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I Put 400 ROLLERS In My Natural Hair And Yes It Took FOREVER! Tiny Red Perm Rod Set

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In my defense, I do this so that you don't have to. I noticed these red perm rods at my favorite beauty supply store and I had to try them. I bought them last Summer, but I didn't want to go through the process until now. I also FINALLY used the Creme of Nature Pure Honey Line. It's been 11 months since I got the products in a PR package. Shame! I used 33 packs of 12 at 79 cents per pack. TIMELINE: 00:17 Pre-poo with The Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask 02:22 Shampoo using the Moisturizing Dry Defense Shampoo 03:40 Condition using the Moisturizing Dr Defense Conditioner 04:35 Prep hair for detangling using the Break Up Breakage Leave-in Conditioner 05:37 Bantu knot to stretch before coming with the Knot Away Leave-In Detangler 06:45 Curl hair with red perm rods and a mixture of Moisture Whip Twisting Cream and Texturizing Curl Setting Lotion 09:32 Remove Rollers Let's hang out on IG: @PUREestrogen WHAT YOU NEED / PRODUCTS USED 1. CREME OF NATURE PURE HONEY COLLECTION: https://cremeofnature.com/products/pure-honey/ 2. RED PERM RODS : https://www.amazon.com/Perm-Rods-Midget-Red-Dozen/dp/B0036ZH39W Literally everything can be found at a local store, but I have links just in case. The rods are only 79 cents per pack in the store. PREVIOUS VIDEO: FAKING A 3 PART LACE CLOSURE WIG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwELCNSw4Rg WATCH MY BEST HEATLESS PERM ROD SET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FGTNeKxyHQ Let's chat in the comments! xo (FAQ)FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1. Where are you from? a. Zambia. 2. How tall are you? a. 5'9. 3. Do you model? a. Nope. 4. Where is your bookshelf from? a. Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hsKAqf It's the Coaster Home Furnishings 800157 Casual Bookcase in White. I bought two. 5. What's your hair type? 4c in the back and 4b in the front...I think. CONTACT EMAIL : [email protected] FTC: This video is not sponsored, but I did get the hair products in a PR package and I'm finally trying them out.
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Text Comments (6613)
Kym Reezy (1 month ago)
Just bury me in the rollers. I'll take 'em out in heaven.
Music Lover (21 hours ago)
You play too much! I dang near died to death reading your comment 😂😂😂
FashionJovie (3 days ago)
Amiracle Smith (4 days ago)
Kim Basnight (4 days ago)
Ishca Gibson (4 days ago)
Kym Reezy 😂😂😂
nathalie rodriguez (34 minutes ago)
I like the tutorial but why do you keep putting the product on your wrist like it’s a makeup tutorial. Lmaoo sis
Erislo (1 hour ago)
Hey I love your hair like that, it suits you :) You had a lot of courage to do this :p
Lachelle Whitehead (1 hour ago)
Try the shingling method next time you will get the same out come in way less time.
TheOnlyWil (3 hours ago)
Girl you need someone to help you do your hair. It halved the time
1,2,3 (4 hours ago)
Eres hermosa con o sin tu cabello original 💞✨
TheWipal (5 hours ago)
gorlll u wild
sunny marie (12 hours ago)
👀👀👀👀nawww sis......its neva that deep
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
C&S Co. (18 hours ago)
I've never seen one if your videos before but I just had to tell you, regardless of what stage your hair was in, you are a stunning woman! I was in awe of your beauty (and your tenacity with the rollers)
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your comment.
Whitney Walker (19 hours ago)
I can barely put my hair in a ponytail that takes less than 1 min and my arms get tired lol I couldn’t do this 😂😂😂
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
😂😂😂 Ponytails do hurt though.
mary echevarria (19 hours ago)
Girl you have my respect 👏🏽
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thank you!
V Lo (20 hours ago)
No thats wayy to much time and hassle to mess with hair like that
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
amy gutierrez (20 hours ago)
What a lot of work. And steps. And products. If you didn't do all this would your hair look the same but not feel the same?
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
It wouldn't look the same, but this product line has entirely too many products. I can do the same thing with shampoo, conditioner, and a cream. Everything else is extra.
HipsterPizza 333 (20 hours ago)
the name of this channel... ugh...
Jesus0Girl0Music (21 hours ago)
Beautiful lady!
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thank you!
Bella novia (21 hours ago)
Wow so stunning
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thanks so much!
Emily Hogan (22 hours ago)
You. Are. Stunning. Your hair looked incredible after all that work! So gorge! ❤️❤️
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thanks so much!
