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Quick Bites: My favorite avocado toast

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Twitter @daceyhapa Instagram @daceecash Hey guys, this is an avocado toast recipe that I made up, slowly tweaking it every time I made it until I found the perfect combination. I hope that you love it. x, Dacey I wanted to try something new! I'm getting tired of tutorials and only beauty related videos. I want to start doing more lifestyle videos Lemme know what you think, and please be sure to let me know if you try this! FTC: this video is not sponsored.
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Text Comments (52)
LivingWithLina (2 years ago)
Enjoyed watching your video <3 I make videos too, let me know what you think!
danzbutrfly (3 years ago)
Elisa H (3 years ago)
That's how you make salsa
S. Rios (3 years ago)
looks so yum and healthy
esra güner (3 years ago)
obviously you guys didnt meet turk kitchen you should tryy
Something Special (3 years ago)
Yummmm omg
Monika Beauty (3 years ago)
yummieee <3 Please sub to my channel :)
Jenni Montalvan (3 years ago)
More makeup tutorials please! :) i enjoyed this video, however.
Maxie Khet (3 years ago)
omg it looks so good I think I'm gonna try this..pls do more vids like these!!! :-D
Maxie Khet (3 years ago)
omg it looks so good I think I'm gonna try this..pls do more vids like these!!! :-D
IvyNewland (3 years ago)
Next video, you should share some of your favorite fall recipes (if you have any)!!!
NYAN CAT (3 years ago)
does anyone know what this song is? i've been looking for it and haven't found anything, pls help
Nicole Gordon (3 years ago)
+abimanyancat Jengi Beats - Boschje
Ally Diaz (3 years ago)
I made this today after seeing your video last week! It taste so yummy! Thanks for sharing, toast recipes are the best. xo
Selen Onur (3 years ago)
This onion was huuuuge
Megan Speck (3 years ago)
This has been my breakfast everyday since this was posted. SO GOOD! I add an egg on top too for some extra flavor!
Daisy XOXO (3 years ago)
Can you upload more vids more often pleaseeeeeeee? I love watching your channel but you sometimes wait a long time to upload between the videos.
Love your video - I've been craving avocado toast! yum! :D
Raquel Escalante (3 years ago)
yes!! do more like this 😀
carpediem (3 years ago)
I saw your name and was so excited to see this video. I enjoyed it a lot; please do more like this :)
M*chelle M*chelle (3 years ago)
Yummy make more food videos :)))
June A (3 years ago)
It looks so tasty & healthy too. would love for you to post more video like this! Have a nice day Dacey
april (3 years ago)
Can you film a morning routine?
Nov Baby (3 years ago)
looks absolutely delicious ☺️💕
Nov Baby (3 years ago)
Even though I don't like avocados i like to add some lemon juice and some salt to make it taste a lot better
Zaahirah Munif (3 years ago)
Love that you actually cook what you add with the avocado, looks so delicious! Can't wait to try it 😁
Ashley Sutter (3 years ago)
i wish you posted more :(
itsMoniqueee (3 years ago)
Omg yes please do more videos like this ❤
Ant Corso (3 years ago)
Looks good!
carmiee (3 years ago)
more lifestyle videos please!
casey castillo (3 years ago)
Looks delicious :) im going to try that next time.😀
Jocelyn Calderon (3 years ago)
You seriously had me drooling! Cilantro, lime, red onion & avocado are 4 things that I LOVE!!! I'd add some mangoes as my dessert and I'm in heaven 😛👼❤️❤️🙌
Vp9493 (3 years ago)
yes do more! and can we meet your boyfriend or sister :)
Paulina Marie (3 years ago)
I would def love to see more lifestyle videos! Love your vids & it's been awesome seeing your channel grow :)
Emma LI (3 years ago)
love it <3 more cooking videos Dacey
Everyday Plant Kitchen (3 years ago)
Ohhhhhh fun!!!
emlove625 (3 years ago)
Where have you beeeeeen?! 😫 I found your channel not long ago and binged out on all of your videos then haven't seen any new ones since! Even though this isn't a beauty one it counts for something haha
michelle (3 years ago)
i love avocado, try dipping it in sriracha, its the bomb.
Heather Christina (3 years ago)
omg yummmmm....i love avocados
Baby C (3 years ago)
please make workout and health videos!
BeautybyElleV (3 years ago)
i love that you turned such a simple recipe into basically a gourmet dish <3
Lois Lane (3 years ago)
Love lifestyle videos! I vote yes!:)
McKenzie Mann (3 years ago)
more of these babe!! LAHV YEW
Mar Oli (3 years ago)
I'm Brazilian, and here I use to eat massed avocato with suggar, or make a shake with milk, avocato, and suggar. Here it's called "abacate".
Amy Scott (3 years ago)
Loved this! Yes more lifestyle videos!
Shannon Lee (3 years ago)
I hate avocado but this looks so delicious! I would love to see more videos like this ❤️
Tanya du Preez (3 years ago)
Yes please do more lifestyle based videos! :)
Lizzie Hernandez (3 years ago)
You're in perfect shape!! Keep it up! Looks yummy btw 😋👌🏻
Lupe Gonzalez (3 years ago)
looks delicious 😊😊😊
Kristyn Russ (3 years ago)
this looks so yummy!
Laura Ramos (3 years ago)
This is very similar to Pico de Gallo! Except you cook your veggies and in Pico de Gallo you don't :) and instead of cayenne pepper you put in jalapeño bits in the Gallo itself!
Doina S (3 years ago)
Love avocados!! Never thought of doing it like that though. I'll definitely try it.

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