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Queen - I Was Born To Love You - 2004 Video

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - I Was Born To Love You - 2004 Video Taken from Forever, 2014. Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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Text Comments (6601)
Mickey B (7 hours ago)
Escuchar una canción de Queen (que no conocía) y saber que dejaba su voz en cada una de ellas ... Lo mejor.
My mom brings me life, but Freddie is the reason to live it Memes are life, memes are love
Camila Villanueva (9 hours ago)
3:13 <3
touraneindanke (20 hours ago)
OMG did you realy dislike? I do hope in time your life wil improve ❤️
卍ガイコツ卍 (22 hours ago)
I was born to love u, freddie. Till the day i death, i promise.
Claude Speed 3 (1 day ago)
Queen was plaing their instruments but Mr. Bag guy wasn't there
Mirna Ojeda (1 day ago)
Hermoso con su vestuario blanco...❤❤
Futbolero 2018 (1 day ago)
1:17 musical orgasm🤘🤘🤘😆
Rich Willis (1 day ago)
Amazing song, as were so many of Queen songs. Legendary artists. Having a real Queen refresher of late and it's even more apparent how Unique Queen was
Emma Scally (1 day ago)
3:11 that gorgeous run is giving me goose bumps XD
Karol Rozpara (1 day ago)
Every man should play this song to his woman :D
Khghj Ygyujj (1 day ago)
I love you queen
Thailand Fans Love You Queen! Miss You Mister Fahrenheit
僕は生まれる時代を間違えた。 僕はフレディを愛してる。 でも歌の中で生きてる。フレディだけ愛してるわけじゃない。他にも、ジョンディーコン、ロジャーテイラー、ブライアンメイも、もちろん愛してる。
E.W.H. Fine arts (2 days ago)
So damn hot JESUS
Joanna Asia Hess (2 days ago)
Joanna Asia Hess (2 days ago)
Joanna Asia Hess (2 days ago)
Joanna Asia Hess (2 days ago)
Joanna Asia Hess (2 days ago)
Paola Magnanini (2 days ago)
ti amo Freddie
March 2019 everyone?
千葉良一 (3 days ago)
dewi maharani (3 days ago)
Miss you darling,Freddie.. we all do!
ンササマ (3 days ago)
JJAKSKKS, amo con todo mi corazón esta canción.
熊嵐 (3 days ago)
この曲を初めて聞いたのが1986年 当時ノエビア化粧品のCM曲になってました 突き抜ける様なパンチのきいた 歌声にシビレ 今みたいにネットが無い時代 友人にたずねまくり Queenとわかり聞かせて貰った
ニートマン (3 days ago)
ダバ穴ガディー (3 days ago)
k himaraya (3 days ago)
PIPI 77 (3 days ago)
I was born to love Queen. It's Seriously
nattawutt 19 (3 days ago)
ชอบวงควีน​มาก ทั้งนำ้เสียงอารมณเพลง สุดยอดจาก เดกไทยคนหนึ่​งที่ชอบวงควีน
남자남기범 (3 days ago)
TOSSY TOSSY (4 days ago)
Olivia Hsieh (4 days ago)
Love Queen
Amo demais
Jocey PAUL (4 days ago)
So handsome at that time, his best years, miss you darling...
Juani Molina (4 days ago)
Te amo Freddie 💗
Alma Tausa (4 days ago)
And i was born to listen to Queen ❤
Carolina Ciliberto (4 days ago)
Favourite Song With favourite concert of my all time favourite band forever, what wo you want more?
S Yakuza (5 days ago)
Amazing feeling
So nice song!!! Freddie !!!!!😍😍😍
Катрин Осма (5 days ago)
Мы любим тебя!
守屋光貴 (5 days ago)
Jennifer Harrison (5 days ago)
Freddie in HD..OMFG! 4.4K people were not meant to be loved by anyone.
a person with no life (5 days ago)
Im pretty sure everyone here knows queen is the best band known to man kind you cant deny
akai (5 days ago)
ercise ex (5 days ago)
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maribel kemper (5 days ago)
I'm not crying, you are
Love you Freddie you are still alive in our hearts
Pachi Paz (5 days ago)
I Love youuuuu freddieeee ♡
Alison Rivers (5 days ago)
I love u Freddie gone but not forgotten 😘
Destini Hazelett (4 days ago)
So true
Connor- Andrea95 (5 days ago)
I should send this to my girlfriend
LVDM (5 days ago)
I was born to love you, Freddie. <3
Caterina Abbate 47 (5 days ago)
we love you
Beautiful music. Queen is the greatest band ever *change my mind*
まずものとも (5 days ago)
山太田郎 (5 days ago)
森田誠 (5 days ago)
I love
Richard Ring (6 days ago)
God, Queen did a great job on Freddies solo song from 1985
Leonardo Armijos (6 days ago)
El Dios de todos 💛
Debi Nicholson (6 days ago)
My FAVORITE outfit....So SEXY!!
