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Queen - A Winter's Tale (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Music video from the 1995 album 'Made In Heaven', the last Queen album to feature Freddie Mercury's vocals. Taken from Made In Heaven, 1995 and Forever, 2014. This was the last song written by Freddie Mercury. Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May & Roger Taylor right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (1244)
Judy (1 day ago)
It’s alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sooooo beautiful......
Zirpuia Langel (1 day ago)
My world is Spinning.... R.I.P Freedie
Diana Wheatley (3 days ago)
We can always keep Freddie alive in his music!!!
Nea Emrys (3 days ago)
Damn you, Freddie.😭
Bauti_T (4 days ago)
N H (4 days ago)
We love you and you are forever missed, Love!!!
Juliana Pereira (5 days ago)
Que voz, toca fundo na alma, amoooo ❤️
Philip Snudden (6 days ago)
1.52 to 1.53 minutes into the song Brian May does a trickle sound with the guitar. How is that done?
Alfredo Graulau (6 days ago)
2019 and still on of the most beautyful songs ive heard.
Koko Mercury (6 days ago)
This song makes me cry
Raffaella Siciliano (8 days ago)
J MB (8 days ago)
Simplemente es perfecta
fab alvarez (9 days ago)
Freddie we miss you unntil the end of times
SilverBack MERCURY (9 days ago)
His voice give me chills
Ineke Smaalders (10 days ago)
It;s aaaaaaaaal soooooooooooo beautiful…………..
Sandra Poole (12 days ago)
What a fantastic voice he had
Love Freddie his voice is brilliant miss him so much
Anna MP (13 days ago)
It's so beautiful and calm. Just love his voice and this song. "Mother love" is also beautiful, and I cry each time I hear M.l, because I know that is his last song before he died and he didn't get to finish it, that's why it ends like that. I listened to Queen when I was I child and still listen to them, nothing can compare to Freddie Mercury, he was the greatest vocal singer in the world. He was and still is a legend.
Underrate queen song, maybe the best, is a MASTER-PIECE. And is the last written by Freddie Mercury:,(. Anyone 2019??,I love underrate songs. La obra maestra más infravalorada de queen :,(, y fue la última escrita por Freddie Mercury:(. Alguién 2019??, Amo las canciones infravaloradas.
Dianna Brown (14 days ago)
Great song.....Freddie is awesome as always right from the heart ❤. And Brian playing it sounds fantastic
Jordan Jai (15 days ago)
Heard this song play while shopping in Spencer's. Definitely had to download this song as soon as it played. 💗
Judy (15 days ago)
Your unbelievable Freddie, absolutely beautiful,wonderful and amazing...there will never be another Freddie Mercury !💕
Galina Shereminskaya (18 days ago)
Какие неописуемые чувства испытываем мы, слушая это не земное творение, какие потрясающие чувства испытывали ОНИ, исполняя его! Звёзды сошлись, нам подфартило! Преклоняюсь, маленький поклон... Фредди..... 💔
Carlos Silva (18 days ago)
Absolutly all true , i know the place It’s breathtaking ... Queen forever
Mi Luka (19 days ago)
Freddie composed this wonderful song on his balcony in Montreux. It was his last song he composed. It's still so moving...💖
Anna Miller (20 days ago)
i'm all in the goosebumps and sobbing
Anna Miller (20 days ago)
listening to this i cannot stop thinking about how painful it was for him and how hard for the guys to make the album when he's gone...
Lu Guzmán (21 days ago)
This song is so beautiful I can't😭💕
I understand this song so much
thesandsie13the2nd (21 days ago)
this makes me miss Freddie even more than i usually do. if i could i would kiss your face forever my lovely lovely Freddie. i miss you, i miss you, i miss you.
chris O (22 days ago)
what a beautiful song
gary gaffney (23 days ago)
Listening in 2019 reminds me of my dad so much
Чудеса! Невероятная песня, неописуемая группа!
