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‣ Instagram @dacey_cash ‣ Snapchat @daceycash ▹ Hey girl hey! Today’s video is all about my current hair color :) ∙ Warm Brown Protein Filler https://amzn.to/2MtFJEg ∙ 20 Volume Developer ∙ Loreal Mega Browns Mocha https://amzn.to/2PtXa5k ∙ Loreal Mega Browns Caramel https://amzn.to/2Lil14M ∙ ION Clear Gloss http://bit.ly/2w2W7RY ∙ Demi Developer ∙ Redken Color Shampoo and Conditioner https://amzn.to/2o2ZvI4 ∙ John Frieda Brilliant Brunette https://amzn.to/2MtFCIQ ∙ ION Brunette Solutions Shampoo https://amzn.to/2LkdMJE ∙ Tint Brush https://amzn.to/2Lm1PTD ∙ Applicator Bottle https://amzn.to/2MLDOtT ‣ Disclaimer || This video is not sponsored. Some of the links listed above are affiliate links, if you choose to purchase products through my links I will receive a small sales commission. This does not cost anything extra on your end! Thanks guys, x.
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fitnessneeds (9 days ago)
Can you use the 10 developer instead of the 20?. Did you do the gloss the same day as when you colored your hair? Would definitely love to see a video of you coloring your hair.
hayley hession (19 days ago)
Brunette is fab on you 😍👌
Kaitlin Trujillo (6 months ago)
I LOVE WHEN YOU DO HAIRCOLOR VIDEOS - I am literally going to buy every single product you mentioned
marlie Valentina (6 months ago)
Pleeease do a video on how you dye your hair🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️
Adalia Lopez (7 months ago)
I’m going back to dark and I’m gonna follow what you did exactly!! I just need to know do you do the filler every time u dye your hair? Or just the first time . Also how often do you touch up your hair and do the gloss? 💗💗
Kelly Santos (8 months ago)
This was so helpful! I am coloring my hair this weekend at home with the ion Demi-permanent color. Right now my hair is a dark brown color, but the bottom half is a lighter brown from old blonde highlights that keep bleeding through.. do you recommend a protein filler? Neutral or a color? Or should I apply the color on the bottom first and then the top? How can I go about getting all of my hair one shade of brown?
Juliana Rivera (8 months ago)
Please do a demo video
fitnessneeds (8 months ago)
Can you show a demo of you applying Filler, color and gloss to your hair :).
fitnessneeds (8 months ago)
Great video! Can you record yourself actually coloring your hair? That would be so helpful!! :)
Nina Mendia (9 months ago)
Hi Dacey! You hair and makeup look really good! Thank you for the hair tips :)
Carole Cuevas (9 months ago)
Demo please!
Ashley (9 months ago)
You look better with this dark brown color
Bruin Mom (9 months ago)
How much developer do u add to the 2 bottles of mega brown?
Elaine Gerald (10 months ago)
I'm so sad! They are going to discontinue that Mega Browns line
Patti Alfonso (10 months ago)
Anyone else dyed their hair darker because of this video?🙋🏻
Christina Koshak (1 month ago)
Yup just did lol
angel7 (10 months ago)
i would love to see the demo cause i have bleached lighter hair and i wanna go back to dark
Andi Hupp (10 months ago)
How much of the 20 developer did you use?
kaw1059 (10 months ago)
The protein filler tip was soooo helpful. I'm currently a "fake blonde" (naturally have dark brown hair) and want to go back to my natural dark color. Thank you for that!!! ❤️
Vee J (10 months ago)
Dark hair is king on you! I always, always, always miss my dark hair when I lighten it. I have kept bleach out of my hair for two years. I LOVE this look on you!
Shelby Bullard (10 months ago)
How often do you do this? I’m going to do the same color and wondering how often you think you will redo?
Megan Thrasher (10 months ago)
How long did it take for the initial black to wash out ?
Shelby Bullard (10 months ago)
Please do an updated hair tutorial just to help ease some nerves!
Andrea (10 months ago)
Hey! Do you have to remove any previous color with a color remover before going in with the protein filler and hair color? I also have a balayage but I have several glosses and a Demi permanent dye in my hair too for toning. I’m just nervous that if I don’t remove the previous color anything I put over it will turn out wrong
Lexxi Jones (10 months ago)
You are amazing!! Yes would love a tutorial next time..
Lucas Devenney (10 months ago)
Wafiqah Abdurahman (10 months ago)
Love the this type of videos , keep doing more 😘 defs going to colour mine this way ..
Amy Foster (10 months ago)
Miss Petite (10 months ago)
You look stunning! Love this hair coulour on you ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing!! Demo video would be great too
Hiba Naaz (10 months ago)
Your hair looks beautiful ❤️❤️ Please do a full hair colour video..
