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Messy Bun & Loose TopKnot Tutorial

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» Twitter @daceyhapa » Instagram @daceecash Thank you for watching, xx What are some more hair tutorials you guys would like to see? Leave me a comment down below! » Song http://goo.gl/7rHWQ5 » Keys: Messy bun, how to do a messy bun, messy bun hair tutorial, loose top knot, top knot hair tutorial, how to do a top knot, top knot, » This video is not sponsored!
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Text Comments (137)
abbylovesmakeup (2 years ago)
Love this look! I love your videos !
wanda59kxz (3 years ago)
so pretty!
Gokia Vang (3 years ago)
you remind me of vivianvofarmer here on YouTube!!! You're so gorgeous!
Amaya Leon (4 years ago)
I just gotta say tanks so much I've been looking for how to make this bun all over the internet but none worked cause my texture hair. Your the first one who actually showed me how to do a bun that works. Thanks- yours truly amaya
Christiantina Sea (4 years ago)
I should give it myself a try. Thanks for the tutorial.
Crystal Duenas (4 years ago)
What nail polish are you wearing?
Monica Beven (4 years ago)
Wow i can't stop watching your videos! You are absolutely beautiful, i just wondered if you would be doing a hair care routine soon? My hair seems to stay the same length and i'd appreciate some tips on how to get it to grow faster! Thank you, & please keep posting videos, you're amazing & so inspirational in way :-) x
Jade Côrtes (4 years ago)
How do you do these natural waves in your hair?? Kisses from Brazil! 💋💋💋💋
Sonia sim (4 years ago)
do a tutorial on how you got your hair this colour Dacey! love you! xxxx
Kayla Taylor (4 years ago)
Hey dacey! I love your videos so much!! What camera & voice over device do you use?? :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Kayla Thompson Thanks! T3i, and I use iMovie for voiceovers 
Courteney (4 years ago)
What piercings do you have? :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Courteney Y Just ear piercings! 
Jamie Alon (4 years ago)
Your hair colour is absolutely stunning! 
mary dar (4 years ago)
Jamie .Nicole (4 years ago)
could you please go over what else you have done/ what you've used to color your hair since the last time you talked about it. I know a lot of us are curious about what worked for you to get you to where you are :) Looking good girl! 
Emma Wang (4 years ago)
omg you are gorgeous!! <3
Alicia Dee (4 years ago)
Love love love this!!! :) .xx
boardwalkgirl222 (4 years ago)
what state are ya from
Cyrene Ampo (4 years ago)
Your hair color is just so pretty!
Dominique Sebastian (4 years ago)
my baby hairs are just like yours ! lol straight and super long 
ken za (4 years ago)
Pleaaaase can u make a video about your hair color and how you get this result !!! Kissses from france !
Kiana T (4 years ago)
Just found you, and I went on a marathon of your videos and now I feel like I've known you for a while haha. I love your personality! We are similar somewhat in preferences and tastes :) I feel like you get me lmao. I hope my channel grows like yours did and my video quality also improves like yours drastically did! Loved this video btw :)
94aliniew (4 years ago)
Dacey I was wondering if you could recommend me good single eyelash extensions? Nothing to do with a top knot haha but I didn't have the time to search threw your previous videos thank you!  
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@94aliniew I've never gotten single lash extensions! sorry! 
Stephanie M (4 years ago)
You're so gorgeous! Can you do an everyday makeup routine? I loooove the way you do your makeup
Alice Ezugbaia (4 years ago)
u r so beautiful. u should do more Q&A videos.
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@алиса езугбая You guys should tweet me some questions! 
Perryn O'neal (4 years ago)
Love this! Your videos are always the best! (:
shortbucks (4 years ago)
your hair is always so amazing!! what kind of cut do you get at the salon? 
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@shortbucks I cut it myself haha *ghetto* 
Valeria Arcos (4 years ago)
dacey! please do another GRWM love your hairlights!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Valeria Arcos Thank you! 
Ashley Panganiban (4 years ago)
Do a naked basics palette tutorial. Would love to see what you could come up with! Love all your videos! 
