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Blondie - Dreaming (1979) HQ

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A treat for Blondie fans! Several live versions of the same song ... synchronized to the album track. This took some work! "Dreaming" peaked at #2 in the British singles chart and, in the U.S., at #27 on Billboard and #20 on Cash Box on December 1, 1979. Should have charted much higher here and I am surprised to find that it didn't. It was always a personal favorite of mine and I could not play it enough for the bar patrons. The beautiful Deborah Harry, the Marilyn Monroe of rock, in all her sexual and sensual glory, moving at fast pace into the 1980s on this track. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (385)
budmangt2 (2 years ago)
Sexiest woman alive
Claudia Vlahović (2 months ago)
Annoying face🤭
dónal o brádaigh (2 months ago)
Huh! you do know that was ages ago eeeeeww
Brian McIntyre (3 months ago)
Stevie is head and heels above. D
sickofbizasusual (4 months ago)
You mean today or '79? Oh wait, it makes no difference cause your right weather 1979 or 2019. I turned down a woman that looks like Debbie cause she has kids, boy what an idiot I was for that. Miss you Heather!
widbear (2 days ago)
Gay male as I am, I always have to stop to take in the absolute beauty of Debbie Harry. The fact the song is a total classic doesn't hurt the ears either.
dk albright (10 hours ago)
Lol same here.
KusaiNikkiame (11 days ago)
TeeBee Overdahl (23 days ago)
I was 16 when this came out. I fell in love with Debbie! Imagine my shock when I learned she was my Mothers age!! lmao!
Mario Robledo (28 days ago)
What a song! What a woman! What a great time!!!
2nethi (30 days ago)
My favorite Blondie song. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming is free.......
Hookyold Yip (1 month ago)
Wow she is gorgeous.....but tu be fair I've known that for 40 years ......what a huni ....
Ralf Uttich (1 month ago)
I love you, Debbie!, your songs are 1A, and this in 2019!! If i don`t married in this time now.....you`re the one and only!
Spencer Miller (2 months ago)
Holy moley could the standing-up drummer be more off the wall!
Joe Allen (2 months ago)
I wish I had a nickel for every time I've watched this video ! What an incredibly sexy, talented and alluring lady, then and now... Oh, and that little blue dress !
Christopher Earl (2 months ago)
Just look how much better EVERYTHING was back then.
klaxorcyvr (2 months ago)
Clem Burkes in his Element.
Mike Barktic (2 months ago)
motherfuckers aren't laughing now : "We've had too many ppl spending too long on this, to let it drop now", late2013.
Michael McMillan (3 months ago)
Dat drummer! And the coolest woman on the planet.
Billy Nunya (3 months ago)
Every time I watch these videos I fall in love with Debbie again...coufff
Lee Lorenz (3 months ago)
are there any bands this good around now?
Ralf Uttich (3 months ago)
Debby, i love you!!
Cheryl bois (3 months ago)
I had this lp was 17
nakmas73 (3 months ago)
1:25 Richard Hammond off of Top Gear playing guitar 🤫
Stephane Labourguigne (4 months ago)
j'ai jammais autant aime les brunes
J Ford (4 months ago)
Only one Debbie Harry, only one Blondie group.
Sonata Systems (4 months ago)
My favorite from Blondie-- perfect in every way.
JLR (4 months ago)
❤ this Song!!!
Richard Kruk (4 months ago)
Debra is a referee..
Jeff Reilly (4 months ago)
I remember when this album came out. My friends and I all listened to it on the record player in Eddie's house....Stacy, Eddie, Lisa, Kitty and Cheryl....what great memories....this is her best song by far!
Thanks Munrows you did an excellent job
MUNROWS RETRO (5 months ago)
You are welcome!
Ed Pruitt (5 months ago)
The original "mad drummer"Clem Burke 1:30
[email protected] (5 months ago)
Trainspotting 2 brought me here DEbbie rocks
mr bright side (5 months ago)
Love it ..I can smell the late 70s watching this...take me back please. ....
JLR (5 months ago)
Classic ❤
deborah vancleave (5 months ago)
My idol back then blondie you rock
carlos Muñoz (5 months ago)
wwonderful song ,thank´s Blondie
Mark Allen (5 months ago)
Very first single I ever bought.never been bettered.
