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Best objective class in black ops 2!

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Best class setup for an objective player! I highly recommend it!
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Life Of Chris (5 years ago)
So what is "feedl
mistermariolord (5 years ago)
is championship the top league in leagueplay? or was it masters? i forgot lol :P damn treyarch so gay, they messing up everything for snipers. they should revert the sniper nerfs and add more damage to dsr and ballista, also reduce ads time, for dsr so that the ballista and dsr are equal! :)
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
Thanks, a lot man!
Baby Tuna (5 years ago)
Dont really play Black Ops so didnt understand all the talking ^^ but it sounds like it flows and feels like it all fits, and you got awesome gameplay :) love the vid man!

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