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Ashley P I will if I end up getting that palette! Thanks for watching, x 
Samantha VanCuran (4 years ago)
By far the best bun tutorial I've seen yet! It actually worked for my thin pin straight hair, thank youuu!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Samantha VanCuran awesome! 
rom p (4 years ago)
what fake tan do you use Dacey? 
rom p (4 years ago)
oh, I kept thinking it looks so natural.. that explains it! haha xx
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Rommy Parsa I don't have a fake tan on in this video - it's an actual suntan from Hawaii 
Sarina (4 years ago)
Your hair is gorgeous! Lucky you for having thick hair, mine's so thin i look like i have baby's hair 😝
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@sarinakays You could always get some extensions! 
Jamie Ferrer (4 years ago)
Love it!! In Spanish : me encanta!!!
Jules (4 years ago)
Love the hair and makeup! I thought I saw some vids showing you possibly living in MI...if you did I would so pay you to do my makeup!! As much as I love makeup and watching tutorials Im horrible at eye makeup. These filipino eyes! Lol well that and I've never gotten the hang of colors and what does or doesn't look good. Anyway awesome tutorial!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
For inquiries like this, please shoot an email over to my business account. 
Yvette Smith (4 years ago)
@daceyhapa where are you located? I would to have you do my hair color :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@kristinejules If you have an event or anything that you want your makeup done for I am typically available! I'm going to be doing some proms, cotillions and such this year. If you're serious about having me do your makeup/hair shoot me an email on my business email! Thanks! xx 
Jocelyn Calderon (4 years ago)
I'm a new subbie & I absolutely love your videos!! Can't wait to give these a try. Can you please let me know what foundation you are wearing? Your skin is beyond amazing! Thanks beautiful :-)
Jocelyn Calderon (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for replying to me! All the more reason you are wonderful :-)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Jocelyn Calderon I'm wearing the Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation 
Who did your ombrie? Love it
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Anatoliy Artemenko Did it myself! Hehe Thanks 
Black' N White (4 years ago)
Love the hair you look stunning as always :)
Everyday Plant Kitchen (4 years ago)
Keep the hair tutorials coming! You have gorgeous locks :)
Doina S (4 years ago)
I'm so jealous of these. I can never get my messy buns to hold because my hair is all in layers and even though it is long, it's too short at this point for messy buns and topknots and stuff lol 
nochu (4 years ago)
Haircut tutorial please! I love the way you do your layers and I'm not sure if you're cutting your hair anytime soon, but it would be soo helpful!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
@Katie Cao Haha aw thank you! But I'm not doing a haircut tutorial because I don't want you guys to mess up your hair! 
Melissa Lopez (4 years ago)
Finally! I've been dealing with my hair and wonder why it would not stay as a top knot.
Sammy (4 years ago)
So easy and cute! Hey Dacey, I remember you posting a pic on IG of some LLBean boots (creeper here!). Were they the regular 8" ones ($109), or the thinsulate or shearling lined 8" ($139-199)??
Gabriela Idrovo (4 years ago)
Your hair is everything !!! Love it xoxoxo
Please do makeup tutorial and info on foundation!! Would love to have this hair!
lizza Rauhl (4 years ago)
Please do a tutorial on the makeup you have on in this video
Monika Butler (4 years ago)
You are soooooo georges ☺ .. I know this sounds so weird and I swear Iam not gay 😄 but yesterday I saw you in my dreams. I guess I just watched you too much on You Tube 🙈
Cristina Tamez (4 years ago)
Love the hair!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Alex Rajao (4 years ago)
you're my hair idol. 
Alex Rajao (4 years ago)
@daceyhapa aw of course! love your channel 
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
You're so funny, haha I'm honored! Thanks for always watching and leaving me love Alex! x 
Karina Lucille (4 years ago)
I love how real this video is with your baby hairs flying around!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Girl I've always got baby hairs flying around, that's just how my hair is haha 
evelyn herrera (4 years ago)
Love your make up look here!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you!! 
