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RockPaperRobot: You can't always do it all

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Jessica Banks and Mihae Mukaida of Rock Paper Robot on when to outsource to the experts.
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Bacon Persuasion (3 years ago)
You say your time is valuable then have the nerve to charge 20000 for a coffee table. Sure is clear how you value your customers time.
MIKE BOWSER (4 years ago)
Why on earth would you make tables that move? I'm guessing these are more art than they are actual furniture... Oh, and your prices are OUTRAGEOUS! 
RESTAURANT (4 years ago)
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RESTAURANT (4 years ago)
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Thomas Kollars (5 years ago)
One day and you charging $10,000 for the small one, and $20,000 for the large one? Wow I hope someone rips you 2 off and steals that idea. What a rip off.
MatchRate Plusjay (5 years ago)
whats up nice video
huskywich (5 years ago)
Opportunity cost = #1 variable in Business.

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