AllieAshton (5 months ago)
gorgeous woman
jimi shawcross (5 months ago)
Blondes have more fun
guardianofretro (6 months ago)
The music of those days. Originallity was on its high
SIKE01 (6 months ago)
the hottest dime piece in Rock & Roll history.
te amo
Steve Starr (6 months ago)
Blondie baby, I like very much, always have and always will.
Thay c (7 months ago)
Seeing Cliff on drums here, I can see why The Ramones wanted to try him as their drummer. Sadly he only played 2 shows as Elvis Ramone. Yes I know its not live but he appears to have the energy to be a Ramone
Boz Songz (7 months ago)
This puts me in a better place. Thank you.
MUNROWS RETRO (7 months ago)
You're welcome Boz!
pumpkintubs (7 months ago)
I will never forget you xxx
Elbow Nesdam (7 months ago)
That face-those cheek bones-the voice 👍💕
redcatofdeath (7 months ago)
Literally sitting by and watching a river flow as I listen to this. I didn't even plan that out.
Abby Normal (8 months ago)
dreamin is free
papa london (8 months ago)
Hey today's wanna be singers try to perform this without all the gadgets in your disposal and see if you have chance ,my kid is 14 years old and she knows more about the stars and songs of 70s and 80s than me it tells a lot about the state of music quality nowadays.
Camea Cunningham (8 months ago)
My favorite Blondie song.
Sobre Política (8 months ago)
The best Blondie Song
Daniel Okrucký (8 months ago)
I love her so much!!!
ROCKY (8 months ago)
This woman started it all, an AMAZING TALENT
srmccormack (8 months ago)
My favorite Blondie song and the key change at 01:30 is brilliant.
MUNROWS RETRO (8 months ago)
Thanks! Getting the synching and timing right switching between the two main live versions (there is also a third one early on if you can spot it) was indeed a challenge.
the_mØnst3r_ (8 months ago)
good work and thanks!
MUNROWS RETRO (8 months ago)
Welcome Edil.
TOP. (8 months ago)
Yeahhh glamurous
Sobre Política (9 months ago)
She was Very sexy and beautiful
Sobre Política (9 months ago)
Good one
MUNROWS RETRO (9 months ago)
antony mack (9 months ago)
was my poster girl as a teenager,god she's gorgeous, and what an awesome drummer Clem Burke is
That70'smusic (9 months ago)
The time flies
That70'smusic (9 months ago)
Matthew Lee (9 months ago)
Trainspotting 2 brought me here
gg0u1239 (9 months ago)
The best blondie song...I’ll build a road and go...
MUNROWS RETRO (9 months ago)
'I'll build a road in gold,' isn't it?
LK LK (9 months ago)
Another example of why I subscribe, nice work!
MUNROWS RETRO (9 months ago)
Thanks LK LK!
Jimmy Estrada (9 months ago)
"THE TIDE IS HIGH " ,&RAPTURE are my favorite, but I still love BLONDIE, especially on vynle!
shredder (9 months ago)
Todays pop music and drumming is brutally crap ! This is a masterpiece like something done by Mozart or Beethovan !
Rambletambler S (9 months ago)
so sexy!!!
Johannes Karremans (9 months ago)
Great work, Munrows! Thanks.
MUNROWS RETRO (9 months ago)
Glad you liked the Blondie video, Johannes! You're welcome and thanks for watching the beautiful Deborah Harry in action!
Alex Nelson (9 months ago)
Happy birthday Debbie Harry 1st July 2018
Transpoitting 2 best movie eber 💉💊🚬
Jerry Metz (9 months ago)
She was so pretty. I was in love with her when I was I boy...then my brother married a blondie look alike, I was like 👀 I don't hear this anymore
collegejock4gutpunch (9 months ago)
MUNROWS RETRO (9 months ago)
You're welcome college jock, my pleasure!
Oscar Bear (10 months ago)
Rock on!
Don Hall (10 months ago)
My first taste of a crush growing up
Kevin Walsh (10 months ago)
Just can say stunning lady . Music great . . Best ever
Lucy Jones (10 months ago)
The split on bbc brought me here
orhan baki (7 months ago)
fantastic music, great band, wonderful song, beautiful voice and I love dear Deborah Harry very much...Orhan Baki, Germany.