Lilly Smith (4 years ago)
Did you cut your hair?? It looks great!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I got a trim! About an inch and a half. I did blow dry it with a round brush though, so it's looking shorter with all of the body! Haha. Thank you, Lilly! x 
Msangiewow (4 years ago)
Your hair is gorgeous 😍
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thanks so much!!x 
laurenntaybabee13 (4 years ago)
Did you do your blonde highlights/balyage yourself? If so can you do a tutorial or explain what you did? I want to get balyage but I want to do it in the least harmful way to my hair and Im not sure what color to go for, and my hair color is very similar to yours
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I was going to film a tutorial, but it's really difficult because my tripod doesn't go high enough and I don't have anyone who can film at the moment! Sorry, x 
Glitterfusion (4 years ago)
love your video!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching/commenting, x 
Beautyofminexo (4 years ago)
My messy buns always come out looking like poop :'( lol
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Practice practice practice haha 
Natalies Outlet (4 years ago)
So cute and simple. Perfect for a college girl on the go like myself ^_^
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Yaaaaas! I agree haha 
MakeupMinionTV (4 years ago)
Cant wait til my hair grows back long and I can do this! Such a cute tutorial :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Yay! Thank you for watching x 
purely girly (4 years ago)
That is how I do my messy bun...I love it because it is so comfortable feeling on top of my head and it makes it so easy to get the pony tail holder out when you are ready to take it down and it also gives my hair some great curl and volume when I take it down instead of looking like I have had my hair tied up all day.  thank you for sharing...You are such a beautiful young lady...
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you for the kind words, Cindy! They mean a lot. 
Connie (4 years ago)
Could you make a video about explaining how you did your hair pleaseee I really want to do like yours this summer!!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I don't know for sure if I will still be filming a video about it! Sorry, x 
Kalei Lagunero (4 years ago)
Messy Buns are my favorite! You look beautiful!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you Kalei! LUV YEW! 
Tiffani S (4 years ago)
Come dye my hair like yours lol. I have done these kinda buns for years. I sleep with my hair in one actually.
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Haha I totally would color it for you! x 
Cam Tien (4 years ago)
Ngawww you sound sick! Hope you're okay! xx
mmarthaac (4 years ago)
I absolutely looove your hair at 0:11!!! Can you do a video about the type of haircut that you have and the hair color please
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I did mention a bit about my hair in my other hair vlog! 
Myka Stauffer (4 years ago)
I think I'm going to rock this hairdo for my video I'm filming today! Thank you idk what i would do with out ur beauty tutorial videos 
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Aw you are too sweet! 
Julie Thuy Dang (4 years ago)
Gorgeousss as always!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank yyyyyouu! x 
Katherine Bond (4 years ago)
Great video!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching xx 
valentinechild (4 years ago)
Your new haircolour looks stunning on you!! ❤
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you! x 
Style Steph_ (4 years ago)
Love your eye makeup in this video :) Simply gorgeous girl <3
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you! 
SophiaTV (4 years ago)
Beautiful...that is the pertect for you ❤️
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Pouline Gernes (4 years ago)
Perfect! LOVE xx
Xanthe De la rosa (4 years ago)
I love your hair color. Thanks for the video will make it easy for me when I have 2nd day hair. Thank u :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching, Janella! x 
A D (4 years ago)
What lipstick are you wearing? 😍
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Milani - Matte nNaked 
Leizel Cosgrove (4 years ago)
Loved this video! You make it look so easy! xx
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
It is easy if you practice! Haha x 
firstbriana (4 years ago)
What lipstick are you wearing? Super flattering shade!
Dan Saavedra (4 years ago)
Ur hair looks buitifulu
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Milani Matte Naked 
JessiLove (4 years ago)
This is too cute love buns :)
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Haha thank you! 
SabrinaChic (4 years ago)
I've never seen the top knot done like this, great job! I also love your name!
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Wow, thank you so much that is so sweet of you! x 
Paris Rodriguez (4 years ago)
I LOVE messy buns! Probably a little too much, lol. Great video. I do mine the first way that you showed. 😁
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Haha yay! x 
Nicole (4 years ago)
Could you please do a get ready with me everyday look with your new lights!! Your so pretty! 😔😭
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
I'm going to try and do a GRWM with me video tomorrow! 
serafina (4 years ago)
your hair though.
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Haha thanks gurrrrlll xx 
Rosa H (4 years ago)
Simple and cute ! :) <3
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching, Rosa! 
Di Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Omg your ombre looks amazing!!! Why do you suit every single hair color?! So not fair!! You looked stunning in this video too!! Miss your vlogs would love to see more!! Xxx
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Haha awh thanks so much! x 
Abigail Rae (4 years ago)
you're so beautiful! 💜
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thanks, Abbie! 
karina Mendoza (4 years ago)
Your so pretty!!!😍
Dacey Cash (4 years ago)
Thank you! 

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