Donna Stellhorn (7 hours ago)
That's fantastic. I believe in you!
Savannah Phillips (1 day ago)
I was born in 1995 🐷 it’s my year 🐽
meccah Malicse (2 days ago)
I am so excited what this year comes for me, im born on year of the pig. thanks for this.
Peter Wong (2 days ago)
Hhhhhmmmmm ...... For 2019, the forcast for Year of the Horse is a challenging year? According to Joey Yap's forcast for the Year of the Horse is going to be an AWESOME YEAR! I wonder who's forcast is more accurate for the Year of the Horse??? Donna Stellhorn or Joey Yap???
Jackie Genever (3 days ago)
The 🐕 28.07 ...bad year last year yes 🙄 hoping 🐖 is going to be great to make up for it 😄
Arielrosemusic (3 days ago)
I teach both Chinese and Western astrology and really enjoyed this overview - some great viewpoints and ways of seeing each signs energy. Two claws up from this Dragon girl 😁
Donna Stellhorn (7 hours ago)
Thank you so much!
AJ Casunuran (4 days ago)
Meeeeeh! GOAT!
laetihonor windy (4 days ago)
Donna- I watch all of your videos. They are highly informative and helpful. I can’t seem to find this anywhere in terms of Feng Shui. I would like to have attract friends and improve my social life, what areas do I need to enhance in my home and with what? I also would like to reconcile with a friend I had a bad failing out with, what do I need to do in terms of Feng Shui? Thanks so much- any help is greatly appreciated.
Donna Stellhorn (7 hours ago)
To attract friends and improve your social life I suggest that each day, before you leave the house, envision yourself surrounded with golden light. When you return sit in your living room for a few minutes and picture people you met that day (even if you just passed them on the street). This will bring you opportunities for new friends in a few weeks. To mend fences with a friend I suggest you print a picture of the friend and put it in a frame. Surround the frame with flowers (can be real or silk). When you see the picture send thoughts of loving kindness to them. Wish them well. When Mercury goes retrograde you may get a chance to reconnect. I hope you have good luck and fortune.
Alexis Eshem (5 days ago)
🐖 Im a pig! 🐖32:23
donald clapper (6 days ago)
this means the fall of jewish control of the world by design of our lord and savior i welcome this with all my heart
Richard DuBois (9 days ago)
Hi Donna.....good job..............................Richard
laetihonor windy (10 days ago)
Donna- why do monkeys keep Having challenging years? For the last 7/8 years have been extremely difficult. I am a metal monkey, cancer sun, Scorpio moon and Scorpio rising. What’s happening? When does it stop? When do monkeys get a break?
Donna Stellhorn (5 days ago)
Yes. You're right, Monkeys have had a tough time. But this year is going to be better because you can take action and opportunities will appear. Remember that's the order. Action first. That's good for high energy Monkey. They love massive action.
jessy ann (10 days ago)
Pig 32:30
Year of the Earth Pig. My son is A fixed Star of Earth pig. Feb 4th and Feb 5th in my Native country.south East Asia.Hes an AQUARIUS.Earth Aqua.Im a Pisce.Water Dog.
Mhey Valderamos (12 days ago)
Year of the Dog..thanks😍
T Maria (14 days ago)
This is very informative, I was born the year of the sheep and I and due to have my baby mid this year so I am looking forward to this amazing relationship with the Pig baby.❤
Donna Stellhorn (5 days ago)
That's wonderful. Congratulations. Your child will be smart, intuitive and persistent. Great qualities.
Deb Ran (15 days ago)
Ive viewed and read multiple things abt dragon, yours contradicts everything they mentioned. Lol.
Archie Calupas (16 days ago)
Year of the SHEEP/ GOAT/ RAM 18:15
kiumars asgari (17 days ago)
Dear lady ,to complete your knowledge about chinese horoscope ,plz refer to the Master of this job ,you can do some cleaning as well 😂
Zeina Ian (18 days ago)
I was born in the year of the Wood Pig and my Jupiter is in Sagittarius so I am very excited about this year and I hope my goal of making career out of my art comes true.
