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Queen - I Was Born To Love You - 2004 Video

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Queen - I Was Born To Love You - 2004 Video Taken from Forever, 2014. Welcome to the official Queen channel. Subscribe today for exclusive Queen videos, including live shows, interviews, music videos & much more. See the best of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon right here on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/queenwillrock Give us a like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queen
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太郎ランディ (11 hours ago)
Maria Tornatore (14 hours ago)
Non mi stanco mai di ascoltarti, sei la mia droga quotidiana💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Killer Asian (16 hours ago)
Freddie if you received a phone in heaven please read this! I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU! You take my breath away and can reduce me to tears with a single song. ;)
luckystrike 501 (18 hours ago)
I can sing only this song.
von pimentel (19 hours ago)
i was born to sub you
von pimentel (19 hours ago)
i love his songs though
von pimentel (19 hours ago)
i know that friedie is sexual
von pimentel (19 hours ago)
i was born to kick you
전설아레나 (22 hours ago)
한국사람 손
Jonas Arvidsson (1 day ago)
Played this video at my job office on low volume, were not alowed to use internet resources outside the work, when my boss suddenly came to me and pointed out that I did something i was not alowed to. Then he asked "What are you plaing by the way?" When he saw the videoclip he told me to go on plaing and increase the volume so we all could hear it :-)
Опять слушаю, снова,блииин, до слёз. Великая музыка, величавые музыканты. Здорово,что они в нашей жизни, и по жизни вечно рядышком.
cndtjrwoa (1 day ago)
키야... 녹는다... 엄마가 퀸 엄청 좋아해서 어릴 때 맨날 들었는데..
Petite marjo (1 day ago)
Veronika Dabronyi (1 day ago)
Elisabetta Boniello (1 day ago)
my ecstasy you are ...tu sei la mia estasi..io voglio amare te amare te amare te per tutti i giorni della mia vita..i was born to love you every sing day of my life..
ラスカル (1 day ago)
I'm Japanese, but I sing as an English lesson. I've already remembered it because I am very happy!
I Love Lea Thompson (2 days ago)
Play this at my birthday
Jacqueline L Graves (2 days ago)
I think I was born to love him, too!
Janique Vaillot (2 days ago)
QUEEN : Tous les 4, you are so amazing ! You take my breath away. I will love u so much forever and ever
22nd-May-2019 2:49 a.m
迷子ちゃん (2 days ago)
The Great Papyrus (2 days ago)
I like the original version more, but this is still a bloody masterpiece.
pon琵依菜酢 (3 days ago)
Slimboyfat1979 (3 days ago)
Watched this stoned.... Amazing
Fercha BaCu (3 days ago)
I was born to love you Freddie❤️∞
Freddie pretty much wrote about our feelings for him and I'm not surprised because he is always best at understanding people ❤
강복자 (3 days ago)
good i love queen
Sgt. CєηíxzviΩ (4 days ago)
The two versions are magnific and excitant
LikeBoss BR ™ (4 days ago)
A Lot of people say I’m looks like Freddie Mercury This makes me georgeous and hot ?
Patrizia Sforza (20 hours ago)
Yes ahaha you're lucky
kittyshayna 123 (4 days ago)
—Michael Jackson was born August 29 1958 —I was born on August 29 2008 —Freddie was born to love every single one of us
Que canción más espectacular!!!.Bravo Freddy...😺😺😺
songs songs (5 days ago)
I was born... August 19th 1951
Simone Bruzzesi (5 days ago)
אורי קדוש (5 days ago)
山口崇 (5 days ago)
My wedding song yet I’m 11 years old Lol
のの (5 days ago)
GuilleMaestro (5 days ago)
God.....it's amazing, I can't conparising this music than actually music. #queenforever
EL PVTO YETI (6 days ago)
Magic!! Amazing. How they can make this magic song?
Wan Farez Malaysia (6 days ago)
fifa world cup 2018 bring me here (but for malaysia) I mean Astro Supersport (malaysia channel, google it) promo the World cup 2018 with this song, also with tagline 'Born to love the World Cup'
Elton De Oliveira (6 days ago)
Somente os mitos são eternos !!!! O tempo é o senhor da razão
pajalee malagul (6 days ago)
I was born to love Queen😍
Cadi Perkins (6 days ago)
Once a Queener always a Queener
Daniela Miosoti (6 days ago)
Ay q ser asin parra evitar a q descubram a lis q me persiguen
Daniela Miosoti (6 days ago)
E nada d aparatos eletronicos nada d aceso a via satelite
Daniela Miosoti (6 days ago)
Solo yo El Rei Al Gobierno e junto a un Juiz d derechos
Daniela Miosoti (6 days ago)
Yo solo poedo Ablar e informarles solamiente primero lo primero
Kasdi Kana (6 days ago)
ever the greatest!