Jeena Bella (1 day ago)
Her hair came out really cute but I just dont have the patience to go natural
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thanks. I understand. It's a hassle sometimes.
Not Today (1 day ago)
10:48 Lauryn Hill, is that you? 👀😁
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
😂😂😂 I wish!
Not Today (1 day ago)
I mean I'm sitting watching this video y'all. Got my phone leaning on my 3 month old baby's, back. He knocked out farting all up in my face. 😩🤣
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
😂😂😂 I'm crying! I bet he refuses to sleep alone.
Not Today (1 day ago)
"Let's be cleaaaa, are we togetha? Okay good" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love it! Hahaha made my night.
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
🤣 🤣 🤣 I have to put it out there early before getting dragged.
Tardisgirl Who (1 day ago)
Please don't get annoyed, but what caught my eye first was the vivid red colour in your hair (I thought it looked cute!) and then the number of curlers you used. You are so pretty!
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thanks so much!
hjk qwe (1 day ago)
Adèle Desm (1 day ago)
Gorgeous !
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thank you!
Linda Ok (1 day ago)
Imagine doing that and ending up looking jus ugly lmao
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
lol. I would cry!
Marci Reale (1 day ago)
Wow, it made my arms hurt just watching you do all that work. Gorgeous results, but you were already beautiful every step of the way.
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
Thank you so much!
IvysMama (1 day ago)
You must have biceps of steel.
Pure Estrogen (7 hours ago)
I wish.
annalisa292 (1 day ago)
You are beautiful
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thank you!
She has long hair the shrinkage is real!!!!
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Too real!
ChristonyaB2 (1 day ago)
my word what a lot of work! i like the curles tho😊
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thanks so much!
Alyona Grigorian (1 day ago)
You look gorgeous and I love your hair 😍❤️❤️❤️
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thank you ❤️
Omg it's a help lit of work n time consuming...I m crying
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
lol. Yeah, it's a lot.
InaNurwegendir (1 day ago)
You are stunning!!!!
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thank you! ❤️
HiSisters. (1 day ago)
Them looking like Takis
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Kate Glover (1 day ago)
God I'm tired watching her wash her hair and style. I wash my hair every 2-3 days and it takes 5 minutes top.
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
It takes me abut 10 minutes to wash and condition on a regular day. This is just extra because I wanted to try all the products in the line.
Kate Glover (1 day ago)
Respect to you ladies that put that much effort into your hair and beauty. It really shows.
Nazareth (1 day ago)
I can't even tie my hair without getting tired.
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Robin Jade (1 day ago)
That deserved a like and sub
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thank you!
Brigitte Bui (1 day ago)
Wow perfect little curls!
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Sarah Dixon (1 day ago)
You look great!!!! Loved that hair!!! How cool!!! My hair can't even, that looks so good on you!!
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thanks so much!
Tiffany Becker (1 day ago)
Also, you’re gorgeous!! Don’t EVERRRR on your worst day or any dang day get down about yourself. You are so beautiful 🙌
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Aww, thank you!!! ❤️
Tiffany Becker (1 day ago)
I am so in love with the look of natural hair. I have straight red hair that won’t hold a curl so when I see women with their beautiful natural hair just out and about like nothing, I’m so jealous. It’s GORGEOUS!!!!
Tiffany Becker (6 hours ago)
That’s so true!! Haha
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thanks. I feel like all women are jealous of each other when it comes to hair. 😂😂😂
Dee Carey (1 day ago)
So pretty!
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
Thank you!
Lee Anna (1 day ago)
Never in a millions years will I have this much patience.
Pure Estrogen (6 hours ago)
I don't blame you.
Anjali Mohan (1 day ago)
You are so beautiful
Nina Gall (1 day ago)
How long before your arms turn into noodles?
Twitch Jrsimps (2 days ago)
Thought she put flaming hot Cheetos in her hair
flower child (2 days ago)
I did a similar thing with my hair long ago nice job your hair is beautiful
Janet Marquez (2 days ago)
Gorgeous hair!!!!! Wish I had that texture. ♡♡♡
You're brave OMG
Rhonda Moore (2 days ago)
Wow! Just saw the rollers out! Your hair is beautiful, as are you!
Rhonda Moore (2 days ago)
I’m a white woman, who grew up in a white family. I had NO idea how involved black hair until this video! Thank you so much for sharing this process. I learn something new every day!
chai black (2 days ago)
I thought the red part were dreads
Daughter_of_the_Sea (2 days ago)
The time was worth it, you look absolutely stunning! I feel ashamed for my lazy ass, cause I can't even bother sometimes style my hair (don't know how) or let alone even brush my hair (a simple bun works magic when I have a bad hair day )
Alyse White (2 days ago)
Who else saw this and thought she was put hot Cheetos in her hair
silvermystic2001 (2 days ago)
Why do you condition your hair before you shampoo it?
