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Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Official Video)

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Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Jazz, 1978. Queen - 'Don't Stop Me Now' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Don't Stop Me Now' music video. Taken from 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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Text Comments (148799)
비박 (20 minutes ago)
One day one queen
Antonio Filippico (36 minutes ago)
Masterpiece❤ I'm no worthy to say anything else
Walter Brizuela (44 minutes ago)
Noa Pade (45 minutes ago)
Loveeeee youuuuuu QUEEN
Electronics Classy!! (52 minutes ago)
He died even before i was born, and solely due to Freddie i wish i had born earlier. Is it weird to miss someone who died before u were born? is it just me?
PeterFromDK (1 hour ago)
This is how many years Freddie should’ve lived 👇🏼
Johnny Mullen (33 minutes ago)
PFFT ik you copied someone else but sure
Steph_ 8989 (1 hour ago)
Queen is legend
WrD Manu (1 hour ago)
My mum: Why are you listening to Queen? Me: Because Queen is legend. My mum: And why Queen is legend? Me: Because i keep listening to their songs in 2019.
F15E Strike Eagle (2 hours ago)
Man,the best of Queen in my opinion
F15E Strike Eagle (2 hours ago)
Do you have like seed in you're ear you should seek a doctor
Jorge The cat (2 hours ago)
2019? Legend never die
marta yakob (2 hours ago)
A2d B (2 hours ago)
Lol everyone is freddie and queen fans now. Months ago they dont know the band or they dont just give a fuck 😏
Bobby Sup (3 hours ago)
Number 5?
Bobby Sup (3 hours ago)
Of umbrella academia
Bobby Sup (3 hours ago)
No spoiler pls
Greg Laj (3 hours ago)
Ramon Martorell (4 hours ago)
2:09 "wasabi, wasabi'' " no me gusta, gusta" "wasabi, wasabi" "nooooooooo"
rocking rambo (4 hours ago)
If you wanna have a good time just give me your call
Allgäuer Michi (4 hours ago)
His voice is just UNBELIEVABLE
StevenGTV (5 hours ago)
gargi kulkarni (6 hours ago)
Mr. Farhenheit ❤❤😎
TazmanienDevil (6 hours ago)
who listened to this on world down-syndrome day
Shadow (6 hours ago)
Gay/Straight/Bi/Klingon or whatever else you may be, everyone loves and looked up to Freddie. He was 1 in a Quadrillion
TryxHardxGamerz (6 hours ago)
Never heard this queen song before the movie and now I'm hooked on it! I honestly don't know how!
Tony Wardle (6 hours ago)
Its a kinda magic, .................. killer Queen. The Miracle made in heaven, but who wants to live forever? This must be heaven for everyone Better than a day at the races or a night at the opera ......
bryle cellan (7 hours ago)
damn feels. That last part
Mr. Hasbr (7 hours ago)
Good song. I hate how they zoom in on his mouth spitting all over his microphone.
Anisa Novia Fridayanti (7 hours ago)
I jump to this song
cheesy cheetos (8 hours ago)
We miss you mr Fahrenheit
LORD SCORCHpion (8 hours ago)
This song started when the movie told the freddie mercury died Im movie
쵝강일 (8 hours ago)
한국인 따봉 박고가요
John May (8 hours ago)
Did you know this was in an episode of The Umbrella Academy?
John May (8 hours ago)
+¿Antisocialhuman ? Yes, that's where it was.
¿Antisocialhuman ? (8 hours ago)
I think when number five and Delores got attacked 😂
Mundo da Lilo (8 hours ago)
Amo demais ♥
Pewdiepie's Son (9 hours ago)
Fortnite fan Xdxdxd (9 hours ago)
1990 wow hes so cool 1991wow hes amazing 1992oo boi 1993ugh i wish i could marry him 1994 bro i cant stop thinking about him 1995 danceing to his music and getting a pucture of queen and kissing the picture of him 2019crys and says i miss u queen ded
galaxy 65 jammer (9 hours ago)
q👑👑👑👑 qu👑👑👑👑 que👑👑👑👑 quee👑👑👑👑 queen👑👑👑👑
Jack Fitzgerald (9 hours ago)
Back then,Google haven't been launch,but it's shocking at the same time amazing to listen to a song which includes many words and terms >∆< Totally amazing. *Sorry for my grammar if it is wrong*
Nathan Gozum (9 hours ago)
Queen is legend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anell Gomez (10 hours ago)
Soy el único ser humano que habla español a qui o que? :0
Maru Rdz (10 hours ago)
In pre
alex recrem (10 hours ago)
Dwayne Sira (10 hours ago)
Its so weird to miss someone that you never met and that died before you were born
Cake Monsta (10 hours ago)
Dear god : Trade my soul for freddie mercury
Turtlegamer667 (10 hours ago)
No that would hurt
napuri (11 hours ago)
dios mio la cancion mas feliz que escuche
Pierre Barreau (11 hours ago)
Pierre Barreau (11 hours ago)
Marc fa20dit (11 hours ago)
54 thousand fucking retarded people who should be banned from using the internet..I know opinions are like assholes, but anyone who would dislike this song must have shit for brains or a bottle of rotten piss and shit water for a soul...I'm so glad they made a movie based on Queen because many young people who have tragically been exposed to nothing but garbage pop music now have been exposed to this amazing band
Turfoi (11 hours ago)
Im 16 and I wish I can just meet freddie and have a nice chat with him and talk about life while looking off into the sunset.
