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2019 Chinese Astrology | Year of the Earth Pig | The AstroTwins

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Learn what the 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year horoscope has in store. In this livestream + video, Ophi explains the Year of the Earth Pig and goes through every one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs to help you harness your superpowers. Gung hay fat choy! ☀️The AstroTwins Tali and Ophira Edut are identical twin astrologers @astrotwins and ELLE magazine. Read their daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes at astrostyle.com ✨Discover the whole year has in store for every zodiac sign with their Annual Horoscope Guide: https://galaxy.astrostyle.com✨
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Betty Sun (2 months ago)
thank you. didn't expect you also understand this approach~
Shellebelle Girl (2 months ago)
Hi, this Scorpio, Tiger is watching from Australia. Thank you for being on YouTube, I'm enjoying hearing you (both). Best wishes for a fabulous 2019.

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