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The Garden - Live at The Echoplex 2/5/2017

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February 5, 2017 - The Garden performs live at The Echoplex, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. New EP, "U Want The Scoop?" out March 3rd. http://www.thegardenvadavada.com/ https://thegardenmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/TheGardenVadaVada/ Members: Wyatt & Fletcher Shears Genre: Vada Vada Hometown: Orange
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Text Comments (47)
Kilah Luna (1 month ago)
I’d hate to be at the front of that concert, all of those people just constantly jumping on you 💀
Lauren 19 (5 months ago)
Damn I wanna go to this concert sooo bad
Lauren 19 (5 months ago)
Except they didn't play call the dogs out
lupehn (10 months ago)
U Want The Scoop? Played live looks freaking epic!
Leslie Agustin (11 months ago)
Hell yeah!
Aleena Martinez (1 year ago)
Bennie Townsend (1 year ago)
OMG people are so fucking stupid
oliviaisashe (1 year ago)
i want to go back to this concert so bad.
Outro Canal (1 year ago)
i prefer the punk repertory
this looks so fucking cool! to bad they will never come to my country...
Jake It (1 year ago)
No fucks given
Tyler Durden (1 year ago)
The Garden: two ex models who duped everyone into believing they're artistic geniuses just cause they're hot and make vague experimental music
Yungescombro (2 months ago)
Are you sure?
the 6am (2 months ago)
the garden is fucking dope af
boi (3 months ago)
the garden: two ex models that have more talent than you'll ever have. they're hot and make expressive music in their own unique way.
Moises Carranza (1 year ago)
I said they're hot also.. Batty boy
Moises Carranza (1 year ago)
Tyler Durden u mean every artist
Denise Lujan (1 year ago)
Damn this looks so fuuuuuun REGRETS 😭😩
Dragonno (1 year ago)
Ealy Gutierrez (1 year ago)
this was by far the best show I had gon to ! crowd was mad crazy
s. (1 year ago)
Violet brugetti (1 year ago)
I saw them last night but didnt get any videos I'm so sad
Nick Charnas (1 year ago)
Fletcher Shears will go down in history for his drumming
Goochy (1 year ago)
0:00 - U Want The Scoop? 3:44 - All Access 6:20 - Surprise! 7:52 - Call This # Now! 10:32 - Haha 13:07 - Red Green Yellow 14:28 - Clay 17:11 - Jester's Game 18:57 - I Want That Nose I Saw On TV 20:10 - Cloak 22:52 - Vexation 24:19 - Make Yer Mark 27:15 - Cells Stay Clean 29:10 - Have A Good Day Sir 32:45 - Egg 36:11 - This Could Build Us A Home 40:16 - Crystal Clear 42:35 - Gift 44:39 - All Smiles Over Here :) 49:29 - The Apple 50:48 - I Am A Woman
Alec Rogerson (1 year ago)
Goochy thx
J grOOVY (1 year ago)
thnkx papa
Devin V (1 year ago)
James McBride (1 year ago)
Have a good day sir>>>>
1120 (1 year ago)
Is that a song from the ep?
Martina Sperindio (1 year ago)
I just really don't know who is the craziest here: the band or the crowd? Hahaha
Violet brugetti (10 months ago)
i’ve seen them 10 times and honestly can’t tell either
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
Martina Sperindio something new
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
I like this band too
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
Martina Sperindio he punk bitch you dont know his music
Steven Vargas (1 year ago)
Martina Sperindio he punk https://youtu.be/IxpSUf7tNfs he dont want to he can rock more then when one .
pedro ma (2 years ago)
this was lit af!!
Melanie Ruggiero (2 years ago)
I spot tyler hes in a red hat lmaoo
feckless clod (6 months ago)
Luis Lozano (1 year ago)
Where? can't spot him
Ealy Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Stan Chick omg I was there and I didn't see him !!! I'm a bit upset now
Stan Chick (1 year ago)
the creator
teeny (2 years ago)

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