Jetex Jim (11 months ago)
Fabulous, I love those soaring swooping phrases. And what a drummer!!
MUNROWS RETRO (11 months ago)
I agree! The drummer Clem Burke is fabulous and I had a lot of fun switching between live clips and synchronizing them to the original track, especially in the middle of his drum work! Unfortunately there were way too many threads about Clem building up on here and not enough about Debbie Harry, and that was making this video sink in popularity. So I am somewhat sparing about what Clem comments I allow on here, no personal offense meant to anyone.
David Byrne (11 months ago)
Love that Blondie hot hot hot best always to Munroes retro cheers
MUNROWS RETRO (11 months ago)
Thanks David! Cheers to you!
misternylon (11 months ago)
This was when it all changed (for many boys like myself), when the lines between punk (and being very angry) blurred into new wave and having a damn good time, discovering girls and women. What, WHO could follow this? Hands down the sexiest woman that ever lived and she had a style that could melt minds, the clothes, make up, the twinkle in the eye. Stunner.
Walter Henriquez (11 months ago)
im fallung in. love. !Dwborah. i lovw ya!
collegejock4gutpunch (11 months ago)
Blondie forever lives - Thanks to your group for hours and hours of enjoyment - at parties - at home or wherever -listening to your music ..
Claude Alain (1 year ago)
La Féminité Ultime! Indicateur: la vigueur surréaliste de l'érection.
rundown thomas (1 year ago)
she was so god damn good looking its out of this world.....amazing .......the tune was fantastic too
afvro75 (1 year ago)
She reminds me of a young Heather Locklear crossed with a young Michelle Pfeiffer, although I think Debbie was more beautiful. Extremely talented as well.
Tim Quick (1 year ago)
Mint music mint erra just I wish i cauld go back yesteryear
Madonna Cullinan (1 year ago)
Thanks Munrows Retro for this, fantastic!
MUNROWS RETRO (1 year ago)
You're welcome Madonna, glad you enjoyed it!
Madonna Cullinan (1 year ago)
"i'll have a cup of tea"...the line I always remember from this masterpiece
gemini rose (1 year ago)
OH MY GOD I JUST discovered all your vids and i’m blown awayyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!! HOLY HELL !!!!!!!! EXCELLENT
MUNROWS RETRO (1 year ago)
Thanks cellar door, glad you like them .. around 470 of them so far on my channel, more than that actually, but the others are blocked partially or worldwide. The problem with channels is most viewers who get on YT only actually see individual videos and, in finding one here or one there they like, often don't realize there are many more by the same person. Hell, they may even love one video and hate another and not realize they were both made by the same person. Channels are not well promoted on YT unfortunately and most people "discover" them by clicking the link of the name of the channel under the video title. Of course the opposite can happen, someone may like a video I do, sub the channel, and hate almost everything else the find on it. Many of us will do channel trailers which offer an overview of some of the best and more interesting videos there are on our channels, but those do not have a very long life sadly and have to remain as the "feature video" in order to continue being seen as they are usually not recommended or searchable on YT for very long. Glad you are enjoying the show!
scobra (1 year ago)
She's 33 yrs old in this!
Michel Schuchmann (1 year ago)
This is definitly Blondies best song!
Sanj Verma (1 year ago)
Music at it's finest......We were lucky to have witnessed it!
Antonio Sibilia (1 year ago)
Blondie forever 👍💗
Budwiser (1 year ago)
She is orgasmic looking
Peter Coster (1 year ago)
yes the 60s to early90s songs are the best. best memoirs
Edy Puentes (1 year ago)
Much better than Katy Perra.
Markku Huttunen (1 year ago)
Andrew Davies (1 year ago)
If this record dont wanna make u pogo around the living go seek immediate medical interventions; this song is truly pipng hot .
Andrew Davies (1 year ago)
Iconic blondie.....fit as fook.WOWZA
Oldetta Oldham (1 year ago)
Amazing song from the late 70s. Still listening in 2018.
caylyn millard (1 year ago)
How dows this not have more views?
Joanne Dwyer (1 year ago)
The drummer is still fit. I saw him on telly recently
Clunk (1 year ago)
MUNROWS RETRO. Big respect, you nailed it.
MUNROWS RETRO (1 year ago)
Thanks Clunk!

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