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No Heat Magic Silicone Hair Curlers - TINA TRIES IT

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Welcome back to another Tina Tries It episode! Today I’ll be testing out these no heat magic silicone hair rollers. Do they work? Watch to find out. Subscribe to my channel for more videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tinacreative Silicone Hair Roller $8 http://amzn.to/2htu6Lh The lashes I’m wearing in this video are from my new brand Petite Cosmetics in the style “Empower” You can purchase them here https://petitecosmetics.com/collections/all/products/empower Remember to follow @petitecosmetics on instagram to enter my giveaway! See this video for more details https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo391vKvD4s __________________________ 😜 LET’S BE FRIENDS! 😜 😘 TINA_ 😘 Instagram ► http://instagram.com/tina_yong SnapChat ► tina_yong Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/Tinayongfanpage Twitter ► https://twitter.com/tina_yong Website ► http://www.tinayong.com __________________________ 📹 EQUIPMENT I USE 📹 Microphone: Rodelink Wireless http://amzn.to/2b9lglt Lighting: Ring Light http://amzn.to/2b9lIjs Soft Boxes http://amzn.to/2fUZVNU Camera: Canon 70D http://amzn.to/2bMYobp Canon G97X Mark II http://amzn.to/2fV1drX Canon 24-70mm Lens 2.8 http://amzn.to/2b9lqcD Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro CC Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some of the links provided above are affiliate links meaning I do make a small commission when you purchase using the link. This does not cost you extra. You can also purchase from the brand’s websites so don’t feel obliged to use my link if you don’t want to. Thanks for all your support! xx
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Text Comments (554)
Janiya Drew (21 days ago)
😂😂 She didn’t even do then right
Asia Duffy (1 month ago)
Supposed to damp your hair and sit under a dryer or sleep in them
victoria love (1 month ago)
She didn't even roll them right. Ladies please use mousse and if it doesn't look like it's suctioned on your head and hanging like hers you didn't do it right. And please wrap all of your hair down to the tip. If your hair doesn't hold curls even with other rollers this won't work for you. You will have to do it while your hair is wet and use some type of extra hold product
xsummerx (1 month ago)
1 hour does nothing at all
Sarah Odell (2 months ago)
These are actually just a modern curler from the type used in the 60s and 70s. Before that, you would roll your hair around your finger then Bobby pin to your head. Those types of curlers work best rolled all the way up. Rolling them half way with that type, that's what you'll end up with what you got.
Tazzie1312 (3 months ago)
This is definitely a practice/time situation, because it's not bad for a first effort!
Govind Mehra (4 months ago)
She look good in anything and everything She's amazing guys
Ayano Aishi GACHA (5 months ago)
For my wild hair that spray is a lifeguard
namrata gharami (5 months ago)
U r looking as awsome as always... Not too bad the other side..
Gargi Bhide (5 months ago)
Looks good 👍👍
Shinee Bhuvnesan (5 months ago)
Any hair styles. You are all ways gorgeous
Evie Hedges (6 months ago)
I have those
Ahana rawat (6 months ago)
If u will wet your hair first and then use these rollers it will work better..
farheen Alam (7 months ago)
Mamingdading Love (8 months ago)
i think its cute
unicorn Layla (8 months ago)
They look like a popsocet
XxgamergirlxX :D (8 months ago)
I like how your hair turned out and with that color omg so pretty
izna khan (9 months ago)
It's preeminent or opens after shampoo?
Isnt anyone going to talk about how the rollers look like mini hat's
Miah Pennerman (9 months ago)
my mom has those curlers!
Sarah R. Trenchard (9 months ago)
I think there garbage, I wouldn't buy em. Good try though!
RachieRach X (9 months ago)
I bought mine from the exact same brand for £1
Coryn May (9 months ago)
I really like it. She looks good.
Crybaby Here (9 months ago)
2018 anyone?
mood. (9 months ago)
You have a video of a puppet spraying fake cum all over the place as the ad before this video
whyhelloana (10 months ago)
Can this be used for rebonded hair?
Pop Rox Princess Luna (10 months ago)
That looked like an 8/10 for me tho
Kim Schultz (11 months ago)
You look so awesome no matter what
random ytacc (11 months ago)
It wasn’t the rolls it was the way she was using them.