Alex Rybak (10 months ago)
this is so off topic of this video but are you still thinking about doing a video about how you do your nails with the dip powder? i really wanna start doing that but i wanna see how you do it so i don’t do anything wrong. xoxo ❤️ ps love the hair
Tiffany Michelle (10 months ago)
krista Gk (10 months ago)
This video is super helpful!!! Thank you!!!
tanya porter (10 months ago)
why do you do your own hair ? just out of curiosity why not go to the hair dresser? it seems like so much work lol
Bee Bee (4 months ago)
...money? Genius. She might not mind the work. 🙄
Samantha D (10 months ago)
How much of the developer do you mix in?
H Z (10 months ago)
Please please PLEASE if you do a balayage/ombre again can you film a demo..been waiting months to see how you get blonde colour on dark hair and how you apply and which products you use. Salons charge a bomb, would love to know how to do it on myself and how to get the lightness on dark hair
Zeiba Chavdi (10 months ago)
How long will this color last before starting to get light again?
Sunday Addams (10 months ago)
Girl I don’t want to color my hair anymore and just let it grow but there’s some strange tones going on and I can’t find a cool toned light brown gloss, any tip?
Daisy Reyes (10 months ago)
Yess please do a demo it would be really helpful!! 🙏🏼❤️
Whimsy Jess (10 months ago)
Great video!!!!! Thanks 😀😀😀😀♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kathryn Runstedler (10 months ago)
Love the new hair !! So beautiful :)
Brittani Burke (10 months ago)
The shine spray from the same brunette line by Ion is so so so good! It makes my hair shine & it works for heat protection.
thejavagirl (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video! I was looking for ways to make my color last longer with my grays. I love the hair color!!
jessbess26 (10 months ago)
obsessed with the color. def wanna see a demo ❤❤
Hannah Hilton (10 months ago)
I absolutely LOVED this video! Please do a demo!
Iwona Krowicka (10 months ago)
Please update your hair routine love you 😘 😘😘 as always you look absolutely stunning
Nikki Freeman (10 months ago)
Love love love the color!!
Paige Frantz (10 months ago)
Can you use the protein color filler for dull hair even if you’re not going to color it? My Hair is my ideal color but sometimes it looks flat
Patti Alfonso (10 months ago)
Love this on you!!!! Brings out your true goddess self. Wish you can do my hair 😫
Lama Zeinab (10 months ago)
I love this color on you😍
corina luebcke (10 months ago)
@DaceyCash Do you do the gloss right after coloring your hair?
L. K. (10 months ago)
shucks, i needed this video about 2 weeks ago. hahaha! love the dark hair! i went back to dark too. not as nice as yours though... 🙊🙈❤️
salome gejadze (10 months ago)
do hair care and hair coloring video!!!!!!!your hair is beautiful!!!!!loveU❤️
hydrangea strigosa (10 months ago)
Love this hair colour on you! You look amazing! ☺️ Please do a tutorial on this makeup and hair! This style should be called "The Dacey" 😚☺️
Em Yeu (10 months ago)
Still waiting on an updated how to curl your hair...aka this hair look 😃
Kristie Nicole Zuniga (10 months ago)
Love the dark hair!!! How much 20 volume developer did u use with the mocha and caramel color?
Cecilia Sosa (10 months ago)
Love darker hair on you 😍😍❤️
ThisWondrousWorld (10 months ago)
It looks so healthy and beautiful! Side note, where is your blouse from? Too cute, girl!
whahana (10 months ago)
Nancy Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Loooove this color on you it looks so beautiful right in time for fall 💕
Melanie Parker (10 months ago)
Looks great. The shine is back!
Jessie L (10 months ago)
Darker hair looks so good on you
BrunetteBarbie (10 months ago)
Kara Denise (10 months ago)
Love love love this hair look 😍
Marisa Angela (10 months ago)
I'm a hairdresser and I'm convinced you were born to go to beauty school ! You were born to be a hairdresser
Kalie Mengeling (9 months ago)
Marisa Angela same, I manage a hair salon and I would love for her to work for me!!!
Maya Maya (10 months ago)
Reminds me of when you used to have all black hair! Love it btw 😍😍
Liliann31 (10 months ago)
Love love love that everything is available at SALLY!!! Yusss
Rui V em (10 months ago)
It looks beautiful!
cwilson586 (10 months ago)
Looking very megan marklesque! Such a nice color.
Lisa Mondo (10 months ago)
Love your new hair color just the right tone of brown 👍👍
Julianna2889 (10 months ago)
Gorgeous! Please a hair color video! Please let us know if you are using sponsored products.