Kitti Saint (6 days ago)
Freddie looks gorgeous and sexy in white. Love you...Xoxox ❤
Fabio Dias (6 days ago)
A gata comeu
Sonnenkind (6 days ago)
4900 people should consult psychiatrist for disliking this!
Gabi Herera (6 days ago)
Your 100% right
UNICORNゆら (6 days ago)
Justsaying something (6 days ago)
Oh and for the majority of this video, Freddie isn't wearing any shoes.
Tim 4ox (7 days ago)
17.05.19 - New Rammstein albom
linda flippo (8 days ago)
We were born to love you!! 5/16/2019
MariNika (6 days ago)
linda flippo 17/5/2019
chomiczyna wienek (8 days ago)
hasu kuti (9 days ago)
Actually,from Russia
Jackie Carter (9 days ago)
There is a NASTY Youtuber who's spouting HORRIBLE accusations about Freddie and the guys, and other musicians. Everyone is entitled to their own views, but this went way too far, IMO. This guy (John Collins) has a lot of nerve to call Freddie "EVIL" when he's telling his tale. .💗 you Freddie, Brian, John, and Roger !!
Donny Manurung (9 days ago)
Mei 2019 ..born to love queen
Hydee Jurado (10 days ago)
YES!bAby I was born to love you and I will love you for the rest of my life ❤❤❤
Jill Moffatt (10 days ago)
Me and my sister were born in the same hospital as the Jackson clan. And my parents grew up in Gary, IN. Yep. I'm cool.
Shikumi San (10 days ago)
No, he Wasn't born to love us, we was born to love him :"D
Jennifer Nicholson (10 days ago)
BRILLIANT song and love the video. My 15 year old grandaughter said nana Queen have changed my life, it doesn't get any better than that.❤❤
Daniela Babette (10 days ago)
That sexy white trousers..... 😍😍😍I,'m done..
Sierra Knight (11 days ago)
I was definitely born to love Queen
Emely Emely (11 days ago)
I sas also born to love you
Love you!! Que bien es la mejor cancion jamas escuchada de QUEEN!!!!!
local loser (11 days ago)
I was born to love fred
Not a patch on the original 1985 version from Mercury's Mr bad guy album 🙄
!野望 (11 days ago)
1:41 ガチャ
わしかーうもんかーうもん カーップヌゥーーー
Monica Mendes Batista (12 days ago)
Amo, amo, amo!!!
simba chauhan (12 days ago)
I never realised how talented Freddie was untill watching the film 🎥🙀
Q wena guitarra eléctrica
ann28371 (12 days ago)
Dayron Flores (13 days ago)
Retsehc Nayrb Abenoja (13 days ago)
May 2019...hello to all...
Justsaying something (13 days ago)
I'm a little bit obsessed with this video, particularly 1:17-1:41.
Daniela Babette (14 days ago)
Daniela Babette (12 days ago)
+Pan Lion hey you are right... 😜😜😜
Pan Lion (12 days ago)
He also has a crush on him, don't worry darling
Xanavi (14 days ago)
日清 カップヌードル
natalia lyara (15 days ago)
牙狼魂りきしta (15 days ago)
Stacey Riley (15 days ago)
I was born to love you my love.XX
Stacey Riley (15 days ago)
what a voice!!!!!!!!!!
Francesco Giaccari05 (15 days ago)
I was born in Italy
Demon Girls (15 days ago)
MsPappa75 (15 days ago)
May 2019?
Louie Louise (16 days ago)
Anne L (16 days ago)
Freddie, you sing in heaven, in your marvelous voice, you shine the stars with a thousand lights. Love. 🙏💖
Carole Snezek (13 days ago)
Anne L amazing voice
越川清行 (16 days ago)
最弱の兵長 (16 days ago)
LINDA FLIPPO (17 days ago)
鬼平 (17 days ago)
わし買ーうもん 買ーうもん カ〜〜〜ップヌ〜〜ドル
Mister Fahrenheit (17 days ago)
Is the lag at 0:34 part of the song or is it just a recording error?
happy you (17 days ago)
When I hear this song, I feel better without answering questions.
Freddie: I was born to love you Me: I was born to love Queen Deaky: I'm John Richard Deacon and i was born August 19th, 1951
Dayron Flores (18 days ago)
かわまる肉体改造 no hablo taka taka :v

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