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MINECRAFT XBOX- TU16 Redstone Tricks!

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Text Comments (22)
Mepper M (4 years ago)
Make like a paintball field go on survival with enchanted bows and arrows and bui ok d little bases a walls and stuff and have like a war
Chico Cole (5 years ago)
Darrel shut up child don't post if u don't like
kyan siaw (5 years ago)
make 4 fireplaces each in middle of wall seats bang in the midlle
Mohammad Zaza (5 years ago)
Do the tutorial for the secret base in the water.
Mike Sellers (5 years ago)
Make a pool in the lapis Lazio
Tylerfvcknlee (5 years ago)
Show us how to build the wheat farm thing.?
Nicholas Graham (5 years ago)
You should use that room for testing your redstone inventions. I love redstone
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
Thanks for the input!
Maria Diaz (5 years ago)
Fuck u Darryl
darral hunter (5 years ago)
this was not awesome at all.... you suck soooooooo bad. cut your losses and don't make anymore videos
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
sure thing, I was just having some trouble with the computer I use to record, but its all better now.
Ryan Manzi (5 years ago)
can you do more xbox worlds
Ryan Manzi (5 years ago)
that room with the glow stone and lapis should be a maze like you flick a switch a leaver shoes a small entry and they make their way to the end for something like a chest full of diamonds
Joe Liam Busby (5 years ago)
What is your gamertag for xbox360
Rick96B (5 years ago)
nice video man :)
Oryps400 (5 years ago)
Cool video!
JZthekid (5 years ago)
Ok and give me a shoutout in the video
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
sure thing ill do the stairs tomorrow
JZthekid (5 years ago)
Can you suscribe to me
JZthekid (5 years ago)
MrDeathsparky (5 years ago)
for which one man? ill gladly do them.
JZthekid (5 years ago)
Do the tutorial good video:)

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