Bee Bee (4 months ago)
Shut up.
kimmiesparkles23 (10 months ago)
Love, love, love, love the brown ... did I mention that I love it?? :)
Alexa Hernandez (10 months ago)
Demo please 😘😍 l love the color
diana bownds (10 months ago)
Looking so pretty she looks so much lk Meghan markle 👸
Alma Lucero (10 months ago)
Yay love it gorgeous 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍😍😍
Emlatbeauty (10 months ago)
Omg I love!!🙌💕💕😍
alexabonnevie (10 months ago)
I wanna see a color demooo! :)
Ashley Dones (10 months ago)
I love darker hair on you! Although video of the process woulda been more helpful. Nonetheless love the video & your hair!
Emely De La Torre (10 months ago)
Yesss please do a demo video loved the way it turned out !!!!
angiewalton1 (10 months ago)
Perfect timing! I was just thinking time to go darker, my blonde summer hair is fried and has no shine! You make it sound so easy! I’m scared to do it myself! But is would sure save $ Thanks for the video! 😘
Ashley Honahan (10 months ago)
Girl I looove Sally’s beauty supply hair products! Especially Biotera line. Smells just like Biologue or however you spell it lol!
Natalie Brown (10 months ago)
Demo PLEASE!!! Love your darker hair color!
Jessica fuselier (10 months ago)
So beautiful 😍
victoriaaak (10 months ago)
Would love to see you do a full demo the next time you lighten your hair. I know you kinda did one in the past, but would love to see from start to finish.
cutelilshooorty (10 months ago)
Do I need a protein color filler if I'm going from black hair to brown? And how many oz of 20 developer do I mix with the color?
issa6471 (10 months ago)
What is the best technique for black hair going to the brown she has? Anyone know :)
Malissa Lissy Poeut (10 months ago)
You only need a filler when you’re going darker Ex: blonde >> black !
joce (10 months ago)
cutelilshooorty i wanna know this too
tina manthei (10 months ago)
Do a hair color video !!!!
Anabel Amador (10 months ago)
Fave! You look gorgeous. Thanks for the tips will definitely pick those up
sydney m (10 months ago)
i honestly can't wait till you hit 400k! i've been subscribed to you for the longest time, youre so deserving! also the new hair looks so great x
Natalee Enyart (10 months ago)
Would LOVE a tutorial on how you styled this look!♥️
Karin P. (10 months ago)
I’d love to see a video on what volume developer to use and how to properly pick a hair color shade! I get really good results from JOICO products and really recommend it if you can access their products via CosmoProf
Get Attractive (10 months ago)
When I first went blonde it was a very intimidating process!! Thanks for sharing this❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Smith (10 months ago)
I love your videos! You're so beautiful!
kromatic (10 months ago)
Dark hair always looks BOMB on you! 😍💗💗💗
Jess P (10 months ago)
Luv luv luv ur hair! Btw what lip products r u wearing?
Alesha Barrios (10 months ago)
I've been growing out my hair for a while and it's finally so healthy long, dark, and beautiful, but I want to add some color to it, but I'm so terrified of it getting dull and not as healthy. what should I do?!?!
Nathalie (10 months ago)
Can the brunette shampoo work on bleached hair as well? Does it make the hair look darker or just give it a warm tone?
Kirsty Macfarlane (10 months ago)
You're hair is gorgeous and you've just made my dilemma of going all dark harder! Like you I have dark at roots going into a light brown/dark blonde ombre with some light blonde highlights and I toned with a 12.21 which has given me this gorgeous smokey, ashy hue with a slight hint of lilac, it's like a mushroom shade. I said to my husband the other day should I go all dark again and he was like well you can lighten again if you want. What I think I'll do is get my hairdresser to put some level 4,my roots and natural colour, lowlights through the ombre and see if I limb e that. I was a lot lighter and I've gone this dark gradually. What do you think beautiful 💕 💕 💕 💕
Anu A (10 months ago)
Hair looks gorgeous, so fall appropriate! I love your DIY money saving tips. Yes please would love a video of when you do your hair next time, I am clueless if it isn't in a box with A, B, C written on it!
Sydney Engel (10 months ago)
So many hair colours suit you 💗
Isabella Grossi (10 months ago)
I literally just found your channel and I’m obsessed with you lol
Dacey Cash (10 months ago)
Omg thank you hahha I'm happy to hear that
L B (10 months ago)
Why did you use volume 20 to deposit colour? Whenever I go from balayage to brown I thought you should only use 10 because I’m not lifting it. I’m curious as to why. Am I doing it wrong?!
Mia paper designs (2 months ago)
Lauren Blake happens to me as well
L B (10 months ago)
Dacey Cash ohhh okay that’s probably why my medium browns go black. 😂
Dacey Cash (10 months ago)
I used volume 20 because I wanted to lift my darker natural hair color! You could use 10 and it will only deposit as well. I don't like how dark mine turns out when I use 10! I like a little more bump

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