Blueberry and Mochi (11 hours ago)
He made all my favorite old songs I’m crying
Monica Carmona (11 hours ago)
I love queen :3
Loroloko sv (11 hours ago)
When its weekend
I love Stranger things (11 hours ago)
Anybody who disliked this is a Paul Printer fan. (And Freddie’s other abusive boyfriends)
I'M SΩ ICLΔSSΨ (11 hours ago)
Lyrics : Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real Good time I feel alive~~ *You should know this, get baited*
alex recrem (10 hours ago)
And 『Z A W A R D O』 ill turn it inside out
Spongegar (12 hours ago)
It's like an anime opening song
Blackbird25 (12 hours ago)
This song, when it gets going is like a ride. It’s like nonstop ok here we go!!!!! No other song is like this... like it doesn’t ever slow down!!
1). Name your favorite Queen song Then 2). Name your favorite Beatles song And 3). Which song do you prefer?
Juliet St. Pierre (12 hours ago)
I listen to Freddie Mercury every morning with my MiMi and I’m only 10
Dee Jim (12 hours ago)
Anyone from Bombfetti?
je t'aime (12 hours ago)
In the 70's and 80's England was ruled by a different Queen.
Vishnu Dugal (13 hours ago)
after watching bohemian rhapsody movie u came here.....
Italo Rangel (13 hours ago)
I Love this fucking song! can't take it out of my head
환타 (13 hours ago)
0:20 털~미는~사람~~
Marisol González (13 hours ago)
I love when he says *"I like it!"* - 2:12 ❤️
Quincy Kirven (13 hours ago)
Who is the man with the shirt hair
Quincy Kirven (13 hours ago)
John Squad (13 hours ago)
Ivan Gonzalez (13 hours ago)
Owy (13 hours ago)
Daniel Mendoza (14 hours ago)
How do I know all the lyrics? I’ve never listened to this song fully...
cyper aniga (14 hours ago)
This song is like A michanic Just fix you up evryday
Lauwe Compilation (14 hours ago)
When you wana do something that you parets aren't happy with
Berly Salinas (14 hours ago)
True I love the part don,t stop me know
Tommy Boy (14 hours ago)
DwelliTWOsys (14 hours ago)
can't stop thinking of the charades to this.
수민 (14 hours ago)
Queen will visit Korea soon.
Veronica Ayala Schmitz (14 hours ago)
R. I. P freddie
bibiya be yeye (14 hours ago)
Damn 3 month ago this video had 200millions views. Waouh the movie really touched a lot of people
Maddie Field (15 hours ago)
lovely song
Doyoumine (15 hours ago)
Go church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about God
trippy.skiezzz (15 hours ago)
dont stop me cuz havin a good time, HAVIN A GOOD TIME!
Joselyn Xoxo (15 hours ago)
Just the fact that I will never ever get to see him at a concert makes me so sad.
Phil Barnes (15 hours ago)
Makes me happy that a series like The Umbrella Academy is using quality music like this and introducing a new generation to the genius of Queen...
Lala Pr. (15 hours ago)
Man, I love so much this song. And "much" is very small to describe how much I love it. Is my favorite of them, then is Bohemian Rhapsody, then, all of it.
Robo Duck (16 hours ago)
Dam I wish I was born in early 70s....it sucks to miss someone who died before you wore born!
Phil (16 hours ago)
Whos better Freddy - like Just kidding there is no one whos better
Stellaluna Star (16 hours ago)
I wish I could have met Freddy and maybe gotten a few voice lessons from him personally. Such an amazing man. This is my favorite Queen song ❤️ 😍 of all time, and one of my favorite songs period.
Boboto 3 (16 hours ago)
My favourite part was from 0:00 to 3:37 It was so good! Anyone else?
MsChampagne4 (16 hours ago)
Salma (16 hours ago)
Bill Desk (16 hours ago)
Why can’t Freddy be my kid I brag about to my tea And the rest of the world
Socorro Larios (17 hours ago)
Nadie superará a Freddie y nadie será como él, ni cantarán como él Ni siquiera Adam Lambert
Socorro Larios (17 hours ago)
Angelica S. Keyser (17 hours ago)
Made me cry! Such a gem of a song!
Angelica S. Keyser (17 hours ago)
One of the best songs on earth ever!!!
Tbt when famous people actually had talent.
Fuck You (17 hours ago)
Mehar Chhabra (18 hours ago)
I got an ad with this music in it before the video!
Leandro Bitencourtt (18 hours ago)
i love it is music
Blueberry sans (18 hours ago)
abraham prieto tamariz (17 hours ago)
Blizzard Gaming (18 hours ago)
GayMilk (18 hours ago)
Don't stop me noooww.... Cuz Im having a goOD TIME *_HAVING A GOOD TIME_*
Sarp Sofuoğlu (18 hours ago)
He attack He protect He travels speed of light

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