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5 WAYS TO STYLE A ROLLER SET ON 4C HAIR PRODUCTS- 1) Taliah Waajid Crinkles & Curls setting and styling lotion- http://www.naturalhair.org/crinkles-curls-8oz.html 2) Taliah Waajid Black Earth African Healing Oyl -http://www.naturalhair.org/african-healing-oyl-8oz.html PERM RODS- https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=orange+perm+rods&sprefix=orange+perm+%2Caps%2C258&crid=23W1LVMWGECX2 (Can also find them at local beauty supply store) NATURAL HAIR SHOW- APRIL 22-23, ATLANTA buy tickets (ON SALE) at www.naturalhairshow.org direct link - http://www.naturalhairshow.org/buy-tickets/
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Ray lma (1 year ago)
Love them all.Even the dress😊😊
glen taylor (1 year ago)
Excellent styles,you're so sweet.
Carliesha Young (2 years ago)
Sooo Pretty!!
NO FREE CATNIP (2 years ago)
This video was so helpful. I just suck at putting rollers in my hair
Josie Kate (2 years ago)
black is beautiful
Jasmine Mhoon (2 years ago)
Yes come through curls, I love it!!!!
Pure Estrogen (2 years ago)
Simply beautiful.
Beverly Pierce (2 years ago)
Beautiful hair I'm new to your channel!!! love them all...☺😊😊😃
MsNaturale Michelle (2 years ago)
how many perm rods did you use for whole head? I don't know how many to purchase
Plush Furr (2 years ago)
DiscoveringNatural (2 years ago)
Very beautiful styles! I can't wait to try these styles out on my oldest daughter! Loves your hair! It is so hard to choose a favorite, but I love the last one
Theresa Montalvo (2 years ago)
Beautiful as Usual! Thank you
MSE. Dzirasa (2 years ago)
I love your edges natural it matches the texture best. That's how I wear mine. Thanks for sharing these lovely styles. :)
Nana-Saah (2 years ago)
loveeeee all of it
LoverofmySoul (2 years ago)
Side swoop up do - elegant, chic, classy.
MumNatural (2 years ago)
the fourth one is my fave but they are all nice
Mateyena (2 years ago)
very beautiful styles
LaMarseillaise Sandy (2 years ago)
i like the last one
Smile2Joy (2 years ago)
I really appreciate your tutorials.  I wish you had your own hair school to teach all of our salons how to do and style natural hair.  They could use your guidance.  Thanks again.
Yeslia B (2 years ago)
Love your Hair, for years black girls & women with Natural thick hair have been told their hair is nappy, unmanageable and not pretty unless you straighten it, ( ALL LIES ), you can do so many things with our hair and with you tube and other media outlets our little girls can see for themselves just how beautiful their hair is😍It.. New subbie!!!!!!!
T C (6 months ago)
Animated Moi (2 years ago)
I think I watch you videos solely for your accent. I love it!! Reminds me of home :-)
Keke Lauren (2 years ago)
lapaz toyotaaa
nana yaa (2 years ago)
Keke Lauren hahaha
Mystical Being (2 years ago)
💕💕💕 loving it yaass
Mystical Being (2 years ago)
I like the last one
Godscreation02 (2 years ago)
dimond folournsho (2 years ago)
hey gurlll
dimond folournsho (2 years ago)
Michael Shakur (2 years ago)

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