Pascal Harteveld (24 days ago)
Best band ever
Società Red & co. (24 days ago)
Ragazzi questa notte ho sognato davvero Freddy che mi abbracciava stretta e mi baciava...😙 poi qualcuno mi ha svegliato e lo avrei ucciso😥
Jacki Hansen (25 days ago)
that was a different but neat song!! Really like it!
Valentino Perra (27 days ago)
semplicemente bellissima , freddie mi manchi tanto , ti amo
Ronell Beavers (1 month ago)
All This Man Ever Asked For Was LOVE!!!, People PLEASE!!!, Let's Give It Back, We All LOVE You Fred, GOD Bless You!!!
Ellis Pedersen (1 month ago)
This one punched me in the gut harder than mother love. His last written song, and what a strong finish it was. Thank you
marco asencio marquez (1 month ago)
Hola desde Chile!!!, alguien escuchando esta obra maestra en el 2019???
Interesting Things (1 month ago)
Its his saying goodbye to earth, picteresque views.
Smile 65 (1 month ago)
302 people have no soul
ErrIza Ilham (1 month ago)
Sandra Rymph (1 month ago)
Love this song- What a voice! There will never be another like him! So sad
Melanie Magdalene (1 month ago)
This song, his voice and his handwriting are all so beautiful.
Eder Zavala (1 month ago)
Algien q able espani
Eder Zavala (1 month ago)
Evelyn Castro (1 month ago)
Desde el momento de su lanzamiento en 1995 hasta hoy, año 2019 sigo escuchando esta cancion, todos estos años y sigo sintiendo la misma emocion en el corazon. Este fue el primer album que me hizo llorar y entender el dolor por el que tuvo que atravesar Freddie antes de partir.
AMBER GLEASE (1 month ago)
This is very underrated , it’s beautiful and can lighten anyone’s mood, music is a beautiful thing ; and I wouldn’t be who I am without it ~backtrack~ I wouldn’t be who I am without queen, and I’m not even your era, I’m 2000s
Lice S (1 month ago)
Patricia Leonetti (1 month ago)
such a beautiful person and a beautiful voice He will be remembered forever
potrita alfaro (1 month ago)
Chido Fredie ,, tremenda voz
Dolly Ross (1 month ago)
splendida non l avevo mai ascoltata è una perla non troppo pubblicizzata onori al merito
Brandon Gill (1 month ago)
Why was this not featured on The Platinum Collection?! This is a masterpiece that shouldn't be forgotten.
Tan Siying (1 month ago)
This was the last song written by Freddie Mercury... :( Info: Mercury wrote and composed the song, and also performed the vocals and keyboards (although the track is credited to Queen). In the 1995 documentary Queen: Champions of the World, it was stated that this was, if not the first, then an extremely rare style of recording for Mercury, as it was all performed in one take live in the studio. It was stated in the film that Mercury had always insisted upon music being completed prior to the vocal arrangement beginning, but acknowledged that he had little time left and there was not enough time to work on it differently. (From Wiki). If I remember correctly, Freddie sang this before the instrumental part was completed because there wasn't time. He just sang it first and asked his band members to finish it after he's gone :(
Какая песня! Какой Божественный глас! Фредди Гений! Как жалко, что ушёл этак спозаранку, однако , те кому он дорог помнят его и внемлют его песни! А те кому мастерить нечего и кто не осознает ничего в прекрасной музыке, осуждают и обливают грязюкой человека, до которого им далековато!
ScrittiSparkle (1 month ago)
beautiful song but makes me remeber my dead cat
Ana e Geo Braga (1 month ago)
So beautiful! ❤😭
Love you so much !!for Ever and Ever and Ever Fredy Mercury !!
Andrew Gahan (1 month ago)
Eder Zavala (1 month ago)
2019 compas qien otro
Call me Albino (1 month ago)
Theres a silky moon in *my* sky I miss you Darling. :-(
Pelo men (1 month ago)
Beautiful winter landscape that is perfectly pervaded by Mercury . Wonder!!!!!!!
