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How to bend square tubing without a bender - metal fabrication

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I made this video to show you how to bend square tubing without a bender. You can bend small or large bends this way. You will need a welder, chop saw and math. I ended up making a gate with a couple bends and this is why i ended up using this method. I didnt have a bender…. But i did have my skills, and now they are yours! I hope that helps. See you later internet. Start over the math portion here: 04:50 SONGS: the urban symphonia, bubble walk. Both can be found on the youtube audio library
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Doug Bolgiano (5 months ago)
I love it. Practical math. One edit. At 10:43 where you say you need to add a cut, going from 10 to 11. That's not true. You still want to remove 1.25" = 10 x 0.125 (blade width) of material. But those 10 cuts will divide the length of tube into 11 sections, so to determine the spacing of the 10 cuts you divide the length of the tube by 11. Now that I got that sorted out it's time to fire up the chop saw and welder and bend some tube. Thanks.
USA USA (5 months ago)
How can you measure the ANGLE without computer or auto cad?
TRY to HELP you (5 months ago)
Yep, I said "cut". I meant, and also showed, divide by 11 which gets you 10 cuts overall. Thanks for catching that!
Randy Lavine (26 days ago)
WOW! Way cool!, but stay with math . . .not jokes!
TRY to HELP you (26 days ago)
Why did the number 6 fear the number 7? Because 7 ate 9.....
Joban Mystism (1 month ago)
TRY to HELP you (1 month ago)
Franz Perez (1 month ago)
I saved money now
Franz Perez (1 month ago)
Great job
Tributary House Ltd. (1 month ago)
Pretty cool man - cheatyness is pretty much how everything is made! Cheaty? Yes, cheaty! You didn't make an arc, you made a segment of a polygon - but, nobody cares and it works so, cheaty. And good cheaty at that!
Brother man, excellent job. Im currently working on my gate and i am going the same route with the bend on top. Thanks for the video
TRY to HELP you (1 month ago)
Noice! Glad I could help :)
Elias jr Leon (2 months ago)
Nice but I feel does cuts is adding a lot of extra work having to weld it and then grind it flush
Elias jr Leon (1 month ago)
Heat rosebud and jigs fixtures
TRY to HELP you (1 month ago)
If you know of another way without a bender please share. There are multiple ways to get the same thing done and without specific tools.
Herrería Ibarra (2 months ago)
Excelente trabajo y muy buena idea para doblar saludos de herrería Ibarra desde San Luis Potosí México
TRY to HELP you (2 months ago)
I don't speak or understand Spanish but reading this I think I understand 50 percent or more. Thanks for the good words!
Specialized 29er (2 months ago)
Darling you need to make yourself a shed with a concrete floor, next project hey.
ROTAXD (2 months ago)
Excellent use of practical math. That being said, by the time I was done actually doing the math, I’d be done with the project through trial & error...or I’d just buy a bender instead of kerfing.
tubeonline629 (2 months ago)
Your "wysiwyg" didn't work out. On the computer, the wood was cut at the same radius as the tubing.
V strom (2 months ago)
Brilliant . I enjoy common sense solutions to what seems complex. We tend to over think things
V strom (2 months ago)
once it's welded I think it is just as or stronger than straight
Reaper Ronin (2 months ago)
lol.... as you can tell I found your video.... Would you be using a garage door opener set up to open an close you gate. AND great video picked up a lot of usable intel .!.!.!.!
Doosha Khaboosha (2 months ago)
Clip your nails mate. That's not on
John Preciado (3 months ago)
Just buy a bender
TheShockLoad (3 months ago)
Red neck way is easier. Too much crap. Make it happen.....
Prod. SlapHappy (3 months ago)
3:08 What the hell are you doing?? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever seen. What even????
Stayce Lakstigala (3 months ago)
An easier way to find the length of steel needed for the arch is to measure the length of the gate and add the hight of the arch, done. If using a roller bender add extra length for the ends of the steel that doesn't get bent. And judging by all the time, effort and money spent on cutting, welding and grinding - it would have been easier to make your own roller bender which will also give you better results.