Zeina Ian (17 days ago)
+Donna Stellhorn Thank You so much I really appreciate it. 😊
Donna Stellhorn (17 days ago)
I hope so too. I'm following you on Instagram and keeping an eye on your progress.
elhamrose ZaneYianni (18 days ago)
We Smoke Bitcoins (19 days ago)
A description that's timestamped?!? we're living in the craziest timeline.
playnite (19 days ago)
LIEZL TV (20 days ago)
Year of the rat
JJ Sassman (21 days ago)
Yehay... Year of the PIG, Let's go to WALMARTY... Yoohoo
Daniel Rice (21 days ago)
U said thr wud sign n we can skip video & c our own prediction but no zoadic sign was thr on d screen had to go back n forth multiple times to c get my zoadic next time keep a sign stuck to d video on the screen let it b thr until u forcast other signs keep on changing as u forcast I'm subscribing but plz make changes on nxt video.
Perú Investigaciones (21 days ago)
are you MINGUA 8? greettings from Perú
Perú Investigaciones (21 days ago)
Your video was amaizing! I´m Impacted! wish u the best.. I´m Pig-Tiger-Dog-Pig Kua8 ;) send me luck please cause this video just sent the knowledge! thanks Donnaaa
kent albert (22 days ago)
Im year of the pig
Sandra Sauve (22 days ago)
What is 1947?
Sandra Sauve (22 days ago)
I subscribed. Good luck
My Nguyen (23 days ago)
You are mixed between Eastern Chinese horoscopes and Western Astrology.... sorry but you can not pick up Zodiac sign and talk into Astrology system.... as we are Eastern way.... for example Rat is going to have good turn 2019 but not in 2020.... however, you say opposite meaning
Victoria Aurora (23 days ago)
I’m a water rooster and I heard you to say ask for things from the universe. How to go about this ?
Neth Marcelo (23 days ago)
Merry Christmas🎄💐🥂thank you Im a taurus woman🙏🙏🙏
Maria Ortiz (23 days ago)
I'm Year of the horse...
Helen Jenkinson (17 days ago)
Maria Ortiz .
Io From Red Spot (24 days ago)
24:50 Rooster 🐓
Ty Rou (24 days ago)
Water pig
L S (24 days ago)
That tail looks so cute 😉
Maria Dacosta (24 days ago)
My Jupiter return has already started with Jupiter in Sagittarius.
Anne 121316 (24 days ago)
thank u
Katie Clifford (25 days ago)
Old Tiger here & a ♍️. Sounds about right. I’ve learned to be resourceful & get answers & help on my own w/ my research & not bothering people. Thank you so very much, Donna❤️ I look forward to more videos👍👍
Rosebaby Abuda (25 days ago)
I am the year of the pig.
Chris Ruppel (25 days ago)
Year of the monkey
Tristan R (30 days ago)
Thank God!!!
Lisa Price (1 month ago)
Year of the Pig and Last to hear the reading. Humm
Ramylyn Celestial (1 month ago)
Im the pig..but i do know. .i am a earth pig..
Vicki Henderson (1 month ago)
Wow thsnk u
Sue OnMyPath (1 month ago)
Thanks 🙏🏻
Rubendez Guitar Tips (1 month ago)
thank God I'm not chineese, dont live there dont have any cultural contact with it, chineese the most supersticious ppl on the planet!!!
charlie cheng (24 days ago)
Rubendez Guitar Tips ignorant
corinna stiebing (1 month ago)
Does Chinese astrology apply to western people and why?
Donna Stellhorn (29 days ago)
Hi Corinna, Over thousands of years, many types of Astrology emerged from different regions of the world. Each system works. All Astrological systems can show you more about yourself, your talents and your path forward. You may feel a connection to the system you grew up with but exploring other systems can bring new understanding. And that is the goal, a deeper understanding of ourselves. Thank you for commenting, your comments help others.
Amorosa Dealagdon (1 month ago)
year of the pig. and my zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Cindy Leng (1 month ago)
Subscribed, because you asked nicely. Look forward to future videos
Donna Stellhorn (29 days ago)
You're so sweet Cindy. Thank you so much.
Edda Justice (1 month ago)
Thank for the Rat reading
Brandi Mcnair (1 month ago)
Lol... ain't been good for 61 yrs....so yeah working on it STILL! Rooster! Great!!