LittleMachine89 (2 days ago)
Who the fuck has five hours to do their hair.............I’d rather shave my head.
tabti hayam (2 days ago)
name of the music please
Fuu Kuma (2 days ago)
Your hair is bootiful
Gail's grand plan (2 days ago)
Jessica Candé (2 days ago)
I love rinsing the suds out it just feels so nice and the sounds are so relaxing 🥰😂
Lil Louve (2 days ago)
Wow you look amazing but it is so much work !
i .candy (2 days ago)
I do indeed think you're crazy but you're very cute :P
Eziyah Abu Cudjo (2 days ago)
It was worth it. Gorgeous!!
Randi Aguiar (2 days ago)
Wow! So much effort, but your hair came out beautifully. You're gorgeous 😍 I have terrible, dry and fragile hair that isn't worth the effort so I just keep mine super short. Great video!
Angel Musaazi (2 days ago)
I can't with this. But gud for u.
hala basem (2 days ago)
That is not fair .......it got (about ..last time i checked) 3.2 million views and only (about ) 2.5k ...😔🙁☹
lyss222 (2 days ago)
Omg these comments have me rolling
Pia-Laetitia (2 days ago)
When I got this video recommended, I wanted to just skip through but it was so interesting to watch it and I could actually spend hours of listening to you :)
Lyly Sig (2 days ago)
You got to admire black women. Think about all you have to do in your day + taking care of your hair that way. I have white women slightly curly hair and I decided to chop it all off last year because I was just tired of dealing with knots and whatnot. All my respect to you all doing all that on top of your crazy schedules!
Elizabeth Holmes (2 days ago)
This is very cute! I actually like how it looks with the rollers still in too! 😃
HarriSoni (2 days ago)
Dark Armoured (2 days ago)
You are beautiful 😍
Bobbie Robinson (2 days ago)
Love it, but I would have to have help after about half way...spaghetti arms! You're beautiful either way.
Neipechaü Mepfhüo (2 days ago)
You are pretty ❤😊
Audy Razi (2 days ago)
ZoeAlleyne (2 days ago)
Patience of a saint.
انتي جميلة جدا
Your hair is so beautiful. I wish I had the patience to do this. Maybe I will give it a try someday.
hanifah khoirunisa (2 days ago)
Im asian and i wish i have an afro hair 😍😍😍😍😍
Maree (2 days ago)
Your hair is beautiful 😱
Натали ььь (2 days ago)
Grace Gastaldi (2 days ago)
They're amazing omg
Angela Reyes (2 days ago)
But look at you...you look stunning!!!!!! It looks so nice!
Rayaan Mohamed (2 days ago)
12:14 is the reveal
Snowmanbutternips (2 days ago)
Shaunna M. (2 days ago)
I am caucasian, but girl I want your hair!!!
Kya Cheval (2 days ago)
Supper cute boo....love it☺☺☺💓🎀
Hailey Hontanosas (2 days ago)
This is gorgeous 😍
Tala K (2 days ago)
I absolutely Love your natural hair.
Madisen Starry (2 days ago)
Wow so beautiful from start to finish this is amazing! 💪
Ivy O (2 days ago)
her hair after she washed it looked so cool what the hell lol.
k (2 days ago)
My arms are burning just watching this haha
RJ TP (2 days ago)
5 HOURS?!?
Olga S-Cruz (2 days ago)
I mopped the bathroom ceiling yesterday, and after seeing your arms up constantly made my arms feel like lead! Girl, how do you have the patience and endurance??
Hannah Tucker (2 days ago)
It's cute! :)
Lunelle (2 days ago)
My dumbass thought the rollers was the look
Goaticorn (2 days ago)
Oh. My. God. How are you even moving your arms at the end of it? 0.0 (Side note: I do not have the same hair but this hairstyle is super pretty in the end)
madison spaulding (2 days ago)
Im a white woman and I though my hair took effort. Your hair is beautiful. Loved this tutorial!
Why am I here? (2 days ago)
Ur one section is my whole head
Lexi K. (2 days ago)
I now know the secret to why women with ethnic hair types have such strong arms! Never again will I complain about it taking me several hours to cut (off) my thick unruly wavy hair. Your hair turned out absolutely gorgeous!!

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