Omith Majano (3 months ago)
You better make the bender machine bro...
Cowboy Brad (3 months ago)
unknown comic (3 months ago)
Good idea just leave out corny jokes
TRY to HELP you (3 months ago)
Bad idea watch my first video
Chris Beekley (3 months ago)
You need to make some cuts on those finger nails
TRY to HELP you (3 months ago)
next video, "how to cut a nail without a nail cutter"
Naida dad (3 months ago)
TRY to HELP you (3 months ago)
i'll take it!
pitlu raess (3 months ago)
L board
Randy Hodder (4 months ago)
Full scale pattern making....age old art!
Ligia Telegaru (4 months ago)
You are hilarious. Thanks hanks for making this fun.
tom thompson (4 months ago)
when does the bending start ,,,, just a row of straight lines as far as i can see.
V strom (2 months ago)
Try watching again
Matthew Fogarty (4 months ago)
Really? All this for a bend in light box? Over complicating a simple process is always a detractor when teaching the younger generation.
Matthew Fogarty (4 months ago)
@TRY to HELP you Whoa!! Good one Voltaire.
TRY to HELP you (4 months ago)
Your undercomplicating a simple comment!
patrick mcglone (4 months ago)
It's called kerfing . I use this method when make curved fronts on decks, or a window box. When I use this in fabricating, I always tack the middle first to hold it. Great video.
TRY to HELP you (4 months ago)
Thanks.... Hmm..... There is a word for it... Nice!
KonaBoiKeoki (4 months ago)
24ft gate how far apart do i cut
TRY to HELP you (4 months ago)
288 inches?
Tecel Red (4 months ago)
Saludos desde mi casa
rhino mite (4 months ago)
yup..........just ordered a bender....lol
Bojan Vujic (5 months ago)
Wow, this video is great. I was wandering is it possible to bend pipe 6x2 cm to 180 degrees this way :-/
anlumo1 (5 months ago)
Doesn't really matter whether you're using imperial or metric here… if you just treat it as centimeters, it will work just the same, it'll just be much smaller.
12345 12345 (5 months ago)
Only thing is rhe wood should've gone all the way up.
TRY to HELP you (5 months ago)
12345 12345 (5 months ago)
@TRY to HELP you I'm want to make one just like this. How did you get the wood on there?
TRY to HELP you (5 months ago)
i was unable to source 7 foot planks prior to making the vid mr and or mrs 12345. we can always count on you!
Akram Tamboli (5 months ago)
Crabby Earth Snake (5 months ago)
Normally dont like advertising but the way you mentioned that royobi blower was slick. Lol nice video a good way to get around paying for a bend 👍. Thanks
TRY to HELP you (5 months ago)
Haha, it was a joke. I just wanted to show how useful it was on bonfires/campfires.
Sam Brown 01 (5 months ago)
FMX ramp anybody?
TRY to HELP you (5 months ago)
Prolly should get a bender for that... Yup
CHEVY BOY!!!! (6 months ago)
It’s like drywall cuts. Cut then weld up really, 👍🏽
Robert Beck (6 months ago)
OK . Thats one way to do it.
TRY to HELP you (6 months ago)
Yes, yes... A way. We shall bend with the best of em.
If i have a piece of square steel that is 50 inch and the door is 35 inch the witdh of my blade is 1/8 is it possible to calculate 50-35=15 inch so 1/8*60 cuts 15 inch to get the proper length will the hight be the same 50-35=15 inch tall at the peak?
purple6932 (7 months ago)
After Einstein and Bruce Wayne, you're next in terms of intellect and practical application of Geometry. Having been told by 5 metal fabricators that bending of Square tube needs a hydraulic. Press, die, gears etc., Your neat trick helped me get a gentle bend representative of a flower stem. Thanks for posting your video without which it would not have been possible!!! Will send you the pics when the structure is complete :)
purple6932 (7 months ago)
@TRY to HELP you ... let me know your email, i will send them there. I have recieved very good response from the client because i completed the job in under 3 days tops. Your technique was the key in saving time to get a curve in the 40mm GI tube. I shall post the photos on our webite https://arachne.co.in/ later, but you deserve the first look!!!