Donna Stellhorn (29 days ago)
I wish you much success in 2019
Teddie Artlud (1 month ago)
thank you
Mariah (1 month ago)
d silva dzousa (1 month ago)
erwine Ogawa (1 month ago)
Rabbit 🐇
janice celis cardines (1 month ago)
year of the rat
Joanne O'Dwyer (1 month ago)
I’m a double fire horse 🐴 and boy has my life been fiery lol 😂
Christina Hernandez (1 month ago)
Donna you rock.
Donna Stellhorn (29 days ago)
Thank you! Thank you!
Sandie Calvert (1 month ago)
My my my I work with a Pig and I like him so this year I will go out of my way since It does not appear we will have a choice and try to pick up some tools from The Pig. Thanks from a Monkey
Perfectly Imperfekt (1 month ago)
Thanks. I have a bad year since 2015. I hope things change.
Astrid A (23 days ago)
You have a nice sense of húmor though !
Donna Stellhorn (1 month ago)
I hope so too. I wish you a very successful year in 2019
Carrie Atkin (1 month ago)
Donna - I made it through the video! I have a question though. I am an earth monkey (‘68) and I have had nothing but challenging years for the past decade (also an Aries & we Aries have been through hell at least since 2011 if not before). I just cannot bear to hear that I am entering yet another challenging year!!! So here’s the question… Since 2019 will be the earth element and I was born in an earth element year as well… Might that help me have a little bit less challenging year?! Oh please say yes. I need a break!! Thank you!
Zeina Ian (18 days ago)
I'm an Aries too and I can't remember the last time I had a good year, I can totally relate to you. I'm a Pig though so hopefully this year is good. I hope your year is good too.
Donna Stellhorn (1 month ago)
Yes, people born in an earth year do better in earth years. The elements come in pairs. So 2018 and 2019 are earth years. The challenging energy for Aries you may be speaking of was Pluto going into Capricorn. That's been going on since 2009. It affects Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn the most. Pluto is the planet of transformation. It takes all the external things we might be clinging to and takes them away showing us that we can (and need to) rely on ourselves. When Pluto is done we are stronger but it's true, the process isn't always fun. I'm sorry it's been so difficult for you. I wish you a very good year in 2019.
Relly Aretha (1 month ago)
Bullshit !you better learn a little Chinese Astrology !REAL CHINESE ASTROLOGY,not this !your predictions is false ! study a little about the Lo Shu of the year, about who afected Tai Sui in 2019,etc etc ...succes !
chikaa497 flores (1 month ago)
Horse 15:31
Joycelin Clarisa (14 days ago)
MOHANA (1 month ago)
The dragon 9:50
Jeada Bella (24 days ago)
MOHANA thank youuuu
E. Acevedo (1 month ago)
Thank you! Rooter 24:50
Dayton Malipe (1 month ago)
I am a scorpio, born Oct. 25. What is my chinese sign?
Ann (1 month ago)
But remember that the Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar. If you were born in jan or feb be careful to know when the Chinese new year began, because the dates vary from year to year. It's not Jan.1. For years i thought i was a rat, but found out i was really a pig. (Jan. 26, 1960)
Jenny Liu Adamson (1 month ago)
It's based on the year you were born and very easy to look up.
Dowserdude (1 month ago)
The day is not important, it's the year you were born in that counts, hope this help's..
Shane Burns (1 month ago)
02/02/1983 --> year of my birth 03/25/1985 -> year of the birth of my husband
Lakeisha Jackson (1 month ago)
Year of the ox 🐂
Pure Mrax (11 days ago)
not necessary ox. Cow maybe
Miss Tery (1 month ago)
I prefer to remain unnoticeable so that's fine with this snake
Tatia Greece (1 month ago)
Goat has faboulouse year 2019 Yess!
Relly Aretha (8 days ago)
Read a little true ...including for the goat and the star FIVE YELLOW.....https://www.wofs.com/2019-year-of-the-earth-boar-annual-forecast/ good luck !
WinZa (8 days ago)
+Relly Aretha Curious as to what year you might be?
Relly Aretha (1 month ago)
+Tatia Greece ok then ,good luck!
