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Hair Extensions How to : Silk Pink

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SILK PINK TUTORIAL Duration 10:42 Level: Intermediate http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/levels/ A temporary kick that embraces the warmer weather’s love affair with color – by adding the same to your mane. Extensions plus wash-out color offer a quickly achievable style that gives new dimension to a sexy summer look. SILK PINK STEP by STEP 0:09 Intro: Andrea before and after. 0:26 TOOLS: Paddle Brush. Tail Comb. Hair Extensions. Hair Extension Clips. Hair Spray. Hairdryer. Claw clips. Makeup Poweder. Makeup Brush. http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tools/ 0:52 STEP 1 : Preparation. What to think about before starting. 1:18 STEP 2 : Making the separations. Decide where? Prepare the extensions. 2: 33 STEP 3 : Teasing the hair at the roots in preparation for adding the extensions. Tips and tricks for best results. 3:15 STEP 4 : Using hairspray and hairdryer. Tips, advice and warnings. 4:38 STEP 5 : Clipping your extensions. Attaching extensions and integrating them with your hair. 5:57 STEP 6 : Placing the back extensions. Deciding how many extensions you want to add. Think about volume, balance, shape and desired end look. 6:47 RECAP: steps to follow for best results when adding extensions. 8:11 STEP 7: Perfecting the look. Tips for using powered makeup. LEVEL: Intermediate Intermediate – Professional hairstylist who’s already mastered the everyday requests… looking to really step up your game to include more editorial and event-worthy looks. More tutorials: http://hairbynicolasjurnjack.com/tutorials/
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Marina Bruno (2 years ago)
Loved this video! Very interesting... Check out mine! I have different videos 😁
Nicolas Jurnjack Hair (2 years ago)
Thank you Marina. I checked out your channel. Cool ! 😁

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