TRY to HELP you (7 months ago)
Super happy to read this comment!! Glad I could help. I look forward to seeing what you make. Gotta check the email too .. ha. Haven't done that in a few weeks.
Pamon Santos (8 months ago)
yo mathematician or a welder? i learned from you but not on my college days..lol
Alpha Sigma Sezón (8 months ago)
alejandro suarez (8 months ago)
this video is so fancy....is this the same guy from Regular Car Reviews?
John Stephenson (8 months ago)
Awesome! I am gonna use this to cut my curved frame tubing for my new teardrop trailer. It is a french curve but once I figured out that all I had to do is change the distance between the cuts for the thing to work out, it was pretty easy. I made a test cut out of wood to see if I goofed, but I got it first time! I will do some minor tweaks though - it is nice to make test pieces. I am going to cut the metal next week when it gets here.
LowJack187 (8 months ago)
0:40 Derp! Should have taken Trig! 2π or not 2π!
Airnoy Senethavisouk (9 months ago)
very very nice 👍
Trini Things (9 months ago)
I love it thank for the information
guy wilcox (9 months ago)
and how about a 28 incnh outside cicle out of 2x2 tubbing how far apart would i cut the slots with my shop saw
guy wilcox (9 months ago)
ok how about a 76 inch half circle out of 2x2 square tubbing how much far apart would i cut the tubbing with a chop saw to bend a half cirle 76 inches across . it would be 76inches half circle .how far apart would i cut the slots.
D Rickard (9 months ago)
Brilliant...way to think outside the box.
spranggats nonoy (9 months ago)
For 10:44 i learned a lot than a semister..😳😳
spranggats nonoy (9 months ago)
@TRY to HELP you ow sorry i was not specific! I already graduated and already a licensed engineer..😊😊. I was referring to a specific semister during my student days which i realized i learned nothing..😂😂
TRY to HELP you (9 months ago)
More! (Don't give up on school entirely/keep on learning)
Furrowed Brow (9 months ago)
Please show us how to do it with common core math.
v8trauma (9 months ago)
Using imperial measurements as you do: Cut it twice as many times (21), then put a 1/16" shim in before you tack it up. Gives a smoother bend, pull the shim out before the final welds and you'll also get more penetration.
EvanThaG (10 months ago)
not what I need for my project, but good idea for stuff like this, will put it in a playlist for future projects.
TRY to HELP you (10 months ago)
0475 .-. (10 months ago)
What brand is youre metal Saw and welding machine?
TRY to HELP you (10 months ago)
WELDER https://youtu.be/EsNOw6AM1mg the chopsaw is the cheap harbor freight one from a decade+ ago. I will link the newer model here ----> https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/cut-off-saws/2-hp-14-inch-heavy-duty-cut-off-saw-91938.html
Lteo Hrnt (11 months ago)
Haha 👍 had me cracking up 😆 But why a perfect piece of pie...I don’t like pie
TRY to HELP you (11 months ago)
even pizza?!
McInTEC (11 months ago)
Commentary is awesome! They should use your videos in school. You make it fun to watch and learn.
Frank Tyred (11 months ago)
My wife and I are doing a school bus conversion with a roof raise. I have been looking for a bending tool to create a curve at the front and rear of the roof to give the bus a more retro look. Essentially an old Crown bus is what we are working towards. This technique looks like it will solve our problem of bending the tubing without spending a grand to buy a bender capable of doing what we need. Thanks for this video and the excellent explanation of what is needed to make the cuts to get the bend we want.
phatthand (2 months ago)
Harbor Freight sells tubing benders fairly cheap
TRY to HELP you (11 months ago)
Be sure to test the strength where you can. Good luck with the project. Glad i could help!
giggleherz (1 year ago)
Love the video and that gate is amazing. I have a gate I want to do something with any chance you can show us how the hardware is set up?
Charles Builds Crap (1 year ago)
Great instructions. Thanks.
TRY to HELP you (1 year ago)
Thanks for the good words:)

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