Lydia and Stella (11 months ago)
I would give it a 8/10 you only waited an hour....you should normally do it over night.
Kim Possible (11 months ago)
Can it double as a pop socket? Do they have that nasty Asia stank? That smell is toxic btw people! Im totally serious too. Yep. I might try some of these. Thanks for the vid.
Michelle law XD (11 months ago)
Take a shot everytime she says quiet
Chancy .S (1 year ago)
This all r lyk a doll hat 😍😍😍
pyt._aubs (1 year ago)
u should have put it closer to you head it would have been way more comfortable
Angie S (1 year ago)
Love those earrings
Emily Shephard (1 year ago)
I love that style! it suits you.
Kokoio Du (1 year ago)
Not good
McKenzie Evangelista (1 year ago)
Ahhh luv ittt💞💞😊
Tsukasa Hiiragi (1 year ago)
Put it with your hair wet
Abdelalellei Allei (1 year ago)
8out of 10
Lily. Michelle (1 year ago)
Your makeup is AMAZING today so pretty love ya
daisy rivera (1 year ago)
you should do a giveaway of stuff you don't like to your subscribers...we might like why you didn't.
Ariana Bat (1 year ago)
Ur the ugliest American I know
Jo ¿ (1 year ago)
They are okay but she didn't twist some of her hair pieces the right way on them It deserve more than 5/10
Mia McHenry (1 year ago)
I thought maybe if you did multiple directions with the curls instead of all away from your face they may have separated more maybe?
IMLE (1 year ago)
I love your pink hair and your makeup<3
Millie fnk (1 year ago)
That front section that you didn't like was damaged because of the way you took the roller out. Just saying it in case you were wondering♡♡
Grace Smith (1 year ago)
You look pretty
Sandra Lobato (1 year ago)
I think it's beautiful! But I'm really Anti-Talented when it comes to hair! XD XD
Izzy & Ruby (1 year ago)
501 comment
Lizzie Beth (1 year ago)
Wow.....it's amazing how vintage hair tools become popular again. These were around in the 1950s which is why you got that vintage look. I thought it was cute!
Pragya Gupta (1 year ago)
Right side
Mikuo Hatsune (1 year ago)
Pink suits you!
Anzhela Batsyk (1 year ago)
You will get curls, I watched 5-minute-craft and it looked good
Anzhela Batsyk (1 year ago)
You should try ironing them but turn it 90 degree and push it down
Anzhela Batsyk (1 year ago)
You look so pretty!!!
Kaya Styles (1 year ago)
I’d need a solid 50 my hair is insanely thick
Oswaldo Yat (1 year ago)
It looks very good👑👑💄💄🔝
Kristie Hutto (1 year ago)
You always look pretty, but those rollers stink.
Nata Ling (1 year ago)
Tina, you should try an inexpensive, DIY version of getting heatless curls. Let me offer you some steps to achieving heatless Tumblr curls; Steps- ~~~~~ Step one- Grab two long socks (Make sure they're clean) Step two- Section yon your hair into the middle or natural parting Step three- Take your sock and fold it in half and hold it by the crease Step four- Take one side of your hair and hold it with the crease of the sock Step five- Wrap one end of the sock with the hair you are holding Step Six- When finished with Step Five, Wrap the remaining part of the sock (the other half) around the wrapped hair and sock Step Seven- Now repeat on other side Step eight- Sleep in the wraps overnight with dry or damp hair depending on preference of wave OR wait 1-2 hours Step Nine - ENJOY your luxurious, alluring, Tumblr curls and share on Social Media your beautiful hair 🤗🤗 Please read this Tina 😍😍 Love you and Make this a Video 😍😋💗💗❤️
X (1 year ago)
The thing with these heartless curlers is that you don't know what would you'd get. It could be any shape lmao. "Life is like a bunch of heartless curlers, you never know what you're gonna get" 😂😂
Sadia Afrin (1 year ago)
Too cute
Kayla Elias (1 year ago)
i think you look perity
im soo good at predicting tina's ratings go me
Gaby De Oliveira (1 year ago)
This video starts a 1:24
Thessa W Dwi Utami (1 year ago)
eire (1 year ago)
I think if I'm going to use it I need tons of it because I have so thick hair
aundrea pradhan (1 year ago)
dont mind me saying bt u did it a bit wrong
hoseokgram (1 year ago)
*N E W D E S G I N*
Lisa Saddler (1 year ago)
Spoolies from the 60's!