Inspired (6 days ago)
*I was born to love Queen <3*
Laura García (6 days ago)
yessss, i was born to love queen!!!!!!!!!! <3
Dustin Forrey (6 days ago)
Awesome ☑️
Freddie Mercury (6 days ago)
14-3-2019, everyone??!
はやしただし (7 days ago)
ADRIAN 14 CANCH (7 days ago)
Fredy gracias por tanto marzo 2019
건강 (7 days ago)
원음듣기 좋아하염 근데 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
I was born to love Queen❤
日菜美 (7 days ago)
djamila ziani (8 days ago)
djamila ziani (8 days ago)
Мощный, уникальный мега глас Фредди, несущийся с бешенной скоростью в режиме NON STOP!!!! Который сметает все на собственном пути будто КОСМИЧЕСКИЙ МЕТЕОР В ПУХ И ПРАХ!!!!!! ПЕСНИ ФРЕДДИ НЕВОЗМОЖНО ОСТАНОВИТЬ НИКОГДА!!!!!!! Живи вовек в наших сердцах!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Munira Yuldasheva Спасибо
Munira Yuldasheva (7 days ago)
В точку
Giulia Bessone (9 days ago)
Every single day of my life.... 👑❤
yeetus man (9 days ago)
How did they get him to mouth it?!
March 2019. Omg!
GunzTrek (3 days ago)
Jon Dunmore (9 days ago)
2:45 -- Must admit, the Brian solo is TONS MORE LEGIT than that horrible synth pad in the original.
Zo Ford (9 days ago)
I miss Freddie
sabo tenn (9 days ago)
lofinnell (9 days ago)
That famous growl!!!
Stevie Bernice (9 days ago)
I love watching Bri play the guitar <3
Lucia suka (10 days ago)
omg... i love it so much...😀😊😍😘😻
Nothing. (10 days ago)
3:51 When you realize that it is not "Life", it is "Love"
Nothing. (7 days ago)
+Harrison’s Wrestling world hahaha yes
Haha 😂 so true
LilBlasian Peep (10 days ago)
Been listening to Queen since I was 6 I remember my dad blasting Queen on the speakers and till today I will love queen forever and ever I literally grew up with this band being my fave. Freddie will LIVE ON!!! I wish I was alive in the 70’s or 80’s to see Queen in a concert but it’s okay because Freddie’s legacy will live in through this music ❤️ I love you freddie Mercury ❤️
angelina espinosa (10 days ago)
Un privilegio escucharte ahora hasta la muerte
King Freddie (10 days ago)
Freddie you were born to make me crazy.....every single day of my life..We miss you incredibile creature💔
Ignab400TV (10 days ago)
Supera esto duki ah no,para...es imposible :v
トラッフィーズ (10 days ago)
RowdyEye (10 days ago)
I was born to love rock!
すてはげ (10 days ago)
みむらふゆ (10 days ago)
Freddie's voice is my ecstasy❤
Vladimir gregu (10 days ago)
March 2019? Someone ?🥰
vitahenao (10 days ago)
Queen como siempre WOW! Y ver a Freddie.........siempre me ha himnotizado, y como diríamos algunas (o algunos) en Colombia: Divino, me mata, qué hombre por favor!!! Queen always WONDERFUL. And Freddie..... He mesmerize me, God what a man!!!
卯月香南子 (11 days ago)
LdDcエディションsqsのhjrじぇwつhdjjkyっrdqsぇ yyhttps://youtu.be/Rpe1xnOTvFMuyhhyttkkkmdd
Hatice Dinçol (11 days ago)
Legend 😍😍😍 ı love you so much freddie ❤️❤️💖💖💖💖
Lorena Couto (11 days ago)
Freddie Mercury tão lindo. Que voz perfeita. Jamais será esquecido. ❤️
MR Marsh (11 days ago)
march 2019 anyone
Raindeer Online (11 days ago)
Awe- thanks fred.
Slashero (11 days ago)
March 2019 everyone ?
円1万 (11 days ago)
why Japanese?
big chungus (11 days ago)
I think brian may was lying Freddie mercury is not dead.
big chungus (9 days ago)
How old Freddie mercury now 2019?
😂😂 so true

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