Peter Ian staker (1 month ago)
1:55 that guitar solo 😍
THE MONSTER0804 (1 month ago)
February 1st, 2019. Gn
Enrico C (1 month ago)
2.58 - 3.03 .... Young musician please listen and you will understand what does it means to be a singer
Yana Zherebtsova (1 month ago)
Thank you for your life, your love...
Clan Destino (1 month ago)
perfect song... we miss you fred
Zachery Miller 3 (1 month ago)
You are a legend Freddie rip1946-forever
Ryan Powis (1 month ago)
The most beautiful song I have ever heard sung by the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!
Debi Nicholson (1 month ago)
That was wonderful. Thank you Freddie dear for a memorable beautiful song. It was and YOU STILL ARE truly magical!!!
Lukas Mathias (1 month ago)
This song is magical.. The Magic Freddie..
Autoy Sogood TV (1 month ago)
But I cry
Padre Zuppa (1 month ago)
Una delle migliori canzoni di freddie... sottovalutata da molti. Senza motivo.
Erin XOXO (1 month ago)
the girl i like loves queen and she just got a girlfreind so ive been listening to this to try and move on but in a way to remember her. I think im going to always love her. Ik your all strangers but i can never tell her i love her so im telling totally random people if someone could just take half of the love away it will still be overpowering and more then most people love people.
birdy duck (2 months ago)
I was just behind the Duck House 4 hours ago....love you Freddie ;)
maria tri hapsari (2 months ago)
Went to the US in the winter and this song was always in my head everytime I passed white snow covering the wide-open ground
maria tri hapsari (2 months ago)
Went to the US in the winter and this song was always in my head everytime I passed white snow covering the wide-open ground
ira ira (2 months ago)
Francesco Carpinelli (2 months ago)
2M of views, this before the BR hyped fans storm arrives :D
Waldemar Polewacz (2 months ago)
Brak mi słów , brak ..........piękne.
Alba Chiara (2 months ago)
marveliux rodriguez (2 months ago)
como diablos una frase tan sensilla te hace pensar tantas cosas "¿am i dreaming?" grande fredd
Giuseppe Bruno (2 months ago)
Come si può mettere pollice in giù ad una canzone così .....😱
Marilyn Aguirre (2 months ago)
Desde San Luis, Argentina. ☆♡
AlessiaKokoro (2 months ago)
Ma non è la fine del mondo.?.......
Valentino Rossi (2 months ago)
Beautifful song with "magic" voice. #QueenIsMagic #FreddieMercuryIsMagic #MyQueen
AlessiaKokoro (2 months ago)
Pelo men (2 months ago)
Jeden z najpiekniejszych utworow Freddiego .Freddie Ilove you
Yolanda Arques Alvarado (2 months ago)
Sobran las palabras 😘😘😘
Andrea Chairez (2 months ago)
Beautiful song😍❤️😍i love my Freddie Mercury
Val Carter (2 months ago)
Rudy Noriega (2 months ago)
You had so mucho to live and you left🌹🌹⚘⚘😔😔🤘
dozaz0red (2 months ago)
Merry Christmas 2019!)
luca U (2 months ago)
Freddie we miss you so much
diego rodi (2 months ago)
Give the creeps!
POPOYBOLROG (2 months ago)
January 2019
Mission Imposible (2 months ago)
Kto w 2019? 😍
Spicchiodiluna (2 months ago)
Once you go to Montreux you understand the full text of this song: that place is stunning and it is perfectly described by Freddie
Angelinaisone (2 months ago)
still and forever ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Peter Ian staker (2 months ago)
Timeless music
deddy hendarto (2 months ago)
Queen band terbaik yg pernah ada di dunia & menjadi legenda sepanjang mass

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