Kira Passey (1 year ago)
You and my brother have really similar names lol, his is taran young, yours, Tara yong
Kareko Mason (1 year ago)
Tina I would have gave them a 3 out of 10 cause it wasn't curled
sohini ghosh (1 year ago)
but u looked nice in those waves.. i loved them.. 😇
khan pathan (1 year ago)
Awwww you should have followed the instructions these are really good i have seen in other youtubers videos.....but love yuh though😘😘
YJ M (1 year ago)
Hmm, I don't think the instuction's 30-60 mins is enough to set the curls. I usually leave it on for 3-5 hours after an early shower, brush it before I go to bed, and the next morning, the curls will turn way more incorporated and loss which is usually the look I would go for. Give it another try!
Paperwing (1 year ago)
I can’t imagine it drying in 30 minutes or even an hour without any heat.
looks exactly like my hair 😂😂😂
Yemen Yemen (1 year ago)
Hi you should try and do Yemen culture
hilal deveci (1 year ago)
I think it's more logical to use it here -> https://goo.gl/RrvkX5
Jillian Neely (1 year ago)
can u do a video about how to get ur hair straight without a heat tool thx
Georgia is kpop trash (1 year ago)
It's really pretty
Devin Strahlem (1 year ago)
The ones that you did not like we're not done correctly. the ends of the hair were sticking out of the curler and were unable to get curled along with the rest of the hair. That's why they looked weird
Quin Quin (1 year ago)
I really like it!!
Organicrime (1 year ago)
Great video and you were sure to include important information. Tysm
Ron Williams (1 year ago)
See you all have forgotten this is roller setting and to make that work you needed to have wet hair and setting solution and it had to dry fully like back in the 70's . well I used to do hair back when there were no curling irons and every thing was a set, you really should sit under a dryer and it would turn out real nice. You will never get that same consistency that you would get from a curling iron but it is easier on the hair. When you use rollers you get what you get! at least with this type of roller you don't get that real big 60's hair, I will say that for the least.
Dorothy Degler (1 year ago)
Just put braids in your hair and leave it braided over night with wet hair. Then when you wake up. You will have beach waves. This is what I do. IT WORKS.👍🏻❤️❤️🌺🌹
toodle hub (1 year ago)
Nice presented and helpful, I found one of the hair curlers reviews which I think will comprehend your http://www.toodlehub.com/top-10-hair-curlers/
Marnz Mear (1 year ago)
2:58 and I was like... "This vietnamese girl is like a korean starrrrrr"
Jenny Rodelas (1 year ago)
Tina! Please Try VICE cosmetics (lipstick) . (A new brand by one of the Filipino celebrities, Vice Ganda, here in the Philippines.. 😘❤️ im a fan of yours i watched almost all of your videos and i know many filipino will be happy if you would try a “Filipino brand” (i think?) yayy! Thankssss
Kai Wynne (1 year ago)
Tbh I like the finish look tho I recommend u have a bath or shower before doing it lol
Victoria Simoes (1 year ago)
You wouldnt have gotten those kinks if you rolled from the bottom to top instead of wrapping it in the middle lol XD
Leo the dad (1 year ago)
i dont know about anyone else but while she was wetting her hair i was just staring at her earings like.... "You're not gonna take em out??""
Meiko Varlow (1 year ago)
"bitchy waves" omg i love Tina 💖
Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ (1 year ago)
I think you just need to like turn the curls to it's direction after you let it go so it really forms the curl I guess
Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ (1 year ago)
It would take me at least 30 rollers for my hair 😂😭
Alucard Peach (1 year ago)
I actually like that. Maybe if it's a little too "formal" you could spritz saline through your hair and run your fingers through a few times and let it air dry. Just a thought
Jeiane Sunga (1 year ago)
I'll be trying out this "weed" hair curlers. HAHAHA
Josephine kromer (1 year ago)
The kink is cause of how you rolled it, your supposed to roll from the bottom, I t really helps but might take a bit longer to put them in
Stephanie Cuadros (1 year ago)
I think if she would have waited longer there would have been nicer but they dont look bad for heatless curls
Jung Kookie (1 year ago)
You look like twice mina

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