Tatia Greece (1 month ago)
+Relly Aretha dont be jealouse Goat is the best on year 2019. Not only this video all others astrologist explained the same like her.
Relly Aretha (1 month ago)
Not true...she say stupid, stupid things...goat in 2019 has to worse energy of all signs : 5 YELLOW ! Yes, pig is your fr.and help you a little , but the fly star( 5 YELLOW ) has priority and power on the sector of the goats !sorry, but this is the true...is always better know the true , then expect unreal things !
Eccentric Eccentriq (1 month ago)
Please write above the name of every single the sing, in the beginning of it , so we don’t have to watch the whole thing until we reach the desired sign! Thank yuh.
Trautel Wiechmann (1 month ago)
I like your presentation
M. R. (1 month ago)
Jennifer Davis (1 month ago)
I'm YEAR OF THE DOG !!! TY 🧡🧡🧡
ThinkBig Tv (1 month ago)
🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭 #YearoftheRat
Lou Mitchell (1 month ago)
Rabbit 🐰 ❤️🙏❤️thank you so excited to actually achieve so goals I’ve felt held back too long 🤩
Tyler 19 (1 month ago)
Not enough people speak of the real truth like you😊❤️THANK YOU! I am year of WaterPig 🐖 Month of Tiger🐅 Day of Ox🐂
chamomile yusores (1 month ago)
I am also water pig
Lia C (1 month ago)
28.18 dog
Jennifer Davis (1 month ago)
Lia C thank you 🐾🐾🐾
Lia C (1 month ago)
24.55 rooster
Nina513 (1 month ago)
This is gonna be a great year for Snake... 12:34 I can feel it! 🐍💰💜
Relly Aretha (1 day ago)
+Nina513 , hahahaha ok snake, good luck !
Nina513 (1 day ago)
+Relly Aretha Uh... You must have skipped over the part of the article that states Snakes are INDEED one of the lucky signs of this year..... Please, move along with your negativity. Snakes got this!
Relly Aretha (8 days ago)
Sorry but no....your sector SOUTHEAST is afected by the STAR #7 (ROBBERY)...plus the snake is the direct enemy of the BOAR, so.....this predictions is a a big bullshit ...read here https://www.wofs.com/2019-year-of-the-earth-boar-annual-forecast/
Thatdjgirl (12 days ago)
Nina513 thanks for the optimism 🙏🏻 much needed 😉
Arsenia Cherry (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for the information. Im year of roaster
Apple Girl (1 month ago)
as an introvert snake, i'm so used to being invisible (and enjoying it!).. love your positivity 😘
dusky rose (1 month ago)
What about the Ascendant? I am an Iron Monkey with Pig ascendant
Ren Gel (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!💚💚💚💚💚
Ren Gel (1 month ago)
Dog earth. ..💚💚💚💚💚💚
brother jerry (1 month ago)
you sound nice4 some1 who is born year of the rat
Banh Bao (1 month ago)
Jennifer Lorence (1 month ago)
And when is it that Monkey DOESN'T have a Challenging Year, but has a Good Year?? NEVER.
jacinta t (1 month ago)
Tiger 6.14
Jonel Meniano (2 months ago)
This made me laugh "plant your seed elsewhere"....Jaja. I know what you were thinking Donna!
La Laine (2 months ago)
Year of the monkey 20:30
Mildred Chea (1 month ago)
La Laine an
mish hermosilla (1 month ago)
La Laine ty
lisa c. (2 months ago)
ox 4.15
Daniel Ramsey (2 months ago)
My gf was born in dec 1947 and i think she was a fire pig, I'm a fire monkey.
Daniel Ramsey, Jesus Christ that was awhile ago, good on you sir, hope you have a blessed day!
Celeste Frando (2 months ago)
Im tiger...i like your cat
S Strett (2 months ago)
Rabbit 8:14 Thank you kindly for sharing your time and knowledge with us 🌴🍍💛
Fhel Perez (1 month ago)
S Strett thanks. Rabbit here
Ronnel Echavez (2 months ago)
Hi Donna! I am one of your subscribers. I have a question. Does the size of Feng Shui objects matters in terms of attracting good luck? If I buy a small Kwan Kung figurine, will it be as effective as a large one?

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